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DAALMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAALMANS     Dutch
Originally indicated a person from Daal or Dalen, which is a small town in the province of Drente in the Netherlands.
DABNEY     English
Variant of ABNEY.
DA COSTA     Portuguese
Variant of COSTA.
DAELMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAELMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAHL     Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
From Middle Low German dal or Old Norse dalr both meaning "valley". A famous of this surname was author Roald Dahl (1916-1990) who is mostly remembered for children's stories such as 'Matilda' and 'Henry Sugar'.
DAHLMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAHLMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DALCA     Romanian
From Romanian dalca meaning "lightning".
DALEY     Irish
Variant of DALY.
DALGAARD     Scandinavian
From the Old Norse words dal meaning "valley" and gaard meaning "yard or farmstead".
DALI     Hungarian
Derived from the word daliás meaning "imposing, virile" in Hungarian.
DALTON     English
Derived from a place name which meant "valley town" in Old English. A notable bearer of the surname was the English chemist and physicist John Dalton (1766-1844).
DALY     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Dálaigh meaning "descendant of DÁLACH". The name has roots in County Cork.
DAM     Danish
This means "pond" in Danish.
D'AMBROSIO     Italian
From the given name AMBROGIO or the old form AMBROSIO.
DAMIANI     Italian
Derived from the given name DAMIANO.
D'AMORE     Italian
Means "of love", perhaps a nickname for an illegitimate child.
DAMYANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DAMYAN".
DANAILOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DANAIL".
DANCHEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Dancho", Dancho being a diminutive of either DANIEL or YORDAN.
DANE (1)     English
Variant of DEAN (1) or DEAN (2).
DANE (2)     English
Originally denoted a Dane, that is a person from Denmark.
DANELL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
D'ANGELO     Italian
Means "son of ANGELO".
DANIAU     French
French variant of DANIEL.
DANIEL     English
Derived from the given name DANIEL.
DANIELL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DANIELOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DANIEL".
DANIELS     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DANIELSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of DANIEL".
DANIELSON     English
Means "son of DANIEL".
DANIELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of DANIEL".
DANNEL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DANNIEL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DANNIELL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
D'ANTONIO     Italian
Means "son of ANTONIO".
D'ARAMITZ     French
Originally denoted one who came from Aramits, a town in the French Pyrenees Mountains named for the abbey it grew around.
DARBINIAN     Armenian
Means "son of the blacksmith".
DARBY     English
From the name of the town Derby meaning "deer farm" in Old Norse.
DARRELL     English
Derived from Norman French d'Airelle, originally denoting one who came from Airelle in France.
DARROW     Scottish
Habitational name from Darroch near Falkirk, in Stirlingshire, said to be named from Gaelic darach "oak tree".
DARWIN     English
From the given name DEORWINE.
DARZI     Persian
Means "tailor" in Persian.
DAS     Bengali, Indian, Assamese, Odia, Hindi, Marathi
Means "servant, devotee" in Sanskrit.
DASKALOV     Bulgarian
Patronymic name from daskal "teacher".
DAUBE     Dutch
From a nickname meaning meaning "dove".
DAUBNEY     English
Variant of ABNEY.
DAUGHERTY     English
Of Norman origin meaning "from Hauterive", a place name derived from Old French haute rive "high bank".
DAVIAU     French
Derived from the given name Davy, a vernacular form of DAVID.
DAVID     English, French, Scottish, Jewish, Czech
From the given name DAVID.
DAVIDOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIDSEN     Danish
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIDSON     English
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIDYAN     Armenian
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIES     English, Welsh
Variant of DAVIS.
DAVIN     Irish
Variant of DEVIN (1).
DAVIS     English, Scottish
Means "son of DAVID". This was the surname of the revolutionary jazz trumpet player Miles Davis (1926-1991).
DAVISON     English
Means "son of DAVID".
DAWSON     English
Means "son of DAW".
DAY     English
From a diminutive name derived from DAVID.
D'CRUZ     Portuguese, Spanish
Originated in 17th-century Spain and means "of the cross" in Spanish and Portuguese.
D'CRUZE     Portuguese, Spanish
Variation of D'CRUZ.
DEADMAN     English
Trade name for a grave digger.
DEAN (1)     English
Derived from Middle English dene meaning "valley".
DEAN (2)     English
Occupational surname meaning "dean", referring to a person who either was a dean or worked for one. It is from Middle English deen (ultimately from Latin decanus meaning "chief of ten").
DE ANGELIS     Italian
Variant of D'ANGELO.
Irish Gaelic form of DESMOND.
DEASÚN     Irish
Irish variant of DESMOND.
DE CAMPO     Italian
Locative surname derived from place names called Campo.
DE CLOET     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
DEDRICK     English
Derived from the given name Dederick, an older form of DEREK.
DEERING     English
From the Old English given name Deora meaning "dear, beloved".
DE FELICE     Italian
Means "son of FELICE".
DE FILIPPIS     Italian
Means "son of FILIPPO".
DE FIORE     Italian
Variant of FIORE.
DEFOREST     French
Means "from the forest" in French.
DEGARMO     French
Americanized form of French de Garmeaux, which may derive from a place called Garmeaux in Normandy.
DEĞIRMENCI     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "miller".
DE GROOT     Dutch
Dutch surname meaning "the big" or "the grand".
DE HAVEN     Dutch
From the Middle Dutch word haven signifying a "harbour". The de element is a Dutch definite article, so it may literally be translated "the harbour".
DE JONKER     Dutch
Variant of JONKER.
DE KLERK     Dutch
From the occupation of klerk, which is Dutch for "clerk" (see CLARK).
DE KLOET     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
DELACROIX     French
Means "of the cross" in French. It denoted one who lived near a cross symbol, or near a crossroads.
DE LA CRUZ     Spanish
Means "of the cross", see CROSS.
French form of DE LA FUENTE.
DE LA FUENTE     Spanish
Means "of the fountain" in Spanish.
DELANEY (1)     English
Derived from Norman French de l'aunaie meaning "from the alder grove".
DELANEY (2)     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Dubhshláine meaning "descendant of DUBHSHLÁINE".
DELANY     Irish
Variant of DELANEY (2).
DE LAURENTIS     Italian
Means "son of Laurentius (LORENZO)".
DEL BOSQUE     Spanish
Means "of the forest".
DE LEON     Spanish
Referred to someone from the Leon region of Spain.
DELGADO     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "thin" in Spanish and Portuguese.
DEL OLMO     Spanish
Means "from the elm tree" from Spanish olmo "elm tree".
DE LUCA     Italian
Patronymic surname derived from the given name LUCA (1).
Variant of DIMITRIOU.
DEMIR     Turkish
Means "iron" in Turkish.
DEMIRCI     Turkish
Means "blacksmith" in Turkish.
DEMPSEY     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Díomasaigh meaning "descendant of Díomasach", a given name meaning "proud".
DENIAU     French
French variant of DANIEL.
DENIAUD     French
French variant of DANIEL.
DENIEL     French
French variant of DANIEL.
DENIS     French
From the given name DENIS.
DENMAN     English
Variant of DEADMAN.
DENNEL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DENNELL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
DENZEL     German
Variant of TANZER.
DENZIL     English
From the place name Denzell, a manor in Cornwall, which is of unknown meaning.
DE PALMA     Italian
Means "from the palm tree".
DERBY     English
Variant of DARBY.
DE REGE     Italian
From a nickname re that is "king".
DERICHS     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DERMOTT     Irish
Variant of MCDERMOTT.
DERRICK     English, German
Derived from the given name Derrick, which is a form of DEREK. A famous bearer of this surname is the character of Stephan Derrick (played by Horst Tappert), the lead character in the German series 'Derrick'.
DERRICKS     English
Derived from the given name DERRICK.
DERRICKSON     English
Means "son of DERRICK".
DE SANTIS     Italian
From the old Latin given name Sanctus (see the Italian given name SANTO). Quite a few Italian names end in s - it could be a trace of the Latin ablative case.
Old form of SAUVETERRE.
DESCHAMPS     French
Means "from the fields", from French champ "hill".
Means "from the hills" from French coteau "hill".
Means "from the gardens", from French jardin "garden".
DESMOND     Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Deasmhumhain meaning "South Munster", originally indicating a person who came from that region in Ireland.
Variant of SNYDER.
DE SNAIJER     Dutch
Variant of SNYDER.
Means "of the rocks", from French rocher "boulder, rock".
Means "of the rose bushes", from French rosier "rose bush". The name probably referred to a person who lived close to, or cared for a rose garden.
DE VEEN     Dutch
Variant of VAN DER VEEN.
DE VEN     Dutch
Variant of VAN DER VEEN.
DEVEREUX     English
Indicated a person originally from Evreux in France.
DEVIN (1)     Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic surnames Ó DAMHÁIN or Ó DUBHÁIN.
DEVIN (2)     English
Nickname for a person who acted divinely, from Old French devin "divine", ultimately from Latin.
DEVINE (1)     Irish
Variant of DEVIN (1).
DEVINE (2)     English
Variant of DEVIN (2).
DE VITIS     Italian
Means "son of VITO", a Latinized form.
DEVLIN     Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Doibhilin meaning "descendant of Doibhilin", a given name which may be derived from the Gaelic term dobhail meaning "unlucky".
DE VRIES     Frisian
Means "the Frisian" or "the Fries", referring to a person from Friesland.
DE VROOM     Dutch, Flemish
Variant of VROOM.
DE VROOME     Dutch
Variant of VROOM.
DE WIT     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITH     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITT     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITTE     Dutch
Means "the white" in Dutch, a nickname for a person with white hair.
DEXTER     English
Occupational name meaning "dyer" in Old English (once referred only to female dyers).
DI ANTONIO     Italian
Variant of D'ANTONIO.
DÍAZ     Spanish
Means "son of DIEGO" in Spanish.
DIBRA     Albanian
From the Albanian name for the city of Debar in Macedonia, most likely given to someone who came from there.
DI CAPRIO     Italian
From the name of the island of Capri near Naples.
DICK     English
From the given name DICK (1).
DICKENS     English
From the medieval given name Dicun, a medieval diminutive of DICK (1). A famous bearer of this surname is the English writer Charles Dickens (1812-1870).
DICKENSON     English
Variant of DICKINSON.
DICKINSON     English
Means "son of Dicun", Dicun being a medieval diminutive of DICK (1). American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) was a famous bearer.
DICKMAN     English
From Old English diche "ditch" combined with man "man". It was originally a name for a ditch digger or someone who lived near a ditch.
DICKSON     English
Means "son of DICK (1)".
From an old German place name which meant "deep creek".
DIERICKX     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIETER     German
Derived from the given name DIETER.
DIETRICH     German
Derived from the given name DIETRICH.
DIJKSTRA     Frisian
Means from the dyke or near the dyke, from Frisian dijk.
DI MERCURIO     Italian
Means "son of Mercurio", a given name derived from the name of the god MERCURY.
Patronymic of DIMITRIS.
DIMITROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DIMITAR".
DIMOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Dimo", Dimo being a diminutive of DIMITAR.
DINAPOLI     Italian
Means "from Naples" in Italian.
DIOLI     Italian
From the given masculine name ANDREA (1).
DI PASQUA     Italian
Means "of Easter" in Italian.
DI PIETRO     Italian
Means "son of PIETRO" in Italian.
DIRCHS     Dutch (Rare)
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRCKS     Dutch
Means "son of DIRK".
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRCKX     Dutch
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRIX     Dutch
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRKS     Dutch, German
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRKSE     Dutch
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRKSEN     Dutch, German
Means "son of DIRK".
DIRKX     Dutch
Means "son of DIRK".
DISNEY     English
Anglicized form of D'Isigny meaning "one who is from the canton of Isigny" located in France.
DI STEFANO     Italian
Means "son of STEFANO".
DITTMAR     German
Derived from a given name of the elements theud meaning "people" or "race" and mari or meri meaning "famous".
DIXON     English
Means "DICK (1)'s son".
DOBOS     Hungarian
Derived from dob meaning "drum" in Hungarian. Originally the name was given to someone who played drums or made them.
DOBREV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Dobri", Dobri being a diminutive of DOBROMIL, DOBROSŁAW or other names beginning with dobr-.
DOCTOR     Danish
Originally denoted someone who was a doctor, ultimately from Latin doctor meaning "teacher".
DOHERTY     Irish
From the Irish Ó Dochartaigh meaning "descendant of Dochartach". The byname Dochartach means "obstructive".
DOHMAN     German
Derived from a diminutive of the given name THOMAS.
DOLAN     Irish
From the Irish Ó Dubhshláin meaning "descendant of DUBHSHLÁINE".
DOLEŽAL     Czech, Slovak
Derived from the past participle of the verb doležit "to lie down".
DOMINGUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of DOMINGO".
DONAGHUE     Irish, Scottish
Variant of DONOGHUE.
DONALDS     English
Derived from the given name DONALD.
DONALDSON     English
Means "son of DONALD".
DONATI     Italian
From the given name DONATO.
DONNE     Scottish, Irish
From Gaelic donn meaning "brown", a nickname for a person with brown hair.
DONNELL     Irish
Variant of O'DONNELL.
DONNELLY     Irish
From Irish Ó Donnghaile meaning "descendant of Donnghal". The given name Donnghal means "brown valour", from donn "brown" and gal "valour". This surname is associated with the descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages.
D'ONOFRIO     Italian
Means "son of Onofrio".
DONOGHUE     Irish
From Irish Ó Donnchadha meaning "descendant of DONNCHADH".
DONOHOE     Irish
Variant of DONOGHUE.
DONOHUE     Irish
Variant of DONOGHUE.
DONOVAN     Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Donndubháin meaning "descendant of DONNDUBHÁN".
DORAN     Irish
From Irish Ó Deoráin meaning "descendant of Deoradhán", where Deoradhán is a given name meaning "exile, wanderer".
DORSEY     English
Means "from Orsay" in Norman French. Orsay is a town near Paris, its name deriving from the Latin personal name Orcius.
DOUBEK     Czech
Means "a small oak" from Slavic dub "oak".
Variant of DOHERTY.
DOUGLAS     Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Dubhghlas, which meant "dark river" from dubh "dark" and glais "water, river". This is the name of a river near Glasgow.
DOUGLASS     Scottish
Variant of DOUGLAS.
DOWNER     English
Name for someone who lived on or near a down, which is an old word for a hill.
DOYLE     Irish
From the Irish Ó Dubhghaill, which means "descendant of DUBHGHALL". A famous bearer was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), the author of the Sherlock Holmes mystery stories.
DRAGANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DRAGAN".
DRAGIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Patronymic from any of the given names starting with Drag-.
DRAGO     Italian
From a nickname meaning "dragon".
DRAGOMIROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DRAGOMIR".
DRAGOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DRAGO".
DRAGOVIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of DRAGO".
DRAKE     English
Derived from the Old Norse given name Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning "dragon".
DRAPER     English
Occupational name for a maker or seller of woolen cloth, from Anglo-Norman French draper (Old French drapier, an agent derivative of drap "cloth").
DRECHSLER     German
Variant of DRESSLER.
DREES     Dutch
Variant of DRIES.
DREESE     Dutch
Variant of DRIES.
DREESEN     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREESENS     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREESSEN     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREHER     German
Means "a turner" from Middle High German dræhen "to turn". A turner was a person who worked on a lathe and created small objects from wood or bone used for decoration.
DRESCHNER     German
Derived from Middle High German dreschen "to thresh, to separate the grains from a cereal plant".
DRESDNER     German
Means "a person from Dresden" in German.
DRESSLER     German
Means "a turner" from Middle High German dreseler. A turner was a person who worked on a lathe and created small objects from wood or bone used for decoration.
DREYER     Dutch
Means "turner" in Dutch, an occupational name for one who turned wood to create things like ornate chair legs.
DRIES     Dutch
From the Dutch given name Dries, which comes from ANDREAS.
DRIESSEN     Dutch
Means "son of Dries", Dries being a Dutch form of ANDREAS.
DRISCOLL     Irish
From Irish Ó hEidirsceóil meaning "descendant of the messenger".
DROIT     French
Means "right, straight" in French, a nickname for an upright person.
DRUMMOND     Scottish
From a place name meaning "ridge" in Gaelic.
DU     Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "stop, prevent".
DUANE     Irish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó DUBHÁIN.
DUARTE     Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name DUARTE.
Originally indicated a person from Dubanowo, Poland.
DUBHGHLAS     Scottish
Gaelic form of DOUGLAS.
DUBICKI     Polish
Means "a person from Dubica, Poland".
DUBOIS     French
Means "from the forest", from French bois "forest".
DUCHAMPS     French
Means "from the fields, countryside", from French champs.
DUDLEY     English
From a place name meaning "DUDDA's clearing" in Old English. The surname was borne by a British noble family.
DUERR     German
Variant spelling of DÜRR.
DUFF     Scottish
Derived from Gaelic dubh meaning "dark".
DUFFY (1)     Irish
Derived from Irish Ó Dubhthaigh meaning "descendant of DUBHTHACH". Their original homeland was Monaghan where the surname is still the most common; they are also from Donegal and Roscommon.
DUFFY (2)     Scottish, Irish
Anglicized form of MAC DUIBHSHÍTHE.
DUFORT     French
Means "of the fort".
DUFOUR     French
Means "of the oven".
DUGUAY     French
Derived from the place name Dugay.
DUKE     English
From the noble title, which was originally from Latin dux "leader". It was an occupational surname for a person who behaved like a duke, or who worked in a duke's household.
DUKES     English
Patronymic form of DUKE.
DUMITRESCU     Romanian
Means "son of DUMITRU".
DUMITRU     Romanian
Derived from the given name DUMITRU.
DUNAI     Hungarian
From Duna, the Hungarian name for river Danube.
DUNAJSKI     Polish
Derived from Dunaj, the Polish name for the river Danube.
DUNBAR     Scottish
Means "castle headland" and comes from the old barony of Dunbar, now in East Lothian in Scotland. The place name Dunbar itself comes from the Gaelic dun meaning "fort" and barr meaning "summit". The town of Dunbar, at the mouth of the Frith of Forth, Scotland, is so called from its situation on a rock which projects into the sea.
DUNCAN     Scottish
From the given name DUNCAN.
DUNCANSON     Scottish
Means "son of DUNCAN".
DUNKLE     German
Means "dark" in German.
DUNN     English, Scottish, Irish
Derived from Old English dunn "dark" or Gaelic donn "brown", referring to hair colour or complexion.
DUNST     German
Derived from Middle High German dunst "haze".
DUPOND     French
Variant of DUPONT.
DUPONT     French
Means "from the bridge" in French.
DURAND (1)     Hungarian
Americanized form of Hungarian DURÁNDI.
DURAND (2)     English, French
Variation of DURANT.
DURÁNDI     Hungarian
From a place called Duránd, in the former Szepes county.
DURANT     French, English
From the nickname Durandus meaning "enduring".
DURANTE     Spanish, Italian
From the given name DURANTE, or from a nickname for a stubborn person.
DURNIN     Irish
From Irish Ó Doirnáin meaning "descendant of Doirnín", a given name meaning "little fist".
DÜRR     German
Derived from Middle High German dürre "thin".
DUŠEK     Czech
Derived from the name Dušek, a diminutive of DUŠAN, or other names beginning with duš "soul".
DUSTIN     English
From the Old Norse given name ÞÓRSTEINN.
DUVAL     French
Means "from the valley" in French. The original name was spelled Du Val (two words).
DVORAK     Czech
Occupational name for a person who either owned a manor, or worked on one. It is derived from the Czech word dvur "manor".
Means "dweller at the dwarf-house" from Middle English dwerugh or Old English dweorh, "a dwarf", and Middle English hous or Old English hus.
DWIGHT     English
From the medieval feminine name Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia, the feminine form of DIONYSIUS.
DYER     English
Means "one who dyes", as in a cloth dyer.
DYKSTRA     Dutch
Means "dyke" or "ditch". The name was given to a resident living near a dyke or embankment.
DYSON     English
Means "son of DYE".
DZIEDZIC     Polish
Derived from Polish dziedzic "landowner".
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