Surnames with Relationship "from word"

This is a list of surnames in which the relationship is from word.
YU (4) Chinese
From Chinese () meaning "concerned, anxious" and also referring to the ancient state of Yu, which was situated in what is now Shanxi province.
YUAN Chinese
From Chinese (yuán), (yuán) or (yuán), which mean "origin, source".
YUN Korean
From Sino-Korean (yun) meaning "govern, oversee".
Czech cognate of ZIELIŃSKI.
ZELENKO Ukrainian
Ukrainian cognate of ZIELIŃSKI.
ZHANG Chinese
From Chinese (zhāng) meaning "stretch, extend". It may have denoted a bowmaker whose job it was to stretch bow wood.
ZHAO Chinese
From Chinese (zhào), which refers to an ancient city-state in what is now Shanxi province. According to legend, King Mu rewarded his chariot driver Zaofu with the city, at which time Zaofu adopted this surname. The later historic state of Zhao, which existed from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC, was named after this city.... [more]
ZHENG Chinese
From Chinese (zhèng), which refers to the ancient state of Zheng. Zheng existed between the 9th to 4th centuries BC in present-day Henan province. A famous bearer of this surname was the 15th-century explorer Zheng He.
ZHOU Chinese
From Chinese (zhōu) referring to the Zhou dynasty, which held power from 1046 to 771 BC, continuing for a few more centuries as figureheads.
ZHU Chinese
From Chinese (zhū) meaning "vermilion red, cinnabar" and also referring to the ancient state of Zhu, which existed in what is now Shandong province. This was the surname of the emperors of the Ming dynasty.
From Polish zieleń meaning "green". It was possibly a nickname for a person who dressed in green clothing.
ZIMA Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter". This may have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.
ŽITNIK Slovene, Czech
From the Slavic root žito meaning "rye". This was an occupational name for a dealer in rye or a baker.
ŽUPAN Croatian
Croatian cognate of ZUPAN.
ZUPAN Slovene
From Slavic župan meaning "head of the district, community leader".
ZYMA Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of ZIMA.