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Allegedly a feminine form of Achampong used in Ghana.
ACHAMPONGWestern African
Variant of the Ashanti surname Acheamphong, meaning "destined for greatness".
Akan name from Ghana. It means the one who gives birth to princes. Mostly spelt Acheampong mainly to make life easy for Europeans, however that spelling is wrong because there is no "c" in the Akan or Twi alphabet... [more]
The name came originally from France. An officer of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Russian war, in 1812 stayed in Poland and married. One of his sons, became a regional Judge and large land owner in the Belarus area of Poland... [more]
From the Hebrew חזן "cantor".
Variant of Crow.
Appeared in Luxembourg in 1698 in an area around Bertrange and Strassen. there are Hentgens there yet today.
HUSSAINIPersian, Afghani, Urdu, Arabic
From the given name Hussain.
NEUGerman (Modern)
The name Neu is a common German last name.
OBLAKSlovene, Croatian
Derived from oblak "cloud".
RENWICKScottish (Rare)
A habitational name from a place in Cumbria, so called from the Old English byname Hræfn meaning "raven" + wic "outlying settlement".
Diminutive of Robert.
The Last name "Shakib" Originates from Iran.
From the Old English word todde, meaning "fox", with "hunter",
From the Old English WORÞ, meaning "enclosure".