Surnames Starting with D

Durand French, English
From Old French durant meaning "enduring", ultimately from Latin durans. This was a nickname for a stubborn person.
Durant English, French
Variation of Durand.
Durante Italian
Italian cognate of Durand.
Đurić Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Đuro".
Durnin Irish
From Irish Ó Doirnáin meaning "descendant of Doirnín", a given name meaning "little fist".
Dürr German
Means "thin" in German.
Dušek Czech
Derived from a diminutive of Dušan.
Dustin English
From the Old Norse given name Þórsteinn.
Duval French
Means "from the valley" in French.
Dvořák Czech
Occupational name derived from Czech dvůr "manor", indicating a person who worked at such a place. This name was borne by the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904).
Dwerryhouse English
Indicated a person who worked or lived at a dyehouse, which is a place where dyeing was done.
Dwight English
From the medieval feminine name Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia, the feminine form of Dionysius.
Dyer English
Occupational name meaning "cloth dyer", from Old English deah "dye".
Dykstra Frisian
From Frisian dyk meaning "dike, ditch". The name was given to a person living near a dyke or embankment.
Dyson English
Means "son of Dye".
Dziedzic Polish
Derived from Polish dziedzic "landowner".