Surnames of Length 10

This is a list of surnames in which the length is 10.
Aaldenberg Dutch
Originally denoted a person who came from an uncertain place called Aaldenberg, meaning "old mountain".
Abatangelo Italian
From Italian abate meaning "abbot, priest" combined with the given name Angelo.
Achterberg Dutch, German
From the name of various places in the Netherlands and Germany, for example the village of achterberg in Utrecht. The place names are derived from Low German achter "behind" and berg "mountain, hill".
Achterkamp Dutch
From the name of various places in the Netherlands, derived from Low German achter "behind" and kamp "field".
Adriaansen Dutch
Means "son of Adriaan".
Akkersdijk Dutch
Originally denoted a person from the town of Akkersdijk, near Delft in the Netherlands. It means "field by the dyke" in Dutch.
Aldebrandi Italian
Means "son of Aldebrando", an Italian form of Aldebrand.
Alfredsson Swedish
Means "son of Alfred".
Al-Ghazzawi Arabic
Originally indicated a person who came from Gaza in Palestine.
Andreasson Swedish
Means "son of Andreas".
Andriessen Dutch
Means "son of Andries".
Anghelescu Romanian
Means "son of Anghel".
Annevelink Dutch
From Dutch aan 't veldink meaning "next to the little field".
Anselmetti Italian
Means "son of Anselmetto", a diminutive of Anselmo.
Ardiccioni Italian
Means "son of Ardiccione", a derivative of Ardito.
Armbruster German
Means "crossbow maker" from German armbrust "crossbow". The word armbrust was originally from Latin arcuballista meaning "bow ballista", but was modified under the influence of German arm "arm" and brust "breast".
Arntzenius Dutch
Latinate form of Arntzen.
Arrighetti Italian
Means "son of Arrighetto", a diminutive of the given name Arrigo.
Arthursson Swedish
Means "son of Arthur".
Astrauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Ostrowski.
Baldinotti Italian
Derived from the given name Baldinotto, from the Latin name Baldinoctus, a diminutive of Baldo.
Bartalotti Italian
Means "son of Bartalotto", a diminutive of Bartolo.
Bartolomei Italian
Derived from the given name Bartolomeo.
Bartolomeo Italian
Derived from the given name Bartolomeo.
Bassanelli Italian
Diminutive form of Bassani.
Bellandini Italian
Diminutive form of Bellandi.
Bencivenni Italian
Means "son of Bencivenne", from the medieval name Bencivenga, a Tuscan variant of Benvenuto.
Bengoetxea Basque
Means "the house furthest down" from Basque bengo "furthest down" and etxe "house".
Bennington English
From the English town name Benington, which can mean either "settlement belonging to Beonna's people" or "settlement by the River Beane".
Berlusconi Italian
Probably from the Milanese word berlusch meaning "cross-eyed, crooked".
Beyersdorf German
Means "farmers village", from German Bauer meaning "farmer" and Dorf meaning "village".
Bloodworth English
Originally indicated someone from the town of Blidworth in Nottinghamshire, which was derived from the Old English byname Blīþa (meaning "happy, blithe") combined with worð "enclosure".
Blumenthal German, Jewish
Derived from German Blumen "flowers" and Thal "valley".
Boatwright English
Occupational name meaning "maker of boats".
Bonaccorsi Italian
From the given name Bonaccorso.
Bonaccorso Italian
From the given name Bonaccorso.
Bondarenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian бондар (bondar) meaning "cooper, barrel maker".
Bourdillon French
Diminutive form of Borde.
Boyadzhiev Bulgarian
Patronymic from Bulgarian бояджия (boyadzhiya) meaning "dyer".
Brankovich Serbian
Alternate transcription of Serbian Бранковић (see Branković).
Breisacher German
Originally denoted one who came from the town of Breisach, in Germany. The town's name is possibly from a Celtic word meaning "breakwater".
Breitbarth German
From Old High German breit "broad" and bart "beard", originally a nickname for someone with a full beard.
Bulgarelli Italian
Diminutive of Bulgari.
Bunschoten Dutch
Originally indicated a person from the Dutch town of Bunschoten, which might mean "raised, enclosed land".
Buonarroti Italian
From the medieval Italian given name Buonarroto meaning "good increase". This was the surname of the Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo (1475-1564).
Calligaris Italian
From Late Latin caligarius meaning "shoemaker".
Caomhánach Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Kavanagh.
Carpentier French
French form of Carpenter.
Carstensen Danish
Means "son of Carsten".
Cartwright English
Occupational name indicating one who made carts.
Cavalcante Italian
Derived from Italian cavalcare "to ride".
Chancellor English
Occupational name for an administrator, a chancellor, from Norman French chancelier.
Chaykovsky Russian
Russian form of Chayka. A famous bearer was the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Chaykovsky (1840-1893), with the surname commonly Romanized as Tchaikovsky.
Christians English
Derived from the given name Christian.
Cisternino Italian
From the name of the town of Cisternino, near the city of Bari in southern Italy.
Confortola Italian
From the old Italian given name Conforto meaning "comfort".
Constantin Romanian
From the given name Constantin.
Costantini Italian
From the given name Costantino.
Cracchiolo Italian
Derived from Italian cracchiola, referring to a chicory-like vegetable.
Cunningham 1 Scottish
From the name of place in the Ayrshire district of Scotland. It possibly comes from Gaelic cuinneag meaning "milk pail".
Cunningham 2 Irish
From Irish Ó Cuinneagáin meaning "descendant of Cuinneagán", a diminutive of Conn.
Czajkowski Polish
Originally indicated a person from any of the Polish towns named Czajków, all derived from Polish czajka meaning "lapwing (bird)".
Danielsson Swedish
Means "son of Daniel".
De Filippis Italian
Means "son of Filippo".
Değirmenci Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "miller".
De la Fuente Spanish
Means "of the fountain" in Spanish.
Derrickson English
Means "son of Derrick".
Descoteaux French
Means "from the hillside", from French coteau "hillside".
Desjardins French
Means "from the gardens", from French jardin "garden".
Desrosiers French
Means "from the rose bushes", from French rosier "rose bush". It probably referred to a person who lived close to, or cared for a rose garden.
Diefenbach German
From a German place name meaning "deep creek".
Dubanowski Polish
Originally indicated a person from the town of Dubinowo (now Dubino in Belarus).
Dumbledore Literature
From the dialectal English word dumbledore meaning "bumblebee". It was used by J. K. Rowling for the headmaster of Hogwarts in her Harry Potter series of books, first released in 1997.
Dumitrescu Romanian
Means "son of Dumitru".
Echeverría Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Etxeberria, which itself is derived from Basque etxe "house" and berri "new".
El-Ghazzawy Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic الغزّاوي (see Al-Ghazzawi).
Fairclough English
From a place name meaning "fair ravine, fair cliff" in Old English.
Falkenrath German
Derived from Germanic falke "falcon" and rad "counsel".
Feigenbaum German, Jewish
Means "fig tree" in German.
Filipowski Polish
Either a patronymic from the given name Filip, or a habitational name denoting a person from the Polish town of Filipów (also derived from the given name).
Fitzgerald Irish
Means "son of Gerald" in Anglo-Norman French. It was brought to Ireland with William the Conqueror.
Flintstone Popular Culture
From the English words flint and stone, created by Hanna-Barbera Productions for the caveman family (Fred, Wilma and Pebbles) in their animated television show The Flintstones, which ran from 1960 to 1966.
Furnadjiev Bulgarian
Occupational name for a baker, derived from Bulgarian фурна (furna) meaning "oven".
Gabrielson English
Means "son of Gabriel".
Garfagnini Italian
Originally denoted one from the region of Garfagnana in Tuscany, Italy, near the historical city of Lucca.
Garrastazu Basque
From the Basque word arratz "bush" combined with the suffix sta denoting a place.
Gavrilović Serbian
Means "son of Gavrilo".
Gelashvili Georgian
Means "son of Gela".
Goldhirsch Jewish
Means "golden stag" in Yiddish.
Gottschalk German
Derived from the given name Gottschalk.
Grigorescu Romanian
Means "son of Grigore" in Romanian.
Guadarrama Spanish
Derived from the name of the town of Guadarrama near Madrid.
Gustafsson Swedish
Means "son of Gustaf". The actress Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was originally named Greta Gustafsson.
Gustavsson Swedish
Means "son of Gustav".
Haakonsson Norwegian
Means "son of Håkon".
Hämäläinen Finnish
Derived from the region in southern Finland known as Häme, also called Tavastia.
Haraldsson Swedish
Means "son of Harald".
Henningsen Danish
Means "son of Henning".
Henriksson Swedish
Means "son of Henrik".
Herbertson English
Means "son of Herbert".
Hermansson Swedish
Means "son of Herman".
Hildebrand German
From the given name Hildebrand.
Hilmarsson Icelandic
Means "son of Hilmar".
Hoedemaker Dutch
Occupational name for a hat maker, from Dutch hoed "hat" and maker "maker".
Hofmeister German
Means "master of the household", from Old High German hof "house, estate, courtyard" and meistar "master" (from Latin magister).
Holgersson Swedish
Means "son of Holger".
Holzknecht German
Occupational name for a forester's helper, from Old High German holz "wood" and kneht "servant, apprentice".
Houtkooper Dutch
Means "buyer of wood" in Dutch.
Hovanesian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Հովհաննիսյան (see Hovhannisyan).
Huddleston English
From the name of a town in the Yorkshire region of England, which means "Hudel's town" in Old English.
Hutchinson English
Means "son of Huchin", a medieval diminutive of Hugh.
Jankauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Janowski.
Jöllenbeck German
From the name of a village in western Germany, itself derived from the name of the Jölle, a small river, combined with Low German beck "stream".
Jovanovski Macedonian
Means "son of Jovan".
Kazlauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Kozłowski. This is the most common surname in Lithuania.
Kecskeméti Hungarian
Originally indicated a person who came from the Hungarian city of Kecskemét, derived from kecske meaning "goat".
Kędzierski Polish
From a nickname meaning "curly", describing a person with curly hair.
Kilpatrick Irish
From the Irish Mac Giolla Phádraig meaning "son of the servant of Saint Patrick".
Knochenmus German
From German Knochen "bone" and Mus "sauce". It probably referred to someone who worked in the butcher trade.
Königsmann German
Means "king's man", or someone who played a king in a play.
Kostelecký Czech
Originally denoted a person from a village named Kostelec, derived from Czech kostel meaning "church".
Kratochvil Czech
Derived from Czech kratochvíle meaning "pastime".
Kravchenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian кравець (kravets) meaning "tailor".
Kristensen Danish
Means "son of Kristen 1".
Lachapelle French
Means "the chapel" in French, most likely used to denote a person who lived by a church or a chapel.
Langenberg German, Dutch
From various place names meaning "long mountain" in German and Dutch.
Leonardson English
Means "son of Leonard".
Mac an Baird Scottish
Scottish form of Mac an Bhaird (see Ward 2).
Mac Branain Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Brannon.
MacCallion Scottish
Anglicized form of MacCailín.
MacCarrick Irish
Means "son of Cúcharraige" in Irish. The given name Cúcharraige is composed of "hound" and carraig "rock".
Mac Conmara Irish
Gaelic form of McNamara.
MacDougall Scottish
Means "son of Dougal" in Scottish.
Mac Eoghain Irish, Scottish
Means "son of Eoghan" in Gaelic.
Mac Síthigh Irish
Gaelic form of McSheehy.
MacWilliam Scottish
Means "son of William" in Gaelic.
Maisuradze Georgian
From Georgian მაისურა (maisura) meaning "shirt", an occupational name for one who made or sold them.
Malinowski Polish
From Polish malina meaning "raspberry", originally indicating a person who lived near a raspberry patch.
Mandelbaum Jewish
Means "almond tree" in German.
Marquering Dutch
Possibly a Dutch form of Marquardt.
Mårtensson Swedish
Means "son of Mårten".
Martinelli Italian
From a diminutive of the given name Martino.
Martinsson Swedish
Means "son of Martin".
Matevosian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Մաթեւոսյան (see Matevosyan).
Matevosyan Armenian
Means "son of Matevos".
Matsushita Japanese
From Japanese (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and (shita) meaning "under, below".
Matthewson English
Means "son of Matthew".
Matthiasen Danish
Means "son of Matthias".
McClelland Irish, Scottish
From Gaelic Mac Giolla Fhaoláin meaning "son of the servant of Faolán".
McElligott Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Uileagóid meaning "son of Uileagóid", a diminutive of Uilleag.
McGuinness Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mag Aonghuis meaning "son of Aonghus".
McKendrick Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Eanraig meaning "son of Henry".
McReynolds Scottish, Irish
Means "son of Reynold" in Gaelic.
Mehmedović Bosnian
Means "son of Mehmed".
Mendelsohn Jewish
Means "son of Mendel".
Michaelson English
Means "son of Michael".
Michelakis Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of Michail".
Michelakos Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of Michail".
Mihailović Serbian
Means "son of Mihailo".
Mihajlović Serbian
Means "son of Mihajlo".
Mihaljević Croatian
Means "son of Mihael".
Mikaelsson Swedish
Means "son of Mikael".
Montgomery English, Scottish
From a place name in Calvados, France meaning "Gumarich's mountain". A notable bearer was Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976), a British army commander during World War II.
Murgatroyd English
From a place name meaning "Margaret's clearing".
Napoletani Italian
Originally indicated a person from Naples in Italy.
Napoliello Italian
Originally indicated a person from Naples in Italy.
Nascimbeni Italian
From the medieval given name Nascimbene, typical of the Venetian region.
Nazaretian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Նազարեթյան (see Nazaretyan).
Nazaretyan Armenian
Means "son of Nazaret".
Nikolajsen Danish
Means "son of Nikolaj".
Nowakowski Polish
Habitational name for a person from various towns called Nowakowo or similar, derived from Polish nowy meaning "new".
Ó Buachalla Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Buckley 2.
Ó Caoimháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Cavan.
Ó Cathaláin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Callan.
Ó Ceallaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Kelly 1.
Ó Doibhilin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Devlin.
Ó Domhnaill Irish
Irish Gaelic form of O'Donnell.
Ó Fearghail Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Farrell.
Ó Foghladha Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Foley.
O'Hannagain Irish
From Irish Ó hAnnagáin, which means "descendant of Annagán". The given name Annagán was a diminutive of Annadh meaning "delay".
Ó hAnnagáin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of O'Hannagain.
Ó hAonghuis Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Hennessy.
Ó Laoghaire Irish
Irish Gaelic form of O'Leary.
Oliversson Swedish
Means "son of Oliver".
Ó Loingsigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Lynch.
Ó Madaidhín Irish
Means "descendant of Madaihín", a given name derived from Irish madadh meaning "dog, mastiff".
Ó Manacháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Monahan.
Ó Maoil Eoin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Malone.
Ó Maolagáin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Milligan.
Ó Maol Aodha Irish
Means "descendant of a follower of Saint Aodh". It is derived from Irish maol meaning "follower, servant".
Ó Murchadha Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Murphy.
Ó Scolaidhe Irish
Means "descendant of the scholar" from Irish scholaidhe.
Ó Sirideáin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Sheridan.
Ó Treasaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Tracey 2.
Patrickson English
Means "son of Patrick".
Patriksson Swedish
Means "son of Patrik".
Paulauskas Lithuanian
From the given name Paulius.
Peerenboom Dutch
From Dutch meaning "pear tree", referring to someone who lived or worked at a pear orchard.
Pellegrino Italian
Means "pilgrim, traveller" in Italian, ultimately from Latin peregrinus.
Pettersson Swedish
Means "son of Petter".
Piccirillo Italian
From Neapolitan piccerillo meaning "small, young".
Piotrowski Polish
Habitational name for a person from towns named Piotrów, Piotrowo or Piotrowice, all derived from the given name Piotr.
Poindexter English
From the Jèrriais surname Poingdestre meaning "right fist".
Pontecorvo Italian, Jewish
From the name of a town in central Italy, home to an old Jewish community. The town's name is derived from Italian ponte "bridge" and curvo "curved".
Portoghese Italian
Means "Portuguese" in Italian.
Prosdocimi Italian
From the given name Prosdocimo, Italian form of Prosdocimus.
Provenzano Italian
Variant of Provenza typical of southern Italy, namely Sicily and Calabria.
Rademacher Low German
Low German cognate of Rademaker.
Regenbogen German, Jewish
From a German nickname meaning "rainbow".
Richardson English
Means "son of Richard".
Robertsson Swedish
Means "son of Robert".
Robustelli Italian
From a nickname for a strong person, from Italian robusto "strong", from Latin robustus "firm, solid, oaken".
Romeijnsen Dutch
Means "son of Romein" in Dutch.
Rothenberg German, Jewish
From Middle High German rot meaning "red" and berg meaning "mountain". As a Jewish name it may be ornamental.
Rothschild Jewish
From Middle High German rot "red" and schilt "shield", or Yiddish רויט (roit) and שילד (shild). The famous Rothschild family of bankers took their name from a house with a red shield on it.
Rutherford Scottish
From the name of places in southern Scotland and northern England, derived from Old English hryðer meaning "cattle, ox" and ford meaning "ford, river crossing".
Samuelsson Swedish
Means "son of Samuel".
San Nicolás Spanish
Indicated the original bearer was from a place named after Saint Nicholas.
Sappington English
Possibly from the city of Sapperton, England, derived from Old English sapere meaning "soap maker" and tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town".
Sarkissian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Սարգսյան (see Sargsyan).
Sauveterre French
From the name of various towns in France, derived from French sauve "safe" and terre "land".
Scheinberg Jewish
Ornamental name meaning "beautiful mountain" from old German schön "beautiful" and berg "mountain".
Schuchardt German
From Middle High German schuochwürte meaning "shoemaker, cobbler".
Schüttmann German
Means "watchman, guard" from Middle High German schützen "to protect".
Schweitzer German
Indicated a person from Switzerland (see Schweiz).
Sebastiani Italian
From the given name Sebastiano.
Shevchenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian швець (shvets) meaning "shoemaker".
Ślusarczyk Polish
Diminutive form of Ślusarski.