Surnames Starting with I

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IANSON     English
Variant of JANSON.
IBÁÑEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Ibán", Ibán being a variant of JUAN (1).
IBARRA     Basque, Spanish
From Basque place names derived from ibar meaning "meadow".
IBBOT     English
Variant of IBBOTT.
IBBOTT     English
Matronymic surname derived from the old feminine name Ibota, which in turn was derived from ISABEL, the oldest form of ELIZABETH to be introduced into England.
Means "son of IBRAHIM".
IBSEN     Danish
Means "son of IB".
IDONI     Italian
Means "fit, suitable" from the Latin word idoneus.
IDOWU     Western African, Yoruba
From the given name IDOWU.
IGLESIAS     Spanish
From Spanish iglesia meaning "church".
IGNÁCZ     Hungarian
Derived from the given name IGNÁC.
IGNATIEV     Russian
Means "son of IGNATIY".
IGNATOV     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of IGNAT".
IHEJIRIKA     Western African, Igbo
Means "the one that I have is greater" in Igbo.
IKEDA     Japanese
From Japanese (ike) meaning "pool, pond" and (ta) meaning "field".
IKIN     English
Derived from a diminutive of the medieval given name IDA.
ILBERT     English
Derived from a Norman French form of the Germanic given name HILDIBERHT.
ILIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of ILIJA".
ILIESCU     Romanian
Means "son of ILIE".
ILIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of ILIYA".
ILLÉS     Hungarian
Derived from the given name ILLÉS.
From the name of the town of Ingersleben, Germany, which meant "Inge's village".
INGERSSON     Swedish
Variant of INGESSON.
INGESSON     Swedish
Means "son of INGE".
INGHAM     English
From an English place name meaning "INGA's homestead".
INGOLFSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of INGÓLFR".
INGRAM     English
Derived from the Norman French given name ENGUERRAND.
IÑÍGUEZ     Spanish
Means "son of ÍÑIGO" in Spanish.
INNES (1)     Scottish
From a place name derived from Gaelic inis meaning "island".
INNES (2)     Scottish
From the given name AONGHUS.
INNOCENTI     Italian
From a nickname meaning "innocent" in Italian.
INOUE     Japanese
Means "above the well", from Japanese (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit", an unwritten possessive marker (no), and (ue) meaning "above, top, upper".
Means "son of IOANNIS" in Greek.
IONESCO     Romanian
Variant of IONESCU. French-Romanian playwright Eugène Ionesco is a famous bearer of this surname.
IONESCU     Romanian
Means "son of ION (1)" in Romanian.
IORDANOU     Greek
From the name of the Jordan river, which is from Hebrew יָרַד (yarad) meaning "descend" or "flow down".
IRVIN     English
Variant of IRVING or IRWIN.
IRVINE     Scottish, English
Variant of IRVING.
IRVING     Scottish, English
Originally derived from a Scottish place name (in North Ayrshire) meaning "green water".
IRWIN     English
Derived from the Old English given name EOFORWINE.
ISAACSON     English
Means "son of ISAAC".
ISAEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of ISAY".
ISAKSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of ISAK".
ISAKSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ISAK".
ISHIKAWA     Japanese
From Japanese (ishi) meaning "stone" and (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
ITO     Japanese
Variant transcription of ITOU.
ITOU     Japanese
From Japanese (i) meaning "this" and (tou) meaning "wisteria". The final character may indicate a connection to the Fujiwara clan.
ITURBURUA     Basque
Means "by the fountain" in Basque.
IVANKOV     Bulgarian
Patronymic derived from a diminutive of IVAN.
IVANOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of IVAN".
IVANOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of IVAN".
IVERS     English, Irish
Patronymic derived from the given name IVOR.
IVOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of IVO (2)".
IYER     Tamil
Referred to a person belonging to the Iyer subcaste of the larger Brahmin caste. The Iyer subcaste is traditionally devoted to the God Vishnu.
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