Russian Submitted Surnames

Russian names are used in the country of Russia and in Russian-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Russian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ozarovskaya Озаровская Russian
Feminine form of Ozarovsky (Озаровский)
Ozarovsky Озаровский Russian
Variant of Azarov (Азаров)
Ozerov Озеров Russian
From Russian озеро (ozero) meaning "lake".
Panaiotievich Russian (Rare)
Means "Son of Panagiotis" in Russian
Panibudlaska Панибудьласка Ukrainian, Russian (Rare)
From the Cossack nickname, derived from the Ukrainian vocative phrase пані, будь ласка! (pani, bud laska!) meaning "Lady, please!".
Panin Панин Russian
Means "son of Panya".
Pankov Панков Russian
Means "son of Panko".
Pankratov Панкратов Russian
Means "son of Pankratiy".
Panosovich Russian
Means "Son of Panos" in Russian
Panov Панов Russian
Means "son of Panya".
Passar Пассар Nanai, Russian
Pastukhov Пастухов Russian
Derived from Russian пастух (pastukh) meaning "shepherd".
Patrushev Патрушев Russian
Patronymic derived from a Russian diminutive of Patricius. This is borne by Russian political and security figure Nikolai Patrushev (1951-), former director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).
Pauell Пауэлл Russian
Russian translation of the surname of Powell
Pavelov Павлов Bulgarian, Russian
Variant of Pavlov.
Pavloff Russian, Bulgarian
Anglicized variant form of Pavlov.
Pchyolkin Пчёлкин Russian
Derived from Russian пчёлка (pchyolka), a diminutive of пчела (pchela) meaning "bee". The founder of the surname may have been a beekeeper.
Pekarev Пекарев Russian
Russian variation of the surname "Baker"
Pelevin Пелевин Russian
Derived from dialectal Russian пелева (peleva) meaning "chaff, shuck". A notable bearer is Victor Pelevin, the Russian fiction writer.
Pepin Пепин Russian
Means "son of Pepa".
Perepelkin Перепелкин Russian
From perepel, meaning "quail".
Perevozchik Перевозчик Russian, Belarusian
Means "carrier". It is a Russian last name, but it also present in Belarus.
Perkov Перков Croatian, Russian
Perminov Перминов Russian
Indicated a person from the Russian city of Perm, of Uralic origin meaning "faraway land".
Perovski Перо́вский, по-русски Russian
I looked for the meaning of this name, but my searches almost always came up with "Perovskite, the mineral that named after the mineralogist" (there's also "Perovskia, the mint-plant named after a Russian General")... [more]
Pervak Первак Ukrainian, Russian
Derived either from Russian первый (pervy) meaning "first" or directly from colloquial Ukrainian первак (pervak) meaning "firstborn".
Petkevich Петкевич Russian
Russian form of Piatkievič.
Petroff Петров, Петрофф Russian (Anglicized), Bulgarian (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Petrov.
Pichugin Пичугин Russian
From pichuga, meaning "small bird".
Pimenov Пименов Russian
Means "son of Pimen".
Pinson Пинсон Jewish, Russian
Derived from Spanish "pinzon", meaning "finch".
Pishkin Пишкин Russian
Variant of Pushkin.
Pliner Russian, Czech
Originated from a small town in Russia named, Plino.
Plotnikov Плотников Russian
Means "son of the carpenter" from Russian плотник (plotnik) "carpenter".
Podolskiy Подольский Russian
Variant transcription of Podolsky.
Podolsky Подольский Russian
Russian form of Podolski
Pokatowicz Покатович Russian (Rare)
Polansky Czech, Slovak, Russian, Polish, Jewish
Unknown, but having multiple origins, possibly of Baltic, Scandinavian or Slavic descent.
Poliakoff Russian
Variant transcription of Поляков (see Polyakov).
Poliakov Поляко́в Russian
Variant of Polyakov.
Polikarpov Поликарпов Russian
Means "son of Polikarp".
Poloskin Полоскин Russian
Derived from полоска (poloska), a diminutive of полоса (polosa) meaning "stripe, strip, streak". This may have been a nickname for a tall and thin person.
Polyakov Поляко́в Russian, Jewish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Patronymic from the ethnic name Polak meaning "Pole".
Polyanski Полянский Russian
Meaning "From Fields".
Ponomarev Пономарев Russian
Derives from Slavic "пономарь"- Sexton.
Popkov Попков Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Variant of Popov.
Popoff Попофф, Попов Russian, Bulgarian
Alternate transcription of Russian/Bulgarian Попов (see Popov).
Portnyagin Портнягин Russian
Derived from Russian портняга (portnyaga), a colloquial nickname derived from портной (portnoy) meaning "tailor, clothier".
Potapov Потапов Russian
Means "son of Potap".
Potemkin Потёмкин Russian
A Russian surname which derives from the word "Потёмка" (Potyomka) meaning "dark". People bearing the name Potemkin rose to prominence in Muscovy from the 16th century onwards.
Povarov Поваров Russian
Derived from the Russian word "povar" meaning 'cook'.
Povetkin Поветкин Russian
Pozharin Пожарин Russian
Means "man of fire" in Russian.
Pravda Правда Russian
Pravda translates into English as “Truth”.
Pravdo Russian
Alt spelling of Russian newspaper Pravda
Pravsha Правша Russian
Means "right-handed" in Russian.
Preobrazhenskaya Преображенская Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Преображенский (see Preobrazhensky).
Preobrazhensky Преображенский Russian
Derived from the Russian word преображение (preobrazheniye) meaning "transformation" or "transfiguration."
Prokofiev Прокофьев Russian
Means "son of Prokofiy".
Provodnikov Проводников Russian
From Russian проводник (provodnik) meaning "conductor". Means "son of a conductor".
Prudnikov Прудников Russian
Prygatsev Прыгацев Russian
Russian word for "Jump", introduced in 2019.
Pugachev Пугачёв Russian
From the nickname Pugach which is probably derived from Ukrainian пугач (pugach) meaning "owl". Following this etymology, the nickname was most likely given to someone who was wise or sensible (attributing to the owl as a symbol of wisdom).
Pugacheva Пугачёва Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Пугачёв (see Pugachev).
Pushkin Пушкин Russian
Derived from Russian пушка (pushka) meaning "gun, cannon". A notable bearer was Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837), a Russian poet and writer.
Pyanykh Пьяных Russian
Derived from Russian пьяный (pyany) meaning "drunk". This may have been a nickname for a family of drunks.
Pyatkevich Пяткевич Belarusian, Russian
Derived from Belarusian пятко (pyatko) or пятка (pyatka) meaning "fifth child, fifthborn".
Pyatkov Russian
Possibly from "pyat", meaning "five".
Pykhtin Пыхтин Russian
From pykhta, meaning "silver fir".
Rabinovich Рабинович Yiddish, Russian
Means "son of the rabbi" (through the name Rabin), referring to a scholar or teacher of the Torah in Judaism.
Rabov Рабов Russian
Means "son of a slave".
Rachmaninoff Russian
Surname used as a nickname for someone of swarthy appearance.
Rafail Рафаил Greek, Russian
From the given name Rafail.
Rafailov Рафаилов Russian
Means "son of Rafail".
Rakhmaninov Рахманинов Russian
From a nickname derived from Russian рахманный (rakhmannyy) meaning "lazy". A notable bearer was Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rakhmaninov (1873-1943).
Rakitin Ракитин Russian
From rakita, meaning "brittle willow".
Rakovich Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Rajković
Rasskazov Рассказов Russian
From rasskaz, meaning "story".
Rekov Реков Russian
From Russian река (reka) meaning "river".
Repin Репин Russian
From repa, meaning "turnip".
Reshetnikov Решетников Russian
Occupational name for a maker of sieves or gratings, derived from Russian решетник (reshetnik) meaning "sheathing, grate, sieve".
Reznik Резник Russian, Yiddish
Derived from Yiddish "רעזניק (reznik)" meaning butcher.
Reznikov Резников Russian, Jewish
Occupational name for a Jewish ritual slaughterer, from Yiddish reznik meaning "butcher".
Reznov Russian
Name given to the son of a butcher.
Rodionov Родионов Russian
Means "son of Rodion".
Rodionova Родионова Russian
Feminine form of Rodionov.
Rogosin Рогозин Russian
An alternate Anglicization of Russian Rogozin.
Roldugin Ролдугин Russian
Romanoff Романофф Russian (Americanized), Jewish
Americanised form of Romanov.
Romanovsky Романовский Russian
Habitational surname from a place called Romanovo or Romanovka... [more]
Romansky Романский Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian
In Czech and Slovak usage, it is a habitational name from Romanov, a village in central Bohemia. In Polish usage, it is a habitational name for someone from any of several places in Poland called Romany, named with the personal name Roman... [more]
Romashkin Ромашкин Russian
Derived from a diminutive form Romashka of the Russian given name Roman.
Rostov Ростов, Ростова Russian, Literature
Either derived from Rostov Oblast, a Russian federal subject, the town of Rostov in Yaroslavl Oblast, or Rostov-on-Don, a Russian city in the Rostov Oblast. This is also the surname of multiple characters from Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel "War and Peace".
Rostova Ростова Russian
Feminine form of Rostov.
Rostovsky Ростовский Russian
Referring to a region in Southwestern Russia named "Rostov".
Rosya Рося Ukrainian (Modern), Russian (Modern)
Either a shortened version of "Rossiya", which is Russian for "Russia", or the Russian and Ukrainian version of Rose 1.
Rozhdestvenskaya Рождественская Russian
Rozhdestvensky Рождественский Russian
Rubinov Рубинов Russian, Jewish
Means "son of Rubin" in Russian, though it could also be derived from Russian рубин (rubin) "ruby".
Rusakova Russian
Julia Rusakova-Harper was a Russian astronaut for NASA and former wife to Jack Harper in the movie Oblivion (2013). She was played by Olga Kurylenko alongside Jack Harper’s character played by Tom Cruise... [more]
Russkikh Русских Russian
Means "Russian" in Russian, probably used as a nickname for a person who lived in a village where the majority of residents were non-Russian.
Rybak Рыба́к Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Means "fisherman" in some Slavic languages. Derived from the word ryba "fish". A famous bearer is Byelarusian-Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak (b. 1986) who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
Rybakov Рыбаков Russian
Means "son of the fisher" from Russian рыбак (rybak) meaning "fisherman".
Rybalkin Рыбалкин Russian
Occupational name for a fisherman.
Rybalko Рыбалко Russian, Ukrainian
Occupational name for a fisherman.
Rybkin Рыбкин Russian
From rybka, meaning "little fish".
Rybolovlev Рыболовлев Russian
Russian occupational surname of "Fisher"
Ryzhkov Рыжков Russian
From ryzhko, meaning "red".
Sabba Russian (Anglicized)
From the given name Sabba.
Saburov Сабу́ров Russian
Russian-language surname
Safarova Сафарова Tatar, Russian, Tajik, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Feminine form of Safarov
Safka Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian за́втрак savtrak, meaning “breakfast”.
Safonov Сафонов Russian
Sagorsky Polish, Russian
It means literally "of the city/town Sagorsk". Sagorsk is a city near the Russian capital of Moskva. The ending of "sky" means "of". The "Sagor" part of the surname sounds to me like "za gor" which is "za gorod"... [more]
Sakhalinsky Сахалинский Russian
Refers to an island in Eastern Russia named "Sakhalin."
Saltykov Салтыков, Салтикова Russian
Samarsky Самарский Russian
Refers to a region named "Samara" in Russia.
Samedov Самедов Russian
Samsonov Самсонов Russian
Means "son of Samson".
Samylin Самылин Russian
Means "son of Samyl".
Sanin Санин Russian
Means "son of Sana".
Savelyev Савельев Russian
Means "son of Saveliy".
Savinova Савинова Russian
Feminine form of Savinov.
Saxonov Саксо́нов Russian (?)
Variant transcription of Saksonov.
Schattenstein Latvian, Russian, Jewish
Notes from Daniel Satten (1896-1972) say that Mordechai Block (1797-) returned to Russia (Latvia) with the surname Schattenstein... [more]
Selesnick Russian, Latvian
Also spelled:... [more]
Selmerlyov Russian (?)
Russian translation of Zelmerlöw.
Semak Семак Ukrainian, Russian
East Slavic surname derived from a Slavic root meaning "seven". This was used as a nickname for someone who was associated with this number and was mainly given to the seventh child.
Semenin Семенин Russian
From the given name Semen.
Semenov Семенов Russian
Means "son of Semyon".
Senokosov Сенокосов Russian
Derived from Russian сенокос (senokos) meaning "haymaking, hayfield".
Sergeyan Сергеян Armenian, Russian
Means "son of Sergey" with the Armenian suffix yan.
Sergienko Сергиенко Ukrainian, Russian
Likely from the given name Sergey
Serpik Серпик Russian
A diminutive of sickle. "little sickle"
Serzhantov Сержантов Russian
Means "son of a sergeant".
Sevastyanov Севастьянов Russian
Means "son of Sevastyan".
Sevastyanova Севастьянова Russian
Feminine form of Sevastyanov.
Sevelev Севелев Russian
Derived by means of suffix "-ev" from Old Slavic verb sheveliti (se) meaning to make noise, to whirr, to rustle, to whistle, to wander. Initially it designated someone bold, daring, hardy, spirited... [more]
Shamailov Шамаилов Russian, Hebrew, Georgian, Jewish
Georgian Variant of Shmuel.
Shamanov Шаманов Russian
From Russian шаман (shaman) meaning "shaman".
Shanayeva Шанаева Russian
Shatov Шатов Russian
Shatova Шатова Russian
Shatunov Шатунов Russian
Shcheglov Щеглов Russian
From Russian щегол (shchegol) meaning "goldfinch".
Shcheglova Щеглова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Щеглов (see Shcheglov).
Shchepkin Щепкин Russian
From Russian щепка (shchepka) meaning "sliver, splinter, chip".
Shchepkina Щепкина Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Щепкин (see Shchepkin).
Shchusev Щусев Russian
Surname derived from Alexey Shchusev
Shchyotkin Щёткин Russian
From the Russian word щетка meaning "brush".
Shchyotkina Щёткина Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Щёткин (see Shchyotkin).
Sheleg Шелег Russian
Russian form of Šelieh.
Sheremet Шеремет Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Ukrainian cognate of Şeremet.
Sheremeta Шеремета Ukrainian, Russian
Feminine equivalent of Sheremet.
Sheremetev Шереметев Russian
Derived from the Turkic word Şeremet meaning "poor man". (See Şeremet)
Sheremeteva Шереметева Russian
Feminine equivalent of Sheremetev.
Shereshevsky Шерешевский Russian, Jewish
Name for someone originally from the city of Sharashova in Belarus, probably derived Russian шерешь (sheresh) meaning "frozen mud, ice (on a river)".
Shevchenkov Шевченков Russian, Ukrainian (Rare)
Variant of Shevchenko.
Shevelev Шевелев Russian
Derived by means of suffix "-ev" from Old Slavic verb sheveliti (se) meaning to make noise, to whirr, to rustle, to whistle, to wander. Initially it designated someone bold, daring, hardy, spirited.
Sheverdyaeva Шевердяева Russian
Shishkin Шишкин Russian
From Russian шишка (shishka) meaning "cone, pinecone".
Shkrebnev Шкребнев Russian (Rare)
Shlomov Шломов Jewish, Russian
Means "son of Shlomo".
Shlyukhin Шлюхин Russian
Derived from Russian шлюха (shlyukha) meaning "slut, whore".
Shmailov Шмаилов Hebrew, Georgian, Russian, Jewish
A variant of Shmuel.
Shmelev Шмелев Russian
From a bumble, which is "шмель" in Russian
Shmidt Шмидт Russian
Russian form of Schmidt.
Sholom Шолом Russian
Derived from Old Russian шолом (sholom) meaning "helmet".
Shostakovich Russian
Last name of the Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich.
Shramko Шрамко Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Derived from East Slavic шрам (shram) meaning "scar, cicatrix".
Shubin Шубин Russian
Derived from Russian шуба (shuba) meaning "fur coat".
Shvedov Шведов Russian
From Russian швед (shved) meaning "Swede, Swedish person".
Shvedova Шведова Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Шведов (see Shvedov).
Shvetsov Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of a cobbler" or "shoemaker" in Russian or Ukrainian.
Shvydko Швыдко Ukrainian, Russian
Derived from Ukrainian швидкий (shvydky) meaning "fast, quick".
Shvydkoy Швыдкой Ukrainian, Russian
Derived from Ukrainian швидкий (shvydky) meaning "fast, quick".
Sidorov Сидоров Russian
Means "son of Sidor".
Simonov Симонов Russian
Means "son of Simon 1".
Simonovich Russian
Means "son of Simon 1".
Sinov Синов Russian
Means "blue", derived from Russian "синий (sinyy)".
Sirota Сирота Russian
From Russian сирота (sirota) "orphan", perhaps given to a foundling, or a nickname for someone who was poorly-dressed.
Sklueff Russian (Latinized, Rare, ?)
Means bird of prey. From Russia. Was changed by the government from Cellieic letters to Latin letters. Unknown if it was change in Russia or Harbin, Chun where they escaped Bolshevism.
Smarch Ukrainian (Anglicized), Russian (Anglicized)
Smarch is most likely an anglicized form of the surnames Smarchkov, Smarchkova, Smarchi, Smarchevsky, and Smarchevskaya.... [more]
Smirnoff Смирнофф, Смирнов Russian
Variant transcription of Smirnov.
Smolensky Смоленский Russian
Refers to a region in Western Russia named "Smolensk".
Smolin Смолин Russian
From smola, meaning "tar".
Smolov Смолов Russian
From Russian Смола (smola) meaning "resin".
Sobolev Соболев Russian
Variant of Sobol.
Soldat Солдат Russian, Ukrainian, French, German
Means "soldier" in various languages.
Soldatenko Солдатенко Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
Means "son of the soldier". It is a Ukrainian last name, but it is more common in Russia and Belarus.
Soldatov Солдатов, Солдатова Russian
Soldatov is masculine and Saldatova is feminine. This surname means son and or daughter of a soldier.
Solokov Russian
Derived from the Russian word 'Sokol', meaning 'falcon'. It is one of the most common Russian surnames, appearing in the top ten.
Solokova Russian
Feminine form of Solokov.
Solovyov Соловьёв Russian
Derived from Russian соловей (solovey) meaning "nightingale".
Solzhenitsyn Солженицын Russian
Derived from Russian соложеница (solozhenitsa) meaning "maltman".
Somov Сомов Russian
Derived from Russian сом (som) meaning "catfish".
Somova Сомова Russian
Feminine form of Somov. This is borne by Russian ballerina Alina Somova (1985-).
Sorokin Сорокин Russian
From Russian сорока (soroka) meaning "magpie", referring to the Eurasian magpie.
Sorokina Сорокина Russian
Feminine form of Sorokin.
Sosunov Сосунов Russian
Derived from Russian сосун (sosun) meaning "sucker". Alternatively this may be a patronymic surname derived from the Jewish name Sasson meaning "happiness".
Sovin Совин Russian
Derived from Russian сова (sova) meaning "owl". This may have been a nickname for a night person. This is a Russian noble surname.
Spiridovich Спиридович Russian
Possibly from the Greek given name Spiridon.
Spokony Russian (Anglicized, ?)
comes from the english version of the pronunciation of the Russian word for calm
Stalinov Сталинов Russian
Means "son of the man of steel" in Russian.
Starikov Стариков Russian
From a nickname for a person who was long-lived or wise, derived from Russian старик (starik) meaning "old man".
Stavonin Russian
Originally Stavnin (shutter-maker), Stavonin resulted from an incorrect spelling that stuck (for over a hundred years)... [more]
Stepankov Степанков Russian
Means "son of Stepan".
Stepantsev Степанцев Russian
Derived from a diminutive of the Russian given name Stepan.
Streltzin Стрельцин Jewish, Russian, Belarusian
Russian and Belarusian Jewish surname.
Stroganov Строганов Russian
Meaning uncertain. This was the name of a wealthy Russian family of merchants (later aristocrats), probably of Tatar origin.
Studer German (Americanized, Rare), Russian, German
Often found in Switzerland and germany and in a more rare case Russia in north america it's a little more on the rare side
Subbotin Субботин Russian
From subbota, meaning "Saturday".
Sukharev Сухарев Russian
From sukhari, meaning "hardtack".
Susoev Сусоев Russian
Means "son of Susoi".
Suvorov Суворов Russian
From Suvorov, the name of a town in the Tula Oblast of Russia.
Sveshnikov Свешников, Свешникова Russian
Russian surname with unknown meaning.
Svobodin Свободин Russian
Patronymic surname derived from Russian свобода (svoboda) meaning "freedom, liberty".
Svobodov Свободов Russian
Patronymic surname derived from Russian свобода (svoboda) meaning "freedom, liberty".
Sychyov Сычёв Russian
From Russian сыч (sych) meaning "small owl".
Sychyova Сычёва Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Сычёв (see Sychyov).
Synov Синов Russian (Ukrainianized)
Ukrainianised form of Sinov.
Talinov Талинов Russian (Rare, ?)
Taranova Russian
Russian form of Terranova.
Taras Тарас Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
From the given name Taras.
Tarasov Тарасов Russian
Means "son of Taras".
Tarasova Тарасова Russian
Feminine form of Tarasov.
Tarkhov Тархов Russian
Means "son of Tarkh". This is a Russian noble surname.
Tartakovsky Тартаковский Russian, Jewish
Name for someone originally from the town of Tartakiv (or Tartakov) in Ukraine, derived from Ukrainian тартак (tartak) meaning "sawmill".
Tatelman Russian, Yiddish
Man who tats or sew
Tati Тати Popular Culture, French, Russian
A well known diminutive of both Tatiana and Tatischeff.
Tatischeff Татищев French, Russian, English
Best known as the actual full surname of Jacques Tati.
Tatyanin Татьянин Russian
Matronymic surname derived from the Russian given name Tatyana.
Tazhudinov Тажудинов Russian
Terenya Тереня Russian, Belarusian
Tessler Romanian, Russian
Russian, Christian. From The original name tescherak
Tikhonov Тихонов Russian
Means "son of Tikhon".
Timofeev Тимофеев Russian
Means "son of Timofey".
Timofeyev Тимофеев Russian
Variant transcription of Timofeev.
Titov Титов Russian
Means "son of Tit".
Tokarev Токарев Russian
Patronymic name derived from Russian токарь (tokar) meaning "turner". A turner was a person who used a lathe to create small objects from wood or bone. A notable bearer of this name was the Russian-American singer and songwriter Willi Tokarev (1934-2019).
Tokareva Токарева Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Токарев (see Tokarev).
Tolstoy Толстой Russian
Means "fat" from Russian толстый (tolstyy) meaning "thick, stout, fat". This was the name of a Russian family of nobility; a notable member was Count Lev "Leo" Tolstoy (1828-1910), a Russian writer.