Surnames of Length 6

This is a list of surnames in which the length is 6.
Yıldız Turkish
Means "star" in Turkish.
Yılmaz Turkish
From the given name Yılmaz.
Yokota Japanese
From Japanese (yoko) meaning "beside, next to" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Yonker Dutch (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Jonker.
Younge English
Variant of Young.
Yoxall English
Originally indicated a person from the town of Yoxall in Staffordshire, itself derived from Old English geoc "oxen yoke" and halh "nook, recess".
Zabala Basque
Originally denoted someone who lived in a place of this name in Biscay. It is derived from Basque zabal meaning "large, wide".
Zariņš Latvian
From Latvian zars meaning "branch".
Zavala Spanish
Variant of Zabala.
Zeelen Dutch
Derived from the given name Ceel.
Zegers Dutch
Means "son of Sieger".
Zentai Hungarian
Originally indicated a person from the city of Senta in Serbia (formerly a part of Hungary and called Zenta).
Ziętek Polish
Possibly from a diminutive of Polish zięć meaning "son-in-law".
Zimman Jewish
Possibly a variant of Zimmermann.
Zingel Jewish
From Middle High German zingel "defensive wall". This name was originally applied to a person who lived near the outermost wall of a castle.
Žitnik Slovene, Czech
From the Slavic root žito meaning "rye". This was an occupational name for a dealer in rye or a baker.
Zuñiga Basque
From the name of a Spanish town, formerly named Estuniga in Basque, possibly derived from Basque istuin "channel, strait".
Zunino Italian
Derived from the given name Giovanni.