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A French surname, coming from the word "baudelaire", which is a short, broad, and curved sword used in heraldry.
BLOCH Jewish
Regional name for someone in Central Europe originating from Italy or France, from Polish "Włoch" meaning "Italian" (originally "stranger / of foreign stock"), ultimately derived – like many names and words in various European languages – from the Germanic Walhaz.
BLOCK Jewish
Variant of BLOCH.
BOWSER English
Nickname from the Norman term of address beu sire ‘fine sir’, given either to a fine gentleman or to someone who made frequent use of this term of address.
BUCK English
From the given name BUCK.
Anglicized form of the Gaelic name "MacCogadhain"; composed of the Gaelic prefix "mac," which means "son of," and the Gaelic personal name "Cuchogaidh", which means "Hound of War". The name is also found in Ireland as Cogan, Coggan, Coggen, Cogin, Coggon, Coogan and Goggin(s).
DICKERMAN English, German, Jewish
Possibly derived from Middle High German dic(ke) "strong, thick" and Mann "man, male, husband".
Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Ó Donnagáin. Diminutive of "donn" which means "brown," referring to hair color.
KEENER English
Anglicized form of KIENER or Kühner.
KMET Slovene, Serbian, Croatian, Slovak
Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, and Slovak status name for a type of peasant. In Slovenia this denoted a peasant who had his own landed property. In Serbia and elsewhere it was a status name for a feudal peasant farmer who cultivated the land of his lord instead of paying rent or doing military service... [more]
KUO Taiwanese
Taiwanese romanization of GUO.
Variant of LEONARDO, characteristic of central–southern Italy.
MAIR Scottish
A steward, bailiff, or warden.
MALLICK Indian, Bengali, Odia, Urdu
Variant transcription of MALICK.
From the Hebrew for "To guard."
OSWALD English
From the given name Oswald.
From the name PERKIN, which is a medieval diminutive of PETER.
From Italian porcaro "swineherd".
From the given name Redmond.
SAX Low German
South German variant of SACHS.
SNYMAN Afrikaans
Afrikaans version of the German surname SCHNEIDER, which is German for tailor.
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