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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
YABE     Japanese
From the Japanese 矢 (ya) "arrow" and 部 (be) "region," "division," "part."
YABEN     Basque
It means under the rushes or bracken.
YABLOKOV     Russian
Derived from Russian яблоко (yabloko) "apple".
YABSLEY     English
It is believed to be a derived spelling of Abboldesi, a place now more commonly known as Abbotsley or Abbotsleigh. However, the original surname had nothing to do with "Abbots" in any spelling, and derives from to the Olde English pre 7th Century personal name "Eadbeald" meaning "Prosperity-bold".
YADA     Japanese
From the Japanese 矢 (ya) "arrow" and 田 (da or ta) "rice paddy."
YADAV     Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Nepali, Punjabi
From Sanskrit यादव (yādava) meaning "descendant of Yadu", referring to a legendary Hindu king and an alleged ancestor of Krishna. The term traditionally refers to a peasant caste in India and Nepal.
YAEGER     German
Yaeger is a relatively uncommon American surname, most likely a transcription of the common German surname "Jaeger/Jäger" (hunter). The spelling was changed to become phonetic because standard English does not utilize the umlaut.
YAFFO     ?
YAGAMI     Japanese
Meaning "Night God" in the Japanese kanji. Was used in the popular series "Death Note".
YAGAMI     Japanese
From Japanese 八 (ya) meaning "eight" and 神 (gami) meaning "god, spirit".
YAGER     German
Americanized form of JÄGER, meaning "hunter."
YAGIRA     Japanese
From Japanese 柳 (yagi) meaning "willow" combined with 楽 (ra) meaning "music, comfort, ease".
YAHIA     Arabic
From the given name Yahya.
YAHIAOUI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Yahia (chiefly Algerian).
YAHYA     Arabic, Indonesian, Urdu, Malay, Swahili
From the given name Yahya.
YAHYAOUI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Variant transcription of Yahiaoui used in Tunisia.
YAKHIN     Bashkir
From the given name Yakhya.
YAKIMOV     Russian
Means "Son of Yakim".
YAKUMO     Japanese (Rare)
This surname combines 八 (hachi, ya, ya'.tsu, ya.tsu, you) meaning "eight", 耶 (ja, ya, ka) meaning "question mark" or 家 (ka, ke, ie, uchi, ya) meaning "expert, family, home, house, performer, professional" with 雲 (un, kumo, -gumo) meaning "cloud."... [more]
YALAOUI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Algerian family name possibly derived from Arabic يَعْلَى (yaʿlā) or يَعْلَ (yaʿla) both meaning "exalted, high".
YALÇIN     Turkish
From the given name Yalçın.
YAMADAEV     Chechen
Derived from Yamad, a form of the name Ahmad.
YAMAGATA     Japanese
From Japanese 山 (yama) meaning "mountain" and 縣 or 県 (gata) meaning "prefecture".
YAMAHA     Japanese (Rare)
This Japanese surname is more found in Brazil than Japan, because of Japanese immigrants who immigrated from Japan to Brazil. Notable bearer of this surname: Torakusu Yamaha (Japanese entrepreneur who was the founder of the Yamaha Corporation).
YAMAHASHI     Japanese
In basic words, this is Hashiyama backwards. A notable bearer is Masaomi Yamahashi ,he's a voice actor.
YAMAKAWA     Japanese
From Japanese 山 (yama) meaning "mountain" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river".
YAMAMIZU     Japanese
山 (Yama) means "Mountain" and 水 (Mizu) means "Water". Check the notes if necessary.
YAMAMURA     Japanese
From Japanese 山 (yama) meaning "mountain" combined with 村 (mura) "village".
YAMANAKA     Japanese
From the Japanese 山 (yama) "mountain" and 中 (naka) "middle," "in" or 仲 (naka) "relationship," "relation."
YAMANE     Japanese
Derived from Japanese 山 (yama) meaning "mountain" combined with 根 (ne) meaning "root, source".
YAMASATO     Japanese
This surname combines 山 (san, sen, yama) meaning "mountain" and 里 (ri, sato) meaning "league, parent's home, ri (unit of distance - equal to 3.927 km), village," 県 or 縣 - outdated variant of 県 - (ken, ka.keru) meaning "county, district, subdivision, prefecture," the last meaning reserved for 県.... [more]
YAMATANI     Japanese
Yama means "Mountain" and Tani means "Valley". Testuo Yamatani was film director.
YAMEEN     Urdu, Bengali, Dhivehi
Variant transcription of Yamin.
YAMPILSKIY     Ukrainian (Rare)
This was used by people originating from any of various Ukrainian settlements by the name of "Yampil".
YAN     Chinese
YANAGI     Japanese
From the Japanese 柳 (yanagi) meaning "willow".
YANAGISAWA     Japanese
From Japanese 柳 (yanagi) meaning “willow (tree)” combined with 沢 (sawa) meaning “swamp, marsh, wetlands”.
YANAI     Japanese
From the Japanese 矢 (ya) "arrow" and 内 (nai or uchi) "inside."
YANDARBIEV     Chechen
Variant transcription of Yandarbiyev.
YANDARBIN     Chechen
Variant of Yandarbiyev.
Means "son of Yandarbi".
YÁÑEZ     Spanish
Patronymic of JUAN.
YANKELOVICH     Yiddish (Rare)
Means "son of Yankel".
YANNOTTA     American
Possibly a variant of Iannotta.
YANTORNO     Italian
Derived from the word torno which in Italian means "around".
YAO     Chinese
YAP     Chinese (Hakka), Chinese (Hokkien)
Hakka and Hokkien form of Ye.
YARDENI     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "of Jordan (2)" in Hebrew.
YARDLEY     English
Either a habitual surname for someone from Yardley, West Midlands, Essex, Northamptonshire, etc… or derived from the elements gerd, gyrd meaning "pole, stick" and leah meaning "wood, clearing".
YARDY     English
The most likely origin of this surname is that it was used to denote someone who held a piece of land known as a "yarde", from the Middle English word "yerd".
YASEEN     Urdu, Arabic
Variant transcription of Yasin.
YASENOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Yasen".
YASMIN     Bengali, Urdu
From the given name Yasmin.
YASUI     Japanese
Yasu (安) "Relaxed, Cheap" and I (井) "Well, Mineshaft ".
YASUKI     Japanese
Yasu means "Relax,Cheap,Inexpensive",etc. and Ki mean "Tree". Yasuki is also a first name of the Japanese language.
YASUNISHI     Japanese
Yasu means "Peace,Quiet" and Nishi means "West". See Anzai for alternative,but similar meaning.
YASURAOKA     Japanese (Rare)
安 (Yasu) means "Cheap, Low, Inexpensive, Rested, Peaceful, Relax".良 (Ra) means "Good, Excellent", and 岡 (Oka) means "Ridge, Hill". A notable bearer is Akio Yasuraoka, he was a composer in his earlier days.
YASUYAMA     Japanese
安 (Yasu) means "Peaceful, Rested, Relax, Cheap, Low" and 山 (Yama) means "Mountain". Check notes if necessary.
YATTEAU     French (Acadian)
I was always told it was French
YAVOROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Yavor" in Bulgarian.
YAVUZ     Turkish
From the adjective yavuz meaning "stern, tough".
YAXLEY     English
Meant "person from Yaxley", Cambridgeshire and Suffolk ("glade where cuckoos are heard").
Possibly from Turkish yayla meaning "plateau".
YAZAKI     Japanese
Ya means "Arrow" and Zaki means "Peninsula, Promontory, Cape". A notable bearer is Tomonori Yazaki, a film actor.
YAZBECK     Arabic
Mostly used in Lebanon
YAZICI     Turkish
Means "writer" or "clerk" in Turkish.
YAZZIE     Native American, Navajo
Derived from the Navajo word yázhí meaning "little".
YBIRICU     Basque (Latinized, Modern)
It means ford the river (cross or pass the river).
YE     Chinese
From Chinese 葉 (yè) meaning "leaf".
YEAGER     English, Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of German JÄGER.
YEATS     English
Scottish and northern English variant spelling of Yates.
YEE     Chinese, Korean
Yee is a variant of the Chinese Yu, and the Korean Yi.... [more]
YEFIMOV     Russian
Means "son of YEFIM".
YEFIMOVICH     Russian
Grigori Yefimovich who is best known as "Rasputin" was a Russian peasant, mystic and private adviser to the Romanovs (Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Tsarina Alexandra in the early 20th century).
Means "son of Yeghiazar".
YELLOW     English
Nickname for someone who has yellow hair; wore yellow clothing or has a yellow complexion
YELNATS     Literature
Invented by Louis Sacher for his novel "Holes". The name was created because it is Stanley spelled backwards. Stanley Yelnats IV is the main character in the novel.
YEO     Korean
YERMOLAEV     Russian
Variant transcription of YERMOLAYEV.
YERMOLAYEV     Russian
Means "son of YERMOLAI".
YESAYAN     Armenian
Means "son of Yesay", the Armenian form of Isaiah.
YESMIN     Bengali
Variant of Yasmin.
YEUKAI     Shona
Yeukai means "Remember". This name is given as a call to remember a particular event or to remember one's origins.
Means son of Yianni, a famous bearer of this name is Milo Yiannopolous (1983-).
YILDIRIM     Turkish
Means "lightning, lightning bolt" in Turkish.
YILDIZ     Turkish
Means "star" in Turkish.
YIP     Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Ye.
YOAKUM     English (American)
Americanized version of Jochim
YOCUM     German (Anglicized), English
Americanized form of Jochum, a Low German form of the given name Joachim.
YOHANNAN     Assyrian
Yohannan means "son of John" in Assyrian, a very common surname in the area of Urmia, northwestern Iran, where many Assyrians relocated after numerous diasporas forced them from their native Bet-Nahrain, "land between two rivers," as the indigenous people of Mesopotamia.
YOHE     Medieval English
The Yohe surname comes from the Old English word "ea," or "yo," in Somerset and Devon dialects, which meant "river" or "stream." It was likely originally a topographic name for someone who lived near a stream.
YOHO     American (Anglicized)
American Anglicized spelling of Swiss surname 'Joho'
YOICHI     Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 与市 with 与 (yo, ata.eru,, kumi.suru, tomoni) meaning "bestow, participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause, gift, godsend" and 市 (shi, ichi) meaning "city, market, town."... [more]
YOICHIEN     Japanese (Rare)
Made up of 与 (Yo) "Give, Award, Participate", etc. 市 (Ichi) "In City, Market" or "Town". Anything along those lines. 園 (En) means "Garden". The source is in the notes.
YOICHIMAE     Japanese (Rare)
与 (Yo) "Provide, Give, Award, Participate", 市 (Ichi) " Town, Market, City", etc. and 前 (Mae) "Front, Forward". The source is in the notes.
YOKOHAMA     Japanese
Yoko ("Beside") + Hama ("Beach, Seashore").
YOKOMIZO     Japanese
Check notes if needed. 横 (Yoko) means "Beside" and 溝 (Mizo) means "Groove, Trench, Gutter, Gully, Drain, Ditch, Gap". A notable bearer is Seishi Yokomizo, a Japanese novelist in the Showa Period.
YOKOMURA     Japanese
横 (Yoko) means "Beside" and 村 (Mura) means "Village, Hamlet". Check the source if needed.
YOKOTANI     Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 横 (yoko) meaning "next to, beside" combined with 谷 (tani) "valley".
YOKOTE     Japanese
Yoko ("Beside") + Te , this is the Japanese word for hand. This surname means "Beside a Hand". Michiko Yokote is an example. She wrote the Pichi Pichi Pitch manga and did screenwriting for Masamune-kun's Revenge.
YOKOYAMA     Japanese
From the Japanese 横 (yoko) "side," "next to" and 山 (yama) "mountain."
YOʻLDOSHEV     Uzbek
Uzbek variant transcription of Yuldashev, derived from Uzbek yoʻldosh meaning "acolyte, companion, fellow traveler".
Variant of Yoldoshev.
YOMOHIRO     Japanese (Rare)
This is a very rare surname with the kanji of all four directions: (東西北南) "East, West, North, and South", in that order. Yomo literally means "Four directions" and Hiro means "Extension".
YOMTOV     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good day", derived from Hebrew יום (yom) means "day" and טוב (tov) means "good".
YONAGA     Japanese
From Japanese 夜長 (yonaga) meaning "a long night".
YONAH     Jewish
Hebrew for "dove" יונה
YONAMINE     Japanese
From the Japanese 與 or 与(yo) "together with," 那 (na) "what" and 嶺 (mine) "peak," "summit."
YONE     Japanese
Yo (与) means together.... [more]
YONEDA     Japanese
From the Japanese 米 (yone or kome) "rice" and 田 (ta or da) "rice paddy" or 多 (ta or da) "many."
YONEICHI     Japanese
Yone (米) means rice.... [more]
YONEZAWA     Japanese
From the Japanese 米 (yone or kome) "rice" and 澤 or 沢 (zawa or sawa) "swamp."
YOON     Korean
From Sino-Korean 尹 (yun) meaning "to govern, to oversee" or "eldest".
YORATH     Welsh
Derived from the Welsh given name Iorwerth.
YORDANOVA     Bulgarian
Feminine form of Yordanov.
YOSEF     Hebrew, Arabic
From the given name Yosef.
YOSHIHAMA     Japanese
From the Japanese 吉 (yoshi) "good luck" and 浜 or 濱 (hama) "beach."
YOSHIHARA     Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
YOSHII     Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
YOSHIKAWA     Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
YOSHIMOTO     Japanese
Yoshi ("Lucky, Good") + Moto ("Origin").
YOSHIMURA     Japanese
Japanese surname meaning "Lucky Village".
YOSHINO     Japanese
From Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" and 野 (no) meaning "field, wilderness".
YOSHINUMA     Japanese
Yoshi ("Lucky, Fortunate") + Numa ("Swamp"). Shinobu Yoshinuma is an anime producer.
YOSHIOKA     Japanese
From the Japanese 吉 (yoshi) meaning "lucky, good" combined with 岡 (oka) meaning "hill".
YOSHISAWA     Japanese
Yoshi means "Lucky, Fortunate" and Sawa means "Marsh, Swamp".
YOSIFOV     Russian
Means "son of IOSIF".
YOST     American, Dutch, Afrikaans
Americanized spelling of Dutch surname Joost or German surname Jost
YOUCEFI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Algerian cognate of Yousfi.
YOUNES     Arabic
Variant transcription of Yunus.
YOUNGBLOOD     English
Americanisation of the German surname Jungbluth.
YOUNGER     English, American
English (mainly Borders) from Middle English yonger ‘younger’, hence a distinguishing name for, for example, the younger of two bearers of the same personal name. In one case, at least, however, the name is known to have been borne by an immigrant Fleming, and was probably an Americanized form of Middle Dutch jongheer ‘young nobleman’ (see Jonker)... [more]
YOUSAFZAI     Pashto
Means "son of Yusuf", from the given name Yousaf combined with Pashto زوی (zoy) meaning "son". The Yousafzai are a Pashtun tribe inhabiting Pakistan and Afghanistan.... [more]
YOUSEFI     Persian
Derived from the given name Yousef.
YOUSFI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the given name Yousef (see Joseph).
YOUSSEF     Arabic
From the given name Youssef.
YOUSUFZAI     Pashto
Variant transcription of Yousafzai.
YOVEL     Hebrew
Means "jubilee" or "anniversary" in Hebrew, usually refers to a 50 years anniversary.
YUAN     Chinese
From Chinese 源 (yuán) meaning "source, origin, root".
YUBUZA     Dungan
Meaning unknown, possibly derived from an Arabic name.
YÜCE     Turkish
Turkish surname derived from the word yüce meaning "lofty, gracious, noble, eminent".
YUENGLING     German
"youngling" or a "young person"
YUI     Japanese
It is written three ways: ... [more]
YUKIMITSU     Japanese, Popular Culture
雪 (Yuki) means "Snow" and 光 (Mitsu) means "Light, Radiance". Although, mitsu also can mean "Three" too.
YUKIMORI     Japanese
Means 'snow forest' from 'yuki' meaning 'snow' and 'mori' meaning 'forest'.
YUKITOMO     Japanese
The kanji I posted reads "Snow" and "Friend".
YUKIYAMA     Japanese
This surname combines 幸 (kou, saiwa.i, sachi,, yuki) meaning "blessing, fortune, happiness," 雪 (setsu, yuki) meaning "snow" or 行 (an, gyou, kou,, -iki, i.ku, okona.u, oko.nau,, -yuki, yu.ku) meaning "going, journey" with 山 (san, sen, yama) meaning "mountain."... [more]
YUKIZOME     Japanese
From Japanese 雪染 (yukizome) meaning "snow prints, dyed snow".
YÜKSEL     Turkish
Means "increase, rise" in Turkish, derived from Turkish yükselmek "to rise, to increase, to ascend".
YULDASHEV     Uzbek, Bashkir, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Kazakh
Means "son of the traveller" or "son of the companion" from Turkish yoldaş "traveller, acolyte, companion", itself derived from Turkic yol meaning "road, path, way" combined with -daş, a suffix denoting "fellow, sharer".
YULDOSHEV     Uzbek, Tajik
Variant transcription of Yuldashev.
YULE     Medieval English
Nickname for someone who was born on Christmas Day or had some other connection with this time of year, from Middle English yule ‘Christmastide’ (Old English geol, reinforced by the cognate Old Norse term jól).
YULIANDI     Indonesian
Possibly a variant of Yulianti.
YULIANTI     Indonesian
A notable bearer is Maria Kristin Yulianti (1985-), an Indonesian badminton player who won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics.
YUMI     Japanese
This must've been inspired by the first name Yumi, because it uses the same kanji that means "Cause Beauty". Kaoru Yumi was an actress in the late 1900's that has her name written this way.
YURCHAK     Polish (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of Polish Jurczak.
YUSFI     Indonesian
Cognate of Yousfi.
YUSİFOV     Azerbaijani
Means “son of Yusif”.
YUSOF     Malaysian, Malay
From the given name Yusof, a variant of Joseph used as a patronymic and surname.
YUSOPOV     Russian
The Yusupovs were a Russian noble family descended from the monarchs of the Nogai Horde who, in the 18th and 19th centuries, were renowned for their immense wealth, philanthropy and art collections... [more]
YUSUFI     Afghani, Tajik, Urdu
Cognate of Yousfi.
YUSUFOV     Tajik, Uzbek, Dagestani
Means "son of Yusuf".
YUSUFZAI     Pashto, Afghani
Variant transcription of Yousafzai.
YUSUPOV     Uzbek, Avar, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar, Jewish
Means "son of Yusup", also used by Central Asian Jews. This was the name of a Russian family of nobility of Crimean Tatar ancestry.
YUUMA     Japanese
From the Japanese 遊 (yu) "recreation," "fun" and 馬 (uma, ma or ba) "horse."
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