Surnames Starting with F

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FABBRI     Italian
Means "blacksmith", from latin faber.
FABBRO     Italian
Means "blacksmith" in Italian.
FABEL     German
Derived from a diminutive of the given name FABIAN.
FÁBIÁN     Hungarian
Derived from the given name FÁBIÁN.
FABIAN     English, French, Polish
Derived from the given name FABIAN.
FABRE     French
Derived from Latin faber "blacksmith".
FABRON     French
Meas "blacksmith" from Latin faber.
FAERBER     German
Variant spelling of FÄRBER.
FAIRBAIRN     Scottish, English
Means "beautiful child" in Middle English.
FAIRBURN     English
From a place name which meant "fern stream", from Old English fearn "fern" and burna "stream".
FAIRCHILD     English
Means "beautiful child" in Middle English.
FAIRCLOUGH     English
From Old English, meaning "fair cliff".
FALCO     Italian
Derived from Italian falco "falcon"... [more]
FALK     Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German
From Old Norse falker or Middle High German valke "falcon".
Means "keeper of the falcon" with falk from the Germanic valke for "falcon" and rath meaning "keeper".
FAN     Chinese
Means "bee" in Chinese.
FANNON     Irish
From the Irish Ó Fionnáin which meant "descendant of FIONN".
FARAGÓ     Hungarian
Means "woodcutter, hewer" in Hungarian.
FARALDO     Italian
From an old German name Farwald, meaning unknown... [more]
FÄRBER     German
Means "a dyer" from German farbe "colour".
FARINA     Italian
From a nickname indicating somebody who produces "meal" or "flour", that is a miller.
FARKAS     Hungarian
Means "wolf" in Hungarian.
FARNHAM     English
Means "from Farnham, England".
FARRELL     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Fearghail meaning "descendant of FEARGHAL".
FARRO     Italian
Derived from a location on Sicily, Italy where a wheat called Farro is found.
From Fasching, a German carnival (Fastnacht meaning "eve of the beginning of the fast", or the time before Lent) celebrated in Austria and Catholic Bavaria, and bauer meaning "farmer".
FATTORE     Italian
From the Italian word fattore meaning "land agent on a farm".
FAUCHER     French
Means "mower" in French.
FAUCHEUX     French
Derived from French faucher "to mow".
FAULKNER     English, Scottish
Old English for "falconer".
FAURE     French
Means "blacksmith" in French... [more]
FAUST     German
Derived from the given name Faust, a form of FAUSTUS.
FAUSTI     Italian
From the given name FAUSTO.
FAVA     Italian
From the word fava meaning "broad bean".
FAVAGER     French
From the old French or Swiss word faverges or favarges meaning a "forge", hence a name for a blacksmith... [more]
FAVERO     Italian
Variant of FABBRO
FAVRE     French
Derived from Latin faber "blacksmith".
FAVREAU     French
Diminutive of FAVRE used in Southern France.
FAY     French, English
Refers to one who came from Fay or Faye (meaning "beech tree") in France.
FAZEKAS     Hungarian
Occupational name that means "potter" in Hungarian.
FEAR     English
From an Old English nickname feare meaning "friend".
FEHÉR     Hungarian
Means "white" in Hungarian, originally referring to a person with white hair or complexion.
FEIGENBAUM     German, Jewish
Means "a fig tree" in German.
FEJES     Hungarian
Derived from fej meaning "head" in Hungarian... [more]
FEKETE     Hungarian
Hungarian cognate of BLACK.
FELD     German, Jewish
Means "field" in German... [more]
FELDT     German, Jewish
Variant of FELD
FÉLIX     French, Spanish
From the given name FELIX.
FENN     English
From a name for someone who dwelt near a marsh, from Middle English fenn meaning "marsh, bog".
Means "window maker" in German.
FERGUSON     Irish, Scottish
Means "son of FERGUS".
FERMI     Italian, Jewish
Locative surname coming from the town of Fermo in Marche region, not far from Rome... [more]
FERNANDES     Portuguese
Means "son of FERNANDO".
FERNÁNDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of FERNANDO".
FERRARA     Italian
Variant of FERRARI
FERRARI     Italian
Occupational name for a metalworker or smith, derived from Latin ferrum meaning "iron", and thus an Italian version of Smith.
FERRARO     Italian
Variant of FERRARI
FERREIRA     Portuguese
Denoted one from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from ferrum the Latin word for "iron".
FERREIRO     Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of FERRARI
FERRER     Catalan
Catalan cognate of FERRARI
FERRERO     Italian
Regional variant of FERRARI... [more]
FERRO     Italian, Portuguese
Meaning "iron" from Latin, comes probably from a nickname for one who worked with iron.
FERTIG     German
Means "ready, prepared" in German.
FIALA     Czech
Means "violet" in Czech, referring to the flower... [more]
FIEDLER     German
Means "a fiddler" in German.
FIELDS     English
Name for a person who lived on or near a field or pasture, from Old English feld.
FIERRO     Spanish, Italian
Variant of FERRO
FILEP     Hungarian
Dialectical variant of FÜLÖP.
FILIPEK     Polish, Czech
Derived from a diminutive of the given name FILIP.
FILIPOV     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of FILIP".
FILIPOVIC     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of FILIP".
Either a patronymic from the given name FILIP, or a habitational name for a person from Filipow, Poland.
FILIPPI     Italian
Derived from the given name FILIPPO.
FINDLAY     Scottish
Derived from the given name FIONNLAGH.
FINI     Italian
From given names ending in fino such as SERAFINO.
FINLEY     Scottish
Derived from the given name FIONNLAGH.
FINN     Irish
Derived from the given name FIONN.
FINNEGAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Fionnagáin meaning "descendant of Fionnagán"... [more]
FINNIN     Irish
Diminutive form of FINN
FIORE     Italian
Derived from an old Italian given name Fiore meaning "flower".
FIRMIN     English, French
From the given name FIRMIN.
FISCELLA (1)     Italian
Derived from the given name Fisco, Fisco being an archaic diminutive of FRANCESCO.
FISCELLA (2)     Italian
Derived from Sicilian fiscella, the word for a basket used to conserve cheese... [more]
FISCHER     German
Occupational surname meaning "fisherman" in German.
FISHER     English, Jewish
Cognate of FISCHER.
FISHMAN     English
Occupational name for a fisherman.
FISKER     Danish
Means "fisherman" in Danish.
Means "son of GERALD" in Anglo-Norman French... [more]
Means "son of PATRICK" in Anglo-Norman French.
FITZROY     English
Means "son of the king" in Anglo-Norman French, from French roi meaning "king".
Means "son of Simmons" or "son of SIMON" in Anglo-Norman French.
FLANAGAN     Irish
From Irish Ó Flannagáin meaning "descendant of Flannagán"... [more]
FLANAGON     Irish
Variant of FLANAGAN
FLATER     German
Means "field" in German.
FLEISCHER     German
Means "butcher" in German.
FLEMING     English
Given to a person who was a Fleming, that is a person who was from Flanders in the Netherlands.
FLETCHER     English
Means "fletcher", someone who attaches feather flights to the shaft of an arrow... [more]
FLIPSE     Dutch
Variant of FLIPSEN
FLIPSEN     Dutch
Means "son of FLIP".
FLORES     Spanish
Derived from the given name Floro, Spanish form of the Roman Florus which meant "flower".
FLOROS     Greek
From the given name Φλωρος (Phloros) "green", from classical Greek χλωρος (chloros), or a nickname from the same word in the sense "greenfinch"... [more]
FLOYD     Welsh
Variant of LLOYD
FLYNN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Floinn meaning "descendant of FLANN".
FODOR     Hungarian
From the old Hungarian word fodor meaning "curly haired".
FOERSTNER     German
Variant of FÖRSTNER
FOLEY     Irish
Irish meaning "pirate" or "marauder".
FONDA     Italian
Originated near Venice in a place called Fonda... [more]
FONSECA     Spanish, Portuguese
Originally belonged to a person who lived near a dry spring, from Latin fons "well, spring" and sicca "dry".
FONTAINE     French
Derived from old French fontane "well"... [more]
FONTANA     Italian
Means "fountain" in Italian.
FORD     English
Name given to someone who lived by a ford, possibly the official who maintained it.
FOREST     English, French
Originally belonged to a person who lived near or in a forest... [more]
FORESTER     English
Denoted a keeper or one in charge of a forest, or one who has charge of growing timber in a forest (see FOREST).
FORESTIER     French
French cognate of FORESTER
FORNEY     English, Scottish
Name for someone who lived around ferns, from Middle English fern "fern" and heye "enclosure".
FORREST     English
Variant of FOREST
FORST     German
Derived from Old High German forst "forest"... [more]
FÖRSTNER     German
Denoted a keeper or one in charge of a forest (see FORST).
FORTIER     French
Derived from Old French fort "stronghold".
FORTUIN     Dutch
Variant of FORTUYN
FORTUNATO     Italian
From the given name FORTUNATO
FORTUYN     Dutch
From Old Dutch fortuyn meaning "fortune".
FOSS     English, French
Derived from Old French fosse "ditch".
FOSTER (1)     English
Variant of FORESTER
FOSTER (2)     English
Occupational name for a scissor maker, derived from Old French forcetier.
FOSTER (3)     English
Occupational name for a woodworker, derived from Old French fustrier.
FOSTER (4)     English
Nickname given to a person who was a foster-child or foster-parent.
FOTH     Low German
From a nickname meaning "foot".
FOURNIER     French
Means "baker" from French fourneau "oven".
FOWLER     English
Occupational name for a fowler or bird-catcher, ultimately derived from Old English fugol meaning "bird".
FOX     English
From the name of the animal... [more]
FRANCIS     English
Derived from the given name FRANCIS.
FRANIC     Croatian
Variant of FRANJIC
FRANJIC     Croatian
Means "son of FRANJO".
FRANK (1)     English
Derived from the given name FRANK (1).
FRANK (2)     English
From Old English franc meaning "free".
FRANK (3)     German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Name for a person from Franconia in Germany, so called because it was settled by the Frankish people.
FRANKE     German, Dutch, Flemish
Variant of FRANK (3)
FRANKLIN     English
Derived from Middle English frankelin meaning "freeman"... [more]
FRANKLYN     English
Variant of FRANKLIN
FRANZESE     Italian
From a nickname meaning "Frenchman". It is typical of the area of Naples.
FRASER     Scottish
Meaning unknown, originally Norman French Fresel, possibly from a lost place name in France.
FRAZIER     Scottish
Variant of FRASER
Means "son of FREDERIK".
FREEMAN     English
Referred to a person who was born free, or in other words was not a serf.
FREI     German
Means "free" in German... [more]
FREITAS     Portuguese
Means "broken" in Portuguese, a name for one who lived on broken, stony ground.
FREUD     German
Means "joy" in German... [more]
Means "friend of the mountain", from German freund, freud meaning "friend" and berg meaning "mountain"... [more]
FREUND     German
Middle High German vriunt, modern German Freund "friend".
FRIED     German
Derived from the given name FRIEDRICH.
FRIEDRICH     German
Derived from the given name FRIEDRICH.
FRIEL     Irish
From the Irish Ó Frighil meaning "descendant of FEARGHAL".
FRISK     Swedish
From the Swedish word frisk "healthy", which was derived from the Middle Low German word vrisch "fresh, young, frisky" and was one of the names handed out to avoid confusion in the army.
FROMM     German
Derived from Middle High German vrom "noble, honourable".
FROST     English, German
From Old English and Old High German, a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.
FRY     English
Root is from the Old English word frig meaning "free".
FRYE     English
Variant of FRY
FUCHS     German
From Middle High German vuhs meaning "fox"... [more]
FUENTES     Spanish
Means "a spring, a well" in Spanish... [more]
FUHRMANN     German
Derived from Middle High German vuorman "cartwright".
FUJIMOTO     Japanese
Derived from Japanese (fuji) meaning "wisteria" and (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
FUJIOKA     Japanese
Derived from Japanese (fuji) meaning "wisteria" and (oka) meaning "ridge".
FUKUI     Japanese
Means "fortunate" or can denote one who is from the Fukui prefecture in Japan.
FULLER     English
Occupational name for a fuller... [more]
FÜLÖP     Hungarian
Derived from the given name FÜLÖP.
FUNAR     Romanian
Romanian surname meaning "rope maker".
FURLAN     Italian
From the name of an Italian region of the northeast Friuli, Italian variant Friulano.
FURNADJIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of the baker".
FÜRST     German
Means "a prince" in German... [more]
FUX     German
Variant of FUCHS
FYLAN     Irish
Variant of WHELAN
FYODOROV     Russian
Means "son of FYODOR".