Surnames Starting with P

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PACE     Italian
Derived from the Italian given name Pace which meant "peace".
PACHIS     Greek
From Greek pachis which means "fat".
PADDON     English
Variant of PATTON (1)
PADMORE     English
Originally indicated a person from Padmore, England.
PADOVAN     Italian
Regional form of PADOVANO.
PADOVANO     Italian
Originally denoted one who came from the city of Padua (Padova) in Italy.
PAGANI     Italian
Variant of PAGANO
PAGANO     Italian
From the old nickname pagano meaning "pagan" (earlier sense "rustic").
PAGE     English, French
Occupational name meaning "servant, page"... [more]
PAGET     English, French
Diminutive of PAGE
PAHLKE     German
Means "tall, thin, pole-like" from the Old French piel, although it may also have denoted a person who lived by a pole, or who worked with poles.
PAIGE     English
Variant of PAGE
PAJARI     Finnish, Russian
Means "boyar" (Russian noble)... [more]
PAKULSKI     Polish
Originally denoted a person from Pakuly, Poland.
PÁL     Hungarian
Derived from the given name PÁL.
PALLADINO     Italian
From the Italian term palladin, meaning "knight".
PALLESEN     Danish
Means "son of PALLE".
PALMEIRO     Portuguese
Portuguese form of PALMER
PALMER     English
Means "pilgrim"... [more]
PALMISANO     Italian
Locative surname from southern Italy... [more]
PALOMER     Provençal
Means "pigeon keeper" or "mild" from the Late Latin palumbus.
PALOMO     Spanish
Derived from Spanish palomo "dove".
PALUMBO     Italian
From an old medieval regional nickname palumbo meaning "pigeon"... [more]
PAN (1)     Provençal
Means "baker", from the Old French pain meaning "bread".
PAN (2)     Chinese
Means "water in which rice has been rinsed" in Chinese.
PANDER     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PANDERS     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PANDEV     Macedonian
Means "son of Pande", Pande being a diminutive form of PETAR.
PANOSSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of PANOS".
From a nickname meaning "old stomach".
Means "son of the priest" from the Greek word papas.
PAPE     French
French cognate of POPE.
PAPKE     German
Means "pope" from the Latin papa... [more]
PAPP (1)     Hungarian
Means "pope" from the Latin papa... [more]
PAPP (2)     German
Means "glutton" from the Late Latin pappare meaning "to eat".
PAQUET (1)     French
Means "gatherer or seller of firewood" from the Old French pacquet.
PAQUET (2)     French
Derived from the given name PASCAL.
PAREDES     Portuguese, Spanish
Means "dweller by the wall" from the Latin paries.
PARENT     English, French
Derived from old French parent "notable".
PARIS     English, French
Variant of PARISH (1)
PARISH (1)     English
Originally denoted a person who came from the French city of Paris, which got its name from the ancient Celtic tribe known as the Parisii.
PARISH (2)     English
Derived from the rare medieval given name Paris which was an Old French form of PATRICK.
PARISI     Italian
Means "from Paris, France".
PARKER     English
Means "keeper of the park" in Middle English... [more]
PARMA     Italian
From the city of Parma, well known in Italy for its artistic beauties.
PARODI     Italian
From the name of a village near Genoa.
PARRI     Italian
From the given name GASPARE.
PARRINO     Italian
From a family word that indicates a "godfather"... [more]
PARRIS     English, French
Variant of PARISH (1)
PARRY     Welsh
Derived from ap Harry meaning "son of HARRY".
PARSONS     English
Originally denoted a person who served as a parson.
PARTANEN     Finnish
Derived from a Finnish word meaning "beard".
PASCAL     French, Jewish
Derived from the given name PASCAL.
PASSERINI     Italian
From the name of a bird passero, that is "sparrow".
PASTERNACK     Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Means "white turnip" or "parsnip".
PASTORE     Italian
From the occupation pastore meaning "shepherd".
PASZEK     Polish
Derived from a Polish diminutive of PAUL.
PÁSZTOR     Hungarian
Means "herd, shepherd" in Hungarian.
PATAKI     Hungarian
Derives from the vocabulary word patak, which means "creek, brook" in Hungarian... [more]
PATENAUDE     French
French form of PATERNOSTER
PATERNOSTER     English, French, German, Italian
Occupational name for a maker of rosaries, also called paternosters... [more]
PATERSON     English, Scottish
Means "son of PATRICK".
PATIL     Indian
In Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka states, Patil means "village chief" or the "biggest landowner".
PATRICK     English
From the given name PATRICK.
PATRICKSON     English
Means "son of PATRICK".
PATRIKSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PATRIK".
PATTERSON     English, Scottish
Means "son of PATRICK".
PATTON (1)     English, Scottish
Diminutive of the medieval name Pate, a short form of PATRICK.
PATTON (2)     Irish
Anglicized version of Ó PEATAIN, possibly derived from shortened forms of PATRICK.
PAUL     English, French, German, Dutch
From the given name PAUL.
PAULIS     Dutch, German
From Latin name Paulus (see PAUL).
Variant of PAULIS
PAULSON     English
Means "son of PAUL".
PAVESI     Italian
From the name of the city of Pavia, near Milano in Lombardy, Italy.
PAVIA     Spanish
Spanish surname coming from the Italian city of Pavia south of Milano... [more]
PAVLETIC     Croatian
Derived from a diminutive form of PAVLE.
PAVLOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PAVEL"... [more]
PAVLOVIC     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of PAVLE".
PAVONE     Italian
Variant of PAVONI
PAVONI     Italian
Means "peacock" from Italian pavone... [more]
PAWLITZKI     German
From the given name PAUL... [more]
PAYNE     Irish, Scottish, English
Means "villager, rustic" and later "heathen" from the Middle English Payn, Old French Paien which was often given to children whose baptism had been postponed or adults whose religious zeal was lacking.
PAYTON     English
From the name of the town of Peyton in Sussex... [more]
PEACOCK     English
From the Middle English words pecok and pocok which mean "peacock"... [more]
PEAK     English
Means "dweller by the pointed hill" from the Old English peac or "from the Peak District (Derbyshire), England".
PEARCE     English
From the given name PIERS.
PEARSON     English
Variant of PIERSON
PECHAČEK     Czech
Diminutive form of PETR.
PECHACEK     Czech
Variant of PECHAČEK.
PECK (1)     English
Variant of PEAK
PECK (2)     English
Means "maker of pecks, or vessels used as peck measures" from the Middle English pekke.
PECORA     Italian
Occupational name for a shepherd, meaning "flock".
PEDERSEN     Danish
Means "son of PEDER".
PEDROTTI     Italian
Derived from the given name PIETRO.
From Dutch and means "pear tree", referring to someone who kept a pear orchard.
PEETERS     Dutch, Flemish
Dutch variant of PETERS
PÉK     Hungarian
Means "baker" in Hungarian.
PEKKANEN     Finnish
From Finnish pekka meaning "stone".
PELÁEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Pelayo", where Pelayo is a derivative of PELAGIUS.
PELLEGRINO     Italian
Means "little pilgrim" from the Latin peregrinus.
PELLETIER     French
Derived from Old French pelletier "fur trader".
PELLEY     English
Means "bald" from the Modern French pelé.
PEMBERTON     English
From a place name composed of elements meaning "hill", "barley" and "town".
PEÑA     Spanish
Means "dweller by a large jutting rock" from Spanish peña.
PENDER (1)     English
From Middle English pind "to pen up"... [more]
PENDER (2)     Dutch
From Old Dutch penre, paenre and paender; these are the old names for the occupation of "brewer".
PENDERS     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PENNDERS     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PENNER     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PENNERS     Dutch
Variant of PENDER (2)
PENNY     English
Means "penny (the coin)" from the Old English pening, penig.
PENSAK     Yiddish
Variant of PENZIG
PENTTI     Finnish
Derived from the given name PENTTI.
PENZAG     Yiddish
Variant of PENZIG
PENZAK     Yiddish
Variant of PENZIG
PENZIG     German, Yiddish
Denotes a person who comes from Penzig, the German name for Pieńsk, a town in southwest Poland... [more]
PENZIK     Yiddish
Variant of PENZIG
PEREIRA     Portuguese
Derived from Portuguese meaning "pear tree".
PÉREZ     Spanish
Means "son of PEDRO" in Spanish.
PEREZ     Spanish
Variant of PÉREZ
PERKINS     English, Welsh
Means "son of little PETER".
PERKO     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from an archaic diminutive of PETAR.
PERRAULT     French
Variant of PERREAULT
PERREAULT     French
Derived from Perre, an old French nickname for PIERRE.
PERROT     French
Means "little PETER".
PERRY (1)     English
Derived from Middle English perrie, Old English pyrige meaning "pear tree"... [more]
PERRY (2)     Welsh
From Welsh ap Herry, meaning "son of HERRY".
PERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PER".
PERUGIA     Italian
From the name of the city of Perugia, near Rome, the regional capital of Umbria.
PESARESI     Italian
From the name of the city of Pesaro, in the Marche region.
PESARO     Italian
From the name of the city of Pesaro, in the Marche region.
PESCE     Italian
Means "fisherman" or "fish-like" from the Italian pesce meaning "fish".
PEŠEK     Czech
Derived from Pešek, a diminutive form of PETR.
PESTI     Hungarian
Derived from Pest, one of the towns that were joined to make Budapest... [more]
PESTY     Hungarian
Variant of PESTI
PÉTER     Hungarian
Derived from the given name PÉTER.
PETER     English, German, Dutch
Derived from the given name PETER.
PETERS     English, German
Derived from the given name PETER.
PETERSEN     Danish
Means "son of PETER".
PETERSON     English
Means "son of PETER".
PETERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PETTER".
PETES     Hungarian
Derived from Pete, a diminutive of PÉTER.
PETHES     Hungarian
Variant of PETES
PETIT     Catalan, English, French
Means "small, little" derived from the Old French petit... [more]
PETŐ     Hungarian
Derived from Pető, an old diminutive of PÉTER.
PETŐCS     Hungarian
Derived from Pető, an old Hungarian diminutive of PÉTER.
PETŐFI     Hungarian
Means "son of Pető" in Hungarian... [more]
PETRAN     Romanian
From the Romanian given name PETRU.
PETRESCU     Romanian
Means "son of PETRE" in Romanian.
PETRI     Italian
Derived from the given name PIETRO.
PETRIC     Croatian
Means "son of PETAR".
PETROV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PETER" in Russian and Bulgarian.
PETROVIC     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of PETAR".
PETTERSSON     Swedish
Means "son of PETTER".
PETTIGREW     English, French
Derived from French petit "small" and cru "growth".
PEURA     Finnish
Means "reindeer" in Finnish.
PEUSEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name Pascalis (see PASCAL).
PEYNIRCI     Turkish
From a Turkish name for a merchant who sells cheese.
PEYTON     English
Variant of PAYTON
PFAFF     German
Means "pope" in German. This may have been a nickname for a pious person.
PFENNING     German
Derived from the term pfenni(n)c or pfennig, meaning "penny"... [more]
PHẠM     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of FAN
PHAN     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of PAN (2)
PHELPS     English
Means "son of PHILIP".
PHERIGO     Italian
Derived from the given name FEDERICO.
PHILIPS     English, Dutch
Means "son of PHILIP"... [more]
PHILLIPS     English
Means "son of PHILIP".
PIATEK     Polish
Means "Friday" in Polish, ultimately derived from the Slavic word pjaty "fifth".
PIAZZA     Italian
Means "plaza" in Italian, indicating that the residence of the original bearer was near the town square.
PICASSO     Catalan
Means "magpie" from the Spanish picazo... [more]
PICCIRILLO     Italian
Variant of PICCOLI
PICCOLI     Italian
Nickname for a person who is short, from Italian piccino "small".
PICKERING     English
From the name of a town in Yorkshire, derived from Old English Piceringas, the name of a tribe.
PICKLE     English
Derived from Middle English pighel "field".
PIERCE     English
From the given name PIERS.
PIERNO     Italian
Locative surname derived from the name of the town Pierno in Southern Italy near Potenza.
PIERRE     French
From the given name PIERRE.
PIERSON     English
Means "son of PIERS".
PIETRI     Italian
Derived from the given name PIETRO.
PILKVIST     Swedish
From Swedish pil "arrow, willow" and qvist "twig".
PINHEIRO     Portuguese
Derived from Portuguese meaning "pine-tree".
PINHO     Portuguese
Habitational name derived from any of the many places named Pinho, itself derived from pinho, meaning "pine" or "pine wood".
PINI     Italian
Name for a person who lived near a pine tree, from Latin pinus.
PIONTEK     Polish
Variant spelling of PIATEK.
PIOVENE     Italian
From the name of the Venetian town of Piovene.
PIPER     English
Originally given to a person who played on a pipe (a flute).
PIRAINO     Italian
Locative origin, derived from the name of a place Piraino, on Sicily.
PISANI     Italian
From the name of the inhabitants of Pisa, one of the most important cities of Tuscany.
PITTALUGA     Italian
Originally a local nickname of somebody who "steals grapes" from vineyards... [more]
PITTS     English
Means "dweller by the pit, hollow" from the Old English pytt or "from Pitt (Hants) or Pett (East Sussex), England".
PLAMONDON     French
Derived from a diminutive of French plamont "a flat-topped mountain"... [more]
PLANK     German, English
Means "plank" from the Latin plancus... [more]
PLASKETT     English
Means "dweller by the swampy meadow" from the Old French plasquet.
PLATT     English
Habitational name from Platt or Platt Bridge in Lancashire, named in Middle English with Old French plat "flat, thin", in the dialect sense "plank bridge".
PLEŠEC     Slovene
Nickname for a bald person, from plešec "bald man".
PLEŠKO     Slovene
Nickname for a bald person, from pleša "bald patch" or plešec "bald man".
PLETCHER     German
Originally a name for someone who lived by a field where cattle fodder was grown or else grew cattle fodder, from pletsch or bletsch.
PLOURDE     French
Most likely derived from old French palorde, a type of a shellfish.
POCOCK     English
Orthographic variant of the more familiar PEACOCK.
Cognate of ZAHRADNIK mainly used in the region of Moravia.
POGGI     Italian
Means "dweller on a hill(ock)" from the Italian poggio.
POGGIO     Italian
Means "dweller on a hill(ock)" from the Italian poggio.
POIRIER     French
Means "pear tree" in French... [more]
POKORNI     Hungarian
Hungarian variant of POKORNY
POKORNY     Czech, Slovak, Polish
Derived from the Slavic word pokorny "tame".
POLAK     Czech
Means "a Polish person" in Czech.
POLETTI     Italian
Derived from a diminutive of the given name PAOLO... [more]
POLLEY     English
From Old French poli "polite".
Derived from Czech polo "one half" and lan, a measure of land equal to approximately 18 hectares... [more]
POLZIN     Russian
Occupational name designating a merchant who engaged in transactions for profit in Russia.
POND     English
Referred to one who dwelt near a pond.
PONTECORVO     Italian, Jewish
From the name of a village near Rome, where an Israeli community settled centuries ago.
POOLE     English
From Old English pol meaning "pool"... [more]
POPE     English
From a nickname which originally designated a person who played the part of the pope in a play or pageant... [more]
POPESCU     Romanian
Means "son of the priest" from the Slavic word pop.
POPLAWSKI     Polish
Means "from the water meadow" from the Polish poplaw.
POPOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of the priest" from the Slavic word pop.
PORCHER     English, French
Means "swineherd" from the Old French and Middle English word porchier.
PORRA     Catalan
Variant of PORRAS
PORRAS     Spanish, Catalan
From a nickname meaning "club".
PORSCHE     German
Derived from the given name BORIS.
PORTELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of PORTO.
PORTER     English
Occupational surname meaning "doorkeeper", ultimately from Old French porte "door", from Latin porta.
PORTNER     German
Derived from German pfoertner, which means "gatekeeper".
PORTO     Italian
Designated a person who lived near a harbour, from Italian porto, Latin portus.
PORTOGHESE     Italian
Nickname for a person coming from Portugal.
POSPÍŠIL     Czech
Means "a person in a hurry", from the Czech pospíšit "to be in a hurry".
POTENZA     Italian
From the name of the city of Potenza, the main town of the Basilicata region in Southern Italy.
POTTER     English
From the occupation: one who makes earthen vessels.
POTTINGER     Scottish
Occupational surname for an apothecary.
POULIN     French
Derived from old French poule "chicken"... [more]
POULSEN     Danish
Means "son of POUL".
POUND     English
Occupational name for a person who kept animals, from Old English pund "animal enclosure" (as in dog pound).
POWELL     Welsh
Contraction of the Welsh Ap Howell meaning "son of HOWELL".
POWER (1)     English, Irish
Indicated a person who came from Pois (Picardy), France.
POWER (2)     English
Means "poor" from the Middle English and Old French word povre, poure... [more]
POWERS     English, Irish
Variant of POWER (1)
POZZI     Italian
Locative surname meaning "a well" from Latin puteus... [more]
PRAŽAK     Czech
Means "a person from Prague".
PREBENSEN     Danish
Means "son of PREBEN".
PRESCOTT     English
From an English place name meaning "priest's cottage".
PRESSLEY     English
Means "priest's meadow" in Old English.
PRESTON     English
Originally derived from a place name meaning "priest town" in Old English.
PRICE     Welsh
Derived from Welsh ap Rhys, which means "son of RHYS".
PRICHARD     Welsh
Variant of PRITCHARD
PRIDDY     Welsh
From Welsh prydudd meaning "bard".
PRIETO     Spanish
From a nickname meaning "dark", referring to a person with dark hair or skin.
PRINSEN     Dutch
Means "son of the prince", the term prince would have denoted someone who acted in a regal manner... [more]
PRINZ     German, Jewish
Means "prince", used as an ornamental surname by Jews or as a nickname for someone who acted in a princely manner.
From Welsh ap Richard meaning "son of RICHARD".
PROCHAZKA     Czech, Slovak
Derived from the Czech word prochazet "to wander".
PROFETA     Italian
From the Italian word profeta meaning "prophet"... [more]
PROHÁSZKA     Hungarian
Hungarian variant of PROCHAZKA
PROSDOCIMI     Italian
From the given name Prosdocimo, a medieval given name from the old Greek Prosdokimos.
PROTZ     German
Derived from an old German word meaning "snowy".
PROUDFOOT     English
Means "one with a proud step", a nickname for a proud person.
PROULX     French
Derived from old French preux "valiant".
PROVENZA     Italian
From the name of the region in southern France, Provence (in Italian it is spelled Provenza).
PROVENZANO     Italian
Variant of PROVENZA... [more]
PRYCE     Welsh
Variant of PRICE
PRYOR     English
Belonged to one who was a prior (a religious official), or one who worked fro a prior.
PUERTA     Spanish
Spanish form of PORTO.
PUGA     Spanish
Means "a thorn" in Galician.
PUGH     Welsh
Anglicized form of ap Hugh meaning "son of HUGH".
PUGLIESE     Italian
From an adjectival derivative of Puglia, also known as Apulia, a region of southeastern Italy containing the boot heel and some of the coastline of the Adriatic Sea, hence a regional name for someone from Puglia/Apulia.
PUIG     Catalan, Spanish
Means "dweller on a hill(ock)" from the Old Occitan and Catalan puy.
Derived from the medieval status name purkrabí "burgrave".
PULNIK     Czech
Variant of POLOLANIK
PURCELL     English
Means "swineherd" or perhaps just "piglet" from the Old French pourcel.
PUSKÁS     Hungarian
Occupational surname meaning "gunsmith", from the word puska that means "gun" in Hungarian.
PUSZTAI     Hungarian
From puszta, that means "steppe, prairie" in Hungarian... [more]
PUTNAM     English
Means "from Putnam (Herts, Surrey), England"... [more]