Submitted Surnames of Length 6

This is a list of submitted surnames in which the length is 6.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aaberg Danish, Norwegian
Danish and Norwegian cognate of Åberg.
Aacker German
Variant spelling of the surname Acker.
Aamodt Norwegian
Combination of aa, an obsolete spelling of Norwegian å "small river, stream" and møte "meeting".
Aamoth English (American, Anglicized)
Anglicized form of the Norwegian surname Aamodt.
Aardam Estonian
Aardam is an Estonian surname possibly derived from "Aadam" ("Adam"), the Biblical masculine given name.
Aarhus Norwegian
Derived from any of the farms so named, from Old Norse á "river" and hús "house, farmstead".
Äärmaa Estonian
Äärmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "border/boundary land".
Aarons English
Means "Son of Aaron."
Aasala Estonian
Aasala is an Estonian surname meaning "wild/meadow area".
Aasjõe Estonian
Aasjõe is an Estonian surname meaning "meadow/lea water".
Aasmaa Estonian
Aasmaa is an Estonian surname meaning "grassy (lea) land".
Abbett English
Variant of Abbott.
Abboud Arabic
Derived from a nickname for any name beginning with Abdul.... [more]
Abcede Filipino
A bearer of this name is Salvador Abcede, the leader of the anti-Japanese guerrilla group on Negros.
Abiera Filipino
It is borne by approximately 1 in 1,140,397 people. This last name occurs mostly in Asia, where 96 percent of Abiera live; 95 percent live in Southeast Asia and 95 percent live in Malayo-Asia. This last name is most prevalent in The Philippines, where it is borne by 6,047 people, or 1 in 16,742.
Abioye Western African, Yoruba
From the given name Abioye.
Ablett English
Possibly a variant of Abbott
Abolin Russian
Russified form of Āboliņš, a Latvian surname meaning "clover".
Abrego Spanish
As a Spanish surname, it was from Spanish ábrego, which originally meant "African", from Latin africus. The vocabulary word in modern Spanish has lost this general sense and now means "south wind" (literally, "African (wind)").
Abston English (British)
The surname Abston is of an uncertain origin. Perhaps from an English place name, but not now recorded in England as a surname. One possibility is Abson near Bristol, earlier Abston; another is Adstone in Northamptonshire, which is named from an Old English personal name Ættīn + Old English tūn ‘settlement’.
Abtahi Persian
Possibly denoted someone who originally came from a location named Abtah in Saudi Arabia.
Abuque Filipino
Possibly of Spanish and/or Portuguese origin and possibly a derivative of Albuquerque.
Aburto Basque, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican)
The surname Aburto is a topographic name from Basque aburto ‘place of kermes oaks’, from abur ‘kermes oak’ + the locative suffix -lo.
Acacio Italian
From the given name Acacio.
Accola Romansh
From Latin accola ‘neighbor’, ‘inhabitant’ (from Latin accolere 'to live near'). Accola also meant 'tenant' or 'farmer' in Medieval Latin, which is likely the definition of the word that this name comes from.
Achard French
From the given name Achard.
Achton Danish
A Graecised form of Jordløse meaning 'without land.'
Ackbar Arabic, Indonesian, Malay
Alternate transcription of Arabic أكبر (see Akbar), as well as the usual Indonesian and Malay form. It is typical of Indonesia.
Ackles Anglo-Saxon
The ancient history of the Ackles name begins with the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. The name is derived from when the family resided in Eccles which was in both Norfolk and a parish near Manchester.
Ackley English
From an Old English surname: a place name which meant "Oak meadow". A variation of this is: "dwells at the oak tree meadow". ... [more]
Adachi Japanese
From Japanese 安 (a) meaning "peace" or 足 (a) meaning "leg, foot" and 達 (tachi), a plural marker, or 立 (tachi) meaning "stand".
Adamaŭ Belarusian
Means "son of Adam".
Adamec Czech, Slovak
From a pet form of the personal name Adam.
Adamos Greek
Means "son of Adam".
Adamov Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of Adam".
Adauto Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Adauto
Addams English
Variant of Adams.
Adgate English
Variant of Agate.
Adiong Filipino, Maranao
From Maranao adiyong meaning "to prepare, to make ready".
Adison English
A variation of Addison, which means "Son of Addy".
Adlani Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Adlène (chiefly Moroccan).
Adlerz Swedish (Rare)
Possibly derived from the German surname Adler.
Adorno Italian
Southern Italian: from the personal name Adorno, meaning ‘adorned’.... [more]
Adrian Various
From the given name Adrian.
Aduriz Basque
A famous bearer of this surname is Aritz Aduriz, a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Athletic Bilbao as a striker.
Advani Indian, Sindhi
Means "descendant of Adu" in Sindhi, Adu probably being the name of a past ancestor.
Āěrdān Mongolian
A Daur family name.
Aertsz Dutch, Frisian
A Patronymic surname from Aert, a shortened form of the first name Arnout.
Afghan Afghani
Means "from Afghanistan".
Afonso Portuguese
Old (6th century derived) Iberian surname, associated with the first dynasty and King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques. The surname was used by all the subsequent illegitimate children of that dynastic line.
Aganad Filipino, Ilocano
From Ilocano agannad meaning "to be careful, to take care".
Agapov Russian
derived from male given name Agap or Agapey (Агапей)
Agashe Indian
According to Wikipedia, Agashe is a surname used by Chitpavan Brahmins of the Kaushik gotra in the Marathi populated Deccan in India and by the Chitpavan Brahmin diaspora across the globe.
Agassi Armenian, Persian, Italian
The surname Agassi most likely evolved from a nickname for someone resembling a mappie, perhaps jokingly referred to as chattering or nagging person. ... [more]
Ağayev Azerbaijani
Means "son of the ağa", from the Turkish title ağa meaning "lord, master".
Agbaje Nigerian, Yoruba
Meaning unknown. A bearer is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (1967-), an English actor and model of Yoruba Nigerian descent.
Agbuya Filipino, Ilocano
Means "to watch" in Ilocano.
Agejev Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian
Latinised form of Ageyev in languages without the letter "y".
Agerre Basque
This indicates familial origin within either of 3 neighborhoods in the French department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques: the one in the commune of Mugerre, the one in the commune of Hendaia, or the one in the commune of Maule-Lextarre.
Ageyev Russian
derived from given name Aggey (from Biblical Hebrew word meaning "festive")
Aghaei Persian
From the Persian title آقا (âqâ) meaning "sir, lord, mister".
Aghili Persian
From the given name Aghil.
Agirmo Italian
two hypotheses: either from the Greek agyrmos meaning "symposium, meeting" which was the name of the first day of the Misteri Eleusini in Athens.... [more]
Agualo Chamorro
Chamoru for "pertaining to farming"
Águila Spanish
From águila "eagle" (Latin aquila). This is either a nickname for a haughty man or one with an aquiline nose, or a habitational name from a place in Salamanca province called Águila.
Aguzzi Italian
Comes from an ancient Roman cognomen, Acutus, also possibly derived from Italian "aguzzo" meaning sharp, pointed.
Agyare Akan
Meaning unknown.
Ahamad Indian (Muslim), Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Sinhalese
Variant of Ahmad, particularly used in South India and Sri Lanka.
Ahamed Indian (Muslim), Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Sinhalese
Variant of Ahmed, particularly used in South India and Sri Lanka.
Aharon Hebrew
Variant of Aharoni, from the given name Aaron.
Ahmadi Persian
From the given name Ahmad.
Ahmedi Persian
Alternate transcription of Ahmadi.
Ahmeti Albanian
From the given name Ahmet.
Ahonen Finnish
A combination of Finnish aho "meadow" and the common surname suffix -nen.... [more]
Aibana Japanese
From Japanese 藍 (ai) meaning "indigo" combined with 花 (hana, bana, ka) meaning "flower".
Aihara Japanese
From Japanese 相 (ai) meaning "together, mutually" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Aikawa Japanese
From Japanese 相 (ai) meaning "together, mutually" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Aikawa Japanese
From Japanese 愛 (ai) meaning "love, affection" and 川 or 河 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Aikman Dutch, English, Scottish
Originally a surname or a nickname meaning oak man.
Aimoto Japanese
Often written as 愛 (Ai) meaning "Love, Reverence, Affection" or 相... [more]
Ainara Japanese
From Japanese 相 (ai) meaning "mutual, reciprocal, with one another", 奈 (na) meaning "apple tree" and 良 (ra) meaning "good".
Aisaka Japanese (Rare)
Ai means "Indigo (blueish)", and Saka means "Hill,Slope".In 2014 Aisaka was ranked #9,579 for most used surnames in Japan and had only 5 occurrences that year. It's more popular in the U.S. than in the country it originated from... [more]
Aiuchi Japanese
Ai (愛) means 'love', and Uchi (内) means 'inside'.
Aizawa Japanese
From Japanese 相 (ai) meaning "together, mutually" and 沢, 澤 (sawa) meaning "marsh".
Ajango Estonian
Ajango is an Estonian surname related to "time".
Ajdiri Moroccan
Habitational name from the Rifian town of Ajdir.
Akaeda Japanese
"Red branch, twig."
Akaike Japanese (Rare)
丹 (Aka) means "Red" and 池 (Ike) means "Pond".
Akashi Japanese
From Japanese 明 (aka) meaning "bright" and 石 (shi) meaning "stone".
Akbari Persian
From the given name Akbar.
Akechi Japanese
From Japanese 明 (ake) meaning "bright" and 智 (chi) meaning "wisdom, intellect".
Akello Eastern African
A Lou surname that originates from the name of a male ancestor, Okello or Akello. The ancestor was so named as he was a child born after the birth of twins. Lou personal names were given based on a circumstance of birth.
Akemon English
American variant of Aikman.
Akhras Arabic
Meaning unknown.
Akhtar Urdu, Bengali, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from Persian اختر (akhtar) meaning "star".
Akhter Persian, Urdu, Bengali
Alternate transcription of Akhtar.
Akiiki Tooro, Nyoro, Alur, Acholi
The pet name of Elizabeth of Toro.
Akimov Russian
Means "son of Akim".
Akkawi Arabic
Means "from Akka" in Arabic.
Akkawy Arabic
Variant of Akkawi.
Akkaya Turkish
Means "white rock" from Turkish ak meaning "white" and kaya "rock".
Akulov Russian
Originates from old-Russian nickname Okul/Akul (meaning crook, deceiver) or Greek given name Aquila (Ἀκύλας)
Alabed Arabic
means "The Servant of" in Arabic
Alajõe Estonian
Alajõe is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region water".
Alamaa Estonian
Alamaa is an Estonian surname meaning "field/area land".
Alamäe Estonian
Alamäe is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region hill/mountain".
Alanís Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Andalusian municipality.
Alaoja Estonian
Alaoja is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region creek".
Alaoui Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Ali 1. This is the name of the current ruling royal family of Morocco, which was founded in 1631.
Alarid Spanish (Mexican)
(via perhaps from Catalan alarit 'outcry' (Castilian alarido). This name is not found in Catalonia, but is very common in Mexico.
Alarie French (Quebec)
Derived from the Visigothic given name Alaric. This form was established in Quebec from 1681.
Alasoo Estonian
Alasoo is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region swamp".
Alavee Estonian
Alavee is an Estonian surname meaning "area/region water".
Alavez Spanish (Mexican)
Variant of Alaves primarily used in Mexico.
Alaway English
From the Old English personal name Æðelwig, composed of the elements æðel ‘noble’ + wig ‘war’.
Albany Scottish, English (American)
From the title of the Dukes of Albany (House of Stuart), hence a name borne by their retainers. It is an infrequent surname in England and Scotland. The city of Albany, NY (formerly the Dutch settlement of Beverwijck or Fort Orange) was named for James Stuart, Duke of York and Albany; he was the brother of King Charles II and later king in his own right as James II... [more]
Albeiz Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the municipality of Asparrena.
Albino Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name Albino
Alcalá Spanish
From numerous towns with this name (fortified villages during the Moorish occupation of Spain), derived from Arabic القلعة (al-qalʿah) meaning "fortress, fortification, citadel".
Alcock English
From a diminutive of given names starting with Al-.
Alcorn Scottish
Scottish variation of Allcorn, a name that originally came from Alchorn, a manor in the parish of Rotherfield, Sussex.
Alcott English
English: ostensibly a topographic name containing Middle English cott, cote ‘cottage’ (see Coates). In fact, however, it is generally if not always an alteration of Alcock, in part at least for euphemistic reasons.
Aldane Anglo-Saxon
Derived from "dweller at the old enclosure".
Aldatz Basque
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous Navarrese neighborhoods: the one in Larraun, Comarca of Leitzaldea or the one in Itza, Comarca of Iruñerria.
Aldous English
Aldous is one of the thousands of new names that the Norman Conquest of 1066 brought to England. It comes from the Old English female given name Aldus. Ald, the first part of the name, means old.
Alegre Spanish, Portuguese
Nickname from alegre "bright, merry" (Latin alacer).
Aleixo Portuguese
From the given name Aleixo.
Alexie Greek, Romanian
From the givin name Alexie
Alexis German, French, English, Greek
From the given name Alexis
Alfani Italian
(or Alfano) three possibilities: from the German word halfer ("helper"), from a place called Alfano, which is supposed to be from the Arab al fannan ("wild donkey"), and Alfana is the name of a race (as in type) of Arab horses, so could be someone related to horses.
Alfeev Russian
Derived from the Russian monastic name Yelevfery, derived from Greek ἐλεύθερος (eleutheros) meaning "free".
Alford English, Scottish
Habitation name found in Lincolnshire, Surrey and Somerset, England and Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The name can be derived by combining the Old English female personal name Ealdg- and -ford meaning "water crossing" or can mean "from the alder tree ford".
Alfsen Norwegian
Norwegian cognate of Alfsson.
Alfvén Swedish (Rare)
Perhaps derived from Swedish älv "river".
Alirez Spanish (Mexican)
A protector. Rap. Loves all things Coral.
Alizai Pashto
Means "son of Ali 1" in Pashto.
Aljand Estonian
Aljand is an Estonian surname derived from "paljand" meaning "outcrop" and "locality".
Alkiza Basque
It indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
Allala Basque
A diminutive of Ayala. The spelling was altered by Jose Maria Ayala, whose son Domingo Allala was related from his marriage to Estefana Champion-Werbisky, descendant of the Champion family from Rovigno, Croatia-Italy... [more]
Allali Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly from a shortened form of the name Abd Allah (chiefly Moroccan and Algerian).
Allane Scottish (Rare)
Variant of Allan
Alliku Estonian
Alliku is an Estonian surname, derived from "Allikas", meaning "wellspring".
Allred English
From the Middle English personal name Alured, a form of Alfred, which was sometimes written Alvred, especially in Old French texts.
Allvee Estonian
Allvee is an Estonian surname meaning "undersea" and "underwater".
Almada Portuguese
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous city.
Almlöf Swedish
Combination of Swedish alm "elm" and löv "leaf".
Almond English
From the Middle English personal name Almund, from Old English Æ{dh}elmund, "noble protection" and variant of Allman, assimilated by folk etymology to the vocabulary word denoting the tree.
Alnemy Flemish
Only know relation claims birth in East Flanders. Arabic speakers believe it may be of Syrian or Saudi Arabian origin.
Alonto Filipino, Maranao
Means "extraordinary" in Maranao.
Aloshi Albanian
Aloshi , Aloshaj
Alpers Scottish
Derived from the given name Albert
Alpert English, Jewish, German, Dutch
A variant of the Jewish surname Heilprin or Halpern. In German and Dutch usage, it is derived from the given name Albert... [more]
Alpini Italian
(or Alpino) possibly denoting a person from the Alpes.
Al Saud Arabic
From Arabic سُعُود (suʿūd), the verbal noun form of سَعَدَ (saʿada) meaning "to be fortunate, to be propitious". This is the name of the House of Saud (آل سعود), the ruling Royal Family of Saudi Arabia... [more]
Alston English
A locational surname, derived from the many townships in England of the same name, meaning 'of the old manor or of the hillside'
Alters German
Shortened form of Alterstein.
Altham English
Altham is a surname of English origin, based on the placename Altham, Lancashire.
Altmäe Estonian
Altmäe is an Estonian surname meaning "from below hill".
Altman German
Said to mean "Wise man" of German origin
Alttoa Estonian
Alttoa is an Estonian surname meaning "from below, indoors".
Alumaa Estonian
Alumaa is an Estonian surname meaning "base/foundation land".
Alumäe Estonian
Alumäe is an Estonian surname meaning "base/foundation hill/mountain".
Aluvee Estonian
Aluvee is an Estonian surname meaning "base/foundation water".
Álváez Spanish (Latin American)
Variant of Álvarez. Most frequently used in Panama.
Álvaro Spanish
Either derived from the given name Alvaro or a variant of Alvarez.
Alvear Spanish
Alvord English
Derived from a variation of Ælfræd.
Alzalg Arabic
Means "the sharp sword that can slid smoothly from its sheath" in Arabic.
Amachi Japanese
This surname is used as 天知, 天地, 天池, 天内, 雨知 or 雨地 with 天 (ten, ama-, amatsu, ame) meaning "heavens, imperial, sky", 雨 (u, ama-, ame, -same) meaning "rain", 知 (chi, shi.raseru, meaning "know, wisdom", 地 (ji, chi) meaning "earth, ground", 池 (chi, ike) meaning "cistern, pond, pool, reservoir" and 内 (dai, nai, uchi, chi) meaning "among, between, home, house, inside, within."... [more]
Amadeo Italian
From the given name Amadeo.
Amagai Japanese
This is a variation of Japanese surname Amaya. Ama means "Heaven(ly)" and Gai means "Valley".
Amaury French
From the given name Amaury... [more]
Amberg German, Jewish
German and possibly Jewish (Ashkenazic) habitational name from any of several settlements called Amberg (literally ‘by the mountain’), including a city in Bavaria. It could also be a topographic name of identical etymology... [more]
Ambong Filipino, Cebuano
Denotes a type of hut or shack used as storage for food harvest.
Ambrìz Spanish
" Probably a variant of Asturian-Leonese Ambres, a habitational name from a village in Asturies. Also a habitational name of Ámbriz a city in Angola, Africa, mainly of Portuguese descendants. "
Ambrus Hungarian
From the given name Ambrus.
Amelin Russian, French
Russian feminine counterpart is Amelina (Амелинa)