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Yankoviac English
Variant of the name Yankovic.
Yannotta American
Possibly a variant of Iannotta.
Yardley English
Habitational name for someone from any of the various locations in England named Yardley, derived from Old English gierd meaning "branch, twig, pole, stick" and leah meaning "wood, clearing".
Yardy English
The most likely origin of this surname is that it was used to denote someone who held a piece of land known as a "yarde", from the Middle English word "yerd".
Yarger English (American)
Americanized form of German Järger or Jerger
Yarian English
Americanized form of Irion.
Yarish American
Anglicized form of Jaroš.
Yarwood English
habitational name from Yarwood Heath in Rostherne Cheshire earlier Yarwode. The placename derives from Old English earn "eagle" or gear "yair enclosure for catching fish" and wudu "wood".
Yaryan English
Americanized form of Irion.
Yaw Irish, English, Chinese
Irish: reduced and altered Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Eochadha Chinese : Cantonese variant of Qiu.
Yaxley English
Meant "person from Yaxley", Cambridgeshire and Suffolk ("glade where cuckoos are heard").
Yeager English, Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of German Jäger.
Yeardley English
Means "enclosed meadow" in Old English, from Old English g(e)ard (“fence, enclosure”) + lēah (“woodland, clearing”).
Yeats English
Scottish and northern English variant spelling of Yates.
Yellman English
Yellman comes from the English words yell and man creating Yellman. The last name Yellman was also given to a person who consistently yelled a lot.
Yellow English
Nickname for someone who has yellow hair; wore yellow clothing or has a yellow complexion
Yerian English
Americanized form of Irion.
Yetman English
"gate keeper"
Yett English
Derived from the Old English word geat, meaning gate.
Yetts English
Variant of Yates
Yewdale English
Derived from Yewdale, which is the name of a village near the town of Skelmersdale in Lancashire. Its name means "valley of yew trees", as it is derived from Middle English ew meaning "yew tree" combined with Middle English dale meaning "dale, valley".... [more]
Yoakum English (American)
Americanized version of Jochim
Yocum German (Anglicized), English
Americanized form of Jochum, a Low German form of the given name Joachim.
Yoho American (Anglicized)
American Anglicized spelling of Swiss surname 'Joho'
Yonge English
Variant of Yong
Yore English (Rare)
Not available.
Yorke English
Variant of York.
Yorkey English
Variant spelling of York.
Yorkman English
Variant form of York.
Yorks English
Variant of York.
Yorkshire English
from Yorkshire "the county of Yorks". The place-name is recorded as Eoforwicscire in 1065 and derives from the city name York and Old English scir "district region".
Yost American, Dutch, Afrikaans
Americanized spelling of Dutch surname Joost or German surname Jost
Youngblood English
Americanisation of the German surname Jungbluth.
Younger English, American
English (mainly Borders) from Middle English yonger ‘younger’, hence a distinguishing name for, for example, the younger of two bearers of the same personal name. In one case, at least, however, the name is known to have been borne by an immigrant Fleming, and was probably an Americanized form of Middle Dutch jongheer ‘young nobleman’ (see Jonker)... [more]
Youngman English
From Middle English yunge man "young servant", ultimately from Old English geong mann "young man".
Youngson English
Means "son of Young".
Yvenson English
Meaning, "son of Evan" or "son of Ivan."
Zachariah English
From the given name Zachariah
Zachary English
A reference to Sacheverell, a location in Normandy. May also refer to the given name Zacharias, meaning "to remember God," or "the Lord recalled."
Zacher English
A reference to Sacheverell, a location in Normandy. May also refer to the given name Zacharias, meaning "to remember God," or "the Lord recalled."
Zachry English
A reference to Sacheverell, a location in Normandy. May also refer to the given name Zacharias, meaning "to remember God," or "the Lord recalled."
Zackert English, German
An Americanization of the German surnames Zacher and Zachert. It comes from a vernacular form of the personal name Zacharias.
Zackowski English (American)
Americanized version of the surname Zakowski
Zale English, Polish (Anglicized)
Possibly from a Polish surname, the meaning of which is uncertain (it may have been a variant of the surname Zalas which originally indicated one who lived "on the other side of the wood", from za "beyond" and las "forest").
Zalick English
Comes from the Greek surname Tsalikis.
Zane English
Meaning unknown. It could be a Americanization of the German surname Zahn. Zane is also used as a given name.
Zbornak American
Zbornak is a surname. A famous bearer is Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) from “The Golden Girls”.
Zeagler English (American)
Americanized spelling of German Ziegler.
Zeches English
The surname Zeches was first found in Silesia, where the name was closely identified in early mediaeval times with the feudal society which would become prominent throughout European history. The name would later be associated with noble family with great influence, having many distinguished branches, and become noted for its involvement in social, economic and political affairs.
Zeller German, Dutch, English, Jewish
Originally denoted someone from Celle, Germany or someone living near a hermit's cell from German zelle "cell". It is also occupational for someone employed at a zelle, for example a small workshop.
Zescoi English
derived from the word zesty when used to describe someone
Zhane English (?), Popular Culture
meaning "z," used by Aidan Zhane on RuPaul's Drag Race
Zimmon English (American)
Variant of Zinon
Zohn English
Probably a variant of John.
Zueena English (American, Modern)
The Name Zueena Means Black Feathers & it originated with The Analuka Family of America.
Zuill English, Scottish
From the town of Zuill, Scotland. The "Z" pronounced as "Y" comes from ancient yogh representing a variety of sounds. The name itself is of unknown origin.
Zylstra Dutch, Frisian, English
Derived from Dutch zijl "canal" or "sluice". Originally indicated someone who lives near a canal or sluice.