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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is jfifles.
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Bagatsing Filipino
Filipinized form of Bhagat Singh, a combination of Sanskrit भगत (bhagat) meaning "devotee, follower" combined with सिंह (siṃhá) meaning "lion". A notable bearer was Ramon Bagatsing (1916-2006), the 19th Mayor of Manila who was of Indian descent.
Bahaghari Filipino, Tagalog
Means “rainbow” in Tagalog.
Berlinerblau German, Jewish
Means “Prussian blue” in German. A notable bearer of this surname is Jacques Berlinerblau, a professor of Jewish civilization, and Stefania Berlinerblau, an American anatomist and physician.
Bischoffshausen German
Derived from the place name Bischoffshausen.
Bomba Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak
From bomba "bomb", (Latin bombus), hence probably a nickname for someone with an explosive temperament, or a metonymic occupational name for an artilleryman.
Bones English
Derives from bon, "good" in Old French.
Castelo Branco Portuguese
Means “White Castle” in Portuguese.... [more]
Castiglione Italian
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Castiglione, derived from Italian castiglione meaning "castle, fortress".
Chengcuenca Filipino
From Cuenca de Cheng, "Cheng's basin" in Spanish
Christodoulopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of Christ's servant" in Greek.
Christoyannopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of John and Christ" in Greek. A notable bearer of this surname is Alexandre Christoyannopoulos.
Cojuangco Filipino
From Hokkien 許寰哥 (Khó͘ Hoân-ko), which was the nickname of Co Yu Hwan (許玉寰), a Chinese migrant who arrived in the Philippines in the 19th century. This is the name of a prominent political and business family in the Philippines.
De Leeuw Van Weenen Dutch
Means "Lion of Vienna" in Dutch.
Espírito Santo Portuguese
Means “Holy Spirit” in Portuguese.... [more]
Frangopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Frank" in Greek.
Freyjuson Icelandic (Rare)
Means "son of Freyja" in Icelandic
Fukuguchi Japanese
From Japanese 福 (fuku) meaning "happiness, good fortune, blessing" and 口 (kuchi) meaning "mouth, entrance".
Garfunkel Jewish, Yiddish
From גאָרפֿינקל‎ (gorfinkl), "carbuncle" in Yiddish, which in turns derives from German Karfunkel. A notable bearer of this surname is Art Garfunkel.... [more]
Hatzi Greek
A Greek rendering of حاج‎ (ḥājj), denoting one who has successfully completed a pilgrimage. In a Christian context, the title designates a person who has visited Jerusalem and the Holy Land and was baptised in the Jordan River... [more]
Heyerdahl Norwegian
Combination of Heyer from heiðr, "heath, moor" in Old Norse and Dahl from dalr, "valley" in Old Norse... [more]
Krzyżaniak Polish
Derived from Polish krzyż meaning "cross".
Linzmeyer German, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "bailiff of Linz, Austria" in German, derived from Proto-Celtic *lentos (“bend”) and Middle High German meier meaning "bailiff, administrator", derived from Latin maior meaning "greater".... [more]
Meggyes Hungarian
Means "cherry" in Hungarian.
Mínervudóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Minerva" in Icelandic. A famous bearer is Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir.
Mínervuson Icelandic
Means "son of Minerva" in Icelandic
Mozart German
The surname was first recorded in the 14th century as Mozahrt, and later as Motzhardt in Germany. It is a compound word, the first part of which is Middle High German mos, also spelt mosz, and meaning “bog, marsh” in southern dialects (compare modern German Moos)... [more]
Nasmith Scottish, English
This surname is derived from an occupation, "nail-smith", but may also mean "knife-smith".
Neinstein German, Jewish
Means “nine stones” in German
Neztsosie Navajo
From nééz, “tall” in Navajo and tsʼósí, “slim” in Navajo
Nishishima Japanese
From Japanese 西 (nishi) meaning "west" and 島 (shima) meaning "island".
Papachristodoulopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of the priest and servant of Christ" in Greek.
Papadiamantopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of the diamond priest" in Greek. A notable bearer of this surname is Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos, a Greek revolutionary leader.
Persopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Persian" in Greek.
Pessegueiro Portuguese
Means "peach tree" in Portuguese, ultimately from Latin persicum. It indicated a person who lived near or worked with peach trees.
Prophet English, Scottish, French, German
Scottish, English, French, and German: nickname from Middle English and Old French prophete, Middle High German prophet ‘prophet’, ‘seer’, ultimately from Greek prophetes ‘predictor’, from pro ‘before’ + a derivative of phemi ‘to speak’... [more]
Quattrociocchi Italian
From quattro ciocchi, "four logs of wood" in Italian.
Qvarnström Swedish
Combination of Swedish kvarn meaning "mill" and ström meaning "stream".
Rangihau Maori
Rangihau means "windy weather" in Maori
Sakagawa Japanese
From Japanese 坂 or 阪 (saka) meaning "slope" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Sakazaki Japanese
From Japanese 坂 or 阪 (saka) meaning "slope" and 崎 (saki) meaning "cape, peninsula".
São João Portuguese
Means "St. John" in Portuguese.
Sendaydiego Filipino
Possibly from Japanese 仙台 (Sendai), the name of a city in Japan, combined with the given name Diego.
Servopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Serb" in Greek.
Sferrazza Italian
Occupational name for a scrap-metal merchant, from a derivative of Sferro in the sense ‘old and broken iron’. Habitational name from the district of Paternò in Catania, Sicily.
Þórsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Þór" in Icelandic.
Þórsson Icelandic
Means "son of Þór" in Icelandic.
Valmorida Filipino, Cebuano
Means "valley of the forest field" derived from Spanish val, a contraction of valle meaning "valley", combined with Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest, woods" and 田 (ta) "paddy, field" (see Morita).
Voulgaropoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Bulgarian" in Greek.
Yeardley English
Means "enclosed meadow" in Old English, from Old English g(e)ard (“fence, enclosure”) + lēah (“woodland, clearing”).