Surnames Categorized "trees"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include trees.
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BUCKLEY (1)     English
From an English place name derived from bucc "buck, male deer" and leah "woodland, clearing".
DELANEY (1)     English
Derived from Norman French de l'aunaie meaning "from the alder grove".
KEITH     Scottish
From a place name which is probably derived from the Brythonic element cet meaning "wood". This was the surname of a long line of Scottish nobles.
LINDEN     German
Derived from German linde meaning "lime tree".
LYNDON     English
Originally from a place name meaning "lime tree hill" in Old English.
RHODES     English
Either a topographical name derived from Old English rod meaning "a clearing in woodland", or a locational name from any of the locations named with this word.
ROWAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó RUADHÁIN.
WALDVOGEL     Jewish
Ornamental Jewish name derived from German Wald meaning "forest" and Vogel meaning "bird".
WOODWARD     English
Occupational name for a forester, meaning "ward of the wood" in Old English.
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