Upper German Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of German names used more often in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. See also about German names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AUUpper German, Swiss, German (Swiss), German (Austrian)
South German, Swiss, and Austrian topographic name from dialect Au ‘water meadow’, ‘stream’ (see Aue).
BOCKGerman, Upper German, Jewish, English
Altered spelling of German Böck (see Boeck) or Bach.... [more]
DUESLERUpper German
DueslerDuesslerDüslerDußlerhttp://www.duesler.com/html/charles_duelser_s_book.HTM "Duesler / Duessler / Dueßler http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Dussler-6 , http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Dussler-2 Andrew & brother Jacob were the Progenitors of Duesler, Duessler, Dueßler s from 1752 Germany to America... [more]
EICHLERUpper German
South German variant of Eich, the -ler suffix denoting association. "eager"
FELTYUpper German (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of South German Velte, from a short form of the personal name Valentin (see Valentine).
FRIEDMANUpper German (Modern), German (Swiss), Jewish
Respelling of South German and Swiss Friedmann. ... [more]
GALISHOFFUpper German, German (Austrian)
Derived from the ancient Roman name "Gallus", meaning "rooster" in Latin. "Hoff" meaning house combines the growing or tending to poultry on a farm house, hence the name "Galishoff" which has been modified over the millennia... [more]
HIRTUpper German (Anglicized)
From the word Hirten meaning sheep herder. {Hirt}
HUETTLUpper German
South German (Hüttl) diminutive of Hütt (see Huett).
KOELLUpper German (Rare)
(Koell) named used when came1880s to 1905 in America changed to( Kohl)... [more]
LÖSCHLow German, Upper German
North German metonymic occupational name for a maker of fine leather, from Middle Low German losche ‘fine leather’. South German variant of Lesch (see Loesch).
NIEDUpper German
South German: habitational name from Nied in Hesse.
PENNINGUpper German
Shortened form of Panno, which is a personal given name.
REDIGDutch, Upper German
Dutch and North German variant of Redding.
REISERGerman, Upper German
Habitational name for someone from Reis or Reissen in Bavaria (see Reis). An occupational name from Middle High German reisære ‘warrior’, ‘traveler’. ... [more]
REISSERUpper German
An occupational name for a woodcutter, Middle High German risser.
REUSSERSwiss, German, Upper German
In Switzerland, an occupational name for a fisherman or maker of fish traps, from an agent derivative of Middle High German riuse ‘fish trap’, ‘weir basket’. A nickname from an agent noun based on Middle High German riusen ‘to moan or complain’... [more]
ROLLUpper German, German, English
German: from Middle High German rolle, rulle ‘roll’, ‘list’, possibly applied as a metonymic occupational name for a scribe.... [more]
ROMMELUpper German, Dutch
Nickname for an obstreperous person, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rummeln, rumpeln to make a noise, create a disturbance (of imitative origin). Variant of Rummel.
SCHINKUpper German, Dutch
Nickname for someone with long or otherwise remarkable legs, from Middle High German schinke ‘thigh’, ‘leg’. Compare Schenkel. ... [more]
SCHWEDERGerman, Upper German
German: ethnic name for a Swede.... [more]
SCHWERUpper German, German, Jewish
South German relationship name from Middle High German sweher ‘father-in-law’. ... [more]
SEIMUpper German
German: metonymic occupational name for a beekeeper, from Middle High German seim ‘honey’.
SEITZUpper German
A mainly Bavarian surname, from a reduced form of the personal name Seifried, a variant of Siegfried. ... [more]
WIEDMANNUpper German
North German variant of Widemann (see Wideman).
ZENNERUpper German
South German: unflattering nickname for a surly, snarling person, from an agent derivative of Middle High German zannen 'to growl or howl' or 'to bare one's teeth'.
ZIEGENHORNUpper German (Archaic)
Goat horn, either 1. the horn of a goat, 2. Goat mountain, or 3. From goat mountain.