Surnames Starting with R

Rybář Czech
Means "fisher" in Czech, from ryba meaning "fish".
Ryder English
Occupational name for a mounted warrior, from Old English ridere meaning "rider".
Rye English
Topographic name. It could be a misdivision of the Middle English phrases atter ye meaning "at the island" or atter eye meaning "at the river". In some cases it merely indicated a person who lived where rye was grown or worked with rye (from Old English ryge).
Ryer German (Anglicized)
Possibly an Americanized form of Reiher.
Ryland English
From various English place names, derived from Old English ryge "rye" and land "land".
Ryley English
Variant of Riley 1.
Ryskamp Dutch
Meaning unknown, probably ending with Dutch kamp meaning "camp".