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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
RAAB     German
Derived from German rabe "raven". As a surname, it was given to a person with black hair.
RAABE     German
Cognate of Rabe.
RAAD     Dutch
Metonymic occupational name for an adviser, counselor, or member of a town council, from raad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’.
RAASCH     German
Variant of Rasch.
RAAT     Dutch
''Somebody who gives good advice'', ''counsel'' Raad = advice.... [more]
A family name first registered in the form Radikain in the 16th or 17th century. Derives from the German man's name Konrad which in Finland was shortened to Radi.
RABE     German
German surname meaning "raven, crow".
Habitational name from any of numerous places called Rabenstein.
RABINOVICH     Yiddish, Jewish, Russian
Ashkenazi Jewish surname meaning "son of the rabbi", referring to a Jewish teacher of the Torah.
Polish Jewish name meaning son of rabbi from the root rabi meaning "rabbi" combined with the Polish patronymic suffix -owicz "son of"
RABINSKI     Polish
Variant of Rybinski.
RABINSKY     Jewish
From the root rabi "rabbi" combined with the Polish suffix -ski
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Rabsztyn.
RĂCEANU     Romanian
Designates someone from Răciu, a commune in Mureş County, Romania.
RACHEL     English, German
From the English female given name RACHEL or derived from German rau "rough".
RACHLYN     Jewish (Rare), Polish (Rare), Brazilian (Rare)
Rachlyn is a Jewish surname derived directly from polish "Rachman". This surname is very rare and apparently only few members in Brazil, descendants of Polish survivors of Holocaust.... [more]
RACHMAN     Ukrainian, Jewish
Rachman is an old Jewish name which means "Merciful" in Hebrew.... [more]
RACKHAM     English
Means "person from Rackham", Sussex ("homestead or enclosure with ricks"). This surname was borne by British watercolourist and book illustrator Arthur Rackham (1867-1939).
RACKLIFFE     English
Variant of Ratcliff.
RAD     Ancient Persian
Meanings: "Honest", "Bounteous"
RADE     Arabic
RADER     German
Variation of Rademacher, meaning "maker of wheels" in German ("rat" meaning wheel), later shortened to Rader and other variations such as Redder, Raeder, Redler, etc.
RADFORD     English
Habitational name from any of the various places so named, for example in Devon, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, and Hereford and Worcester. Most are named from Old English read "red" + ford "ford", but it is possible that in some cases the first element may be a derivative of Old English ridan "to ride", with the meaning "ford that can be crossed on horseback".
RADHAKRISHNAN     Indian, Tamil, Malayalam
Derived from Sanskrit राधा कृष्ण (rādhā-kṛṣṇa), a combination of Radha and Krishna. In Hinduism, this is the combination of both feminine and masculine aspects of God.
RADINOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Radin".
RADLOFF     Low German
North German: From the Old Norse Radulf.... [more]
RADMILOVIĆ     Serbian
Derived from the given name Radmilo.
RADNICE     Czech
This indicates familial origin within the Bohemian town of the same name.
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish village of Radolin.
RADU     Romanian
From the given name RADU.
RĂDUCAN     Romanian
Means "son of Radu".
RAE     Scottish
reduced form of McRae
Altered spelling of Ravensburger or Ravensberger, a habitational name for someone from Ravensburg in Württemberg, but there are a number of similar surnames, for example Raffenberg, a farm name near Hamm, and Raffsberger.
RAFTERY     Irish
Corrupted version of "Rafferty"
RAGATZ     German (Swiss)
Habitational name from Ragaz in Grison canton.
RAGONESI     Italian
Meaning: People Of Aragon
RAGSDALE     English
Apparently an English habitational name from Ragdale in Leicestershire, which is probably named from Old English hraca "gully", "narrow pass" + dæl "valley", "dale".
RAGUSA     Italian
Habitational name from Ragusa in Sicily, or from the ancient city of Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia (Italian name Ragusa).
RAHE     German
Nickname for a rough individual, from a North German variant of Rauh.
RAHIM     Arabic
From the personal name based on Arabic Rahim.
RAHIMI     Persian
From the given name Rahim.
RAHMANI     Persian, Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Rahman.
RAI     Indian, Nepali, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Marathi, Punjabi, Bhutanese, Urdu
From Sanskrit राज (rāja) meaning "king, chief, sovereign" (see Raj, Raja, or Rajan).
RAIFE     ?
RAIKMO     Punjabi
Very seldom Surname in Pakistani Punjab. It is not known what the name meaning is.
RAINBIRD     English
From the Old French male personal name Rainbert, of Germanic origin and meaning literally "counsel-bright" (cf. Raginbert). The modern form of the name has been influenced by English rainbird "plover".
RAINBOLT     German (Anglicized)
Anglicanization of Reinbold.
RAINBOW     English
From the Old French male personal name Rainbaut, of Germanic origin and meaning literally "counsel-brave" (cf. Raginbald). The modern form of the name has been influenced by English rainbow.
RAINWATER     English (American)
Americanized form of the German family name Reinwasser, possibly a topographic name for someone who lived by a source of fresh water, from Middle High German reine ‘pure’ + wazzer ‘water’.
RAIS     Urdu, Indian (Muslim), Arabic, Indonesian
From the Arabic tile رَئِيس (raʾīs) meaning "chief, leader".
RÄISÄNEN     Finnish
From an unexplained personal name (possibly of Russian Orthodox origin) + the common surname suffix -nen. It occurs chiefly in central and eastern Finland.
RAISBECK     English
Raisbeck is a hamlet in the civil parish of Orton, in the Eden district, in the county of Cumbria, England. The surname Raisbeck originates from the hamlet. The name of the hamlet derives from Hrridarr, a personal name and beck, a stream or river.
RAISCH     German, German (Swiss)
From Middle High German rīsch, rūsch ‘reed’, ‘rush’, hence a topographic name for someone who lived near a reed bed, or perhaps a metonymic occupational name for someone who used or harvested reeds... [more]
RAISH     English (American)
Americanized spelling of German Raisch.
RAISON     English, Scottish, French
From a medieval nickname for an intelligent person (from Old French raison "reason, intelligence").
RAITER     German
Occupational name for a taxman or accountant, from an agent derivative of Middle High German reiten ‘to reckon’, ‘to calculate’.
RAJ     Indian, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Odia, Urdu, Nepali, Sinhalese, Malaysian
From the Sanskrit राज (rāja) meaning "king, chief, sovereign"; ultimately from राजन् (rājan) "king, sovereign, prince, chief" (see the given name Raj or Raja).
RAJA     Pakistani, Indian, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Malaysian, Bengali, Urdu
Variant of Raj; also a South Asian title of Indian origin used to denote a prince or ruler.
RAJAN     Indian, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Malaysian
From the title Raja or Raj denoting a South Asian king or prince; mainly used in Southern India.
RAJANIEMI     Finnish
Rajaniemi: The last name of a group of people who live in Finland. Some live in the United States when their ancestors immigrated to the US in the early 1900's.
RAJAPAKSE     Sinhalese
The origin of “rajapakse” is from Sri Lanka. Some people used to write as “Rajapaksha or Rajapakshe” but all meaning same. Raja mean King/governer in Sinhala as well as Hindi. Paksha mean Obey
RAJKOOMAR     Indian (Rare)
Used as a tribal name
RAJKOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Rajko".
RAJKOWSKI     Polish
Habitational name for someone from Rajki in Białystok voivodeship or Rajkowy in Gdańsk voivodeship.
RAJU     Indian, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi
Means "king" from Sanskrit राज (rāja) meaning "king, sovereign, chief".
RAK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Jewish
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian (Rák), and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from Slavic rak ‘crab’, ‘lobster’, or ‘crayfish’. This was applied as an occupational name for someone who caught and sold crayfish, crabs, or lobsters, or as a nickname to someone thought to resemble such a creature... [more]
RAKHIMOV     Bashkir, Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Rakhim".
RAKITIĆ     Croatian (Rare), Serbian (Rare)
Famous bearer of this surname is Croatian footballer Ivan Rakitić.
RALEIGH     English
English habitation name in Devon meaning "red woodland clearing".
RALLS     English (Anglicized, Rare)
From old English or Saxon. Originally Rallf ( Raulf) which meant Wolf Council
RALPH     English
From a Middle English personal name composed of Germanic rad "counsel, advice" and wolf "wolf". This was first introduced into England by Scandinavian settlers in the Old Norse form Ráðulfr, and was reinforced after the Conquest by the Norman form Ra(d)ulf... [more]
RAM     Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Kashmiri, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Indian (Sikh)
Derived from the given name Ram (2).
RAMACHANDRAN     Indian, Tamil, Malayalam
From the given name Ramachandran, a combination of Rama and Chandra.
RAMADANOV     Russian, Kazakh
Means "son of Ramadan".
RAMAGE     French, Scottish
From a medieval Scottish nickname for a hot-tempered or unpredictable person (from Old French ramage "wild, uncontrollable" (applied to birds of prey)).
RAMAGI     Ancient Roman
In Caesar's Gallic Wars, the Ramagi built catapults and other mechanical weapons.... [more]
RAMAKRISHNAN     Indian, Tamil
From the given name Ramakrishna. A notable bearer is Tamil-American structural biologist Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (1952-).
Means "son of Ramazan" in Turkish.
Means "son of Ramaz".
RAMAZONOV     Uzbek, Tajik
Uzbek and Tajik variant of Ramazanov.
RAMBEAU     French (Rare), Ancient Germanic (Frankish)
Altered spelling of the southern French family name Rambaut, from an Old French personal name, Rainbaut, composed of the Germanic elements ragin "counsel" + bald "bold", "brave", or alternatively from the Germanic personal name Hrambehrt or Hrambald, composed of the elements hramn "crow" & berht "bright" or bald "bold", "brave".
RAMBERT     English
From the Old French male personal name Rainbert (see Rainbird). It was borne by Dame Marie Rambert (original name Cyvia Rabbam, later Miriam Rambach; 1888-1982), a Polish-born British ballet dancer and choreographer.
RAMDANI     Arabic (Maghrebi), Indonesian
Derived from Ramadan, which is the name of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar devoted to fasting by Muslims.
RAMEZANI     Persian
Derived from the given name Ramezan.
RAMNARINE     Trinidadian Creole, Indian
Trinidadian and Guyanese form of Ramnarayan, from Sanskrit राम (rāma) meaning "pleasing, pleasant" combined with नारायण (nārāyaṇá), an epithet of the Hindu god Vishnu.
RAMPERSAD     Trinidadian Creole, South African, Mauritian Creole
Trinidadian surname of Indian Hindu origin; from Sanskrit राम (rāma) meaning "pleasing, pleasant, charming" combined with प्रसाद (prasāda) meaning "clearness, brightness, purity".
RANA     Indian (Parsi)
A Hindu and Parsi name meaning literally "king".
RANASINGHE     Sinhalese
From Sanskrit रण (raṇa) meaning “delight, pleasure, joy” and सिंह (siṃhá) “lion”.
RANCOURT     French (Quebec)
Habitational name from places in France named Rancourt.
RANDAZZO     Italian
Habitational name from a place in Catania called Randazzo. Possibly from a derivative of the personal name Rando.
RANDEL     French, German
French: from a pet form of the Germanic personal name Rando, a short form of various compound names formed with rand ‘(shield) rim’ as the first element. Compare Randall.... [more]
RANDHAWA     Pakistani, Indian, Punjabi, Indian (Sikh)
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a Sikh and Jat tribe in Punjab.
RANDLE     English
English: variant spelling of Randall or Americanized spelling of Randel.
RANDOLPH     English, German
Classicized spelling of Randolf, a Germanic personal name composed of the elements rand "rim (of a shield), shield" and wolf "wolf". This was introduced into England by Scandinavian settlers in the Old Norse form Rannúlfr, and was reinforced after the Norman Conquest by the Norman form Randolf.
RANG     German
Variant of Range.... [more]
Rangarirai means "Remember, think over, consider".
RANGE     German, French
German: nickname for a ragamuffin, from Middle High German range ‘naughty boy’, ‘urchin’.... [more]
RANGEL     German, Spanish, Portuguese
A variant of Rengel. This name is also found in Portugal.
RANGER     English, German, French
English: occupational name for a gamekeeper or warden, from Middle English ranger, an agent derivative of range(n) ‘to arrange or dispose’.... [more]
RANJ     Indian
From the given name 'Ranj'
RANKIN     Scottish, Irish
Composed of the medieval given name Rankin, a diminutive of either Ronald or Rand and the name suffix kin.
RANNELLS     English
Patronymic from the Middle English personal name Rannulf, Ranel, of continental Germanic origin.
RANTANEN     Finnish
A combination of Finnish ranta "beach, shore" and the common surname suffix -nen.
RAO     Chinese
From the name of an area called Rao, which existed in the state of Zhao during the Warring States period (403–221 bc).
RAPAPORT     Hungarian
RAPE     English (American, Rare)
A corruption of Rolfe.
RAPHAN     German
RAPPOLD     German
From a personal name composed of the Germanic elements rad "counsel", "advice" + bald "bold", "brave".
RASBERRY     English
Possibly a habitational name from Ratsbury in Lynton, Devon.
RASCH     German, Jewish
Nickname for a quick or rash person from Middle High German, German rasch ‘quick’, ‘hot-headed’, ‘hasty’.
RASHID     Arabic
Derived from the given name Rashid.
RASILA     Finnish
A variant of the finnish word (rasi) for a forest that has been cleared for slash and burn but has not yet been burnt for agricultural means. The suffix "-la" is usually added to the stem of the word to indicate a location... [more]
RASOOL     Urdu, Arabic, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Rasul.
RASPBERRY     English
Variant spelling of Rasberry.
RASTOGI     Indian, Hinduism
They are called as Rohatgi, Rastogi and Rustagi in present time. Rohitashwa was the son of Harishchandra, the god of gods. He founded the town of Rohtas Garh in Rohtas district, Bihar, as well as Rohtak, originally Rohitakul, meaning from the Kul (family) of Rohit... [more]
RASUL     Pakistani, Urdu, Bengali (Muslim), Indian (Muslim), Arabic, Indonesian, Pashto
From the Arabic رَسُول (rasūl) meaning "messenger, apostle, prophet" (see Rasul). This was applied to the Islamic Propet Muhammad, who was also called رسول الله (Rasūl Allāh) meaning "messenger of Allah (God)".
RÄSÜLEV     Bashkir
Means "son of Räsül.
RASVAK     Latvian
A officer in the Latvian Waffen SS
RATCLIFF     English
Habitational name from any of the places, in various parts of England, called Ratcliff(e), Radcliffe, Redcliff, or Radclive, all of which derive their names from Old English rēad meaning "red" + clif meaning "cliff", "slope", "riverbank".
RATHBONE     English (Archaic), Medieval English (Rare)
Of unknown origin, but might denote a person with short legs. From Olde English rhath, meaning "short, and bon, "legs".
RATHER     German, Jewish
1. Occupational name for a counsellor or nickname for a wise person, from Middle High German rater ‘adviser’. ... [more]
RATHGEBER     German
From Middle High German ratgebe or Middle Low German ratgever "giver of advice, counselor", an occupational name for an adviser or wise man.
RATHNAYAKE     Sinhalese
From Sanskrit रत्न (rátna) meaning “jewel, gem, treasure” combined नायक (nāyak) meaning “leader, hero”.
RATIGAN     Irish (Anglicized, Rare)
Anglicized form of Ó Reachtagán, meaning "descendant of Reachtagán", a personal name from a diminutive of "reachtaire" ("steward", "administrator") or "reacht" ("law"). Was used in the Disney film Basil The Great Mouse Detective as the name of the villain, Professor Ratigan.
RATKOVIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Ratko".
RÄTSEP     Estonian
Rätsep means ''tailor'' in Estonian.
RAU     German
Nickname for a ruffian, earlier for a hairy person, from Middle High German ruch, ruhe, rouch "hairy", "shaggy", "rough".
RAU     English
From a medieval personal name, a variant of RALPH.
RAU     Italian
From a local variant of the personal name Rao, an old form of RALPH.
RAU     Indian
Variant of RAO.
RÄUBER     German, German (Swiss)
German, Swiss German: derogatory nickname, from Middle High German roubære ‘robber’, ‘bandit’, ‘highwayman’ (from roub, roup ‘booty’, ‘spoils’).
RAUCH     German
Perhaps an occupational nickname for a blacksmith or charcoal burner, from Middle High German rouch, German Rauch ‘smoke’, or, in the case of the German name, a status name or nickname relating to a hearth tax (i.e. a tax that was calculated according to the number of fireplaces in each individual home).
RAUHANEN     Finnish
Finnish rauha "peace" combined with the common surname suffix -nen. ... [more]
RAUTIAINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish rautio "smith".
RAVAL     Gujarati
"Bramhin King"
RAVELINO     Ancient Celtic (Latinized, Archaic)
It means manufacturing of fine and expensive fabrics. Also means the tailor or weaver. It comes from Asti and Piedmont (noth of Italy).
RAVELLINO     Celtic
It means weaver or taylor. In the Gaelic languaje is wehydd or gwehydd.
RAVENEL     English, French
Habitational name from Ravenel in Oise or a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of horseradish, from a diminutive of Old French ravene ‘horseradish’ (Latin raphanus)... [more]
RAVENHILL     English
From Rauenilde or Ravenild, medieval English forms of the Old Norse given name Hrafnhildr.
RAVENSWOOD     English (American)
Ravenswood is a gothic surname.
RAVER     ?
RAVI     Indian
From the given name Ravi
RAVID     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Ravid, means "ornament, necklace" in Hebrew.
RAVIV     Hebrew
From Hebrew רָבִיב (raviv) meaning "droplet, rain, drizzle".
RAVSHANOV     Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Ravshan".
RAWLEY     English
Variant of Raleigh.
RAWLS     English
From the Olde German and Anglo-Saxon personal name Rolf. Originally derived from the Norse-Viking pre 7th Century 'Hrolfr' meaning "Fame-Wolf".
RAY     Indian, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Odia, Nepali
Variant of Raj.
RAY     English
Nickname for a timid person, from Middle English ray "female roe deer" or northern Middle English ray "roebuck".
RAYA     Galician, Spanish
Possibly a habitational name from Raya in Galicia or in Albacete and Murcia provinces. Possibly a topographic name from Spanish raya meaning "line", denoting the boundary between two countries or provinces.
RAYMOND     English, French
From the Norman personal name Raimund, composed of the Germanic elements ragin "advice, counsel" and mund "protection".
RAZ     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Raz, means "secret" in Hebrew.
RAZIF     Malaysian
From the given name Razif.
READE     English
English variant spelling of Read.
READING     English
Habitational name from the county seat of Berkshire, which gets its name from Old English Readingas ‘people of Read(a)’, a byname meaning ‘red’. Topographic name for someone who lived in a clearing, an unattested Old English ryding.
REALE     Italian
From reale "royal", either an occupational name for someone in the service of a king or a nickname for someone who behaved in a regal manner.
REASON     English
A different form of Raison.
REBANE     Estonian
From the word rebane meaning "fox", it was originally given to someone perceived to possess fox-like characteristics.
RECCHIA     Italian
Nickname from a reduced form of orecchia "ear".
RECCHIO     Italian
Probably a shortened form of orecchio "ear".
RECHT     German
Probably a habitational name from a place so named in the Rhineland.
RECHT     German, Jewish
Nickname for an upright person, from Middle High German reht, German recht "straight". As a Jewish name it is mainly of ornamental origin.
RECK     German
Nickname from Middle High German recke ‘outlaw’ or ‘fighter’. North German and Westphalian: from Middle Low German recke ‘marsh’, ‘waterlogged ground’, hence a topographic name, or a habitational name from a place named with this term.
habitational name from Recktenwald, near Saarbrücken.
RED     English
Variant of Read (1).
REDDEN     English
Location name meaning "clearing or cleared woodland." Communities called Redden include one in Roxburghshire, Scotland and another in Somerset, England. A notable bearer is actor Billy Redden who played the dueling banjoist Lonnie in the 1972 film 'Deliverance.'
REDDICK     Scottish, Northern Irish
Habitational name from Rerrick or Rerwick in Kirkcudbrightshire, named with an unknown first element and wic "outlying settlement". It is also possible that the first element was originally Old Norse rauðr "red".
REDDICK     English
Habitational name from Redwick in Gloucestershire, named in Old English with hreod "reeds" and wic "outlying settlement".
REDDING     English, German, Dutch
English variant spelling of Reading. In 1841 Redding was the most commonly used surname in all of Buckinghamshire. A famous bearer is Otis Redding.... [more]
REDDISH     English
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. 'of Reddish,' a village near Stockport, Cheshire.
REDDY     Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil
Hindu surname derived from Telugu రెడ్డి (reḍḍi) meaning "village headman".
REDFIELD     Scottish
Anglicized form of the Scottish habitational name Reidfuyrd, meaning "reedy ford".
REDHAGE     English
This surname originated in Germany
REDIG     Dutch, Upper German
Dutch and North German variant of Redding.
REDMER     Frisian
North German: from the Frisian personal name, composed of the Germanic elements rad ‘advice’, ‘counsel’ + mari, meri ‘fame’.
REDMOND     Irish
From the given name Redmond.
REDNER     German
German: possibly a variant of Redmer, or an occupational name for a spokesman, Middle High German rednære.
REDPATH     Scottish, English
Habitational name from a place in Berwickshire, probably so called from Old English read ‘red’ + pæð ‘path’. This name is also common in northeastern England.
REDWOOD     English
Name possibly derived from the colour of the bark of trees or the name of the town Reedworth between Durham and Devon
REDŽEPOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Redžep".
REE     Korean
REEDUS     Old English (Unknown, Modern, Rare, Archaic, ?)
Reedus is of unknown English origin.
REEKIE     Scottish
Perhaps "person from Reikie", Aberdeenshire, or from a different form of the Scottish male personal name Rikie, literally "little Richard".
REESE     Low German, Dutch, German
Nickname for a very big man, from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rese ‘giant’.... [more]
REEVER     German
Possibly an altered form of German Riefer, a patronymic from the personal name Rüef, a reduced form of Rudolf.
REEVES     English
Patronymic form of Reeve. It is also a topographic surname for someone who lived on the margin of a wood, derived from Middle English atter eves meaning "at the edge" (from Old English æt þære efese).
REFATOV     Crimean Tatar
Means "son of Rifat".
REGEV     Hebrew
Means "clod of earth" in Hebrew.
REGINATTO     Italian
nato means "born" in italian... [more]
REGO     Portuguese
Primarily Iberian, particularly Portuguese in origin. A topographic name for someone who lived by a channel.
REGUEIRO     Galician, Portuguese
The name originated in Ourense (Galicia) in the 14th Century. It´s literal meaning in Portuguese is river. It is a surname referring to a person who lived near a river or water source.
Habitational name from places named Reichstein (in Saxony) or Reichenstein (in Rhineland, Schleswig-Holstein, and Württemberg).
REIMER     German
From a Germanic personal name, a reduced form of Reinmar, composed of the elements ragin "counsel" + mari, meri "fame".
REIMERS     German
North German variant of REIMER.
REINBOLD     German
From a Germanic personal name composed of the elements ragin "counsel" + bald "bold", "brave."
REINKING     German
Reinking is a German-derived surname meaning "one who is neat and tidy"
REIS     Portuguese
Means "kings" in Portuguese.
REISE     German, Jewish
German (Westphalia) topographic name, from Middle Low German ris, res ‘swamp’. ... [more]
REISER     German, Upper German
Habitational name for someone from Reis or Reissen in Bavaria (see Reis). An occupational name from Middle High German reisære ‘warrior’, ‘traveler’. ... [more]
REISNER     Jewish
Jewish (Ashkenazic) nickname for a traveler, from an agent derivative of German reisen ‘to travel’ (see Reise). Also a variant of Reis.
REISNER     German
A habitational name for someone from a place called Reisen (for example in Bavaria), Reissen in Thuringia, or Reussen on the Saale river. A variant of Reiser Also from an agent derivative of Middle High German, Middle Low German rise ‘veil’; perhaps an occupational name for someone who made veils.
REISS     German, Jewish, French (Huguenot)
German: variant of Reis or from any of several Germanic personal names composed with ric ‘power(ful)’. Also from the French Huguenot forename Ris, rendered as Reis and Reiss.... [more]
REISSER     Upper German
An occupational name for a woodcutter, Middle High German risser.
REISZ     Dutch
Patronymic from a pet form of one of the Germanic compound names formed with ragin "counsel" as the first element.
REITH     Scottish (Anglicized), Irish
A Scottish surname of uncertain origin.... [more]
REKDAL     Norwegian
The name of people from the small town Rekdal in West-Norway. Former footballer Kjetil Rekdal (1968- ) is the most known person from there.
RELPH     English
From the Old French male personal name Riulf, of Germanic origin and meaning literally "power-wolf" (cf. Riculf).
REMIS     Greek, Dutch, German, Asturian
Greek from a medieval Greek personal name, Remis, a vernacular form of the personal name Remigius (see French Remy). ... [more]
REN     Chinese
From the Chinese 任 (rèn) meaning "officeholder, postholder" or "to appoint, to assign".
RENAUDIN     French
From the given name Renaud.
RENDA     Italian
Possibly a derivative of LORENZO.
RENDALL     Scottish, English
Variant of Randall. Habitational name from Rendall in Orkney. Possibly also an Americanization of Swedish Rendahl.
RENEHAN     Irish
Derived from Irish Gaelic, meaning "sharp- or star-pointed."
RENFREW     Scottish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Rinn Friù, meaning "cradle of the Royal Stewards." It is derived from either the historical county of Renfrewshire in the west central lowlands of Scotland, or the town of Renfrew within both the historical and present-day boundaries of the county.
RENFRO     English, Scottish
Variant of RENFREW
RENGEL     German (Swiss)
From a pet form of a Germanic personal name formed with rang "curved", "bending"; "slender".
RENGEL     Spanish
Habitational name from a place called Rengel in Málaga province.
RENNA     Italian
Variant of RENDA.
RENS     Dutch
From a reduced form of the personal name Laurens.
RENSHAW     English, Scottish
A habitational surname from any of the so-called or like-sounding places in the United Kingdom. These include Renishaw in Derbyshire, Ramshaw in Durham, the lost Renshaw in Cheshire and Radshaw in Yorkshire... [more]
RENTERÍA     Spanish
Spanish Castilianized variant of Basque Errenteria, habitational name from either of the two Basque towns called Errenteria in Gipuzkoa and Biscay provinces, Basque Country.
REPAC     Serbian, Croatian
means little tail
REPASS     German (Swiss)
An Americanization of the Swiss Rippas. The first recorded person with this surname was from Ziefen, Switzerland.
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