Surnames Starting with N

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NACAR     Italian
Possibly from naccaro "player of the tambourine", which is derived from Arabic naqqara.
NÆSS     Norwegian
Variant of NAESS
NAESS     Norwegian
From the Norwegian word næs "a promontory".
NAGARKAR     Indian
In the Indian State of Maharashtra, surnames are derived from the name of town by adding the suffix kar... [more]
NAGEL     German, Dutch
Means "nail" in German and Dutch, and is probably related to the occupation of carpenter... [more]
NAGGI     Italian
Originally denoted a person from the town of Naggio in Italy.
NAGGIA     Italian
Variant of NAGGI
NAGI     Arabic
Variant of the Arabic Naji, from an Arabic word meaning "close friend".
NAGY     Hungarian
From a nickname meaning "big" or "great" in Hungarian, referring to one's characteristics... [more]
NAKAHARA     Japanese
From naka meaning "middle" and hara meaning "plain, field".
NAKAMURA     Japanese
From naka meaning "middle" and mura meaning "village".
NAKANO     Japanese
Means "central field" in Japanese.
NALDI     Italian
From given names like ARNALDO and RINALDO.
NANA     Italian
From a diminutive of GIOVANNI.
NANI     Italian
Variant of NANA
NANNI     Italian
Variant of NANA
NANNINI     Italian
From Nanni, a diminutive of the given name GIOVANNI.
NAOUMOV     Bulgarian
Variant transcription of NAUMOV.
NAPOLEONI     Italian
From the medieval given name Napoleone (see NAPOLEON)... [more]
NAPOLETANI     Italian
Originally indicated a person from Napoli (Naples) in Italy.
NAPOLIELLO     Italian
Originally indicated a person from Napoli (Naples) in Italy.
NARANG     Indian
From the name of a province in Pakistan which was in undivided India... [more]
NARDI     Italian
From the given name Nardo which was originally a short form of names like BERNARDO or LEONARDO.
NARDO     Italian
Variant of NARDI
NARDOVINO     Italian
Either from NARDI or from the name Ardovino which was derived from the Germanic name Hardwin (hard- "strong" and -win "friend").
NARVÁEZ     Spanish
From the name of the town Narváez in Spain.
NASATO     Italian
Nickname for someone with a prominent nose, from Italian naso "nose".
NASCIMBENE     Italian
NASCIMBENI     Italian
From the medieval given name Nascimbene meaning "born well"... [more]
NASH     English
Derived from the Middle English phrase atten ash "at the ash tree"... [more]
NASS     Norwegian
From the Norwegian word næs meaning "a promontory".
NATALE     Italian
From a nickname referring to Christmas... [more]
NATHANS     English
Derived from the given name NATHAN.
NATHANSON     English
Means "son of NATHAN".
NAUMOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of NAUM".
NAVE     Italian
From Italian places called Nave.
NAVRÁTIL     Czech
Derived from the past participle of the verb navrátit "to return"... [more]
NAZARETIAN     Armenian
Means "son of Nazareth"... [more]
NAZARIAN     Armenian
Means "son of NAZAR".
NAZARIO     Italian
From the given name NAZARIO.
NEAL     English
Derived from the given name NEIL
NECCHI     Italian
Either from the given name Nechus (from the Latin word nequus meaning "unjust, unfair") or from a nickname from the archaic Milanese word gnecch meaning "tired".
NEDBALEK     Czech
Refers to one who is careless. It is of Czech and Polish origin.
NEDVED     Czech, Slovak
Variant of MEDVED, derived from the dialect word nedved "bear".
NEGRESCU     Romanian
Patronymic derived from Romanian negru "black"... [more]
NEGRI     Italian
Nickname meaning "black" for someone with dark hair or dark skin or such.
NEGRINI     Italian
Variant of NEGRI
NEIL     Irish, Scottish, English
Derived from the given name NEIL
NEJEM     Arabic
Means "star" in Arabic.
NELISSEN     Dutch
Means "son of CORNELIUS".
NELLI     Italian
Derived from the given name Nello, a short form of names like Brunello and Lionello.
NELSON     English
Means "son of NEIL".
NEMEC     Czech
Means "German" in Czech.
NEMEČEK     Czech
Diminutive of NEMEC.
NEMES     Hungarian
Means "noble, gentle" in Hungarian.
NÉMET     Hungarian
Means "German" in Hungarian.
NÉMETH     Hungarian
Variant of NÉMET.
NENCI     Italian
Means "son of Nencio"... [more]
NEPI     Italian
From the town Nepi, which is believed to have been founded by Jewish Italians.
NERI     Italian
From the Italian word nero "black"... [more]
NERONI     Italian
Variant of NEGRINI
NERVETTI     Italian
Possibly a nickname for an innkeeper, from the archaic Milanese word nervètt, which is a local dish.
NERVI     Italian
From the name of the town Nervi, in Genova.
NESPOLA     Italian
From towns like Nespoli and Nespoledo, from the Italian word nespola meaning "medlar (tree)".
NESS     Scottish, English, Norwegian
Means "headland" in Middle English, originally referring to a person who lived there.
NEUMAN     Jewish, German
Variant of NEUMANN
NEUMANN     German
From Middle High German niuwe and man "new man".
NEVILLE     English, Irish
From a Norman French place name meaning "new town".
NEVIN (1)     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of MAC NAOIMHÍN
NEVIN (2)     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC CNÁIMHÍN or Ó CNÁIMHÍN.
NEWELL     English, Irish
Variant of NEVILLE
NEWMAN     English
Means "new man, newcomer" from Old English neowe, niwe, nige and mann.
NEWPORT     English
Given to one who came from the town of Newport (which means simply "new port"), which was the name of several English towns.
NEWTON     English
From the name of one of many English towns meaning "new town"... [more]
NG     Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of WU
NGO     Vietnamese
Simplified variant of NGÔ
NGÔ     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of WU
NGUYỄN     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of RUAN... [more]
NGUYEN     Vietnamese
Simplified variant of NGUYỄN
From the name of a village in Andhra Pradesh, India.
NICASTRO     Italian
From the name of the town Nicastro, near Catanzaro.
NICCHI     Italian
From the Italian word nicchio meaning "shell", possibly a nickname for people related to the sea.
NICHOLS     English
Derived from the given name NICHOLAS.
NICHOLSON     English
Means "son of NICHOLAS"... [more]
NICODEMO     Italian
Means "son of NICODEMO".
NICOLAI     Italian
Means "son of NICOLA (1)".
NICOLESCU     Romanian
Means "son of NICOLAE" in Romanian.
NICOLOSI     Italian
From the name of the town Nicolosi on Sicily.
NICOLSON     English
Variant of NICHOLSON
NICOSIA     Italian
From the name of the town Nicosia on Sicily.
NICOTERA     Italian
From town names like Marina di Nicotera and Nicotera in Calabria.
NIEDDU     Italian
Nickname meaning "black" from the Sardinian adjective nieddu.
NIELSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Variant of NELSON
NIELSON     English
Variant of NELSON
NIEMCZYK     Polish
Means "son of the German" from Polish niemec "German" and the patronymic part czyk.
NIEMEC     Polish
Means "German" in Polish.
NIEMINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish niemi meaning "peninsula".
NIEQUIST     Swedish
From the Swedish words nie which means "new", and quist which means "branch, twig".
NIERI     Italian
Either a variant of NERI, or from the Italian name RANIERO.
NIEVES     Spanish
Means "snows" in Spanish... [more]
Variant of VAN NIFTRIK.
NIFTERIK     Dutch
Variant of VAN NIFTRIK.
NIFTRIK     Dutch
Variant of VAN NIFTRIK.
NIGEL     English
From the given name NIGEL.
NIGRO     Italian
Variant of NERI
NIKLASSON     Swedish
Means "son of NIKLAS".
NIKOLAEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of NIKOLAI".
Means "son of NIKOLAJ".
NIKOLIC     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of NIKOLA (1)".
NIKOLOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of NIKOLA (1)".
NIKULA     Finnish
From the given name Niku, a Finnish form of NICHOLAS, combined with the local suffix -la... [more]
NILES     English
Means "son of NEIL".
NILSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of NILS".
NILSSON     Swedish
Means "son of NILS".
NISHIMURA     Japanese
Probably means "western village", from nishi "west" and mura "village".
NISI     Italian
Means "son of Niso", where Niso is from the Greek name Nisus.
NIVEN     Scottish, Irish
Variant of NEVIN (1).
NIXON     English
Means "son of NICHOLAS"... [more]
NIZZOLA     Italian
From the name of the Italian town Nizzola.
NOEL     French, English
Either from the given name NOËL, or else derived directly from Old French noel "Christmas" and given to a person who had a particular connection with the holiday.
NOGUERRA     Spanish, Catalan
Means "dweller by the walnut tree" from the Late Latin nucarius.
NOLAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Nualláin meaning "descendant of NUALLÁN".
NORDSKOV     Danish
Means "north woods".
NORLING     Swedish
Originally denoted a person who came from the north.
NORMAN     English
Referred to a person who was originally from Scandinavia or Normandy... [more]
NORMANSON     English
Means "son of NORMAN".
NORMANSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of NORMANSON
NORRIS (1)     English, Scottish
Means "from the north" from Old French norreis... [more]
NORRIS (2)     English, Scottish
Means "wet nurse, foster mother" from Old French nurise, norrice.
NORTH     English
Name for a person who lived to the north.
NORTHROP     English
From the name of a town in England meaning "north farm".
NORTON     English
Originally taken from a place name meaning "north town" in Old English.
NØRUP     Danish
Derived from the name of at least two different Danish villages.
NORUP     Danish
Variant of NØRUP.
NORWOOD     English
Originally taken from a place name meaning "north wood" in Old English.
NOSCHESE     Italian
From the name of the town Nusco, near Naples.
NOSEK     Czech, Polish
Means "a small nose" in Czech and Polish.
NOTARO     Italian
Means "scribe, clerk" from Latin notarius.
NOTORIANO     Italian
Occupational name meaning "scribe".
NOVÁČEK     Czech
Diminutive of NOVAK
NOVÁK     Czech, Slovak, Hungarian
Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form of NOVAK
NOVAK     Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Slavic novy "new", originally a name for someone who was new to a village.
NOVOSAD     Czech
Means "new settler", "new land" or "new orchard". It is Moravian in origin.
NOVOTNY     Czech
Czech variant of NOVAK
NOWAK     Polish
Polish form of NOVAK
NOWELL     English
Variant of NOEL
NUNES     Portuguese
Means "son of NUNO".
NÚÑEZ     Spanish
Spanish form of NUNES
NUREMBERG     German
Derived from the name of a city in Germany... [more]
NURMI     Finnish
From a Finnish word meaning "meadow"... [more]
NUSSBAUM     German, Jewish
Means "nut tree" from the Germanic words nuß meaning "nut" and baum meaning "tree".
NUSSENBAUM     German, Jewish
Variant of NUSSBAUM
NYE     English
Means "dweller at the river" from Middle English atten eye meaning "at the river".
NYILAS     Hungarian
Means "archer, bowman" in Hungarian.
NYITRAI     Hungarian
Indicated someone from Nyitra, a historic administrative county of Hungary (now situated in Slovakia).
NYLUND     Finnish, Swedish
From the Swedish-speaking south of Finland, directly from Swedish ny "new" and lund "grove".
NYSTRÖM     Swedish
From Swedish ny meaning "new" and ström meaning "stream".