Submitted Surnames via Unknown Sources

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Adkinson English
Variant of the surname Atkinson.
Amaya Basque
Spanish: habitational name, from the name of a mountain and an ancient city in the province of Burgos, probably derived from Basque amai ‘end’ + the article suffix -a.
Andrelly Russian, Ukrainian
The first occurrence that I found was of Mikhaila Orosvigovskago ANDRELLY, or ANDRELLA (author of religious literature, in the century XVI) .
Antury Greek, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel.... [more]
Arnett English
Derived from Arnold, a pet name perhaps. Also could be from /arn/ "eagle" and /ett/, a diminutive.
Bakshis Lithuanian
Means fighter or boxer
Balfager Gothic, Medieval Portuguese
Name of a Visigoth noble family (around the 10th century) from the Iberian Peninsula (current northern Portugal), meaning "bold spear"; they descent from the Balti dynasty.
Barry African
A Guinean surname meaning the family comes from the Peul, Fulani, or Foulbe ethnic groups of West Africa.
Biancaniello Italian
It means "white ring".... [more]
Birnie Scottish
Part of the clan MacInnes from the Scottish highlands. It was originally the name of a church (Burn-nigh) which became Birnie or Birney.
Boomhouwer German, Dutch
Boomhouwer, means "Cutter of Trees", or "The one who hews trees", having Boom translating into "tree", houw meaning to "hew" or to "cut", and er meaning "the one who".... [more]
Bragado Portuguese, Spanish
This surname is a Spanish word which means "gritty", refering to a bull. ... [more]
Broglin English
Corruption of Brogden.
Budurov Russian
It is believed to mean "The Blessed One" or "Bless You" in Russian.
Camus Basque
Camus is a Basque surname from Bermeo, Vizcaya. Part passed to Cantabria and Chile.
Carnahan Irish
From the Irish Cearnaghan, meaning "victorious"
Cassar Maltese
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a derivation from the Italian given name Cesare (via the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) and a Maltese adoption of the Sicilian surname Cassarà... [more]
Champin French
It is the french form of Chapman
Chastang French
Derived from Olde French castanh meaning "chestnut". Possibly a location or occupation name.
Cintron Spanish
Spanish form for the french "Citroen". Original from Puerto Rico.
Coppenhaver German
Americanized spelling, probably originally spelled Kopenhaver or Koppenhaver. Means "owner of a hill".
Cotoni Italian
means "cottons" in Italian
Czesky Czech, Polish
Czesky means "bohemian" in Polish.
Demers French
From French meaning "of the seas". A famous bearer of this surname was Modeste Demers, a bishop in 18th century Vancouver.
Deschenes French
"Chenes" is French for "oak tree". In French, "Des" means more than one. "Des"+ "Chenes"= Deschenes meaning "Many oak trees."
Dilan Filipino, Ilocano
Filipino from the filipine islands
Dimercurio Italian
DiMercurio is an alternate spelling of Di Mercurio.
Driggers American
Corruption of the Spanish surname Rodriguez. Originated in 17th century Virginia as a former slave by that surname was integrated into free society.
El-qases Arabic
It means "the narrative (which refers to the title of a chapter of the Quran)".
El-shafei Arabic
It means "the intercessor (which refers to the Prophet of Islam, who will hopefully intercede on one's behalf before God on the day of judgement)".
Elverman German
The name Elverman means Eel fisherman.
El-zein Arabic
It means "the ornament".
Embry English, Scottish
ember, smoldering fire
Fackrell English
It means woodcutter
Fafard French
Possibly derived from the french 'fard' meaning 'made-up' or 'make-up'. This is in a theatrical sense and does not imply lying. Very possibly a derivation form a theatrical occupation
Fanning Irish
The roots of the name are unclear. It seems the name is Native Irish Gaelic. It is thought to be derived from the Gaelic name Ó Fionnáin which means "fair".
Fantauzzo Italian
From the medieval word "fante," meaning infant or child.
Feuerhahn German
Feuerhahn comes from the Old High German words (fivr) meaning "fire" & (hano) meaning "cock".
Fitch Scottish
The name fitch is of anglo-saxon decent, it refers to a person of iron point inrefrence to a soldier or worrior it is derived from an english word (Fiche) which means iron point the name started in county suffolk
Ginebra Spanish
From the Spanish word ginebra, meaning "gin," possibly ultimately from the Latin iuniperus, meaning "juniper."
Gravenor Welsh
meaning, "great hunter"
Guevera Spanish
means "protector"
Gwyther Welsh
meaning, "victor" or "victory"
Hachimitsu Japanese
Means "honey"
Hatake Japanese
Means "Field" in Japanese
Haviv Jewish
Means 'Sweet' in Hebrew
Heinbokel German
(Hein) is a short form of the name Heinrich, (the German form of the name Henry) & Bokel is a place name in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein & North Rhine-Westphalia.
Heman Indian
The name 'Heman' is a Jewish name, meaning 'Faithfull'.... [more]
Hirsekorn German
Hirsekorn - millet grain - seems to be of Jewish origin
Homberg German
The surname Hamberg could be derived from it.
Huaranga Incan
Possibly refers to the Inca administrative "unit of a thousand households"
Kanssen Dutch, Flemish
Son of Kant
Kaplan Jewish, Turkish
Means "tiger" in Turkish. This common Jewish surname has a spelling variation: Caplan. For an unknown reason, Jewish immigrants who passed through the port at Baltimore had their names changed to Caplan, while the Jewish immigrants who passed through Ellis Island retained the original K spelling.
Katopodis Greek
It cames only from the greek island lefkada, its by the word meaning is "Downfoot" nut actually it means The guy who run away
Keim German
Khansari Persian
Actual meaning is unknown; originated in the Iranian tribe the Kurds.
Kippenberger German, French, Scottish
Mainly means "Shepard".
Koski Finnish
Means "rapids" in Finnish.
Kouumoto Japanese
Rainfall origin.
Kremer German
Variant of Krämer.
Krieg German
German word meaning "war"
Kuul Estonian
Lackey Irish
Lackey was originally a name for a horse servant.
Ladouceur French
french canadian
Lalatovic Serbian
Possibly derived from the slavic word for "tulips", lale or from son of Lala (a nickname for Lazar)
La Liveres French
Means 'the books' in French
Lavecchia Italian
Means "Old Lady"
Ligne English
A variation of the names Ling, Lin and others.
Mandato Italian
mandato is the past tense of send in italian-such as "i sent a letter or message"
Marroquin Spanish
Spanish or Portuguese
Mauk Czech, Russian
The word Mauk is the Eastern European meaning for night. In the early ages a small group of people in the area now known to be in or around Russia and the czech republic founded this word and made it their name... [more]
Mccain English
"Son of warrior"
Mcgillicuddy Irish
The surname McGillicuddy comes from the Irish Mac GiollaMochuda, meaning 'son of the devotee of St. Mochuda'. It's part of the O'Sullivan sect and comes from the West part of Ireland in county Kerry... [more]
Mesías Spanish, Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish, meaning Messiah.
Misleh Arabic
Variation of Musleh. Means "peacemaker" or "social reformer" in Arabic.
Munger English
Variant of Monger.
Nemirow English
Is the English for the Russian/Ukrainian Surname Nemirov
Odige French, African
A Name from french Odige (O.DI Zeouf) zeouf with means egg Zeouf is spelled as ge to shorten the name. This surname means fighter The French has been known to be Lovely and the language of love un-violent... [more]
O'milligan Irish
Form of Milligan.
O'prey Irish
From the Irish Gaelic Á Preith or Ó Preith meaning "of the cattle spoil".
Papaccio Italian
The root papa comes from the Greek language, whose Italian translation is literally "priest", but during centuries this was also a term of respect, and this is due to the active influence of Greek and Byzantine culture in southern Italy and specifically in Naples... [more]
Pico Spanish
meaning beak of a bird, or peak of a mountain in spanish... [more]
Plant English
An occupational surname for a gardener.
Popoola Yoruba
"The way of the rich man" or "The way of prosperity"
Popuchet French
Wise and classy
Pothier English
One of the Many spellings of Pottier
Prozesky Polish
process or court case... [more]
Rachman Ukrainian, Jewish
Rachman is an old Jewish name which means "Merciful" in Hebrew.... [more]
Reginatto Italian
nato means "born" in italian... [more]
Renehan Irish
Derived from Irish Gaelic, meaning "sharp- or star-pointed."
Reytblat Yiddish
Means "red leaf" in Yiddish. This is somewhat rare, chiefly used by Jews from Russia and Ukraine.
Rundlett French
this is a french word for little wine barrels.
Salmi Finnish
Means "a strait" in Finnish.
Sandano Italian
San means "saint" in Italian, but I don't know what the... [more]
Shwets Ukrainian
Variant of Shwetz
Silberman German, Jewish
Variant of Silber, with the addition of Middle High German man meaning "man" or Yiddish man meaning "man".
Šmigiæ Serbian
It is old Serbian surname.It's origins are probably from Kosovo.
Szmanda Polish
Polish pronunciation is "sh-MAHN-dah" and Hungarian pronunciation is "s-MAHN-dah".
Takamitsu Japanese
"Taka" is high or tall, "Mitsu" is light (as in sunlight, lightbulb). This is a rare family name in Japan. It was created by a family within that last century, but strangely enough a couple other families with no blood relation have showed up with that surname within the last 20 years in the Japanese phonebook.
Tarver English
Sodhut dweller, from old English
Toler English
Variant of Toller.
Towers French
1. Variant of Tower, with later -s. ... [more]
Truan Spanish
Means "Knave" or "Joker"
Tsukino Japanese
Means ''of the moon'' in Japanese. A famous bearer of this surname would be Usagi Tsukino in the show Sailor Moon.
Tvrdy Czech
Valo Finnish
means "light" in finnish
Vanniyan Indian
It denotes those belonging to the Palli caste.
Večeřa Czech
Means "supper". Pronounced "veh-cze-zha".
Waghdhare Indian
A Marathi surname meaning "Tiger Catcher"
Weller English, German
Either from the Olde English term for a person who extracted salt from seawater, or from the English and German "well(e)," meaning "someone who lived by a spring or stream."... [more]
Wile Hungarian
no particular meaning. the word wile means to trick though.
Wrenn English
Derived from the surname Wren... [more]
Wrobleski Polish
from Polish "wroble" wren.
Zielenbach German
Literally translates to "aiming brook"