Macedonian Submitted Surnames

Macedonian names are used in the country of North Macedonia in southeastern Europe.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANDOV Андов Macedonian
Means "son of ANDE".
ANGELEVSKI Ангелевски Macedonian
Son of Angele
BADZAKOV Баджаков Bulgarian, Macedonian
Patronymic name derived from the Turkish word "bacak" which means "leg".
BOŽINOV Божинов Macedonian
DAVIDOVSKI Давидовски Macedonian
Means "son of DAVID".
DIMITROVSKI Димитровски Macedonian
Means “son of DIMITAR” or “son of DIMITRIJ” in Macedonian.
DIMOVSKI Димовски Macedonian
EFREMOV Ефремов Russian, Macedonian
Means "son of EFREM".
GALEVSKI Галевски Macedonian
Son of Gale
GEORGIEVSKI Георгиевски Macedonian
Means "son of GEORGI".
GROZDANOVA Грозданова Bulgarian, Macedonian
Feminine form of Grozdanov, which means "son of GROZDAN".
GRUEVSKI Груевски Macedonian
HALILI Халили Albanian, Macedonian
From the given name HALIL.
ILIEVSKI Илиевски Macedonian
Means "son of ILIYA".
IVANOSKI Macedonian, Croatian (Rare)
Derived from the forename IVAN.
JANEV Јанев Macedonian
Cognate of YANEV.
JORDANOV Јорданов Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of JORDAN" in Macedonian, while it is also a Bulgarian variant transcription of YORDANOV.
JUSUFI Јусуфи Albanian, Macedonian
Derived from the given name JUSUF.
KITANOVSKI Китановски Macedonian
KOSTADINOV Костадинов Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of KOSTADIN".
KOSTADINOVSKI Костадиновски Macedonian
Means "son of KOSTADIN".
KOSTOV Костов Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of KOSTA".
KOSTOVSKI Костовски Macedonian
Means "son of KOSTA".
LAZAREVSKI Лазаревски Macedonian
Means "son of LAZAR".
MATOVSKI Macedonian
Means "son of MATO".
MIHAJLOVSKI Михајловски Macedonian
Means "son of MIHAIL".
MILAN Милан Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From the given name MILAN, a derivative of names such as BOHUMIL and MILOSLAV, containing the Slavic elements mil or milu meaning ‘grace, favor, dear’.
MITREVSKI Митревски Macedonian
Means "son of MITRE".
MLADENOVSKA Младеновска Macedonian
Feminine counterpart of MLADENOVSKI.
PENOV Пенов Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of PENKO".
PETKOV Петков Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means “son of PETKO” in Bulgarian and Macedonian.
PETREVSKI Петревски Macedonian
Means "son of PETAR".
REDŽEPOVSKI Реџеповски Macedonian
Means "son of REDŽEP".
RISTESKI Ристески Macedonian
Son of Riste
RISTEVSKI Ристевски Macedonian
Means "son of RISTO".
SOBRANIE Macedonian (Rare)
Sobranie means "Parliament" in Macedonian.
SPASOV Спасов Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of SPAS".
ŠUTOVIĆ Шутовић Macedonian
Comes from place named Šutovo in Macedonia.
TRAJANOVSKI Трајановски Macedonian
Means "son of Trajan".
TRAJKOVSKA Трајковска Macedonian
Feminine form of TRAJKOVSKI.
VALENTIN Валентин French, Italian, Romanian, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Jewish
From the given name VALENTIN. It was sometimes adopted as a personal name by Jews.
VALENTINA Валентина Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
Feminine form of VALENTIN.
VELKOSKI Велкоски Macedonian
ZORANOVSKI Зорановски Macedonian
Son of Zoran
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