Russian Submitted Surnames

Russian names are used in the country of Russia and in Russian-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Russian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Toptunov Топтунов Russian, Ukrainian
Touzov Russian
Female version is Touzova.
Trofimov Трофимов Russian
Means "son of Trofim".
Tropov Тропов Russian
From russian word tropa - "trail".
Trotsky Троцкий Russian
This surname means the Lithuanian city of "Trakai", a notable bearer of this surname was Leon Trotsky.
Trubetskoy Трубецкие Russian
Meaning ‘From Trubetsk’.
Trusov Трусов Russian
From Russian Трус (trus) "coward".
Tsarev Царев Russian
Means "son of an emperor" in Russian.
Tsaritsyn Царицын Russian
From a former name of the Russian city of Volgograd that was used from 1589 to 1925. The name is from Царица (Tsaritsa), a small river and a tributary of the Volga, which was probably derived from Tatar сары су (sary su) meaning "yellow water".
Tsaryova Russian
Someone who is a descendent of a person who worked for the Tsar or Emperor.
Tsitovich Цитович Belarusian, Russian
Means "son of Tsit".
Tsorn Цорн Russian
Russian form of Zorn.
Tsygan Цыган Russian
Derived from Russian цыган (tsygan) meaning "gypsy".
Tsygankov Цыганков Russian
Variant of Tsyganov.
Tsyganov Цыганов Russian
Means "son of a gypsy" in Russian.
Tsytovich Цытович Belarusian, Russian
Variant of Tsitovich.
Tuleshova Russian, Ukrainian
Was the surname of “The Voice Kids Ukraine”, Daneliya Tuleshova.
Turbin Турбин Russian
From the nickname Турба (Turba) which was probably derived from an old dialectal word meaning "face, snout, muzzle (of an animal)", used as a name for a person with an unpleasant or ugly appearance... [more]
Turgaev Тургаев Russian, Kazakh
Twersky Russian
Russian surname derived from Tver Oblast (known as Kalinin from 1931-1990, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
Tyaglo Тягло Russian
Russian form of Tyahlo.
Tyutyunnik Тютюнник Russian
Occupational name for a tobacco tycoon, derived from Slavic word tyutyun literally meaning "tobacco".
Ulyanov Ульянов Russian
Means "son of Ulyan". A notable bearer was Vladimir Ulyanov (1870-1924), a Russian revolutionary better known as Vladimir Lenin.
Ulyanova Ульянова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Ульянов (see Ulyanov).
Ulyanovskaya Ульяновская Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Ульяновский (see Ulyanovsky).
Ulyanovsky Ульяновский Russian
Means "son of Ulyan".
Urbana Урбана Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian (Rare), Italian, Spanish
Feminine form of Urban.
Urbansky Урбанский Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Jewish
In Czech and Slovak usage, it is a habitational name for someone from a place called Urbanice. In Polish usage, it is a habitational name for someone from a place named with the personal name Urban.
Urusov Урусов Russian
From Slavic urush which means "warrior". This was the surname of a noble family in Russia.
Usik Усик Russian
From Russian meaning "tendril".
Ustinov Устинов Russian
Means "son of Ustin". A famous bearer of this surname was the British actor Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-2004).
Ustinova Устинова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Устинов (see Ustinov).
Utyugin Утюгин Russian
Means "man of iron" in Russian.
Vadimovna Вадимовна Russian
Russian patronym meaning "daughter of Vadim".
Valentina Валентина Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
Feminine form of Valentin.
Varfolomeyev Варфоломеев Russian
Means "son of Varfolomey".
Varfolomeyeva Варфоломеева Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Варфоломеев (see Varfolomeyev).
Varsonofyev Варсонофьев Russian (Rare)
Means "son of Varsonofy"; rarely used as a surname.
Vasilov василов Bulgarian, Russian
Meaning "son of Vasil" in Russian and "from Bulgaria" in Bulgarian.
Vasin Васин Russian
Derived from the given name Vasya.
Vays Вайс Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian form of Weiss.
Vedeneeva Веденеева Russian, Slovene
Velikanov Великанов Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Russian великан (velikan) meaning "giant".
Vengerov Венге́ров Ukrainian, Russian
Ukrainian and Russian surname derived from the word венгр (vengr) meaning "Hungarian".
Verkhoturov Верхотуров Russian (Modern, Rare)
Arrived from Verkhoturye (city in the Urals, on the river Tura)
Vikentiev Викентиев, Викентиева Russian
Means "son of Vikentiy".
Vikentiyev Викентиев, Викентиева Russian
Variant transcription of Vikentiev.
Vilkin Вилкин Belarusian, Russian
Derived from Russian вилка (vilka) meaning "fork, pitchfork".
Vladimirov Владимиров Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of Vladimir".
Vladimirsky Russian (Rare)
The habitational surname from Vladimir oblast in western Russia.
Vlasik Власик Russian
Vlasov Власов Russian
Means "son of Vlasiy".
Voinov Russian
Derived from the word "voin," which means "warrior" or "soldier" in English. It is a common surname among Russian families and may have originally been used to denote someone who worked as a soldier or was associated with the military in some way.
Volevakha Волеваха Russian
Derived from dialectal Russian волеваха (volevakha) meaning "wilful, stubborn person".
Volina Волина Russian
Volkoff Волкофф Russian (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Volkov.
Volkonsky Волконский Russian
This indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the Volkona river south of Moscow. This was the name of a Russian family of nobility.
Volkovsky Волковский Russian
Habitational name for someone who lives in a multiplicity named Volikovski. Derived from волк (volk) meaning "wolf" in Russian.
Volodchenko Володченко Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Means "son of Volodymyr". It is a Ukrainian surname, but it is more common in Russia and Belarus.
Vorobev Воробьев Russian
Vorona Russian
A name derived by the Russian word for "crow."
Voronkov Воронков Russian
Derived from the Russian word voron, meaning "raven". Possibly refers to a dark haired, or harsh voiced individual.
Voronkova Воронкова Russian
Feminine form of Voronkov.
Voronov Воронов Russian
Patronymic derived from Russian ворон (voron) meaning "raven".
Voronova Воронова Russian
Feminine form of Voronov.
Vorontsova Russian
Unknown history, used by Anna Vorontsova (cousin of Empress Elizabeth of Russia), Elizaveta Vorontsova (mistress of Emperor Peter III), and Yekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova-Dashkova, a major figure in the Russian Enlightenment.
Vorotyntsev Воротынцев Russian
Derived from place names Воротынск (Vorotynsk), Воротынцево (Vorotyntsevo) or Воротынец (Vorotynets).
Voschikov Возчиков Russian
Russian occupational translation of Carter
Vovin Вовин Belarusian, Russian
Derived from a diminutive form Vova either of the Belarusian given name Uladzimir or of the Russian given name Vladimir.
Voznesensky Вознесенский Russian
Common surname, could be location-related?
Vtorak Вторак Ukrainian, Russian
Derived either from Russian второй (vtoroy) meaning "second, other" or directly from dialectal Ukrainian вторак (vtorak) meaning "secondborn".
Yablokov Яблоков Russian
From Russian яблоко (yabloko) meaning "apple", used as a nickname for a ruddy person or a gardener who received a plentiful harvest.
Yakimov Russian
Means "Son of Yakim".
Yakubovich Якубович Russian, Belarusian
Derived from the given name Yakub.
Yashin Я́шин Russian
Means "son of Yasha", a Russian diminutive of Yakov. This surname was borne by the Soviet soccer goalkeeper Lev Yashin (1929-1990).
Yashina Я́шина Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Я́шин (see Yashin).
Yefimov Ефимов Russian
Means "son of Yefim".
Yefimova Ефимова Russian
Feminine form of Yefimov.
Yefimovich Russian
Grigori Yefimovich who is best known as "Rasputin" was a Russian peasant, mystic and private adviser to the Romanovs (Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Tsarina Alexandra in the early 20th century).
Yefremov Ефремов Russian
Means "son of Yefrem"
Yeltsin ЕлЬцин Russian
Yemelyanov Емельянов Russian
Means "son of Yemelyan".
Yemelyanova Емельянова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Емельянов (see Yemelyanov).
Yermolaev Ермолаев Russian
Variant of Yermolayev.
Yermolayev Ермолаев Russian
Means "son of Yermolai".
Yevdokimov Евдокимов Russian
Means "son of Yevdokim".
Yevdokimova Евдокимова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Евдокимов (see Yevdokimov).
Yevin Евин Russian
Yevstigneyev Евстигнеев Russian
Means "son of Yevstigney".
Yevstigneyeva Евстигнеева Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Евстигнеев (see Yevstigneyev).
Yosifov Russian
Means "son of Iosif".
Yosopov Юсупов Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupov.
Yosopova Юсупова Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Chechen, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupova.
Yudin Юдин Russian
Means "son of Yuda".
Yugov Югов Russian
Derived from Russian юг (yug) meaning "south".
Yuriev Юрьев m Russian
Means “son of Yuri 1".
Yurovsky Юровский Russian, Jewish, Polish (Anglicized)
Habitational name from Yurovo, or anglicization of Polish cognate Jurowski.
Yusov Юсов Russian
Derived from Russian юс (yus) meaning "(either little or big) yus".
Yussupov Юсупов Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupov.
Yussupova Юсупова Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Chechen, Jewish
Alternate transcription of Yusupova.
Zachar Jewish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Belarusian
Derived from the Hebrew word זָכַר (zakhar) meaning "to remember". As a surname it can also derive from the given name Zakhar (Zechariah) that shares this etymology.
Zaewa Russian
meaning unknown. female form of ZAEW
Zaitsev Зайцев Russian
From zaits, meaning "hare".
Zakhaev Russian
Russian surname, likely a derivative of the given name Zakhey combined with the Russian suffix "-ev" ("of"), therefore meaning "of Zakhey."... [more]
Zakharian Захарян Armenian (Ukrainianized), Russian (Ukrainianized), Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of the Armenian & Russian surname Zakharyan.
Zakharyan Захарян Armenian, Russian
Means "son of Zakhar" with the Armenian suffix yan.
Zakovorot Заковорот Russian
Zamechanskiy Замечанский Russian, Jewish
Meaning is unknown, but it is a Russian Jewish last name.
Zangiev Зангиев Ossetian, Soviet, Russian, Popular Culture
The Russified Soviet and Modern Russian form of the Ossetian surname Зæнджиаты Zændžiaty. A famous user of it is wrestler Victor Zangiev, himself the inspiration for Zangief of Street Fighter fame.
Zarubina Зарубина Russian
Famous bearer: Olga Zarubina (Ольга Зарубина), Soviet/Russian singer. ... [more]
Zaslavski Russian, Jewish
Variant transcription of Zaslavsky. A notable music producer ZEDD's real name is Anton Zaslavski.
Zaslavsky Заславский Russian, Jewish
Name for someone from the city of Iziaslav (or Zaslav) in Ukraine, derived from the given name Iziaslav.
Zavarzina Заварзина Russian
Feminine form of Zavarzin.
Zavrazhin Завражин Russian
Zaychik Зайчик Russian, Jewish
Means "bunny" in Russian.
Zelenin Зеленин Russian
Derived from Russian зелень (zelen) meaning "greens, vegetables, verdure".
Zelenov Зеленов Russian
From Russian зеленый (zelenyy) meaning "green".
Zhaba Жаба Belarusian, Russian
Derived from Belarusian жаба (zhaba) meaning "toad, frog". This is an ancient Belarusian noble surname.
Zharkov Жарков Russian
Possibly derived from Russian жаркий (zharkiy) "hot".
Zhdanov Жданов Russian
Patronymic surname derived from Old Russian name ZHDAN meaning "long-desired child".
Zheltov Желтов Russian
From Russian желтый (zheltyy) meaning "yellow".
Zhemaletdinov Жемалетдинов Chuvash, Russian
Zherdev Жердев Russian
Жердев, where 'Жердь' means 'perch'.
Zherdeva Жердева Russian
Feminine version of Zherdev
Zholnerovsky Жолнеровский Russian (Rare)
Surname of Polish noble origin derived from Polish żołnierz meaning "soldier".
Zhukovsky Жуковский Russian
Same spelling as Zhukov
Zhuvinsky Жувинский Russian
Surname named after the Zhuvinsky Reserve
Zielinsky Polish, Russian
Russian form and variant of Zieliński.
Zolotarev Золотарев Russian
Means "son of the goldsmith" derived from Russian золотарь (zolotar) meaning "goldsmith".
Zolotareva Золотарёва Russian
Feminine form of Zolotarev.
Zolotaryov Золотарёв Russian
Alternate transcription of Russian Золотарёв (see Zolotarev).
Zolotaryova Золотарёва Russian
Alternate transcription of Russian Золотарёва (see Zolotareva).
Zolotov Золотов Russian
Zolotykh Золотых Russian
Derived from Russian золотой (zolotoy) meaning "golden".
Zosimov Зосимов Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Zosim".
Zubkov Зубков Russian
From zubok, meaning "little tooth".
Zver Зверь Slovene, Russian, Croatian
Means "beast".
Zvezdochka Звездочка Russian, Belarusian
Means "little star" or "small star", from Russian "звезда (zvezda)" and suffix "-очка (-ochka)" or "-ка (-ka)" meaning "little", " small", or "young". It can also be translated as "starlet"... [more]
Zyk Russian, Belarusian
A Russian name now found in Belarus and other areas around "white Russia". Literally translates to the Russian word "beetle". It's pronounced "Z'ook" and has taken on other forms of spelling, such as; Zuck, Tzook, Shyk, etc.
Zyrin Зырин Russian
Derived from Russian зырянин (zyryanin) or зыря (zyrya) meaning "Komi, Zyrian". This may have been a nickname for someone who looked like a person of this ethnic group.
Zyzykin Зызыкин Russian
Meaning uncertain.