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BAAIMAN     Dutch
Means "son of Baaij"... [more]
BAAK     Dutch
From the given name Baak, a short form of names starting with badu- "fight, struggle".
BAANDERS     Dutch
Dutch cognate of BANNER.
BAARDA     Frisian
From a place name meaning "from Baard's farm"... [more]
BAARDSSON     Norwegian
Means "son of BÅRD".
From a place name, possibly from Baard's wijk where the given name Baard is from BERT and wijk means "living place".
BAARS     Dutch
Dutch form of BAARSMA.
BAARSMA     Frisian
Means "son of Baard"... [more]
BAART     Dutch
From the given name Baard, which was a form of BERT.
BAAS     Dutch
Means "boss, overseer" referring to a profession.
BAASCH     German, Dutch
Means "boss" from the Middle Low German baas.
BABCOCK     English
Derived from the medieval name Bab which was possibly a diminutive of BARTHOLOMEW or BARBARA.
BABCOCKE     English
Variant of BABCOCK.
BABCOKE     English
Variant of BABCOCK.
BABIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Matronymic surname derived from Slavic baba "old woman".
BABIČ     Slovene
Slovene form of BABIĆ.
BABINEAUX     French
Diminutive form of the given name Babin.
BACH     German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a stream, from Middle High German bach meaning "stream".
BACHCHAN     Indian
Means "child".
BACHMAN     Jewish
Means "son of life" from the Hebrew ben chayim.
BACHMEIER     German
Means "a farmer whose farm is beside a stream" from Middle High German bach "stream" and mei(g)er "steward".
BÄCKER     German
Newer variant of BECKE.
BACKUS     English
Means "bakery", an occupational name for a baker, from Old English bacan "to bake" and hus "house".
BADCOCK     English
Variant of BABCOCK.
BADCOCKE     English
Variant of BABCOCK.
BADCOKE     English
Variant of BABCOCK.
BADEM     Turkish
Derived from a Turkish word meaning "almond".
BADER     German
Derived from Old High German bad "a bath", most likely referring to a bath attendant.
BAGER     Danish
Means "baker" in Danish.
BAGGI     Italian
Denoted a person from Baggi (Milan), Italy.
BAGGIO     Italian
Variant of BAGGI.
Means "son of Baghdassar"... [more]
BAGLEY     English
From various English place names, all derived from Old English bagga "bag, badger" combined with leah "woodland, clearing".
BAGLIO     Italian
Italian cognate of BAILEY.
BAGNI     Italian
Means "public bath house attendant" from Latin balnea.
BAGNOLI     Italian
Diminutive form of BAGNI.
BÄHR     German
Menas "bear" or "boar" from Middle High German bër "bear" or ber "boar"... [more]
BAI     Chinese
From Chinese (bái) meaning "white".
BAILEY     English
From Middle English baili meaning "bailiff", which comes via Old French from Latin baiulus "porter".
BAINES (1)     Welsh
From Welsh ab Einws meaning "son of Einws"... [more]
BAINES (2)     English
From a nickname for a thin person, meaning "bones".
BAIRD     Scottish
Anglicized form of MAC AN BAIRD.
BAJUSZ     Hungarian
Means "moustache" from Hungarian bajusz.
BAKALOV     Bulgarian
Patronymic from bakalin meaning "shop owner".
BAKEMA     Frisian
Means "son of Bake"... [more]
BAKER     English
Occupational name for a baker, derived from Middle English bakere.
Means "bakery", an occupational name for a baker... [more]
BAKKER     Dutch
Dutch cognate of BAKER, from the Dutch word bakker.
BAKÓ     Hungarian
Means "axeman" in Hungarian.
BĂLAN     Romanian
Means "blond" in Romanian.
BALÁZS     Hungarian
Derived from the given name BALÁZS.
BALBONI     Italian
Means "son of Balbono", from the Latin name Balbonus.
BALDI     Italian
Derived from the given name BALDO.
BALDINI     Italian
Means "son of Baldino"... [more]
BALDINOTTI     Italian
Means "son of Baldinotto", from the name Baldinoctus, probably from BALDO.
BALDOVINI     Italian
Derived from the given name BALDOVINO.
BALDWIN     English
Derived from the given name BALDWIN.
BALIK     Turkish
From a Turkish word meaning "fish".
BÁLINT     Hungarian
Derived from the given name BÁLINT.
BALOG     Hungarian
Means "left handed" in Old Hungarian.
BALOGH     Hungarian
Variant of BALOG.
BAMBACH     German
Variant of BAUMBACH.
BANCROFT     English
Habitational name derived from any of various places called Bancroft, derived from Old English bean meaning "beans" and croft meaning "paddock, smallholding".
BANDERAS     Spanish
Spanish cognate of BANNER.
BANDINI     Italian
Means "son of Bandino" from the Latin name Bandinus.
BANDONI     Italian
Means "son of Bandone" from the medieval name Bandone meaning "sheet of iron".
From bandha "bonds of Karma" and upadhaya "instructor, priest"... [more]
BANES     Welsh
Variant of BAINES (1).
BANIK     Slovak
Means "miner" in Slovak.
BANISTER     English
Meant "basket maker" in Norman French.
BANKS     English
Means "by the bank".
BANNER     English
Occupational name for a flag carrier, derived from Old French baniere meaning "banner", ultimately of Germanic origin.
BANNERMAN     English
Variant of BANNER.
BARACNIK     Czech
Denoted a farmer in Bohemia with less land than a Sedlak, Zahradnik or Chalupnik, but more land than a tenant farmer.
BÁRÁNY     Hungarian
Means "lamb" in Hungarian.
BARÁTH     Hungarian
Derived from the vocabulary word barát meaning "friend" in Hungarian.
BARBER     English, Scottish
Indicated one who cut hair for a living.
BARBIERI     Italian
Italian cognate of BARBER.
BARDAKÇI     Turkish
Means "glassmaker" from bardak, the Turkish word for "glass".
BARDSLEY     English
From the name a village lying between Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham, in the County of Lancashire, England... [more]
BARENDS     Dutch
Means "son of Barend", where Barend is from BERNHARD.
BARIŞ     Turkish
From the given name BARIŞ.
BARIS     Albanian
Occupational name for a "shepherd", from Albanian bari.
BARKER     English
From Middle English bark(en) "to tan", an occupational name for a leather tanner.
BARLOW     English
Derived from a number of English place names which variously mean "barley hill", "barn hill", "boar clearing" or "barley clearing".
BARNA     Hungarian
Means "brown" in Hungarian.
BARNES     English
Denoted a person who worked or lived in a barn... [more]
BARNET     English
Variant of BARNETT.
BARNETT     English
Derived from place originating from Old English bœrnet "cleared by burning".
BARONE     Italian
From the title of barone "baron", derived from the Germanic baro "free man".
BARRET     English
Variant of BARRETT.
BARRETT     English
Derived from Middle English meaning "dispute", originally given to a quarrelsome person.
BARROS     Portuguese, Spanish
From the word barro meaning "clay" or "mud"... [more]
BARSAMIAN     Armenian
Means "son of a priest" in Armenian.
BARSETTI     Italian
Means "son of Barsetto" from the Latin name Barsectus.
BARTA     Hungarian
Derived from the shortened form of Bartalom, the old Hungarian form of BERTALAN.
BARTALOTTI     Italian
Means "son of Bartalotto", probably from Bartolo, a short form of BARTOLOMEO.
BARTHA     Hungarian
Variant of BARTA.
BARTOLOMEI     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
BARTOLOMEO     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
BARTON     English
From a place name meaning "barley town".
BARTOS     Hungarian
Hungarian form of BARTOŠ.
BARTOŠ     Czech, Slovak
Derived from Bartoš, a diminutive of BARTOLOMĚJ or BARTOLOMEJ.
BARTOSZ     Polish
Derived from the given name BARTOSZ.
BARTRAM     English
From the given name BERTRAM.
BARWEGEN     Frisian
Derived from the name of a village in Friesland.
BARZETTI     Italian
Variant of BARSETTI.
BASILE     Italian
From the given name BASILE or BASILIO.
BASS     English
English cognate of BASSO.
BASSANELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of BASSANI.
BASSANI     Italian
Derived from the place name Bassano, multiple villages in Italy.
BASSI     Italian
Variant of BASSO, common in northern Italy.
BASSO     Italian
Nickname for a person who is rather short, from Latin bassus "thickset".
BASURTO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "in the middle of the forest", from a region in Spain.
BATES     English
Means "son of Batte"... [more]
BATESON     English, Scottish
Means "son of Batte"... [more]
BÁTHORY     Hungarian
Archaic spelling variant of BÁTORI.
BÁTORI     Hungarian
Means "someone from Bátor". Bátor is a village in Hungary.
BATTAGLIA     Italian
From a nickname meaning "battle".
BATTLE     English
From the name of English places called Battle, so named because they were sites of battles.
BATTS     English
From the medieval name Batte, a diminutive of BARTHOLOMEW.
BAUDIN     French
From BAUDOUIN or another name derived from the Germanic element bald "brave".
BAUER     German
From Middle High German bur or bure meaning "peasant, farmer".
BAUERS     German
Variant of BAUER.
BAUM     German, Jewish
Means "a tree" in German.
BAUMANN     German, Jewish
From Middle High German buman meaning "farmer".
BAUMBACH     German
Derived from the place name Baumbach.
Means "a person who works at an orchard" from German baumgarten "orchard"... [more]
BAUMHAUER     German
Means "a woodcutter" from Middle High German boum "a tree", houwen "to chop"... [more]
BAUTISTA     Spanish
Derived from the Latin name Baptista, which referred to John the Baptist.
BAXTER     English
Variant (in origin a feminine form) of BAKER.
BAYER     German
From German Bayern "Bavaria", referring to person from Bavaria.
BAZZOLI     Italian
Means "son of Bazzolo", from the given name Baczolus.
BEAKE     English
From a nickname for a person with a big nose, from Middle English beke meaning "beak".
BEASLEY     English
From the name of a place in Lancashire, from Old English beos "bent grass" and leah "woodland, clearing".
BEATTIE     English, Scottish
From the medieval name Battie, a diminutive of BARTHOLOMEW.
BEAUCHENE     French
From a French place name which meant "beautiful oak".
BEAULIEU     French
From a French place name which meant "beautiful place".
BEAUMONT     French
From a French place name which meant "beautiful hill".
BECK (1)     German
Variant of BECKE.
BECK (2)     English
From Middle English bekke meaning "stream, brook".
BECK (3)     English
Variant of BEAKE.
BECK (4)     English
From Old English becca "pick-axe", an occupational surname.
BECKE     German
German occupational name from Middle High German becke meaning "baker".
Means "basin or bowl maker" in German.
BECKER     German
Variant of BECKE.
BECKERT     German
Variant of BECKE.
BECKET     English
Variant of BECKETT.
BECKETT     English
Originally a diminutive of BECK (2) or BECK (3).
BECKHAM     English
From a place name meaning "Becca's homestead".
BECSKEI     Hungarian
Indicated a person from Becske, a town in Hungary.
BEDROSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of BEDROS" in Armenian.
BEGBIE     Scottish
Originates in Scotland, where it is most common in the Edinburgh and East Lothian areas... [more]
BEHREND     German
Derived from the given name BERND.
BEHRENDS     German
Variant of BEHREND.
BEIRNE     Irish
Variant of O'BYRNE.
BEITEL     German
Variant form of BEUTEL.
BÉLANGER     French
Variant of BÉRINGER.
BELCHER     English
From a Middle English version of Old French bel chiere... [more]
BELL (1)     English
Means "bell" from Middle English belle... [more]
BELL (2)     English
Derived from the given name Bel, a medieval short form of ISABEL.
BELLAMY     French, English
Probably from the Norman French bel ami meaning "beautiful friend".
BELLANDI     Italian
Means "son of Bellando" from the given name Bellandus.
BELLANDINI     Italian
Diminutive form of BELLANDI.
BELLEROSE     French
From a French place name which meant "beautiful rose".
Means "son of Bellincione", from the medieval name Bellincione.
BELLINI     Italian
Means "son of Bellino". From the Italian name Bello meaning "beautiful".
BELLO     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful" in Spanish and Italian.
BELLOMI     Italian
Means "son of Bellomo", a given name composed of bellus and homo meaning "beautiful man".
BELLONI     Italian
Augmented form of BELLO.
BELLUOMI     Italian
Variant of BELLOMI.
BELMONTE     Spanish, Italian
Means "beautiful mountain". This is a place in Calabria, southern Italy.
BELO     Portuguese
Originally a nickname for an attractive person, meaning "handsome, beautiful" in Portuguese.
BELROSE     French
Variant of BELLEROSE.
BELTZ     German
Derived from Middle High German belz "fur".
BENBOW     English
From a nickname given to an archer meaning "bend the bow", later shortened to Benbow.
BENCIVENNI     Italian
Means "son of Bencivenne", from the medieval name Bencivenne.
BENDTSEN     Danish
Means "son of BENDT".
BENEDETTI     Italian
Means "son of BENEDETTO".
BENENATI     Italian
Means "son of Benenato", given name derived from Latin bene and natus meaning "born good".
BENES     Hungarian
Hungarian form of BENEŠ.
BENEŠ     Czech
Derived from a diminutive of the given name BENEDIKT.
BENETTON     Italian
Italian regional variant of BENEDETTI.
BENGOCHEA     Basque, Spanish
Means "house furthest down" in Basque.
Means "daughter of BENGT".
BENGTSSON     Swedish
Means "son of BENGT".
BENINI     Italian
Means "son of Benino" from a diminutive of Bene or Beno, short forms of BENEDETTO.
BENITEZ     Spanish
Means "son of BENITO".
BENIVIENI     Italian
Means "son of Beniviene", from a medieval given name.
Means "son of BENJAMIN".
BENN     German
Derived from the given name BERNHARD.
BENNET     English
Derived from the medieval English given name BENNETT.
BENNETT     English
Variant of BENNET.
Originally Von Bunschoten, indicating a person from the town of Bunschoten in Holland.
BENSON     English
Means "son of BENEDICT".
BENTLEY     English
From a place name meaning "clearing covered with bent grass" in Old English... [more]
BENTON     English
Denoted someone who came from Benton, England... [more]
BENTSEN     Danish
Means "son of BENT (1)".
BENVENUTI     Italian
Means "son of BENVENUTO".
BERAN     Czech
Derived from beran "ram".
BERARDI     Italian
Means "son of Berardo", from a variant of BERNARDO.
BERG     German, Swedish
Means "mountain" in German and Swedish.
Indicated an inhabitant of the city of Bergamo, in Lombardy.
BERGER (1)     French
Occupational surname meaning "shepherd" in Norman French.
BERGER (2)     German
Means "person living on a mountain", from Old High German berg "mountain".
BERGFALK     Swedish, German
Derived from berg meaning "mountain" and falk meaning "falcon"... [more]
BERGMAN     Swedish
From Swedish berg "mountain" and man "man"... [more]
BERGSTRÖM     Swedish
Derived from the Swedish words for "mountain" berg and "stream" ström.
BÉRINGER     French
Variant of BERINGER.
BERINGER     Dutch, German
From the old Germanic given name Beringer.
BERKOVICH     Jewish
Means "son of Berko" in Yiddish, Berko being derived from Hebrew BARUCH.
BERKOWICZ     Jewish
Variant of BERKOVICH.
BERKOWITZ     Jewish
Variant of BERKOVICH.
BERMÚDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Bermudo"... [more]
BERNARD     French, English, Polish, Czech
From the given name BERNARD.
BERNAT     German
Derived from the German given name BERNHARD.
BERNE     Irish
Variant of O'BYRNE.
Means "son of BERNHARD".
BERRY     English
Derived from a place name which was derived from Old English burh "fortification".
BERTI     Italian
Derived from given names like ALBERTO, ROBERTO, ADALBERTO and so on.
BERTOLINI     Italian
Variant of BERTI.
BERTRAND     French
Derived from the given name BERTRAND.
BEST     German
Derived from the name of the river Beste... [more]
BEULEN     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEULENS     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEULLENS     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEUMERS     Dutch
Means "trees".
BEUTEL     German
From the German word Beutel, derived from Middle High German biutel meaning "bag"... [more]
BEVAN     Welsh
Derived from ap Evan meaning "son of EVAN".
BEVERLEY     English
Variant of BEVERLY.
BEVERLY     English
Derived from a place name meaning "beaver stream" in Old English.
BEYER     German
Variant of BAYER.
Americanization of what may have been originally Baurnes des Dorf, or "village of the farmers"... [more]
From Dutch zuid "south" and hout, the oldest Dutch word for "forest"... [more]
Means "illustrious teacher" in Sanskrit.
BIAGI     Italian
Means "son of BIAGIO".
BIANCARDI     Italian
From a Germanic given name derived from the elements blanc meaning "white" and hard meaning "hardy".
BIANCHI     Italian
Means "white" from Italian bianco and originally given to a person who was white-haired or extremely pale.
BICCHIERI     Italian
Means "drinking glasses" in Italian.
BIEBER     German, Jewish
From Middle High German biber "beaver", German Biber, or Yiddish biber, hence a nickname, possibly a nickname for a hard worker, or from some other fancied resemblance to the animal... [more]
BIERMANN     German
Derived from German bier "beer" and mann "man"... [more]
BINICI     Turkish
From the word binici meaning "rider".
BIONDI     Italian
Means "fair-haired" in Italian... [more]
BIONDO     Italian
Variant of BIONDI.
BIRD     English
Occupational name for a person who raised or hunted birds.
BÍRÓ     Hungarian
Derived from bíró meaning "judge" in Hungarian.
BISCHOFFS     German
German cognate of BISHOP.
BISHOP     English
Means simply "bishop", ultimately from Greek επισκοπος (episkopos) meaning "overseer"... [more]
BISKUP     Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak cognate of BISHOP.
BISSET     French
From French bisse "fine linen". The name probably referred to a weaver.
BISSETTE     French
From the French word bisse meaning "fine linen"... [more]
BJARNESEN     Danish
Means "son of BJARNE".
BJÖRK     Swedish
From Swedish björk "birch".
BJÖRKMAN     Swedish
Means "birch (tree) man".
BJÖRNSSON     Swedish
Means "son of BJÖRN".
BLACK     English
Means either "black" (from Old English blœc) or "pale" (from Old English blac)... [more]
Variant of BLACKBURN.
BLACKBURN     English
Means "black stream" in Old English.
BLACKMAN     English
From a nickname (see BLACK).
BLACKWOOD     Scottish, English
From an English place name meaning "black wood".
BLAHA     Czech, Slovak
Derived from the name Blaha, a diminutive of BLAŽEJ.
BLAIR     Scottish
From any one of several of this place name in Scotland, which derive from Gaelic blár meaning "plain, field, battlefield".
BLAISE     French
Derived from the given name BLAISE.
BLAKE     English
Derived from Old English blæc "black" or blāc "pale"... [more]
BLAKESLEE     English
From Blakesley, a town in Northamptonshire... [more]
BLANC     French
Means "white" in French... [more]
BLANCHET     French
From a diminutive of the name BLANC.
BLANCHETT     French
Variant of BLANCHET.
BLANCO     Spanish
Means "white" in Spanish... [more]
BLANXART     Catalan
Catalan form of BLANCO.
BLAU     German
Means "blue" in German, most likely used to refer to a person who wore blue clothes.
BLAŽEK     Czech
Derived from the given name Blažek, a diminutive of BLAŽEJ.
BLECHER     German
Occupational name for someone who worked with tin or sheet metal, from German blech "tin".
BLEIER     German
Means "a worker of lead", derived from German blei "lead".
BLEVINS     Welsh
Derived from the Welsh given name Bleddyn which meant "wolf cub".
BLOM     Swedish
From blom meaning "bloom".
BLOMGREN     Swedish
From blomma meaning "flower" and gren meaning "branch", thus "flowering branch".
BLOODWORTH     English
Habitational name from Blidworth in Nottinghamshire, which was derived from the Old English given name Blīþa combined with worð meaning "enclosure".
BLOXAM     English
Variant of BLOXHAM.
BLOXHAM     English
After the Saxon conquest of England, two brothers by the name of Blocc established a town, named Blocc's Hamlet... [more]
BLUE     English
From a nickname for a person with blue eyes or blue clothing.
BLUM     Jewish
Means "flower" in German and Yiddish.
BLUMENTHAL     German, Jewish
Derived from German Blumen "flowers" and thal "valley".
BLUMSTEIN     Jewish, German
Means "flower stone" in German.
BLYTHE     English
From Old English meaning "happy" or "joyous".
BOBAL     Czech
Derived from Slavic bob meaning "beans".
BOBIENSKI     Polish
Indicated a person from Bobien, Poland.
BOCKER     German
Possibly Old German meaning "cooper (barrel maker)".
BODILSEN     Danish
Means "son of BODIL".
BODNÁR     Hungarian
Variant of BOGNÁR.
BODROGI     Hungarian
Originally denoted someone living near the Bodrog, a river in the northeastern part of Hungary.
BOEHLER     German
Variant of BÖHLER.
BOER     Dutch, Low German
From West Low German Boer meaning "farmer".
Literally means "good farmer" in Dutch.
BOERIO     Italian
From a nickname meaning "ox".
BOESCH     German
Variant of BÖSCH.
BOGDANIĆ     Croatian
Means "son of BOGDAN".
BOGDANOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of BOGDAN".
BOGDANOVIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of BOGDAN".

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