Italian Submitted Surnames

Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Vignola Italian
habitational name from any of various minor places so named from vignola "small vineyard".
Villani Italian
Derives from Latin villa "village, farm, settlement", related to Italian villano "peasant" or "rude, bad-mannered".
Villanova Italian, Spanish
Habitational name from any of numerous places so called from Latin villa nova "new settlement" (see Villa) from the elements villa "town" and nova "new"... [more]
Vinagro Italian
Cognate to Vinagre, meaning "bitter wine, vinegar". Possibly given to foundlings.
Vincente English, Italian
English variant of Vincent, otherwise from the given name Vincente
Vincenzi Italian
Patronymic form of Vincenzo.
Vincenzo Italian
From the given name Vincenzo
Viotto Italian
The name is derived from the Latin word "vita", meaning "life"
Virile Italian
It comes fron the Italian adjective virile that means 'manly, masculine' ultimately from Latin vir
Virtuoso English (American), Spanish, Italian
This Italian surname could possibly be connected to those whose ancestors were involved in playing a musical instrument or somehow connected to the musical instrument industry.
Visconti Italian
Derived from visconte, itself from the Medieval vice comes, a title of rank meaning "deputy of a count". The Visconti of Milan are a noble Italian family. They rose to power in Milan during the Middle Ages where they ruled from 1277 to 1447, initially as Lords then as Dukes, and several collateral branches still exist... [more]
Viscuso Italian
From Sicilian viscusu "tough, tenacious, vicious".
Vitaliano Italian
From the given name Vitaliano
Vittorio Italian
From the given name Vittorio.
Vivenzio Italian
From the given name Vivenzio.
Viviano Italian
From the given name Viviano.
Volpe Italian
Italian cognate of Fox.
Vuolo Italian
Southern variant of Volo, likely after the place name Bolo from Sicily.
Xompero Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly from Cimbrian somerousch "pack horse", indicating the bearer's strength or occupation. Alternately, may mean "son of Piero".
Yantorno Italian
Derived from the word torno which in Italian means "around".
Zago Italian
Probably from Venetian zago "alter boy", or someone preparing to become a priest. Alternately, may derive from a toponym, such as Massanzago, Lorenzago, Cazzago, Vanzago, or Sozzago.
Zambon Italian, Italian (Swiss)
Derived from the given name Zambono, istself a northeastern variant of Giambono.
Zamboni Italian, Italian (Swiss), Romansh
Italian patronymic form of Zambon.
Zanda Italian
From Sardinian zanda "field poppy".
Zandegiacomo Italian
Zandegiacomo's migrated to America and changed the name to Zandi.
Zangara Italian
Southern Italian: from a feminine form of Zangaro ( see Zangari ).
Zani Italian
Comes from the personal name Z(u)an(n)i, a northeastern (Venetian) form of Gianni (from Giovanni, Italian equivalent of John). Zani or Zanni is a comic figure in the Commedia del’Arte, and the surname may be a nickname derived from this use, which is also the origin of the English word zany.
Zanini Italian
The surname Zanini or Zanin was given to the descendants of Giovanni (John). It originates from the diminutive of the Venetian variant of Zani, being Zanino.
Zanni Italian
From the first name Gianni, which derives from Giovanni, which is the Italian version of John, which means "the grace/mercy of the Lord." ... [more]
Zanotti Italian
Comes from a pet form of Zani.
Zappone Italian
Possibly from an augmentative form of Zappa.
Zavattari Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian
A derivation of the Old French word 'savate'... [more]
Zazzara Italian
Ancient and very noble Lazio family, with residence in the city of Viterbo, known as Zazzara or Zazzera, of clear and ancestral virtue, which has spread over the centuries in various regions of Italy.
Zedda Italian
Possibly from Sardinian zedda "cellar" or cedda "herd of animals", indicating someone who was an innkeeper or shepherd.
Zerbo Italian
Probably, comes from the Greek word "zerbos", meaning 'left-handed' and 'treacherous'
Zerillo Italian
From the Italian first name Zero
Ziani Italian (Rare, Archaic)
Habitual surname denoting someone from Ziano, a locality in Italy. Unrelated to the Maghrebi surname of the same spelling.
Zicari Italian, Sicilian
Southern Italian and Sicilian from an unattested Arabic personal name Zikri or Zikari.
Zilio Italian
From the given name Egidio, via the dialectic nicknames Gilio or Gilius (compare Giles).
Zingaro Italian
Means "gypsy" in Italian.
Zinni Italian
Variant of Zini.
Zola Italian
Italian: habitational name from any of various minor places named with Zol(l)a, from a dialect term for a mound or bank of earth, as for example Zola Predosa (Bologna) or Zolla in Monrupino (Trieste)... [more]
Zoldan Italian
from the name place Zoldo. Zoldan indicates also the name of a little valley North from Venice.
Zoppi Italian
Nickname from zoppo "lame, unsteady".
Zubiani Italian
It comes from the given name Eusebio.
Zucchino Italian
Derived from zucchino meaning "zucchini, courgette" (Cucurbita pepo). It is also related to those surnames derived from zucca meaning "pumpkin" and to those derived from zuccone meaning "dumb, stubborn".
Zuccoli Italian
Derived from the Italian word zucca meaning "pumpkin", originally referred to someone who used to grow or trade pumpkins.
Zuliani Italian
Derived from Zuliano, the Venetian form of Giuliano.
Zumpano Italian
Comes from the town Zumpano in the province Cosenza in Calabria, Italy. The meaning is unknown but it possibly comes from a Greek-Calabrese surname.
Zurru Italian
From Sardinian "gush, spring (of water)".
Zurzolo Italian
The last name of actor, Lorenzo Zurzolo, who is Niccolo in Baby and Theodore Nott in Harry Potter.