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GAÁL     Hungarian
Variant of GÁL.
GABLER     German
Occupational name for someone who made or sold forks, from German gabel "fork".
GABOR     Romanian
Meaning unknown. Possibly from the Romanian gabor, which is a working class of gypsies.
GABRIELLI     Italian
From the given name Gabriello, a variant of GABRIELE (1).
GABRIELS     English
Derived from the given name GABRIEL.
GABRIELSON     English
Means "son of GABRIEL".
GADHAVI     Indian, Gujarati
Meaning unknown, related to the Charan caste of Gujarat.
GAERTNER     German
German variant of GARDNER.
GAGE     French, English
Occupational surname deriving either from Old French gauge "measure" (a name for an assayer) or gage "pledge" (a name for a moneylender).
GAGLIARDI     Italian
From the adjective gagliardo meaning "very strong".
GAGNE     French
Derived from French gagnier "to farm".
GAGNIER     French
Derived from French gagnier "to farm".
GAGNON     French
Derived from old French gagnon "guard dog". The name most likely started as a nickname for an aggressive or cruel person.
GAJOS     Polish
Derived from an old Slavic term gaj or gajdol which meant "to drone" or "to drone out".
GÁL     Hungarian
Derived from Gál, the shortened form of the given name Gálos, which is an old Hungarian form of GALLUS.
Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Gallchobhair meaning "descendant of GALLCHOBHAR".
GALLEGO     Spanish
Means "a person from Galicia" in Spanish. Galicia is a region in northwestern Spain.
GALLO     Italian, Spanish
Means "cock, rooster" from Latin gallus. This was a nickname for a proud person.
GANG     Korean
Variant romanization of KANG.
GANZA     Italian
From the feminine medieval given name Allegranza or Alleganza. It comes from northern Lombardy.
GARB     German
Variant of GARBER.
GARBER     German
Variant of GERBER.
GARCÍA     Spanish
From a medieval given name of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear".
GARCIA     Portuguese
Portuguese form of GARCÍA.
GARCON     French
French meaning "boy", referring to a servant.
GARDENER     English
Occupational surname for one who was a gardener, from Old French jardin meaning "garden" (of Frankish origin).
GARDINER     English
Variant of GARDENER.
GARDINIER     French
French form of GARDENER.
GARDNER     English
Variant of GARDENER.
GÁRDONYI     Hungarian
Originally denoted a person from Gárdony, a town near Budapest in Hungary.
GAREY     English
Variant of GEARY.
GARFAGNINI     Italian
From the name of the region in Tuscany near the historical city of Lucca: Garfagnana. A Garfagnino is an inhabitant of this area.
GARFIELD     English
Means "triangle field" in Old English. A famous bearer was American president James A. Garfield (1831-1881).
GARLAND     English
Means "triangle land" from Old English gara and land. It originally belonged to a person who owned a triangle-shaped piece of land.
GARNER (1)     English
From Old French gernier meaning "granary", a derivative of Latin granum meaning "grain". This name could refer to a person who worked at a garnary or lived near one.
GARNER (2)     English
Variant of GARDENER.
GARNETT (1)     English
Occupational name referring to a person who made hinges, from Old French carne "hinge".
GARNETT (2)     English
From a diminutive of the given name GUARIN.
GARNIER (1)     French
From the given name GARNIER.
GARNIER (2)     English
Variant of GARNER (1).
GAROFALO     Italian
From an old given name or nickname, documented in Genoa in 1157 as Garofalus from a regional variant garofalo (see the Italian word garofano "carnation"). The word garofalu in Sicilian dialects or the Calabrian dialect could also mean an "eddy" of seawater in the Messina Strait.
GARRARD     English
From the given name GERARD.
From the Basque word arratz "bush" combined with the suffix sta denoting a place.
GARRET     English
Variant of GARRETT.
GARRETT     English
Derived from the given name GERALD or GERARD.
GARROD     English
Derived from the given name GERALD.
GARRY     English
Variant of GEARY.
GÄRTNER     German
German variant of GARDNER.
GARVER     German
Variant of GERBER.
GARY     English
Variant of GEARY.
GARZA     Spanish
Derived from Spanish garza "heron" (a type of crane).
GÁSPÁR     Hungarian
Derived from the given name GÁSPÁR.
GAŠPAR     Slovene
Derived from the given name GAŠPER.
GASPAR     Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from the given name GASPAR.
GASPARI     Italian
From the given name GASPARE.
GASS     German, Jewish
Name for someone who lived on a street in a city, from German gasse.
GATTI     Italian
Means "cat" in Italian and originally indicated an agile person.
GAUTHIER     French
Derived from the given name GAUTHIER.
GAVRILOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of GAVRILO".
GAVRILYUK     Ukrainian
Varirant transcription of HAVRYLYUK.
GEARY     English
Derived from a Norman given name which was a short form of Germanic names starting with the element ger "spear".
GEBARA     Basque
Habitational name for someone who lived in Gebara, a place in the Basque province of Araba (Álava).
GEELEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name Geel, which comes from GILLIS or GILBERT.
GEELENS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GEELS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GEHRIG     German
Variant of GEHRING.
GEHRING     German
Variant of GERHARD.
GEIER     German
Means "vulture" in German, a nickname for someone who is greedy.
GEIGER     German
Means "fiddle player" in German. This was an occupational name for a fiddler.
GEISLER     German
Variant of GEISSLER.
GEIßLER     German
Variant of GEISSLER.
GEISSLER     German
Occupational name for a goat herder, from southern German Geiss meaning "goat" and the suffix ler signifying an occupation.
GEISZLER     German
Variant of GEISSLER.
GELASHVILI     Georgian
Means "son of GELA".
GELEN     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GELENS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GENADIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Genadiy", Genadiy being the Bulgarian form of GENNADIY.
GENKOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Genko", Genko being a diminutive of GEORGI or EVGENI.
GENOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Geno", Geno being a diminutive of GEORGI or EVGENI.
GENOVESE     Italian
From the name of one of the most important Italian cities Genova (Genoa).
GENSCH     German
From the given name Gensch, a Sorbian form of JOHN.
GENTILE     Italian
From a nickname meaning "gentle, kind, noble".
GEORGE     English
Derived from the given name GEORGE.
GEORGESON     English
Means "son of GEORGE".
GEORGIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of GEORGI".
GERBER     German
German for "tanner" or "leather dresser", which makes it an occupational German surname. This surname is common in Germany and Switzerland, as are its variants Garber and Garver. Many families with this surname in Europe were members of the Anabaptist peace sects who immigrated to America to escape the widespread persecutions which followed the Reformation. Upon arrival to America as early as the beginning of the 18th century, the original form of the Gerber surname changed spelling in some families to Kerwer, Kerper, Kerwar, Gerver and Carver.
GERBIĆ     Slovene
Means "hunchback" from Slovene grba "hunch".
GEREBEN     Hungarian
Means "hackle, hatchel" in Hungarian (a hackle is a tool used to comb out fibers).
GERHARD     German
Derived from the given name GERHARD.
Means "son of GERHARD".
GERHARDT     German
Derived from the given name GERHARD.
GERIG     German
Variant of GEHRING.
GERMAIN     French
From the French given name GERMAIN.
GERMANO     Italian
From the given name GERMANO.
GÉROUX     French
Derived from the French form of the old Germanic name Gerwulf.
GERST     German
Derived from Middle High German gerst "barley".
GERSTLE     German
Variant of GERST.
GERVER     German
Variant of GERBER.
GEVORGIAN     Armenian
Variant transcription of GEVORGYAN.
GEVORGYAN     Armenian
Means "son of GEVORG".
GIANNINO     Italian
Derived from the given name GIANNINO.
Means "son of GIANNIS" in Greek.
GIBB     English
Derived from the given name GIB.
GIBBS     English, Scottish
Means "son of GIB".
GIBSON     English, Scottish
Means "son of GIB".
GIEHL     German
German form of GILES.
GIESE     German, Danish
Derived from a short form of the given name GISELBERT or any other Germanic name with the first element gisil.
GIFFARD     English
Derived from the Germanic given name GEBHARD.
GILBERT     English
Derived from the given name GILBERT.
GILES     English, French
From the given name GILES.
GILLIAM     English
Variant of WILLIAM. A famous bearer of the name is cartoonist and filmmaker Terry Gilliam (1940-).
GIM     Korean
Variant romanization of KIM.
GIMÉNEZ     Spanish
Variant of JIMÉNEZ.
GIMONDI     Italian
Derived from a given name of Germanic origin, Ginmund. It existed in Lombardy in the 10th century. It is well known because of cyclist Felice Gimondi (1942-).
GIORDANO     Italian
Derived from the given name GIORDANO.
GIORGADZE     Georgian
Means "son of GIORGI".
GIRARD     French
From the given name GÉRARD.
GIROUX     French
Variant of GÉROUX.
GISMONDI     Italian
From the given name Gismondo, of Germanic origin.
GIÙGOVAZ     Italian
Italianization of the Slavic surname Jugovac which comes from the given name JOACHIM. It is typical of the area of Trieste.
GIUNTA     Italian
From the old Italian given name Bonagiunta or Bonaggiunta (aggiungere in Italian means "to add").
GJORGIEV     Macedonian
Means "son of GJORGJI".
GLADWIN     English
Derived from the Old English given name GLÆDWINE.
GLADWYN     English
Variant of GLADWIN.
GLAS     German, Dutch
German and Dutch cognate of GLASS.
GLASS     English, German
From Old English glæs or Old High German glas meaning "glass". This was an occupational name for a glass blower or glazier.
GLAZIER     English
Means "glass worker, glazier", from Old English glæs meaning "glass".
GLEN     Scottish
Variant of GLENN.
GLENN     Scottish
Derived from Gaelic gleann "valley". A famous bearer was American astronaut John Glenn (1921-2016).
GLÖCKNER     German
Derived from Middle High German glocke "bell". The name might have referred to a person who worked at or lived close to a bell tower.
GLOVER     English
Means "a person who made or sold gloves" from Middle English glovere.
GNIEWEK     Polish
Derived from Gniewek, a diminutive of ZBIGNIEW, JAROGNIEW, or other names containing gniew "anger".
GODDARD     English
Derived from the Germanic given name GODEHARD.
GODFREY     English
From the Norman given name Godefrei, Godefroi(s) (see GODFREY).
GOEBEL     German
Derived from the given name Göbel, a diminutive of the Old German name Godebert, which is derived from god "God" and beraht "bright".
GOFFE     English
Derived from Breton goff "smith" and referred to a worker in metals.
Means "golden stag" in Yiddish.
Means "goldsmith" in German.
GOMES     Portuguese
From the medieval given name GOMES.
GÓMEZ     Spanish
Spanish form of GOMES.
GOMOLKA     Polish
Derived from Polish gomolka, a type of round cheese. The word gomolka is derived from gomola "round".
GOMULKA     Polish
Variant of GOMOLKA.
GONZALES     Spanish
Variant of GONZÁLEZ.
GONZÁLEZ     Spanish
Means "son of GONZALO" in Spanish.
GOODE     English
From a nickname meaning "good", referring to a kindly person.
GOODWIN     English
Derived from the given name GODWINE.
GOOSSENS     Flemish
From the Germanic given name Gozzo, derived from the element god "good" or got "god".
GORANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of GORAN".
GÖRANSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GÖRAN".
GORBOLD     English
Means "son of Gerbold", a given name of Saxon origin.
GORDON     Scottish
From a place name meaning "spacious fort" in the ancient Brythonic language.
GORE     English
From the Old English word gara meaning "a triangular plot of land".
GORECKI     Polish
Originally indicated a person from Górka, a town in Poland. Its name is ultimately derived from Slavic gora "mountain".
GORETTI     Italian
Derived from the given name GREGORIO.
GORI     Italian
Variant of Gregori, from the given name GREGORIO.
GÓRKA     Polish
Variant of GORECKI.
GORMAN (1)     German
From a given name derived from the Germanic elements ger "spear" combined with mann "man".
GORMAN (2)     Irish
From the Irish Ó Gormáin meaning "descendant of Gormán". The given name Gormán means "little blue one".
GÖRÖG     Hungarian
Means "Greek" in Hungarian.
GÓRSKI     Polish
From the Slavic word gora "mountain".
GOSSE     French
Derived from the Norman given name GOSSE.
GOSSELIN     French
Derived from a diminutive of the French given name GOSSE.
GOTT     German
Derived from the short form of various Germanic compound given names whose first element is either god meaning "good" or god or got meaning "god".
GOTTI     German
Variant of GOTT.
GOTTLIEB     German
Derived from the German given name GOTTLIEB.
From a given name meaning "servant of god" from Germanic god "god" and scalc "servant".
GOUVEIA     Portuguese
From the name of the city of Gouveia in Portugal, and a couple of small towns named Gouveia.
GRAEME     Scottish
Variant of GRAHAM.
GRAF     German
From the German noble title Graf meaning "count".
GRAHAM     Scottish
Derived from the English place name Grantham which probably meant "gravelly homestead" in Old English. The surname was first taken to Scotland in the 12th century by William de Graham.
GRAHAME     Scottish
Variant of GRAHAM.
GRAHN     Swedish
From the Swedish word for "spruce", gran.
GRANER     German, Hungarian
Meaning "of Gran", Gran being the German name for Esztergom, a small city in northern Hungary.
GRANGER     English, French
Means "farm bailiff" from Old French grangier, ultimately from Latin granum meaning "grain". It is borne in the Harry Potter novels by Harry's friend Hermione Granger.
GRANT     English, Scottish
Derived from Norman French meaning "grand, tall, large, great".
GRANVILLE     English
Derived from a Norman place name GRAINVILLE.
GRAVES     English
Occupational name for a steward, derived from Middle English greyve.
GRAY     English
From a nickname for a person who had grey hair or grey clothes.
GREC     Catalan
Catalan cognate of GRECO.
GRECO     Italian
Means "from Greece" in Italian.
GREEN     English
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.
GREENBERG     German, Jewish
Anglicized form of the German surname Grünberg, which is formed from the words grün "green" and Berg "mountain". This name indicated a person who lived on or near a forest-covered mountain.
GREENE     English
Variant of GREEN.
GREENSPAN     Jewish
Anglicized form of German Grünspan which meant "verdigris". Verdigris is the green-blue substance that forms on copper.
GREER     Scottish
Derived from the given name GREGOR.
GREGORY     English
From the given name GREGORY that was popular in the Christian world during the Middle Ages.
GRENVILLE     English
Variant of GRANVILLE.
GREY     English
Variant of GRAY.
GRGIĆ     Croatian
Means "son of GRGUR".
GRIER     Scottish
Derived from the given name GREGOR.
GRIEVE     Scottish
Occupational name meaning "farm manager" in Middle English.
GRIFFIN (1)     Welsh
Derived from the given name GRUFFUDD.
GRIFFIN (2)     English
Nickname from the mythological beast with body of a lion with head and wings of an eagle. It is ultimately from Greek γρυψ (gryps).
GRIFFITH     Welsh
Derived from the given name GRUFFUDD.
Means "son of GRUFFUDD".
GRIGORESCU     Romanian
Means "son of GRIGORE" in Romanian.
GRIGOROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of GRIGOR".
GRILLO     Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "cricket", perhaps given originally to a cheerful person (the cricket is associated with cheerfulness). It was documented in Bari in 1151.
GRIMALDI     Italian
From the old Germanic given name Grimaldo. It is the name of the Prince of Monaco, Ranieri II. This noble family came from Genoa.
GRONCHI     Italian
From the Tuscan word gronchio meaning "numb, bent". This is an Italian regional surname typical of Tuscany, namely of the two provinces of Pisa and Firenze. This surname is known in Italy because of Giovanni Gronchi (1887-1978), president of the Italian Republic from 1955 to 1962, a period of great economic growth.
GROOS     German
Variant of GROß.
GROS     French
Means "thick, fat, big" in French, from Late Latin grossus, possibly of Germanic origin.
GROSS     German
Variant of GROß.
GROß     German
From Old High German groz meaning "tall, big".
GROßE     German
Variant of GROß.
GROSSE     German
Variant of GROß.
GRÖßEL     German
Variant of GROß, used in southern Germany.
GROßEL     German
Variant of GROß, used in southern Germany.
GROßER     German
Variant of GROß.
GROSSER     German
Variant of GROß.
GROSSI     Italian
Italian cognate of GROS.
GROSSO     Italian
Italian cognate of GROS.
GRÓSZ     Hungarian
Hungarian form of GROß.
GROVES     English
From Old English graf "grove". This originally indicated a person who lived near a grove (a group of trees).
GRÜNEWALD     German
Means "green forest" from German grüne "green", Wald "forest".
Derived from the given name GRZEGORZ.
GUADARRAMA     Spanish
Derived from the name of the town Guadarrama near Madrid.
GUAN     Chinese
From Chinese (guān) meaning "frontier pass".
GUARNERI     Italian
From a given name coming from the Old German name Warinhari (see WERNER).
GUÉRIN     French
From the German given name Warin.
GUERRA     Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname for a belligerent person, one eager to fight, or one engaged in warfare. It means "war".
GUERRERO     Spanish
Means "warrior" in Spanish, an occupational name for a soldier. It is ultimately derived from the Germanic word for "war" werra.
GUERRIERO     Italian
Italian form of GUERRERO.
GUIDI     Italian
From the given name GUIDO.
GUILLORY     French
Derived from a Germanic name, composed of the elements wil meaning "will" and ric meaning "powerful".
GUINNESS     Irish
Variant of MCGUINNESS. The name is well known because of the Guinness brand of ale, established in 1759 by Arthur Guinness.
GUJIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of an adder snake" from the Bosnian word guja meaning "adder snake".
GULBRANDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of GULBRAND" in Norwegian.
Means "son of GULBRAND" in Danish.
GULLY     English
Nickname for a big person, from Middle English golias meaning "giant" (ultimately from Goliath, the Philistine warrior who was slain by David in the Old Testament).
GULYÁS     Hungarian
Means "herdsman, tender of cows" in Hungarian.
GUNDERSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of GUNDER".
GUNNARSEN     Danish
Means "son of GUNNAR".
GUNNARSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GUNNAR".
GÜNTHER     German
Derived from the given name GUNTHER.
GUNTHER     German
Derived from the given name GUNTHER.
Means "son of Gunvald". The Old Norse name Gunvald means "war ruler".
GUO     Chinese
From Chinese (guō) meaning "outer city".
GUPTA     Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu
Means "protected" in Sanskrit.
GUSTAFSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GUSTAF". The actress Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was originally named Greta Gustafsson.
GUSTAVSSON     Swedish
Means "son of GUSTAV".
GUTERMUTH     German
Derived from the Middle High German words guot meaning "good" and muot meaning "mind or spirit". It also means "good spirit, good cheer". It was a name for an optimistic person.
GUTIÉRREZ     Spanish
Means "son of GUTIERRE".
GUTIERREZ     Spanish
Variant of GUTIÉRREZ.
GUTTUSO     Italian
From a Sicilian nickname guttusu meaning "sad person". It was name of the famous Italian painter Renato Guttuso (born 1912).
GWERDER     German (Swiss)
From the Swiss German word gwerig, an adjective meaning "agile" or "alert".
GWOZDEK     Polish
Derived from either gwozd, an archaic Polish word for "forest", or gwozdz "nail".
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