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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
MAAK     Estonian
Maak is an Estonian surname meaning "ore".
MAAN     Arabic, Limburgish, Finnish
Of meaning unknown
Meaning "Keeper of the horses."
MAASIK     Estonian
Maasik is an Estonian surname derived from "Maasikas", meaning "strawberry".
MABBETT     English
From a pet-form of the medieval female personal name Mabbe, a shortened form of Amabel (ultimately from Latin amābilis "lovable"). See also Mapp
MABRY     English, Irish
Variant spelling of Mayberry.
MẠC     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Mo.
MAC     Scottish, Irish
Variant of Mack
MAC A’ BHÀIRD     Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Mac an Bhaird.
MAC A 'GHOBHAINN     Scottish Gaelic
The Scots Gaelic variation of Smith.
MACALIPAY     Filipino, Hiligaynon
Means "to cause joy" in Hiligaynon.
Variant of McAlister
It literally means "son of the hereditary steward of church lands".
Meaning, "son of the poet."
MACANTSAOI     Macantsaoi
From Tyrone
MACAPAGAL     Filipino
Derived from Kapangpagan makapagal meaning "tiring".
MACARAEG     Filipino
Of Filipino origin and unknown meaning.
MACARRO     Spanish
From the verb Macar meaning 'to bruise'
MACARTHUR     Scottish (Rare), Northern Irish
Scottish and northern Irish: see McArthur and Arthur.
MACAULEY     Irish
1. A form of Mac Amhalghaidh, from the Gaelic prefix "mac" meaning son of, plus "Amhalghaidh" a form of the Old Irish personal name Auley.... [more]
MACCAA     Scottish
MacCaa has many clan associations; the most prominent being with the Stuarts of Bute, the Clan MacKay, the Clan MacFarlane, the Clan MacDonald and Clan Galloway. The name is a phonetic variation of MacKay, meaning 'son of Aoh (ie the champion)'... [more]
MAC CANANN     Irish
Means "son of CANÁN". Canán is a given name derived from the word cano "wolf cub".
It literally means Cathmhaol’s son".
Meaning, "son of Cearbhaill."
MACCHIA     Italian
Topographic name from Italian macchia "thicket", "scrub" (from Latin macula) and Habitational name from any of various places named Macchia, as for example Macchia in Trapani province, Sicily.
Variant of MACCHIA.
MACCINI     Italian
Patronymic from a diminutive of the given name MACCIO.
Meaning, ‘son (or descendant) of Coingheallach’, a personal name meaning ‘faithful to pledges’.
Meaning, "son of Conghal."
Means "Son of the short haired warrior''.
Irish form of Durkin.
MACDOOF     English, Scottish
It is based off of a book character (or two given names into one).... [more]
MACDUFF     Scottish Gaelic
From the ancient Scottish Gaelic Mac duib meaning "son of the black/dark man." This name may have originated as a ethnic term about the native Scots used by Viking conquestors during the later half of the First Millenium... [more]
MACE     English, French
English: from a medieval personal name, a survival of Old English Mæssa, which came to be taken as a pet form of Matthew.... [more]
It literally means "Eachán’s son".
Meaning, "son of Paul."
Irish form of Ferguson.
MACFHEARGHUIS     Irish, Scottish, Irish Mythology
Gaelic for "Son of Fhearghuis" (also spelled "Fearghas") and due to the complexities of pronunciation, has been spelled MacFergus,McKerras,MacKersey,MacErris,MacFirries and anglicised as Ferguson or Fergusson and shortened in Fergus, Ferrar,... [more]
Patronymic from the personal name FLANNCHADH, which is derived from flann "red".
MAC GAOITHÍN     Scottish Gaelic
Meaning ‘son of Gaoithín’, a personal name derived from the diminutive of gaoth ‘clever’, ‘wise’.
It literally means "pilgrim’s servant’s son".
MACGILLEFHINNEIN     Scottish Gaelic
It literally means "Finnan’s servant’s son".
MAC GILLE ÍOSA     Scottish
Meaning ‘son of the servant of Jesus’. Compare McLeish. The usual spelling in Scotland is Gillies.
MACGILLEUIDHIR     Scottish Gaelic
It literally mean’s "sallow lad’s son".
MACGILLIS     Scottish
The MacGillis surname is a very rare surname from Scotland. It means "Mac Giolla Iosa', and translates to "son of the servant of Jesus". The surname was first found in Perthshire in central Scotland.... [more]
Meaning ‘son of the servant of (Saint) Chuda’, a personal name of unexplained origin. This was the name of a 7th-century abbot-bishop of Rathin in County Westmeath.... [more]
Means "son of the strange youth", from Irish Gaelic iasachta "loan" "foreign", hence denoting to a boy who transferred to another family for fosterage, a common custom in ancient Ireland.
MACGOBHAINN     Scottish Gaelic
It literally means "smith’s son", thus making it a Scottish Gaelic form of Mac Gabhann.
MACGRATH     Irish
First found in County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland in the province of Munster, where they held a family seat from ancient times.... [more]
MACGYVER     Scottish
Prominently used in the action TV series of the same name, and the title character of that show, Angus MacGyver.
MACHADOS     Jewish
From the Hebrew name Adam, meaning "man" or "male."
MACHEN     English
Occupational name for a stonemason, Anglo-Norman French machun, a Norman dialect variant of Old French masson (see Mason).
MACHI     Sicilian
Unexplained. It may be from the Albanian personal name Maqo. Derivation from a Greek name ending in -akis, which has been suggested, is implausible.
MACHI     Japanese (Rare)
Meaning 'town' or 'street', not common in Japan. Some occurrences in America could be shortened versions of longer names beginning with this element.
MACHI     Japanese (Rare)
町 (machi) means "Town" in Japanese.
MACHIA     Italian
Variant of Italian Macchia.
MACHIDA     Japanese (Rare)
Machi (町) means "Town" and da (田) means "Rice Patty".
MACHNICKI     Polish
Habitational name for someone from Machnice in Wrocław voivodeship.
MACHRACH     Scottish
Means "campestral" in Scottish Gaelic, possibly a name for someone who lived or worked in an open field.
habitational name for someone from any of various places called Maciejowa, Maciejów, or Maciejowice, all named with the personal name Maciej
MACINNIS     Scottish Gaelic
From Scottish Gaelic MacAonghais meaning "Son of Angus".
MACIUPA     Polish (Anglicized, ?)
Ukrainian/Polish (Historically Galicia/Western Ukraine/Austro-Hungary); although it is often seen spelt this Anglicized way; due to the changing land-borders and occupation of land throughout history, it has been spelt with a slightly different transliteration pronunciation in Cyrillic (phonetic sound in Cyrillic is 'ts' as opposed to 'ch').
MACK     Scottish, Irish, German, Dutch, French
Scottish (Berwickshire) and Irish: from the Old Norse personal name Makkr, a form of Magnus (Old Irish Maccus). Shortened form of any of the many Scottish and Irish names beginning M(a)c-.... [more]
MACKEY     Irish, Scottish, Scottish Gaelic, Finnish (Anglicized)
As an Irish name with stress on the first syllable, it is an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Macdha ‘descendant of Macdha.’... [more]
MACKIN     Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó MACÁIN, Ó MAICÍN or MAC MAICÍN.
MACKIN     Dutch
Pet form of MACCO.
MACKINAW     Irish
First found in County Monaghan located in the Northern part of the Republic of Ireland in the province of Ulster, at Truagh where they were known as the Lords of Truagh.... [more]
MACKLIN     English, Scottish
Meaning unknown, but it might be related to MACLEAN.
MACLABHRAINN     Scottish Gaelic
Proper, non-Anglicized form of McLaren & thus a Scottish form of Larson.
Anglicized from MAC GIOLLA IASACHTA. Edward MacLysaght was one of the foremost genealogists of twentieth century Ireland.
MAC MAICÍN     Irish
Means "son of MAICÍN".
Proper, non-Anglicized form of McMillan.
MACMILLAN     Scottish, English
A Scottish family name. The origin of the name is said to derive from the origin of the Scottish Clan MacMillan. The progenitor of the Clan was said to be Airbertach, Hebridean prince of the old royal house of Moray... [more]
It literally means "Muircheartach’s son".
MAC NAUGHT     Ancient Celtic
The origin is celtic / irish and the meaning is "Son of nobody"
MACNELLY     Northern Irish, Scottish
Scottish (Galloway) and northern Irish: variant of McNeely.
MACON     French, German
French: See Maçon. An occupational name for a mason, French maçon. Habitational name from places so called in Saône-et-Loire, Allier, Aube, the Côte d’Or, Gers, and Deux-Sères. ... [more]
MACORIG     Italian
An italian surname that in fact comes from slovene minority near Udine, it should be written Macoric'... [more]
Meaning, "son of Paayl (Paul)."
Patronymic of (a Gaelic diminutive of) Patrick.
MAC PHÀIL     Scottish
Meaning, "son of Pàil (Paul)."
MACPHERSON     Scottish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic "Mac an Phearsain", the prefix "mac" denoting son of, plus "pearsan" parson, hence "son of the parson".... [more]
MAC PHÓIL     Irish
Meaning, "son of Póil (Paul)."
Meaning, "son of Paul."
MAC SEÁIN     Irish
Irish form of Johnson.
Irish form of Jamison.
MAC SUIBHNE     Irish, Scottish
Meaning, "son of Suibhne" (a byname meaning "pleasant").
MACSYMON     Scottish Gaelic
Gaelic form of "Simpson"
MACTAVISH     Scottish
Scottish surname from the elements "Mac" ("son of") and "Tavish" (Scottish form of "Thomas").
MADAL     Estonian
Madal is an Estonian surname meaning "low-lying" and "shoal".
MADANAT     Arabic
Mainly found in Jordan.
MAĐAR     Croatian
Derived from Mađar, Madžar, meaning "Hungarian".
MADBOULI     Arabic (Egyptian)
Variant transcription of Madbouly.
MADBOULY     Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian surname of unknown meaning.
MADDOCKS     Welsh
Variant of Maddox.
MADDUX     Welsh
Variant of Maddox.
MADE     Estonian
Patronymic surname taken either from the female name Magdaleena or the male name Matteus.
MADEIRAS     Portuguese
Came from the Portuguese Madeira word "wood" or "timber". perhaps the portuguese version of the surname Woods or someone who's from the Portuguese island Madeira
MADEJ     Polish
Either from a short form of the given name Amadej or Amadeusz or from a variant of the name Matej.
MADELEY     English
English: habitational name from places so named in Shropshire and Staffordshire, named in Old English with the personal name Mada + leah ‘woodland clearing’.
MADERA     Spanish
describing someone who lived or worked in a forest. the word Madera means "wood" in Spanish. Spanish meaning of surname Wood
MADERA     Polish, Slovak, Hungarian
Ethnic name from an old word for a Hungarian (see Magyar).
MADIGA     Indian, Telugu
Telugu occupational name for a leather worker, a job historically considered polluting and impure in India, where the surname belongs to Dalit, or "Untouchables" - members of the lowest caste.
MADINA     Various
Meaning unknown.
MADKINS     English
Metronymic from a pet form of the personal name MADDE.
MADLANGSAKAY     Filipino (Modern, Rare, ?)
Meaning in Filipino "people on board"
MADONIA     Italian
Habitational name from any of numerous places named Madonia, or a regional name for someone from Madonie in Sicily.
MADONNA     Italian
From the person name Madonna, from donna meaning "lady", bestowed in honor of the Virgin Mary.
MADRASWALA     Indian (Parsi)
From Madras (presently Chennai), the name of the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
MADREN     English
Probably a habitational name from Madron in Cornwall. Alternatively, possibly from Madryn in Gwynedd, Wales.
MADRIGAL     Spanish
"Madrigal" comes from from the Venetian madregal "simple, ingenuous," from Late Latin matricalis "invented, original," literally "of or from the womb," from matrix (gen. matricis) "womb."
MADRIZ     Spanish, Catalan
patronymic surname meaning "son of Madrileño"; given to a person that came from Madrid, Spain.
MADROÑERO     Spanish
It literally means "strawberry farmer".
MADRUS     Estonian
Madrus is an Estonian surname meaning "sailor".
MADUSHANKA     Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit मधु (mádhu) meaning “honey, sweet” combined with शङ्का (śaṅkā) meaning “doubt, uncertainty”.
MADŽAR     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Mađar, Madžar, meaning "Hungarian".
MÄE     Estonian
Mäe is an Estonian surname meaning "hill".
MAEBARA     Japanese
Maebara is an uncommon Japanese surname that has more than one meaning, depending on the characters used to write it. The first and most common spelling is with the characters for "Before" (前) and "Original" (原)... [more]
MAEKAWA     Japanese
Japanese surname meaning "river in front".
MÄELOOG     Estonian
Mäeloog is an Estonian surname meaning "hill windrow".
MÄEORG     Estonian
Mäeorg is an Estonian surname meaning "mountain/hill glen".
MÄEOTS     Estonian
Mäeots is an Estonian surname meaning "hill cusp/tip".
MÄESALU     Estonian
Mäesalu is an Estonian surname meaning "hill grove".
MAESTRE     Portuguese, Spanish
Occupational name from old Spanish and Portuguese maestre meaning 'master', 'master craftsman', 'teacher'.
MAFFIA     Italian
Variant of Mattia.
MAFFIONE     Italian (Australian)
Maffione surname is from the Puglia region of Barletta, southern Italy.
MAFFRET     French
beleived to originated in{ NICE, france} in the late 19th century, emmigration from france to london,{stepney}, where the surname was mistakenly added an extra letter "T" resulting in the surname MAFFRETT
MAGAÑA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Castilian municipality.
MAGDY     Arabic (Egyptian)
From Arabic مَجَّدَ (majjada) meaning "to praise, to glorify".
MAGED     Arabic (Egyptian)
From the given name Maged.
MAGGIO     Italian
From a nickname or personal name from the month of May, maggio, from Latin Maius (mensis), from Maia, a rather obscure goddess of fertility, whose name is derived from the same root as maius "larger" and maiestas "greatness"... [more]
MAGGIORI     Italian
Recorded in many spelling forms including the 'base' form of Maggi, and the diminutives and double diminutives Maggiore, Maggiori, Di Maggio, Maggorini, and many others, this is an Italian surname of Roman (Latin) origins... [more]
MAGGS     English
Metronymic from the medieval personal name Mag.
MAGHERY     Irish
Name for a resident of the village of town of Maghery in Northern Ireland.
MAGHRIBI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic المغرب (al-Maghrib) meaning "the west", also referring to the country of Morocco. It could be used to refer to a Moroccan person or (in English) someone from the Maghreb region of Northern Africa.
MÄGI     Estonian
Estonian surname from the word mägi meaning "hill".
MAGILL     English
MAGINDARA     Cebuano
Magindara is a name of a demigoddess who turned into a mermaid, it is also the name of mythical creatures in the Philippines that are man-eating mermaids
MAGNER     Irish
Irish: from a pet form of the Scandinavian name Magnus, in Ireland borne by both Vikings and Normans.
MAGNUSSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of Magnus."
MAGSAYSAY     Filipino, Tagalog
Means "relate, tell, narrate" in Tagalog.... [more]
MAGUADOK     Chamorro
Chamorro action word for "to dig a hole (in the ground)".
MAHABIR     Trinidadian Creole, Indian
From Sanskrit महा (mahā) meaning "great, massive" combined with वीर (vīrá) meaning "heroic, powerful, strong".
MAHAJAN     Indian, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati
Means "great people", from Sanskrit महा (mahā) meaning "great, large, big" combined with जन (jána) "people, subjects".
MAHALAH     African
zambian (tumbuka) name meaning intelligent. "mwana wa mahalah" means intelligent child
MAHAPATRA     Indian, Odia
From the Sanskrit महत् (mahat) "great, large, big" possibly combined with पात्र (pātra) "drinking-vessel, goblet, bowl, cup".
MAHARAJ     South African, Indian, Trinidadian Creole, Fijian
Means "great king, great ruler", from Sanskrit महा (mahā) meaning "great, large, big" combined with राज (rāja) meaning "king, sovereign". It is also found among Indian communities abroad.
MAHARANA     Indian, Odia
From a title meaning "king of kings" or "great king", derived from Sanskrit महा (mahā) meaning "great, large, big" combined with राणा (rana), a Rajput title meaning "king" (see Rana (2))... [more]
MAHATO     Indian, Nepali, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Odia
From a secular title given to the head or chief of a village, possibly taken from Sanskrit महत् (mahát) meaning "great, large, big".
MAHER     Irish (Rare)
The originally spelling was "O'Meachair" which means the 'kindly' or the 'generous'. The Maher family resided in the O'Carrol... [more]
MAHI'AI     Hawaiian
From the elements "mahi" (farm) and "'ai" (food).
MAHLAPUU     Estonian
Mahlapuu is an Estonian surname derived from "mahlakas"; meaning "lush", "sappy" and "malapert" "tree/wood"; "lush tree".
MAHLOY     English (American)
Mahloy is a misspelling of Malloy by Charles Malloy's (b. 1898, Scotland) elementary school teacher in the Ireland. The surname Malloy is derived from the pre 10th century Old Gaelic name O'Maolmhuidh, meaning the descendant of the Great Chief.
MAHMOOD     Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali (Muslim), Arabic
Variant transcription of Mahmud.
MAHMOUD     Arabic
From the given name Mahmoud.
MAHMOUDI     Persian, Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mahmoud.
MAHON     Irish
A shortened form of Mahoney.
MAHONY     Irish (Modern)
Variant of Mahoney.
MAHREZ     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown. A famous bearer is Riyad Mahrez (1991-), an Algerian footballer.
MAHTO     Indian, Hindi, Nepali
Variant transcription of Mahato.
MAI     Chinese
Chinese surname meaning "wheat,barley".
MAIA     Portuguese
Habitational name from any of several places named Maia, especially one in Porto.
MAIÀ     Catalan
Habitational name from Maià de Montcal, a village in Girona, or any of several other places named with Maià, which is of pre-Roman origin.
MAIN     Scottish, English, French, Norman
Various origins explained include:... [more]
MAINE     French
French topographic name from Old French maine ‘dwelling’, ‘residence’, ‘abode’, or a habitational name from any of numerous places so named.
MAINE     Scottish, English
Scottish and English variant spelling of Main.
MAINÉ     Catalan
Variant of Mainer.
MAIR     Scottish
A steward, bailiff, or warden.
MAIRENA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within either of 3 Andalusian localities: Mairena, Municipality of Nevada, Mairena del Alcor, or Mairena del Aljarafe.
MAISON     French
Means "house" in French.
MAISON     English
Variant spelling of MASON.
MAITLAND     English, Scottish
Possibly from Mautalant, the name of a place in Pontorson, France meaning "inhospitable" or "bad temper" in Norman French (ultimately from Late Latin malum "bad" and talentum "inclination, disposition"), which was so named because of its unproductive soil; or perhaps it was originally a nickname for an ungracious individual, derived from the same source.
MAITLIS     Jewish
Means "son of Meytl", a Yiddish female personal name, literally "little Meyte", a Yiddish female personal name derived from Middle High German maget "maid".
MAIZLES     Polish
A polish-jewish name with german origins.... [more]
MAJ     Polish, Jewish
Surname adopted with reference to the month of May, Polish maj. Surnames referring to months were sometimes adopted by Jewish converts to Christianity, with reference to the month in which they were baptized or in which the surname was registered.
MAJANGE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MAJEED     Arabic
"noble", "glorious"
MAJERLE     Slovene
Slovene surname Majerle, a variant of the Polish, Czech, and Slovak Majer, which was a status name for "steward, bailiff, tenant farmer, or village headman", from the German Meyer.
MAJHI     Indian, Odia, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese
Possibly from the Bengali মাঝি (mājhi) meaning "boatman, oarsman, waterman".
MAJI     Indian
MAJID     Urdu
MAJIDOV     Dagestani, Uzbek, Tajik
Means "son of Majid".
MAJIMA     Japanese (Rare)
Ma means "Real,Genuine" (this is used most likely,anyway) and Jima means "Island".
MAJSTOROVIĆ     Serbo-Croatian (Rare)
Comes from word majstor meaning master.
MAK     Chinese (Cantonese)
Transliterated from the Chinese surname Mai meaning "wheat, barley". A bearer of this surname is Dennis Mak. He is a singer from Hong Kong and was a former member of the Cantopop group Boy'z.
MAKAROV     Russian
Means "son of MAKAR."
MAKEPEACE     English
From a medieval nickname for a skilled conciliator. It was borne by English cricketer Harry Makepeace (1881-1952).
MAKHACHEV     Avar, Lak
Means "son of Makhach".
MAKHLOUFI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from the given name Makhlouf.
MAKHMUTOV     Russian
From the given name Mahmud.
MAKHOV     Circassian (Russified)
Russified form of a Circassian surname derived from Kabardian махуэ (māx°ă) meaning "day".
MÄKI     Finnish
Finnish surname from the word mäki meaning "hill".
MAKICE     American (Modern, Rare)
Taken as a new common familyname by Kevin McGrew Isbister and Amy Elizabeth Clendening. They scrambled their initials (KMI and AEC), and came up with “Makice” as their family name.
MAKIMURA     Japanese
According to Hi!Penal!, this is written in three different ways (different kanji for "maki"), this kanji (牧) meaning "Shepard" and Mura (村) meaning "Village" is an example.
MAKINO     Japanese
Makino means "Shepard Feild".
MAKITA     Japanese
I'm not sure how the surname is usually written, but 真 (Ma) means "Genuine, Real, Sincere" and 北 (Kita) means "North". On the other hand, 牧 (Maki) means "Shepard, Tend cattle" and 田 (Ta) means "Rice Field, Rice Paddy"... [more]
MAKÓ     Hungarian
Derived from a pet form of the name Makár, which in turn is from the Greek given name Makarios. Could also be from the name Mátyás, the Hungarian form of Matthias.
MAKOVOZA     Baltic (Latinized, Rare), German (Latinized, Rare), Russian (Rare)
There is no history of the name just a family name I on't know if some people have it as a first name too.
MAKOWSKI     Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Maków, Makowa, or Makowo, all named from mak "poppy (seeds)".
Notable bearer of this name is General Yannis Makriyannis (1797-1864), was a Greek merchant, military officer, politician and author.
MAKSATOV     Kazakh
From the given name Maksat.
MAKSIMOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Maksim".
MÄKYNEN     Finnish
Variant of Mäkinen.
Habitational name for someone from places called Małachowo, Małachów, or Małachowice.
MALAEB     Arabic
Lebanese Druze name possibly derived from Arabic مَلْعَب (malʿab) meaning "scene, theatre, sport".
MALAMED     Jewish
from the Yiddish for "a teacher of young children".
Habitational name for someone from places called Malanowo or Malanów.
MALASENCO     Ukrainian
This surname is a moderately common Ukrainian name and was formed from the Hebrew name MALACHI. After 988 A.D., every Slav, having been baptized, would undergo a ceremony, conducted by a priest, to receive a Christian name... [more]
MALASHENKO     Ukrainian
This surname is a moderately common Ukrainian name and was formed from the Hebrew name MALACHI. After 988 A.D., every Slav, having been baptized, would undergo a ceremony, conducted by a priest, to receive a Christian name... [more]
Habitational name for someone from a place called Malczewo in Poznań voivodeship, or Malczew in Radom voivodeship.
MALDONADO     Spanish, Portuguese
From mal donado meaning "badly endowed" (literally, "badly given"). Also used for people originating from the Spanish village of Maldonado.
MALE     English
Nickname for a virile man, from Middle English male meaning "masculine".
MALECKI     Polish
Habitational name for someone from places called Malki in the voivodeships of Ostroleka and Torun.
MALECUIT     French
Means "doughy," "soggy," or "undercooked" in French.
A variant spelling of Malefeyt. This is also actually an archaic spelling (as the sound written as -eijt will be always be written as -eit or -ijt in modern times), but it has (barely) managed to survive into modern times... [more]
MALEFEYT     Dutch (Archaic)
Archaic Dutch surname that is now no longer in use (not in this exact spelling, that is): the spelling reflects the surname's origin from older times (as -eyt is an exclusively archaic spelling that has not survived into modern times like its counterparts -eit and -ijt did)... [more]
MALEFIJT     Dutch
Modern form of Malefeyt, which is also the most common form of the surname. In The Netherlands, there were 24 bearers of the surname in 2007.
MALEK     Indian (Muslim), Gujarati, Persian, Bengali (Muslim), Arabic
Variant of Malik. A notable bearer is Rami Malek (1981-), an Egyptian-American actor.
MALFAIT     French
Derived from French mal fait, which literally means "poorly done, badly done". In the context of the surname, it refers to the first bearer being "malformed" or "deformed" (as it was in the eyes of people from older times), which means that he either was physically disabled or able-bodied but with a physical trait that deviated from the norm.
MALFEYT     Dutch, Flemish
Generally a Dutch form (or "dutchization", if you will) of Malfait, with the spelling reflecting the surname's origin from older times (as -eyt is an exclusively archaic spelling that has not survived into modern times like its counterparts -eit and -ijt did)... [more]
MALFOY     French
Malfoy is a French name roughly translating to "bad faith"
MALICK     Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Western African
From the Arabic ملك (malik) meaning "king, sovereign, monarch" (see Malik (1)), used by Indian Hindus and Muslims.
MALIK     Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim), Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Indonesian
From the Arabic title ملك (malik) meaning "king, sovereign, monarch".
MALIKOV     Russian
Could mean "son of Malik". "Malíkov" is also a small village in the Czech Republic.
MALIKZAI     Pashto
Means "son of Malik (1)" in Pashto.
MALIN     English, French, Dutch
From the given name Malin (English), and from the given name Madalin composed of the Germanic element madal meaning "council" (French, Dutch).
MALIN     Serbian, Croatian (Rare)
From the Serbian word мали meaning "small".
MALINA     Czech
Means "raspberry".
MALINOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Either from Russian and Bulgarian малина (malina) meaning "raspberry" or Russian мал (mal) meaning "small, little".
MALIZIA     Italian
Italian. Literal translation is the english noun: "Malice".... [more]
MALKA     Hebrew
Means "queen" in Hebrew.
MALKOVICH     Ukrainian
Possibly the Ukrainian version of MILOŠEVIĆ
MALLARD     English
Either (i) from the Old French male personal name Malhard, brought into England by the Normans but ultimately of Germanic origin and meaning literally "council-brave"; or (ii) from a medieval nickname for someone thought to resemble a male wild duck.
MALLICK     Indian, Bengali, Odia, Urdu
Variant transcription of Malick.
MALLOCH     Scottish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic MacIain Mhalaich "son of Ian of the bushy eyebrows", which was the family name of the MacGregors of Balhaldie. The Ian from whom the name is derived died in the early 16th century.
MALLOW     German
Variant spelling of Malow, a habitational name from Malow in Mecklenburg.
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