Italian Submitted Surnames

Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Sorgato Italian
From Italian sorgo "sorghum".
Sorgente Italian
From sorgente "spring, rising water".
Sottile Italian
Southern Italian: nickname from sottile ‘delicate’, ‘refined’, also ‘lean’, ‘thin’ (from Latin subtilis ‘small’, ‘slender’).
Sozio Italian
Nickname from socio "companion", "ally".
Spadafora Italian
Variant form of Spatafora. Spadafora is the younger out of the two surnames and yet the most common of the two, which might partly be because it is a little bit more italianized... [more]
Spagna Italian
From Italian spagna "Spain" for a Spaniard or someone who had connections to Spain. Also from the female given name of the same meaning, Italian cognitive of Spain.
Spalla Italian
Means "shoulder".
Spallone Italian
From spalla "shoulder, back", indicating someone who carried things on their shoulders. The modern translation is "smuggler". Alternately, may be an elaboration of Spalla.
Spatafora Italian
This surname originates from the Italian island of Sicily, where it was first borne by a noble family of Byzantine origin, which had settled on the island in the 11th century AD. Their surname was derived from the Greek noun σπάθη (spathe) "blade, sword" (akin to Latin spatha "broad sword with a double edge") combined with Greek φορεω (phoreo) "to carry, to bear", which gives the surname the meaning of "he who carries the sword" or "sword-bearer"... [more]
Speca Italian
From a variant of spiga "spike, ear (of grain)"
Speroni Italian
Either a Plural form of sperone "spur" an occupation for a spurrier or from the given name Gaspare.
Spezia Italian
Means "spice, drug" in Italian. It was used to denote someone who worked as a spicer or apothecary.
Spina Italian
Means "thorn" in Italian, originally a topographic name for someone who lived by a thorn bush or a habitational name from any of various locations called Spina.
Spinazzola Italian
From a place named Spinazzola in Italy.
Spinelli Italian
Variant of Spina, of uncertain etymology: could be related to several place names in Italy, to given names such as Crispino, or to the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus.
Spinola Italian
Italian (Liguria) diminutive of Spina. Italian topographic name for someone living by Monte Spinola in the province of Pavia.
Spinosa Italian
Most likely from Italian spinosa meaning "prickly, thorny, spiny, ticklish, touchy".
Splendente Italian
From Italian splendente "bright, shining", supposedly given to an infants abandoned at orphanages on sunny days.
Staffieri Italian
Means "footman, groom", ultimately from staffa "stirrup".
Stallone Italian
from stallone "stallion" applied either as a nickname for someone thought to resemble a stallion or as a metonymic occupational name for someone who bred horses. from an augmentative of stalla "stable stall" used as a topographic name and as a habitational name from any of the minor places called with this word.... [more]
Stampone Italian
Meaning uncertain. Possibly from Italian stampare "to print, to stamp", or from Tuscan stampo "tree stump".
Stasi Italian
From the Roman pranomen Statius.
Stefani Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Stefano.
Stefano Italian
From the given Stefano.
Stella Italian
Italian for "star". Either possibly derived from the given name Stella, or from several places in Italy containing the word stella.
Stellato Italian
Stellato, which is the modern Italian word for "starry", as in "starry sky", translates to "by the stars" from the Latin word Stella. As so many Italians were navigators on ships and navigated "by the stars," and since so many surnames were derived from occupations... [more]
Sticca Italian
Possibly from a dialectical word meaning "long shovel".
Stornelli Italian
Meaning uncertain; may be from storno "starling", or directly from stornelli, an Italian lyric or folk song.
Strada Italian
Italian form of Street.
Stradivari Italian
Italian surname of uncertain origin, either from the plural of Lombard stradivare meaning "toll-man" or from strada averta meaning "open road" in the Cremonese dialect. A famous bearer was Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737), a violin-maker of Cremona.
Sudan Arabic, Italian, Spanish
Ethnic name or regional name for someone from Sudan or who had traded with Sudan. The name of the country is ultimately derived from Arabic سُود (sud) meaning "black", referring to the darker skin of the inhabitants.
Sulpizio Italian
From the given name Sulpizio
Surace Italian, Sicilian
From the italian Greek surname Surakes possibly from Arabic surraq "robber".
Surdi Italian
Meaning "deaf" in Latin.
Syracuse Italian (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of Siracusa. This is also the name of a city in the U.S. state of New York, though the etymology is unrelated.
Tacconi Italian
Possibly from Italian taccone "patch".
Tagliacarne Italian
From Italian 'tagliare' "to cut" and 'carne' "meat".
Tagliaferro Italian
From the Italian tagliare "to cut" and ferro "iron" occupational name for an ironworker or a nickname for a strong or ferocious fighter, one who was adept at cutting through the cuirass of the enemy with his sword (see Telfer).
Tagliafico Italian
From the Italian tagliare "to cut" and fico "fig".
Taglialatela Italian
Taglialatela means "the person who cuts the cloth" and is typical in the Naples and Caserta areas of Italy.
Tagliamonte Italian
Tagliamonte means "mountain cutter". From the Italian tagliate (to cut) and monte (mountain).
Taibbi Sicilian (Americanized, Modern)
A Sicilian name of Lebanese origin, Taibbi is a variant spelling of Taibi.
Taibi Sicilian
Taibi is a Sicilian nickname for a robust person; from Arabic ṭayyib "in good health".
Talarico Italian
Of uncertain origin; probably from the Germanic personal name Athalaric.
Tallarico Italian
It came from the Medieval Italian names Tallarico and Talarico ultimately from the Ostrogothic name Atalarico.... [more]
Tamburini Italian
Means "drummer", from Italian tamburo "drum".
Tancredi Italian
From the given name Tancredi.
Tano Italian
From a short form of the personal name Gaetano.
Taranto Italian
Habitational name from the southern Italian city and provincial capital of this name (from Latin Tarentum from Greek Taras). Variant of Tarantino and Di Taranto.
Tarassaco Italian
Surname meaning “Dandelion” in Italian
Taris Italian
Meaning unknown, probably from Sardinian.
Tartaglia Italian
From Italian tartagliare "to stutter".
Tassi Italian
Could be a patronymic form of the given name Tasso, indicate the bearer is from one of several municipalities called Tasso, or be a nickname from Italian tasso meaning "badger (animal)" or "yew".
Tatasciore American, Italian
The surname Tatasciore is more commonly found in Italy than any other country or territory.
Tateo Italian (Italianized)
Italianized version of Tateossian
Taurino Italian
From the given name Taurino
Tauro Italian
Taken from the words "bull" or "ox".
Tedeschi Italian
Plural; From the Italian word tedesco meaning "German".
Tegaldo Italian
This surname is the Piedmontese origin. The Tegaldo last name comes from the Latin Teca (= shell beans). Its meaning is grower of vegetables (bean). Also it is known as vegetable farming... [more]
Telfer Scottish, English, Italian
From a personal name based on a byname for a strong man or ferocious warrior, from Old French taille or tailler "to cut" + fer "iron" Latin: ferrum "iron" (see Tagliaferro).
Tempesta Italian
Originally a nickname for a person with a blustery temperament, from Italian tempesta meaning "storm, tempest" (compare Tempest).... [more]
Tenaglia Italian
From tenaglia "pincers".
Terenzio Italian
From the given name Terenzio.
Terracciano Italian
Italian "Fenced In Land" from Italian "Terra" meaning "Land" and "Ciano" meaning "Fenced"
Tesauro Italian
metonymic occupational name for a treasurer or person in charge of financial administration from Old Italian tesauro "treasure treasury" (from Latin thesaurus "hoard"). It may also be from the personal name Tesauro with the same origin.
Tesoro Spanish, Italian
from tesoro "treasure" (from Latin thesaurus "hoard") applied as a metonymic occupational name for a treasurer. In some cases this may be a habitational name from El Tesoro in southern Spain... [more]
Tetta Italian
Means "boob, tit" in Italian.
Ticozzi Italian
Possibly derived from the given name Ardito or its diminutive forms Ardizzo or Ardizzone.
Timoteo Spanish, Portuguese, Italian
From the given name Timoteo.
Tizio Italian
From the given name Tizio
Tizzoni Italian
From Italian tizzone "embers, live coal; firebrand", probably a nickname for a troublemaker or revolutionary.
Todde Italian
From a modification of Latin tollere "to lift, to raise; to destroy". Alternately, may derive from the medieval Sardinian name Totolle.
Todeschini Italian
From Italian tedesco "German, of Germany".
Tognazzi Italian
From the given name Antonio. A famous bearer was Italian actor Ugo Tognazzi (1922–1990).
Tola Italian
Probably from an ancient toponym.
Tolentino Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Italian (Rare), Judeo-Italian
Ultimately derived from the name of a town in the province of Macerata, Italy (see Tolentino). This was adopted as a Spanish given name in honour of the 14th-century Italian saint and mystic Nicholas of Tolentino... [more]
Tolomeo Italian
From a personal name which was either a short form of Bartolomeo or an Italian form of the Greek Ptolemaios.
Tomasi Italian
From the given name Tomaso.
Tomaso Italian
From the given name Tomaso.
Tomei Italian
Patronymic form of Tomeo. Famous bearers include American actresses Marisa Tomei (1964-) and Concetta Tomei (1945-).
Tomeo Italian
From a short form of the given name Bartolomeo.
Tommaso Italian
From the given name Tommaso.
Tonelli Italian
Derived from a short form of Antonello, itself a diminutive of Antonio.
Toni Italian
From the given name Antonio.
Tontodonati Italian
From Italian tonto "foolish, stupid" and the given name Donato.
Torinese Italian
One who came from Turin.
Tornatore Italian
Derived from Italian tornatore meaning "turner", which refers to a craftsman who turns and shapes various materials (such as wood and metal) on a lathe. In other words: this surname is the Italian cognate of the English surname Turner... [more]
Toro Spanish, Italian
Either a habitational name from Toro in Zamora province. Compare De Toro . Or a nickname for a lusty person or for someone who owned a bull or a metonymic occupational name for a tender of bulls or possibly for a bull fighter from toro "bull" (from Latin taurus).
Toronto Italian (Anglicized)
Possibly derived from the Italian province, Taranto.
Torquato Italian, Portuguese
From the given name Torquato
Torre Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian cognitive and, Spanish and Portuguese variant of Torres. From torre "tower" (from Latin turris).
Torta Italian
Probably from Italian torto "twisted, bent, crooked", or the related French tort "wrong, deviated".
Tortora Italian
From a given name derived from Italian tortora meaning "turtle dove", ultimately from Latin turtur (genitive turturis). It could also derive from a town and comune with the same name, located in the province of Cosenza in Calabria, Italy.
Toscano Italian, Spanish
Originally indicated someone who came from the region of Tuscany in central Italy.
Tosta Italian
Tosta literally means "hard" in italian.
Totino Italian
from a pet form of the personal name Toto.
Totti Italian
From the Medieval given name Toto, abbreviation of either Benedetto or Battista... [more]
Tozzi Italian
Derived from the Italian adjective tozzo meaning "squat; stocky" and also "chunk; hunk", both from Latin túndere meaning "to dent" or from Slavic stotz meaning "stump".... [more]
Trando Italian
Italian: from the Germanic (Lombardic) personal name Brando, a short form of the various compound personal names formed with brand ‘sword’, particularly Aldobrando and Ildebrando.
Tranquilli Italian
Derived from the given name Tranquillo.
Trapanese Italian
Habitational name meaning "Trapanese", "from the city of Trapani or "from the province of Trapani". Variant of Trapani.
Trebbi Italian
Cesare Mauro Trebbi was an Italian painter and lithographer (1847–1931).... [more]
Tredoni Italian
Mrs. Tredoni is the main antagonist of the 1976 slasher film Alice, Sweet Alice. The role was played by American actress Mildred Clinton (1914-2010).
Trentadue Italian
Trentadue, Joseph, Trentadue Irene, Trentadue Leo, Trentadue Evelyn, Trentadue Victor, Trentadue Cindy, Trentadue Steven, Trentadue Tyler, Trentadue Winery... [more]
Trevisan Italian
From the city of Treviso, in Veneto.
Triarico Italian
Possibly an altered form of Tricarico.
Tribbiani Italian
Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr. is a fictional character, serving as one of the primary characters of the NBC sitcom Friends and the main protagonist of its spin-off Joey, and he is portrayed by Matt LeBlanc in both series.
Tricarico Italian
Denoting someone from the province of Tricarico, in Basilicata.
Trifiletti Sicilian
Topographic name from a diminutive of Greek triphyllon "trefoil".
Trigiani Italian
Adriana Trigiani (1969-) is an Italian-American best-selling author, award-winning playwright, television writer/producer, film director/screenwriter/producer, and entrepreneur based in New York City.
Tripoli Italian
Habitational name from Tripoli in Libya, a place name of Greek origin meaning "triple city", from the elements τρι- (tri-) "three, thrice" and πόλις (polis) "city".
Tristano Italian
From the given name Tristano.
Troia Italian
Could derive from the name of a town in Foggia, or be a nickname derived from Italian troia "sow, female pig", which has a slang meaning of "slut".
Troiani Italian
From the given name Troiano and variant of Troiano.
Troiano Italian
From the given name Troiano
Troise Italian
Possibly a regional name from Turgisius, Latin name of a Norman province of Sicily
Troisi Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Troise.
Trombino Italian
From a trombino a diminutive of tromba "trumpet" applied as an occupational name for a trumpeter or for someone who made trumpets.
Trotta Italian
From italian trota meaning "trout" or from the medieval female nickname Trotta the italian cognitive to Trude.
Trovarello Italian
First mention of the surname was in Marche in the 14th century, given to a foundling Trovarello di Paolo or "Paolo's foundling".The name was transcribed as a last name, as this person adopted the first name Claudio Trovarello... [more]
Trovatelli Italian
Means "foundling" in Italian, literally trovato "found" and the diminutive suffix -ello.
Trovato Italian
Given to a foundling or abandoned child, literally "found" in Italian.
Turba Italian
Possibly from Italian turbare, "to disturb, to trouble", itself from Latin turba, "turmoil, disturbance; mob, crowd". Alternately, it could be from the German surname Turba, of uncertain meaning.
Turco Italian
Ethnic name for a Turk, or a nickname from the same word in the sense of a non-Christian or, following the medieval ethnic stereotype, a cruel, ferocious, or short-tempered person.
Turturro Italian, Sicilian
Metonymic occupational name for a groom (a person employed to take care of horses), derived from Sicilian turturo, (ultimately from Italian tortoro) meaning "straw, hay, plait used for strapping horses"... [more]
Tutera Italian
Means “Of the Earth”
Tuttoilmondo Italian
Possibly derived from the French given name Toulemonde, which is either itself derived from the Germanic names Thurmond or Tedmond, or from the phrase tout le monde, literally "all the world", or "everybody"... [more]
Tuveri Italian
Possibly from Sardinian Campidanese tuvera, meaning "pipe of the bellows", indicating someone who worked at a forge.
Uccheddu Italian
From Sardinian uccheddu, "eyelet, buttonhole".
Ulisse Italian
From the given name Ulisse.
Urbano Italian, Spanish
From the given name Urbano.
Urbino Sicilian, Italian
Possibly from the name of an Italian town. Could also be from Sicilian urbu or orbu, meaning "blind", in which case it may refer to literal blindness, or a more metaphorical "blind to one's sins", especially in the case of foundlings.
Urgu Italian
From an ancient toponym.
Usai Italian
Possibly from the name of the former village Usani, or alternately, from Sardinian uscare "to burn, to scorch".
Usanza Italian (Rare)
"custom, customary" Italian
Vaccarino Italian
From a diminutive of the occupational name Vaccaro meaning "cowherd".
Vadalà Italian
Derived from the Arabic given name Abd Allah, meaning "servant of God".
Valente Italian, Galician, Portuguese
Italian, Galician, and Portuguese: nickname from valente ‘brave’, ‘valiant’.... [more]
Valle Spanish, Filipino, Italian
Habitational name from any of the many places named with valle "valley", or topographic name for someone who lived in a valley (Latin vallis).
Valore Italian
Meaning - Value
Valsecchi Italian
Denoting someone from the former municipality of Valsecca in Lombardy.
Vanini Italian
Possibly from the given name Giovanni.
Vanoni Italian
Derived from Giovannone itself a nickname of Giovanni.
Vargiu Italian
From the name of a former settlement. Possibly from Latin varius, "many colours, variegated".
Vario Italian, Spanish
From the given name Vario. Also means "various" in Italian.
Vasaio Italian
Italian for "potter."
Vasta Italian
Vasta is derived from the Italian word Vast. Vasta means wide in Italian. It is a common name in Italy preferably in Milan, Italy.
Veca Italian
Southern Italian: possibly from vece ‘change’, ‘mutation’, ‘alternation’ (from Latin vix, vicis, plural vices), or from a pet form of a personal name formed with this element.
Vecchi Italian
Italian: patronymic or plural form of Vecchio, meaning "old".
Vecchio Italian
Means "old, aged" in Italian, originally used as a nickname for an older or oldest son or for someone who was prematurely grey or wrinkled.
Vella Maltese, Italian
Derived from Italian bella meaning "beautiful".
Venezia Italian, Judeo-Italian
Habitational name from the city of Venice or from the region of Venetia, both of which are called Venezia in Italian.
Veneziano Italian
habitational name from veneziano "Venetian". Variant of Venezia
Venini Italian
Possibly a patronymic from the medieval name Bene, meaning "good".
Venosa Italian
Derived from a town named "Venosa".
Ventrelli Italian
Meaning 'small belly' from the Italian ventre (belly) and the diminutive suffix elli, meaning small or little.
Ventresca Italian
Meaning Unknown
Venturelli Italian
Especially used in Northern Italy
Venturini Italian
From the given name Venturino.
Venturino Italian
From the given name Venturino
Vercetti Italian
Is a Italian surname that is derived from the Italian surname "Verratti".
Verde Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From Spanish verde "green" (Latin viridis), presumably a nickname for someone who habitually dressed in this color or had green eyes, etc. This is also a common element of place names.
Verdi Italian
The Italian word for "green".
Vergine Italian
Italian form of Virgo.
Vergottini Italian
It seems most common in Italy
Vernetti Italian, Piedmontese
From various places called Vernetti or Vernetto in Piedmont, Italy.
Verrone Italian
Italian: probably a nickname from an augmentative form of verro ‘boar’.
Vetrano Italian
The name originates from Italy, mainly Sicily. It means "old man veteran", other times it means "faithful, loyal".
Viceconte Italian
Means viscount in Italian, Originally for served as or worked for a viscount.
Vicino Italian
Italian form of Voisin.
Vieri Italian
From French surname Olivier.
Vigna Italian
Meaning "vineyard", referring to someone who lived near one.
Vignola Italian
habitational name from any of various minor places so named from vignola "small vineyard".