Greek Submitted Surnames

Greek names are used in the country of Greece and other Greek-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Greek names.
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Gregoriou Γρηγορίου Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Γρηγορίου (see Grigoriou) chiefly used in Cyprus.
Grigoriadis Γρηγοριάδης Greek
Means "son of Grigorios".
Grigorios Greek
from given name Grigorios
Grigoriou Γρηγορίου Greek
Means "son of Grigorios".
Gugudis Γκουγκούδης Greek (Expatriate)
Hadjópulos Greek (Hispanicized, Expatriate), Mexican (Rare)
Spanish form of Greek Χατζόπουλος (see Chatzopoulos).
Hagius Greek (Americanized)
Comes from the Ancient Greek word hagios meaning devoted to the gods.
Hallas Greek
Given to one who is exempted
Hantzi Greek
Variant of Hatzis.
Harizopolous Χαριζόπολους Greek
Hasapis Greek
Hasapi is the word, "butcher" in the Greek language. The last name Hasapis is most probably from immigrants traveling to the new world
Hasiótis Χασιώτης Greek
Hatzi Χατζής Greek
A Greek rendering of حاج‎ (ḥājj), denoting one who has successfully completed a pilgrimage. In a Christian context, the title designates a person who has visited Jerusalem and the Holy Land and was baptised in the Jordan River... [more]
Hatzidakis Χατζηδάκης, Χατζιδάκις Greek
Diminutive of Hatzis.
Hatzigeorgiou Χατζηγεωργίου Greek
Alternate transcription of Greek Χατζηγεωργίου (see Chatzigeorgiou).
Hatzis Greek
Hatzis is the modern form of the Greek khatzis 'a pilgrim to Jerusalem' (either Christian or Muslim), considered a high social distinction. The Greek term is Semitic in origin and is cognate with Arabic hajj 'pilgrimage (to Mecca).'
Hatzopoulos Χατζόπουλος Greek
Alternate transcription of Greek Χατζόπουλος (see Chatzopoulos).
Hrisomallídis Χρυσομαλλίδης Greek
Hrisomállis Χρυσομάλλης Greek
Iacovou Ιακώβου Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Ιακώβου (see Iakovou) chiefly used in Cyprus.
Iakovidis Ιακωβίδης Greek
Means "son of Iakovos".
Iakovou Ιακώβου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Iakovos".
Iatridis Ιατρίδης Greek
Derived from the Greek word ιατρός (iatros) meaning "doctor".
Iatrou Ιατρού Greek
Iliopoulos Ηλιόπουλος Greek
Means "son of Ilias".
Ioannides Ιωαννίδης Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Ioannidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Iraklidis Ηρακλίδης Greek (Rare)
Means "son of Herakles", it is also a modern form of the first name Herakleides.
Kafetzis Greek
Means "coffee shop owner" in Greek, derived from the Ottoman Turkish word قهوه‌جی‎ (kahveci), equivalent to Greek καφές (kafés) both meaning “coffee” and‎ the Greek suffix -τζής (-tzís), from Ottoman Turkish قهوه‎ (kahve) and Ottoman Turkish ـجی‎ (-ci) respectively... [more]
Kakousis Κακούσης Greek
Kallergis Greek
The surname is composed of the Greek words kalon (=beautiful) and ergon(from ergo "work, task, deed, accomplishment, or purpose")
Kalogeras Greek
From the Greek word καλόγερος (kalogeros), meaning monk.
Kalogeropoulos Καλογερόπουλος Greek
Means "son of the monk" in Greek, derived from Greek καλόγερος (kalógeros) "monk, friar".
Kalogiannis Καλογιάννης Greek
Kampos Κάμπος Greek
From Greek meaning "plain, lowlands".
Kamposos Κάμποςος Greek
Diminutive of Kampos.
Kanellopoulos Greek
Feminine version is Kanellopoulou
Kangelaris Greek
Etymologically it goes back to the Latin cancellarius, which means chief secretary or chancellor.
Kantakouzenos Greek
One of the noble Byzantine families, the surname is connected to the locality of Kouzenas, a name for the southern part of Mount Sipylus near Smyrna (Izmir).
Kapodistrias Greek
This surname is a greek version of Capo d'Istria
Karabatsos Καραμπάτσος, Καραπάτσος Greek
Uncommon Greek surname.
Karabourniotis Καραβουρνιώτης Greek (Rare)
Karagiannopoulos Καραγιαννοπουλος Greek
Karakalos Καράκαλος Greek
Karakatsanis Καρακατσάνης Greek
Variant of Sarakatsanis.
Karasevdas Καρασεβδάς Greek
Possibly from the Turkish word kara meaning "black, dark" and the given name Sevda literally meaning "passion, strong love" in Turkish.
Karatarakis Καραταράκης Greek
Karras Greek
Means "dark" in Greek. Feminine form is Karra.
Karvelas Καρβελάς Greek
Kasdaglis Κάσδαγλης Greek
Kastamonites Greek
Someone from Kastamoni (Kastamonu).
Katerinas Κατερίνας Greek
Katerinopoulos Greek
Descendant or son of Katerina.
Katopodis Greek
It cames only from the greek island lefkada, its by the word meaning is "Downfoot" nut actually it means The guy who run away
Katravas Κατραβάς Greek
Katsarakis Κατσαράκης Greek
Katsaridis Κατσαρίδης Greek
Katsaris Κατσαρής Greek
Katsias Κατσιας Greek
Katsika Κατσικά Greek
Katsouras Κατσούρας Greek
Variant of Katsaros.
Kazan Καζάν Greek
Reduced form of Kazandis which is an occupational surname for a maker of cauldrons or someone who uses a cauldron for the distillation of ouzo or raki... [more]
Kefalas Κεφαλάς Greek
Nickname for a big-headed or obstinate person, derived from Greek κεφάλι (kefali) meaning "head".
Khatzis Χατζις Greek
Kikidis Greek
(Greek background) not very common surname and comes from Greece
Kleanthous Κλεάνθους Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Κλεάνθους (see Cleanthous).
Koletis Κολέτης Greek
Kolettis Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Coletti. A significant person with that name was Ioannis Kolettis, prime minister of Greece.
Kolokotronis Κολοκοτρώνης Greek
Notable bearer of this name is ... [more]
Komnenos Greek
From the village Komne in Thrace. The surname of one of the imperial families of Byzantium.
Komninos Κομνηνός Greek
Konofagos Greek
Shortened form of the word, εικονοφάγος means 'icon eater'. Remnant of the iconoclastic years during the Byzantine empire.
Konstantinakos Greek
Probably meaning little or the son of Konstantinos.
Konstantinopolites Greek
Given to someone from Constantinople.
Konstantinou Κωνσταντινου Greek
From the given name Konstantinos.
Kontostephanos Greek
The surname means short (κοντός) Stefanos.
Kontrafouris Greek
A surname of Italian origin, from the Italian words 'contra' meaning against, and 'furo' meaning thief. Common in Greece and among the Greek diaspora.
Kornaros Greek
The Greek version of the surname Cornaro.
Kornili Κορνηλη Greek (Rare)
Kosmas Κοσμᾶς German, Greek
From the given name Kosmas.
Kostas Κώστας Greek
From the given name Kostas.
Kostis Κωστής Greek
From the given name Kostis.
Kostopoulos Κωστόπουλος Greek
Means "son of Kostas".
Kouknas Κούκνας Greek
Koukoudakis Κουκουδάκις Greek
Kourakos Κουράκος Greek
Kouri Κουρή Greek
Variant of Kouris.
Kouris Κουρής Greek
Topographic surname for someone who lived in a forest, ultimately from Turkish koru meaning "small forest, grove".
Kourkoulas Κουρκούλας Greek
Kourlitis κουρλίτης Greek (Modern)
Of unknown origin, bearing the locational suffix -tis, "of, from". Potentially related to κουρλί, "tendril of hair", kouros, "noble boy, youth", or a location such as Koursaroi.
Kritikos Κρητικός Greek
Means "Cretan" in Greek, from Κρήτη (Kriti) referring to the island of Crete.
Kurian Greek
Originated from the name Quriaqos (ܩܘܪܝܩܘܣ) or the Greek Kyrios or kurios (Ancient Greek: κύριος) meaning Lord, master, power or authority, and is very popular among Kerala Christians both as a first name and as a surname.
Kyprianou Κυπριανού Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Kyprianos".
Kyriacou Κυριάκου Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Kyriakou chiefly used in Cyprus.
Kyriakos Κυριάκος Greek
From the given name Kyriakos.
Kyriakou Κυριάκου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Kyriakos".
Kyvelos Κύβελος Greek
Lábrou Λάμπρου Greek
Láfis Λάφης Greek
Lagoudakis Λαγουδάκης Greek
Derived from the Greek word λαγουδάκι (lagoudáki), diminutive of λαγός (lagós) meaning "bunny".
Lakios Λακιος Greek
Lambros Λάμπρος Greek
Alternate transcription of Greek Λαμπρος (see Lampros), derived from Greek λαμπρός (lampros) meaning "bright, shining, brilliant"... [more]
Lambrou Λάμπρου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Lambros".
Lamprakis Λαμπράκις Greek
Langakis Λαγγάκης Greek
Laskaridis Λασκαρίδις Greek
Laskaris Greek
From ancient and medieval Greek laskaris, a kind of soldier, from Persian laeshkaer "army". This is the same word as Urdu lascar "sailor" and Arabic el-askari "the army", "the troops".
Lavrentis Greek
Derived from the Greek given name Lavrentis.
Lazaros Λάζαρος Greek
From the given name Lazaros.
Lazarou Λαζάρου Greek
Means "son of Lazaros".
Lazos Greek
Either from the short version of the name Lazaros or meaning the Laz, an ethnic group in Pontus related to the Georgians.
Lekkas Greek
Feminine form is Lekka
Leos Greek
From the personal name Leos, pet form of Leon.
Lerias Λερίας Greek
Levidis Λευιδης Greek
Means "son of Levi" in Greek.
Limnios Λημνιός Greek
From Greek λημνι (limni) meaning "lake".
Loizos Λοΐζος Greek
Greek variation of the name Louis.
Loizou Λοΐζου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Loizos".
Louganis Λουγκάνις Greek
Variant of Loukanis. A famous bearer is American former olympic diver Greg Louganis (1960-).
Louis Λούης Greek
Loukanis Λουκάνης Greek
Means "sausage" in Greek, nickname for a butcher or sausage maker.
Loukas Λουκάς Greek
From the given name Loukas.
Loundras Λούνδρας Greek
Loungitsas Λουγκιτσας Greek
Louridas Λουριδας Greek
Loverdos Λοβέρδος Greek
Lykaios Greek (Rare)
Derived from the Greek word "Lykos" meaning wolf.
Lykoudis Λυκούδης Greek
Lykoudis (Greek: Λυκούδης) is a Greek surname, derived from the Greek word for wolf (Greek: λύκος, lykos). It may also have been used for individuals from the village of Lykoudi in Greece.
Makriyannis Μακρυγιάννης Greek
Notable bearer of this name is General Yannis Makriyannis (1797-1864), was a Greek merchant, military officer, politician and author.
Malatestas Greek
Means "bad head" in Italian, from the Italian surname Malatesta, also found in Greece.
Malokinis Μαλοκίνης Greek
Mandrapilias Greek
This surname is found in Sparta, Greece.... [more]
Mangourakis Μαγγουρακις Greek
Manikas Greek
Occupational name for a maker of handles (e.g. of knives), from medieval Greek manikion "sleeve", "handle", from Latin manicae "sleeve, manacle".
Manolas Μανώλας Greek
Derived from the word "magnolia" denoting a flower named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.
Manos Greek
From the name Manos.
Manouilidis Μανουηλίδης Greek
Means "son of Manouil" in Greek.
Manousos Μανούσος Greek
Surname associated with the name Manouel in Crete. Another possible origin is a Hellenized version of the Venetian surname Manuzio.
Mantalos Μάνταλος Greek
From Greek μάνταλο (mantalo) "latch".
Marcou Μάρκου Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Μάρκου (see Markou).
Margaritis Μαργαρίτης Greek
From given name Margaritis.
Marioglou Μαριογλου Greek
Means "son of Marios" in Greek.
Markopoulos Μαρκόπουλος Greek
Means "son of Markos".
Markoras Greek
The Greek version of the Italian surname Marcoran.
Markos Μάρκος Greek
From the given name Markos.
Markou Μάρκου Greek
Means "son of Markos".
Marnezos Μαρνεζος Greek
Martinis Μαρτίνης Greek, Italian
Greek form of Martini. Also used in Italy.
Martinos Greek
Derived from the given name Martinos which is Martin in English.
Masalis Μασαλισ Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot surname, often used in rural parts of Cyprus. Died out in Greece, there are no more living people with it anymore.
Masouras Μασούρας Greek
Masouris Μασούρης Greek
Massara Italian, Greek
Either a feminine form of Massaro or from the equivalent occupational or status name in medieval Greek, (massaras meaning ‘peasant’ or ‘share cropper’) which is from the word massaria meaning ‘small farm’.
Matsouka Ματσούκα Greek (Cypriot)
Means "Bat" from Latin maxuca.
Matthaiou Ματθαίου Greek
Means "son of Matthaios".
Mattheou Ματθαίου Greek
Variant of Matthaiou.
Matthias German, Dutch, English, Welsh, Greek
German and Dutch: from the personal name Matthias (see Matthew).... [more]
Matthiou Ματθιου Greek
Means "son of Matthias".
Mavridis Μαυρίδης Greek
Means "son of Mavros.
Mavrikiou Μαυρικίου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of Mavrikios".
Mavris Greek
From the Greek word mavros (black).
Mavrogiannis Μαυρογιάννης Greek
Literally means "black Giannis", derived from Greek μαύρος (mavros) "black, Moorish" and Giannis.
Mavrokordatos Μαυροκορδάτος Greek
Means "black Kodratos".
Mavromichalis Μαυρομιχάλης Greek
Means "black Michalis (Michael)" in Greek. In Mani, it is said to derive from an orphan named Μιχάλης (Michalis). Because of the dark clothing worn during times of mourning, orphans were often called μαύρος (mavros) meaning "black".
Mavropanos Μαυροπάνος Greek
Literally means "black cloth", derived from Greek μαύρος (mavros) "black, Moorish" and πανί (pani) "cloth".
Mavros Μαύρος Greek
Means "black, dark" in Greek, originally used as a nickname for a person with a dark complexion.
Mazoukas Μαζουκας Greek
Megas Greek
It means great in Greek.
Melas Greek
Possibly from the names of several characters in Greek mythology, including a son of Poseidon who the Nile River was originally named after.
Melissenos Greek
Surname associated with the greek word melissa (μέλισσα), which means bee, perhaps a beekeeper.
Mentis Greek
From the ancient greek name Mentios.
Merkati Μερκάτης Greek
Merkouris Μερκούρης Greek
Possibly a Greek cognate of Italian Mercurio, which is ultimately derived from Latin Mercurius.
Michaelides Μιχαηλίδης Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Michailidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Michail Greek
A common last name in Greece. Probably from the Archangel Michael who appeared to the Virgin Mary with a lily.
Michailidis Μιχαηλίδης Greek
From the given name Michail.
Michalidis Μιχαλιδης Greek
Means "Son of Michael".
Michalopoulos Μιχαλόπουλος Greek
Means "son of Michail".
Micheletos Μιχελέτος Greek
Derived from the given name Michail.
Mikhailidis Μιχαηλίδης Greek
Mikhalopoulos Μιχαλωπουλος Greek
Mikos Polish, Hungarian, Greek
From a derivative of a personal name equivalent to Nicholas: Polish Mikolaj, Slovenian Miklavž, or Hungarian Miklós.... [more]
Miliotis Μηλιώτης Greek
Mires Greek
good, honest
Misirlou Greek
Misirlou (Μισιρλού), due to the suffix "ou", is the feminine form (in Greek) of Misirlis (Μισιρλής- a surname) which comes from the Turkish word Mısırlı, which is formed by combining Mısır ("Egypt" in Turkish, borrowed from Arabic مِصر‎ Miṣr) with the Turkish -lı suffix, literally meaning "Egyptian".
Mitropoulos Μητρόπουλος Greek
Means "son of Mitros".
Moises Μωυσης Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese, Greek, Jewish
From the given name Moisés.
Monomachos Greek
Meaning gladiator or 'the one that fights alone.' A surname of a Byzantine family from Nicomedia (Izmit).
Morakis Μωράκης Greek
Moralis Μόραλης Greek
Meaning unknown, possibly a Greek form of the Spanish surname Morales.
Morells Greek
One meaning/explanation of the surname Morells is it's an Americanization of the Greek name surname Mariolis.
Mouchtaris Μουχτάρης Greek
Greek form of Mukhtar, from Arabic mukhtar (مختار) meaning "the chosen".
Mouratis Μουρατις Greek
Possibly a patronymic from the Turkish given name Murat.
Mourouzis Greek
Belonged to an important Greek family of Pontic origin.