English (American) Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of English names used more often in America. See also about American names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Tuttle English, English (American), Irish
Derived from the Old Norse given name Þorkell, derived from the elements þórr (see Thor) and ketill "cauldron". The name evolved into Thurkill and Thirkill in England and came into use as a given name in the Middle Ages... [more]
Vampyr English (American)
A gothic surname.
Van Der Woodsen English (American)
The last name of Serena van der Woodsen, from Gossip Girl. She is played by Blake Lively.
Virtuoso English (American), Spanish, Italian
This Italian surname could possibly be connected to those whose ancestors were involved in playing a musical instrument or somehow connected to the musical instrument industry.
Wackerman English (American), German
From the Americanized spelling of German Wackermann, a variant of Wacker, with the addition of Middle High German man, meaning ‘man’.
Walin English (American)
Americanized form of the Swedish surname Wallin.
Wanderlust English (American)
Wanderlust derived from Artemis G.J. Wanderlust (birth name: Joseph E Yoder) in the year 2021, as an ornamental surname representing both:... [more]
Whitacre English (American)
Variant of Whitaker. A notable bearer is Eric Whitacre (1970-), an American composer.
Wiatt English (American)
Americanized variant of Wyatt.
Wichorek Polish (Anglicized), English (American)
Americanized form of Wieczorek. Alternatively, it may be a variant of Wicherek.
Wideman English (American)
Americanized from of German Widemann or Weidmann.
Wilbers English (American)
from the given name Wilbur
Winegardner English (American)
Anglicized form of the German occupational surname Weingartner. A known bearer of this surname is the American writer Mark Winegardner (b. 1961).
Wiseau English (American, Rare)
Meaning unknown, believed to be derived from French oiseau, meaning bird. As a surname, it is born by American Director Tommy Wiseau.
Woodley English (American)
"From the wooded meadow". The actress Shailene Woodley's last surname
Wyoming English (American)
From the name of the US state.
Yoakum English (American)
Americanized version of Jochim
Zackowski English (American)
Americanized version of the surname Zakowski
Zeagler English (American)
Americanized spelling of German Ziegler.
Zimmon English (American)
Variant of Zinon
Zueena English (American, Modern)
The Name Zueena Means Black Feathers & it originated with The Analuka Family of America.