Italian Submitted Surnames

Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Lavagnino Italian
Common surname in the Liguria area of Italy.
Lavecchia Italian
Means "Old Lady"
Lazzaro Italian
From the given name Lazzaro
Lazzeri Italian (Tuscan)
Tuscan variant of Lazzari.
Ledda Italian, Sardinian
Probably from the former Medieval town of Lella, in northern Sardinia. The transformation of -ll- into -dd- is common in Sardinian.
Leggio Italian
From Sicilian leggiu "light, not heavy; superficial", a nickname for someone considered unreliable or irresponsible. Variant of Leggièri.
Legore Italian
Possibly Italian, a nickname for a fleet-footed or timid person, from a northern variant of lepre "hare". However, only the plural form Legori is attested in Italian records.
Lelio Italian
From the given name Lelio.
Lencioni Italian
Italian. My family is from the Tuscany region of Lucca.
Lentini Italian, Sicilian
Habitational name from Lentini in Siracusa province Sicily.
Leo Italian
Nickname for a fierce or brave warrior, from Latin leo meaning "lion".
Leo Italian
From a short form of the personal name Pantaleo.
Leonardo Italian, Spanish, German
Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese from the Germanic personal name Leonhard, formed from the elements leo ‘lion’ + hard, ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’; this was an early medieval saint’s name (see Leonard).
Leopardi Italian
From the medieval given name Leopardus. A famous bearer of this surname is Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837), one of the most influential Italian poets.
Leotta Italian
Derived from the given name Leotta, an Italian pet form of Leo.
Leto Italian
From the personal name Leto. From Latin Laetus meaning "happy, joyful"... [more]
Liberio Italian, Spanish
From the given name Liberio
Liberto Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Liberto.
Liborio Italian
From the given name Liborio
Libra Italian
Derived from the latin word 'libra' meaning "balance, weigh". It's probably a nickname for a deliberate or well-balanced person.
Librizzi Italian
Habitational name from Librizzi in Messina province, Sicily.
Licursi Italian
Of Albanian origin, either an occupational name for a tanner from lëkurë "skin, leather", or a habitational name.
Liistro Italian
From Sicilian lijistru "privet", a kind of shrub or small tree.
Limbo Italian
It comes from latin word "limbus". It has religious origin.... [more]
Liotta Italian
Variant form of Leotta. A famous bearer was American actor Ray Liotta (1954-2022).
Liserani Italian
A famous bearer is Italian-born American actor Gino Corrado Liserani (1893 - 1982), who went by Gino Corrado on film
Littarru Italian
From Sardinian littarru "buckthorn".
Lobianco Italian
Derived from the words lo "the" and bianco "white".
Locci Italian
Possibly from the Spanish given name Eloche (see Elochius.
Lodde Italian
From Sardinian lodde "fox".
Lodovico Italian
From the given name Lodovico.
Loglisci Italian
My grandfather's family name who were from Gravina di Puglia
Lo Guasta Italian
Variant of Guasti, literally "the broken". Probably used as a nickname for someone with a twisted or deformed limb, used in at least one case for a foundling.
Loi Italian
Clipped form of Balloi.
Loia Italian
Most likely a variant of Aloia. May alternately be related to Italian loggia "atrium, open-roofed gallery", Greek λεώς (leos) "the people", or Tuscan loia "dirt, filth on clothes or skin", perhaps a nickname for someone with a profession that often made them dirty, such as mining.
Lo Màglio Italian
Literally means "the hammer." However, "the" would normally be represented as "il" in Italian, in this case.
Lomenzo Italian
From Sicilian "menzo" meaning middle.
Lonardo Italian
Variant of Leonardo, characteristic of central–southern Italy.
Longino Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Longino.
Lo Re Italian
Lorenzi Italian
“Laurel tree” or “decorated with laurel.” The English equivalent is Lawrence.
Lo Ricco Italian
Originally Spanish but of Italian origin for at least 7 generations. My branch of the family are residing in Australia but many remain in Italy and quite a few in the USA
Losano Italian
Italian form of Lozano.
Losco Italian
Nickname from losco ‘sinister’.
Lotfi Italian
Italian: patronymic or plural form of the personal name Lotto .
Lovato Spanish (Latin American), Italian
Northern Italian from the Late Latin personal name Lupatus, derivative of Latin lupus "wolf". This is one of several medieval personal names which became popular under the influence of Germanic compound personal names formed with wolf-.
Lovera Italian, Spanish
Either a topographic name from lovera "wolf pack" or "wolves’ lair" or a habitational name from a place called Lovera. Spanish variant of Lobera.
Luca Italian
Variant of De Luca.
Lucca Italian
A habitational name from Lucca Sicula in Agrigento province, Sicily, which was called simply Lucca until 1863. It was probably originally named with a Celtic element meaning ‘marshy.’
Lucchese Italian
Denoted someone from Lucca, a city and comune in Tuscany, central Italy.
Lucchesi Italian
Variant form of Lucchese.
Lucci Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Luccio, a reduced form of a personal name formed with this suffix.
Lucía Spanish, Italian
From the feminine personal name Lucia, feminine derivative of Latin lux meaning "light".
Luciano Italian
It is derived from Latin Lucianus, patronymic of Lucius ("Light"). The French form is Lucien.
Lucio Italian
From the given name Lucio.
Ludovico Italian
From the given name Ludovico.
Luigini Italian
Derived from the given name Luigi.
Lunatici Italian
A nickname for a quirky or temperamental person, ultimately from Latin lunaticus "of the moon, moonstruck".
Luongo Italian
Neapolitan form of Longo.
Lusa Italian
Used by people from Lusa, Italy, a town named after the Roman 'gens lusia'.
Lusso Italian
From the given name Lucius, or possibly the toponym Santu Lussurgiu.
Maatta Italian
1 Southern Italian: from a feminine form of Matto .... [more]
Macaluso Italian
Possibly from Arabic مخلوص (maklus) "freed, liberated", indicating a freedman or slave who had been liberated, which may be related to Sicilian macaluscio, "cleaned and prepared cotton".
Macario Italian, Spanish
From the given name Macario
Maccarone Italian
from maccaroni "macaroni" (or in northern Italy "gnocco") perhaps applied as a metonymic occupational name for a maker of pasta or in the North as a nickname for a silly or foolish person.
Macchia Italian
Topographic name from Italian macchia "thicket", "scrub" (from Latin macula) and Habitational name from any of various places named Macchia, as for example Macchia in Trapani province, Sicily.
Macchione Italian
Originally from the south of italy (Calabria or Sicily), from an augmentative of Macchia (stain), in some cases, a habitational name from various places so named in Campania and Puglia.
Maccini Italian
Patronymic from a diminutive of the given name Maccio.
Machi Sicilian
Unexplained. It may be from the Albanian personal name Maqo. Derivation from a Greek name ending in -akis, which has been suggested, is implausible.
Machia Italian
Variant of Italian Macchia.
Macis Italian
From Sardinian maccia "shrub, thick bush, brush", or possibly denoting someone from the village Simax.
Macorig Italian
An italian surname that in fact comes from slovene minority near Udine, it should be written Macoric'... [more]
Macro Italian
Possibly a variant of Magro.
Madau Italian
From Sardinian madau "fold, enclosure for sheep".
Maddaloni Italian
It should came from the toponym Maddaloni (Campany, South Italy) which name originates from the Arabic term "magdhal" meaning fortress, stronghold. The last name Maddaloni is typical of the area that includes the provinces of Naples, Caserta and Benevento.
Madeddu Italian
Possibly a variant of Madau "sheepfold". Alternately, may derive from a Sardinian variant of Amato "beloved", or from the Latin cognomen Metellus "hired servant".
Madonia Italian
Habitational name from any of numerous places named Madonia, or a regional name for someone from Madonie in Sicily.
Madonna Italian
From the person name Madonna, from donna meaning "lady", bestowed in honor of the Virgin Mary.
Maffessanti Italian
Meaning is overall unknown, but might come from Saint of Matthew. In Italian the name “Maffeo” is an Italian spelling of Matthew and “Santi” means saints, so combined it would be Maffessanti... [more]
Maffia Italian
Variant of Mattia.
Maffione Italian
Possibly a derivative of the given name Maffeo. This surname is from the Puglia region of Barletta, southern Italy.
Magaldi Italian, South American
Patronymic or plural form of the Old German personal name Magoald (from the elements megin, magan "strength, might, power" and wald "power"), or else a nickname from magaldo meaning "evil, wicked", which was derived from the personal name... [more]
Maggio Italian
From a nickname or personal name from the month of May, maggio, from Latin Maius (mensis), from Maia, a rather obscure goddess of fertility, whose name is derived from the same root as maius "larger" and maiestas "greatness"... [more]
Maggiori Italian
Recorded in many spelling forms including the 'base' form of Maggi, and the diminutives and double diminutives Maggiore, Maggiori, Di Maggio, Maggorini, and many others, this is an Italian surname of Roman (Latin) origins... [more]
Maimeri Italian
Surname of italian painter and entrepreneur Giovanni (Gianni) Maimeri.
Maioni Italian
Variant of Maione.
Maiorana Italian
From Sicilian maiurana, "marjoram (herb)".
Malandra Italian
Possibly related to Italian malandrino "dishonest, mischievous; rascal".
Malatesta Italian
Means "bad head" in Italian, a nickname for a stubborn or perhaps malicious person. It could have also indicated the bearer had a misshapen head. ... [more]
Maldini Italian
Possibly derived from an apheresis of the surname Grimaldi.
Malfa Italian, Sicilian
habitational name from Malfa on the island of Salina (Messina). Variant of Lamalfa.
Malfatto Italian
Means "badly made, shoddy; deformed" in Italian, possibly originating with the nickname Malefactus "ugly, injured". Cognate to French Malfait.
Malfitano Italian
Altered form of Amalfitano.
Malinconico Italian
Means "gloomy, melancholy" in Italian.
Malizia Italian
Italian. Literal translation is the english noun: "Malice".... [more]
Malo Italian
Possibly from Italian mano "hand", a nickname for a skillful person, or a short form of a given name such as Romano.
Malta Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
habitational or ethnic name for someone from the Mediterranean island of Malta (from Latin Melita Greek Melitē).
Maltese Italian
habitational or ethnic name for someone from the island of Malta.
Malvestio Italian
From Venetian malvestio "poorly-dressed, shabby", given to foundlings turned into an orphanage with shabby clothes.
Mambelli Italian
Possibly from Italian mano "hand" and bello "beautiful".
Mameli Italian
Possibly from latin surname Mamelius. A famous bearer was Goffredo Mameli, author of the italian national anthem.
Manacorda Italian
Possibly means "bad heart", from Latin malus "bad" and cordis "heart".
Manai Italian
From Sardinian mannai "grandfather, grandmother".
Manchin Italian
derived from the surname Mancini
Mandato Italian
mandato is the past tense of send in italian-such as "i sent a letter or message"
Mandia Italian
Habitational name from Mandia in Salerno province.
Manera Italian
Either a habitational name from any of two places called Manera in the Italian provinces of Cuneo and Como, a nickname and perhaps a metonymic occupational name (from the dialect word manèra meaning "executioner's axe, cleaver" or from Italian manero "well-behaved, skilled"), or derived from the given name Mainiero (ultimately from Frankish Maginhari, composed of the Ancient Germanic elements magin "strength, might" and hari, heri "army").
Manfredo Italian
From the given name Manfredo.
Manganaro Italian
occupational name from manganaro agent noun from Mangano (see Mangano) in any of its various senses. Manganaris and Manganaras are also found as Greek surnames.
Mangani Italian
Possibly an Italian variant of Mangan.
Mangano Italian
occupational name from mangano "mangle" (a device consisting of a pair of rollers used to press textiles and clothes) or "calender" (a similar device used in making paper). The term mangano also denoted a bucket elevator (used for raising water from a well) and any of various other devices including a catapult... [more]
Mangialaglio Italian
Means "eats garlic" in Italian, from mangia "to eat" and aglio "garlic". Possibly a nickname for someone known for heavily seasoning their food, or for having bad breath.
Mangiaracina Italian
The Sicilian name for salpa, a kind of fish, from mangia "to eat" and racina "grapes".
Mangiarotti Italian
From an Italian nickname, possibly meaning "rat eater".
Mangone Italian
habitational name from Mangone a place in Cosenza province. Or an occupational name for a merchant from Latin mango (genitive mangonis) "dealer, slave trader". Or possibly also from an ancient Germanic personal name (see Mangold ).
Maniscalco Italian
It means 'blacksmith' in Italian. The variant Maniscalchi is the plural.
Mannazzu Sardinian (Archaic), Sicilian (Rare, Archaic), Corsican (Modern, Rare), Italian (Rare)
It came from the Ancient Nuraghi people. the Nuraghi people inhabited southern Corsica and northern and central Sardinia.
Manocchio Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly from Italian mano "hand" and occhio "eye", an elaboration of the surname Mano, or an altered form of malocchio meaning "evil eye".
Manzoni Italian
Of uncertain origin: could be derived from a nickname given to those who raised and took care of bullock, or from the medieval terms manso or mansueto, denoting a gentle person.... [more]
Marano Italian
Habitational name from any of various places named with the Latin personal name Marius and the suffix -anu.
Marcantonio Italian
Ancient family, called Marcantonio or Di Marcantonio, of clear and ancestral virtue, flourished in Abruzzo.
Marcato Italian, Venetian
From the given name Marchino.
Marcellino Italian
From the given name Marcellino
Marcello Italian
From the given name Marcello
Marchese Italian
From the title of rank marchése "marquis" (in Italy the rank immediately below that of duke), probably applied as a nickname for someone who behaved like a marquis, or an occupational name for a servant in the household of a marquis... [more]
Marchesini Italian
Derived from the Latin word “marchese,” which means “marquis.” It is a title of nobility that was used in medieval Italy and referred to the leader of a march or border region. It likely refers to someone who was descended from or associated with a marquis or who held a similar position of authority in a border region.
Marchione Italian
Nickname from marchione ‘marquis’, from medieval Latin marchio, genitive marchionis, from Germanic marka ‘borderland’
Marciano Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from the given name Marciano
Marcioni Italian
Means "son of Marcio".
Marengo Italian
Habitational name from Marengo in Alessandria Province or Marengo-Talloria in Cuneo. From Maréngo, Marénco, meaning Of The Sea, Maritime (Medieval Latin Marincus from Mare ‘Sea’), which were often used as personal names or nicknames in the Middle Ages.
Mariano Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From the personal name Mariano
Marigliano Italian
From the town of Marigliano (near naples)
Marigo Italian
Either from Venetian marigo "mayor of a rural village", or from the given name Amerigo.
Marinaro Italian
Occupational name for a sailor from marinaro (from Late Latin marinus derived from mare "sea").
Marinelli Italian
Means “son of Marino”.
Marinetti Italian
Variant of Marino. A famous bearer of this surname is Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1876-1944), considered to be the founder of Futurism.
Mario Italian
There's a popular character named Mario, and his brother, Luigi. Together; they're the Super Mario Bros. They've been very popular since the 80's and came out with the greatest games throughout the 90's, 00's, 10's, and 20's.
Marongiu Italian
From Sardinian marongiu "to hoe, hoeing", from marra "hoe, digging tool".
Marrero Italian, Spanish
Maker of spades or hoes. Marra spade
Marte Spanish, Italian
From the given name Marte 2.
Martello Italian
Southern Italian: nickname for someone with a forceful personality, from Italian martèllo ‘hammer’ (Late Latin martellus), or a metonymic occupational name for someone who used a hammer in their work.
Marti Italian (Swiss), German (Swiss), Romansh
Derived from the given name Martin.
Martignetti Italian
Patronymic derived from Martignetto, itself a pet form of Martino.
Martirano Italian
Likely a habitational surname from a place in Catanzaro province in the Calabria region of Italy.
Martire Italian
from martire "martyr" probably a nickname for someone who had played the part of a Christian martyr in a religious play. However there was a Saint Martire and so the surname may be derived from a personal name.
Marziale Italian, Corsican
From the given name Marziale
Mascherano Italian
Occupational name for maker of masks, derived from Italian mascherare meaning "to mask". The Argentine former soccer player Javier Mascherano (1984-) is a famous bearer of this name.
Maserati Italian
Most notably the Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati, founded in Bologna, Italy all the way back in December 1914.
Massa Italian
A habitational name from any of the various places named Massa (for example, Massa Lubrense or Massa di Somma, both in the Metropolitan City of Naples, or Massa d’Albe in the Province of L'Aquila), which were all named from the medieval Latin word massa, meaning ‘holding’ or ‘estate’.
Massara Italian, Greek
Either a feminine form of Massaro or from the equivalent occupational or status name in medieval Greek, (massaras meaning ‘peasant’ or ‘share cropper’) which is from the word massaria meaning ‘small farm’.
Massaro Italian
Regional or archaic form of Italian massaio meaning "tenant farmer, share cropper".
Massidda Italian
From Sardinian massidda "jaw, jawbone".
Massimino Italian
From the given name Massimino
Massimo Italian
From the given name Massimo
Mastrangelo Italian
From Italian mastro "master, expert craftsman" combined with the given name Angelo.
Mastrantonio Italian
From the Italian title mastro meaning "master craftsman", combined with the given name Antonio. A famous bearer is American actress and singer Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (1958-).
Mastromonico Italian
The meaning is Mastro-"master" of the- monico"-monastery."
Mastrorilli Italian
Mastrorilli is an Italian surname.
Matarazzo Italian
From Sicilian matarazzu meaning "mattress".
Matarese Italian
habitational name for someone from Matera (see Matera ) from materräisë a local adjectival form of the placename (in standard Italian materano).
Matassa Italian
Occupational name for a producer of silk, from Sicilian matassa "hank", "skein", also the name of a type of silk (cf. Metaxas).
Matera Italian
Habitational name from Matera in Basilicata region.
Matracia Sicilian
Family from Termini-Imerese, Sicily.
Matta Italian
From a feminine form of MATTO.
Mattana Italian
From Sardinian mattana "madness, annoyance".
Mattei Italian
Patronymic or plural form Matteo. The Mattei family was a powerful noble family in Rome during the Middle Ages.
Matteo Italian
From the given name Matteo.
Mattioli Italian
From the given name Mattia.
Matzeu Italian
Variant of Mazzeo.
Maugeri Sicilian, Italian
From Sicilian maugeri "herdsman".
Mauri Italian, Catalan
From the given name Mauro.
Maurizio Italian
From the given name Maurizio
Mauro Italian
From the given name Mauro.
Maxia Italian
Possibly from the dialectical term maxia "magic", or masia "farm, country house".
Mazarro Italian
It means "mace bearer".
Mazzarino Italian
A diminutive of Mazzaro, an Italian surname meaning "mace-bearer".