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TACHIBANA     Japanese
From Japanese (tachibana) meaning "orange, tangerine".
TAFANI     Italian
From a nickname tàfano meaning "gadfly", indicating an annoying person.
TAGGART     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac an tSagairt meaning "son of the priest". This name comes from a time when the rules of priestly celibacy were not strictly enforced.
TÄHTINEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name TÄHTI.
TAILLER     French
Means "tailor" from Old French tailleur.
TAILOR     English
Variant of TAYLOR.
TAKÁCS     Hungarian
Means "weaver, webster" in Hungarian.
TAKAHASHI     Japanese
From Japanese (taka) meaning "tall, high" and (hashi) meaning "bridge".
TAKALA     Finnish
Means "(dweller in the) back", probably denoting someone who lived in a remote area, from Finnish taka.
TAKENAKA     Japanese
Means "dweller amongst bamboo", from Japanese (take) meaning "bamboo" and (naka) meaning "middle".
TAMÀRO     Italian
From German given names like DIETMAR, Dittmar and so on. It is typical of the area around Trieste in northern Italy.
TAMÁS     Hungarian
Derived from the given name TAMÁS.
TAMBOIA     Italian
Possibly means "drummer" from Italian tamburo.
TAMBOLI     Indian, Marathi
From the Sanskrit word ताम्बूल (tambula) meaning "betel leaves". These leaves are used in rituals and worship, and the name was originally given to a person who grew or sold them.
TAN     Taiwanese
Min Nan romanization of CHEN.
TANAKA     Japanese
Means "dweller in the rice fields", from Japanese (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy" and (naka) meaning "middle".
TANG     Chinese
From Chinese (táng) referring to the Tang dynasty, which ruled China from 618 to 907.
TANGEMAN     German
Indicated a person from from Tange, Oldenburg. It can also be derived directly from Middle High German tange meaning "sandy ridge between moors".
TANNER     English
Originally derived from the occupation of the same name - a person who tanned animal hides.
TANZER     German
Means "dancer" in German.
TANZI     Italian
From a short form of the given name COSTANZO.
TAPIA     Spanish
Means "protective wall" in Spanish.
TAR     Hungarian
Derived from tar meaning "bald" in Hungarian.
TARANTINO     Italian
Locational name that designated those who came from Taranto, a city in southeast Italy. A famous bearer of this name is the American director Quentin Tarantino (1963-).
TARR     Hungarian
Variant of TAR.
TASH     English
From Middle English at asche "at the ash tree".
TASKER     English
Middle English taske meaning "task or assignment". A tasker was a person who had a fixed job to do, particularly a person who threshed corn with a flail.
TASSE     French
From Old French tasse "purse, bag", an occupational name for a maker or seller of purses.
TATE     English
Derived from the Old English given name Tata, of unknown meaning.
TATHAM     English
From the place name Tatham, which came from the 7th-century given name Tata and ham meaning "homestead".
TAVERNA     Italian
From the place name Taverna, common in different parts of Italy.
TAWFEEK     Arabic
Means "good fortune" in Arabic.
TAYLOR     English
Derived from Old French tailleur meaning "tailor", ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".
Variant transcription of CHAYKOVSKY.
TEAGAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Tadhgáin meaning "descendant of TADHGÁN".
TEAGUE (1)     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Taidhg meaning "descendant of TADHG".
TEAGUE (2)     Cornish
Means "fair, beautiful" from the Cornish word tek.
TEDESCO     Italian
From the Italian word tedesco meaning "German".
TEEL     English
Means "teal, duck" from Middle English tele.
TEKE (1)     Turkish
Originally denoted someone from Teke, Turkey.
TEKE (2)     Turkish
Means "goat (herder)" from Turkish teke.
TEMITOPE     Western African, Yoruba
From the given name TEMITOPE.
TENNFJORD     Norwegian
Originally denoted a person from Tennfjord, Norway.
TENNISON     English
Means "son of DENIS".
TENNYSON     English
Means "son of DENIS".
TER AVEST     Dutch
Means "at the forest edge" or "at the shelter".
TERRANOVA     Italian
Means "new land" in Italian.
TERRAZAS     Spanish
A name for a person from Terrazas in the Spanish city of Burgos, a place name meaning "terraces".
TERRELL     English
Probably derived from the Norman French nickname tirel "to pull", referring to a stubborn person.
TERRY     English
Derived from the medieval name Thierry, a Norman French form of THEODORIC.
TERZI (1)     Italian
From the given name TERZO, or a name for a third child.
TERZI (2)     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "tailor".
TESAR     Czech, Slovak
Means "carpenter" in Czech and Slovak.
TESARIK     Czech, Slovak
Diminutive of TESAR.
TESSARO     Italian
Occupational surname meaning "weaver", ultimately from Latin texarius.
TESTA     Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "head".
TEUFEL     German
From a nickname meaning "devil", given to a mischievous person or one who was devil-like.
Means "son of TEUNIS".
THACKER     English
Northern Middle English variant of THATCHER.
THATCHER     English
Referred to a person who thatched roofs by attaching straw to them.
THAYER     French
Americanized form of TAILLER.
Means "son of THEUNIS".
THIBAULT     French
Derived from the given name THIBAULT.
THOLBERG     Dutch
Possibly means "Thol's hill" from the given name Thol, a diminutive of THEODORIC.
THOMAS     English, French
Derived from the given name THOMAS.
THOMPSETT     English
From a diminutive form of THOMAS.
THOMPSON     English
Means "son of THOMAS".
THOMSON     English
Variant of THOMPSON.
THORBURN     English, Scottish
Derived from the Old Norse given name ÞÓRBJÖRN.
ÞÓRIRSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of ÞÓRIR".
THORLEY     English
From a place name meaning "thorn clearing" in Old English.
THORN     English, Danish
Originally applied to a person who lived in or near a thorn bush.
THORNE     English
Variant of THORN.
THORNTON     English
From a place name meaning "thorn town" in Old English.
THORPE     English
From Old Norse þorp "village".
THORSEN     Danish
Means "son of THOR".
THRUSSELL     English
From Old English þrostle meaning "having the characteristics of a song thrush".
THURSTAN     English
Derived from the Old Norse name ÞÓRSTEINN.
THWAITE     English
Means "dweller in a forest clearing, fenced off enclosure or low meadows" from the Old Norse Þveit.
TIEDEMAN     Low German
Derived from the given name DIEDERICK.
TIERNEY     Irish
From the Irish Ó Tíghearnaigh meaning "descendant of TIGHEARNACH".
TIFFT     English, German
Variant of TOFT.
TIGHE     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó TAIDHG.
TILKI     Turkish
From a nickname meaning "fox".
TILLENS     Dutch, Flemish, German
From the Germanic name Thietilo, a medieval diminutive of DIETRICH.
TÍMÁR     Hungarian
Occupational name meaning "tanner" in Hungarian.
TIMBERLAKE     English
From an English place name meaning (obviously) "timber lake".
TINDALL     English
From Tindale, the name of a town in Cumbria, derived from the name of the river Tyne combined with Old English dæl "dale, valley".
TINKER     English
Occupational name meaning "mender of kettles, pots, pans". The name could derive from the tinking sound made by light hammering on metal. It is possible that the word comes from the word tin, the material with which the tinker worked.
TIPTON     English
Originally given to one who came from the town of Tipton (which means "town of Tibba").
TIRABOSCHI     Italian
Originally a nickname for a woodcutter. This surname is typical of the area of Bergamo in Lombardy.
TIRRELL     English
Variant of TERRELL.
TIRYAKI     Turkish
From a nickname meaning "addict" or "stubborn".
TISZA     Hungarian
From the river name Tisza, Hungary's second largest river.
TITTENSOR     English, Welsh
Indicated a person from Tittensor, England. Tittensor, as a place name, means "Titten's ridge".
TIVOLI     Italian
Derived from the town of Tivoli, near Rome.
TJÄDER     Swedish
Means "wood grouse" in Swedish.
TOBIAS     English, French, German, Jewish
From the given name TOBIAS.
TOBIN     English
From a diminutive of the given name TOBIAS.
TOD     English
Variant of TODD.
TODARO     Italian
From a regional form of a given name Todaro, a variant of TEODORO. It is quite common in Sicily.
TODD     English
Means "fox", derived from Middle English todde.
TODOROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of TODOR".
TOFT     English
Denoted a person hailing from one of the many places in Britain of that name.
TOIVONEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name TOIVO.
TOLBERT     English, French
Derived from a continental Germanic given name of unknown meaning, the second element of the name is derived from berht meaning "bright, famous".
TOLEDANO     Jewish
Derived from the name of the city of Toledo. During the banishing of the Jews of Spain into Morocco and Africa, many kept their surnames signifying their city of origin.
TOLKIEN     German
Derived from the Saxon Tollkühn meaning "foolhardy". A famous bearer was author J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973).
TOLLEMACHE     English
Means "knapsack" in Old French.
TOLLER     English
Occupational name meaning "tax gatherer", derived from Middle English toll.
TOLONI     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
TOLVAJ     Hungarian
Means "thief" in Hungarian.
TOMÀS     Catalan
Derived from the given name TOMÀS.
TÓMASSON     Icelandic
Means "son of TÓMAS".
TOMASSON     Swedish
Means "son of TOMAS".
TOMČIĆ     Croatian
Derived from a diminutive of the given name TOMA (2).
TOMČIČ     Slovene
Derived from a diminutive of the given name TOMAŽ.
TOMOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of TOMA (2)".
TOOLE     Irish
Variant of O'TOOLE.
TOOV     Norwegian
Derived from the Old Norse given name Tófi which was a diminutive of any name that began with the element Þórr referring to the god THOR.
TORDAI     Hungarian
Derived from the name of a town called Torda. Originally the name was given to someone from that town.
TORNINCASA     Italian
From a medieval name, generally given to a boy born after the death of a previous one. Literally it means "come back home" from ritorna in casa.
TÖRÖK     Hungarian
Means "Turkish" in Hungarian.
TOROSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of TOROS" in Armenian.
TORRES     Portuguese, Spanish
Given to a person who lived in or near a tower, from Latin turris.
TOS     Spanish
Spanish form of TOSI.
TOSELL     Catalan
Catalan form of TOSI.
TOSELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of TOSI.
TOSET     Catalan
Catalan form of TOSI.
TOSETTI     Italian
Diminutive form of TOSI.
TOSI     Italian
Means "clean-shaven", usually denoting a younger man, from Latin tonsus.
TOSTO     Italian
From a nickname indicating a "stubborn person".
TÓT     Hungarian
Derived from tót, a nickname for Slovaks in Hungary.
TÓTH     Hungarian
Variant of TÓT.
TOWNER     English
Variant of TOLLER.
TOWNSEND     English
Means "dweller at the town's end".
TRACEY (1)     English
From the village of Tracy-sur-mer on the Normandy coast in France. It was brought to England with William the Conqueror.
TRACEY (2)     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Treasaigh meaning "descendant of TREASACH".
TRACY     English, Irish
Variant of TRACEY (1) or TRACEY (2).
TRẦN     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of CHEN, from Sino-Vietnamese (trần).
TRAN     Vietnamese
Simplified variant of TRẦN.
TRAPANI     Italian
From the name of the Sicilian city of Trapani.
TRASK     English, Scottish
Originally indicated a person from Thirsk, England.
TRAVER     French
French variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERE     French
French variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERS     English, French
From an English and French place name that described a person who lived near a bridge or ford, or occasionally as an occupational name for the collector of tolls at such a location. The place name is derived from Old French traverser (which comes from Late Latin transversare), which means "to cross".
TRAVERSA     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERSE     French
French variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERSI     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERSINI     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERSO     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVERT     French
French variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVES     English
English variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVIESO     Spanish
Spanish variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVIS     English
English variant of TRAVERS.
TRAVISS     English
English variant of TRAVERS.
TRAYLOR     English
Meaning unknown.
TREACY     Irish
Variant of TRACEY (2).
TRELOAR     English
Originally denoted a person from Treloar in Cornwall, England.
TREMBLAY     French
From a collective form of the word tremble "aspen".
TREMBLE     French
Derived from an Old French place name which meant "aspen".
TRENGOVE     English
Originally indicated a person from Trengove farm in Cornwall.
TRENT     English
Denoted one who lived near the River Trent in England.
TRESLER     German
Means "treasurer" in German.
TREVIS     English
English variant of TRAVERS.
TREVOR     Welsh
Originally from a place name meaning "big village" from Welsh tref "village" and mawr "large".
TRIFONOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of TRIFON" in Bulgarian.
TRIGGS     English
From a nickname meaning "loyal" (Old Norse triggr).
TRITTEN     German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a step or flight of steps, from Middle High German trit "step".
TROELSEN     Danish
Means "son of TROELS".
TRUCCO     Italian
From the place name Trucco (near Genoa) or Trucco di Miola (near Turin). This surname is typical of northern Italy.
TRUDU     Italian
Derived from the Sardinian tordo meaning "thrush".
TRUEMAN     English
Variant of TRUMAN.
TRUJILLO     Spanish
Originally denoted a person from Trujillo in Cáceres or Trujillo in Seville, Spain.
TRUMAN     English
Means "trusty man" in Middle English. A famous bearer of the surname was American president Harry S. Truman (1884-1972).
TRUMBAUER     German
Means "strong neighbour, peasant" from German trum "strong" and bauer "peasant, neighbour".
TSCHIDA     German
Derived from a Slavic given name of unknown origin.
TSUKUDA     Japanese
From Japanese (tsukuda) meaning "cultivated rice field".
TSVETANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of TSVETAN".
TSVETKOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of TSVETKO".
TUCKER     English
Derived from Old English tucian meaning "one who fulls cloth".
TUFF     English
Variant of TUFT.
TUFT     English
Means "(dweller by) a clump of trees or bushes" from Middle English tufte, tuffe.
TUMICELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of the given name TOMMASO.
TUNISON     Dutch
Americanized form of TEUNISSEN.
TUPPER     English
Derived from Middle English toupe "ram". This was originally a name for a herdsman who tended rams.
TURATI     Italian
Locative origin from the name of the town of Turate near Como. This surname is typical of Lombardy.
TURCHI     Italian
Means "Turkish" in Italian.
TURNBULL     English, Scottish
Nickname for someone thought to be strong enough to turn around a bull.
TURNER     English
Occupational name meaning "one who works with a lathe".
TYLER     English
Occupational name meaning "tiler of roofs", from Old English tigele "tile". A famous bearer of this name was American president John Tyler (1790-1862).
TYRELL     English
Variant of TERRELL.
TYRRELL     English
Variant of TERRELL.
TYSON (1)     English
Derived from a nickname for a quarrelsome person, from Old French tison meaning "firebrand".
TYSON (2)     English
Variant of DYSON.
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