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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword friend.
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Alif Malay (Arabized, Rare, Archaic)
"Good friends" "Close friend" "Best friend" "Companion" "Close companion" "Kind" "Meek" "Gentle" "Compassionated" "soft"
Amico Italian
Means "friend".
Amy Jèrriais
Derived from French ami "friend".
Bollard French
From a personal name composed of the Germanic elements boll "friend", "brother" + hard "hardy", "strong".
Bonamici Italian
Means "good friend", originating as a nickname or from a given name of the same meaning.
Bonamy French
Meaning "good friend".
Brightwen English
From either of the two Old English given names Beohrtwine (a masculine name which meant "bright friend") or Beohrtwynn (a feminine name which meant "bright joy").
Capulong Filipino, Tagalog (Hispanicized)
Possibly means "a companion in a meeting."
Conde Spanish
1 Spanish and Portuguese: “nickname from the title of rank conde ‘count’, a derivative of Latin comes, comitis ‘companion’.”... [more]
D'Amico Italian
Derived from Italian amico meaning "friend".
Defilippo Italian
The Italian surname De Filippo is a patronymic name created from the first name of a male ancestor. As a first name, it is derived from the Latin "Philippus,". This name is composed of the element "philos" which means "friend," and "hippos," meaning "horse.
Drury English, French, Irish
Originally a Norman French nickname, derived from druerie "love, friendship" (itself a derivative of dru "lover, favourite, friend" - originally an adjective, apparently from a Gaulish word meaning "strong, vigourous, lively", but influenced by the sense of the Old High German element trut, drut "dear, beloved").... [more]
Erwin English, German, Irish, Scottish
From the given name Erwin. From the Middle English personal name Everwin Erwin perhaps from Old English Eoforwine (eofor "boar" and wine "friend") but mostly from an Old French form of the cognate ancient Germanic name Everwin or from a different ancient Germanic name Herewin with loss of initial H- (first element hari heri "army")... [more]
Folger German
From nickname volger, meaning "companion, supporter"
Frewin English
From the Middle English personal name Frewine, literally "noble or generous friend".
Friend English
Nickname for a companionable person, from Middle English frend "friend" (Old English freond). In the Middle Ages the term was also used to denote a relative or kinsman, and the surname may also have been acquired by someone who belonged to the family of someone who was a more important figure in the community
Goldwyn English, Jewish
Derived from the Old English given name Goldwine, composed of the elements gold meaning "gold" and win meaning "friend".
Gonnynge English (Rare)
A variant of the given name Gunwyn, which is derived from the Old English word gundwein, meaning "battle friend".
Goodfriend English
Nickname for a reliable friend or neighbor, from Middle English gode meaning "good", and frend meaning "friend". It is an English translation and cognate of German Gutfreund, from Middle High German guot meaning "good" and vriunt meaning "friend".
Goos German, Flemish, Dutch
Either a metonymic occupational name for a breeder or keeper of geese, from Middle Low German gōs and Middle Dutch goes "goose", or a short form of an Old German personal name containing Gote "Goth" or got "god", particularly Goswin or Gozewijn (a compound name with the second element wini "friend").
Guignard French
from the old Germanic name Winhard composed of the elements win "friend" and hard "hard strong".
Guin French
From the given name Guin the French form of Wino a short form of names with the element win "friend".
Gutfreund German
From the words gut freund, which means "good friend."
Harlin English
English surname transferred to forename use, from the Norman French personal name Herluin, meaning "noble friend" or "noble warrior."
Haverbus Yiddish, Dutch
From Yiddish/Hebrew Haver (חבר) and Baruch (ברוך), thus literally "blessed friend".
Jadwin English
"Jadwin" is said to mean "friend of a stonecutter" (Anglo-Saxon jad "stonecutter" + win or "friend.")
Kelleher Irish
From Gaelic Ó Céileachair meaning "son of Céileachar". The Irish given name Céileachar means "companion-dear", i.e., "lover of company".
Mchale Irish, Welsh
From the Irish Mac Céile, a patronymic from the byname Céile, meaning "companion." This was the surname of a Mayo family, tenants of church lands. ... [more]
Mervyn English
(i) from the medieval personal name Merewine, literally "fame-friend"; (ii) from the Old English personal names Mǣrwynn, literally "famous joy", and Merefinn, from Old Norse Mora-Finnr; (iii) from the Welsh personal name Merfyn, literally probably "marrow-eminent"
Mittal Indian, Hindi, Punjabi
Possibly derived from Sanskrit मित्र (mitra) meaning "friend".
Nagatomo Japanese
From Japanese 長 (naga) meaning "long, eternity" and 友 (tomo) meaning "friend".
Onstad Norwegian, German
Habitational name from the name of any of seven farmsteads mainly in the southeast most of them with names formed from any of various Old Norse personal names plus stathir "farmstead" as for example Augunarstathir from the personal name Auðun (from Auth "wealth" plus un "friend")... [more]
Ōtomo Japanese
From Japanese 大 (ō) meaning "big, great" and 友 (tomo) meaning "friend".
Patnubay Filipino, Tagalog
Means "guide, companion" in Tagalog.
Playfair English
From a medieval nickname for an enthusiastic competitor in sports and games (from Middle English pleyfere "companion in play, playmate"), or else a different form of Playford (from a Suffolk place-name meaning "ford where sports are held")... [more]
Safeya Muslim
• Safeya is derived from the SAD-F-A root which is used in many places in the Quran, This name derives from the Arabic “Ṣafi”, meaning “pure, confidante, best friend”. Safiyya bint Huyayy was a Jewish woman captured from the Banu Nadir tribe at age 17, who became Muhammad's wife... [more]
Sahabi Iranian
Possibly from Arabic صَحَابِيّ‎ (ṣaḥābiyy) meaning "companion", from the verb صَحِبَ‎ (ṣaḥiba) "to accompany, to be one's companion".
Saxena Indian, Hindi
Traditionally believed to be derived from Sanskrit सखिसेना (sakhisena) meaning "friend of the army", from सखा (sakha) meaning "friend, companion" and सेना (sena) meaning "army"... [more]
Seddik Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic صَدِيق (ṣadīq) meaning "friend".
Selwyn English
from the Middle English personal name Selewin (Old English Selewine perhaps from sele "manor" or sǣl "happiness prosperity" and wine "friend")... [more]
Siddig Northern African, Arabic
Derived from Arabic صَدِيق (ṣadīq) meaning "friend" (chiefly Sudanese).
Sitdikov Bashkir, Tatar
Either derived from Arabic صَدِيق (ṣadīq) meaning "friend" or صَادِق (ṣādiq) meaning "true, truthful, veracious".
Sõber Estonian
Sõber is an Estonian surname meaning "friend".
Somatomo Japanese
The Japanese surname "Somatomo" (相本) is not a common surname, and its meaning can vary depending on the family's history and origin. However, "Soma" can mean "together" or "mutual," and "tomo" can mean "friend" or "companion." So, "Somatomo" might roughly translate to "mutual friend" or "companion together."
Sozio Italian
Nickname from socio "companion", "ally".
Sumitomo Japanese
From Japanese 住 (sumi) meaning "living" and 友 (tomo) meaning "friend".
Tomobe Japanese
Tomo means "friend" and be means "section, division".
Tomoeda Japanese
Tomo means "Friend", Eda means "Branch, Twig".
Tomoki Japanese
From 友 (tomo) meaning "friend" and meaning 木 (ki) "tree, wood".
Tomonaga Japanese
From Japanese 友 (tomo) meaning "friend" and 永 (naga) meaning "eternity".
Tomono Japanese
Tomo can mean "friend" or "wisdom" and no means "field, wilderness".
Tomooka Japanese
Tomo means "friend" and oka means "hill".
Tomosaka Japanese
友 (Tomo) means "friend" and 坂 (saka) means "slope, hill".
Tomose Japanese
Tomo means "friend" and se means "ripple, current".
Tomotake Japanese
Tomo means "friend" and take means "bamboo".
Trausch German, Slavic, Low German, Luxembourgish
A nickname either derived from Trauschke, a nickname from Old Slavic drugu "companion", or from Middle Low German druus "sullen", "dour".
Trautwein German
Derived from a medieval given name composed of Middle High German trut meaning "beloved" and win meaning "friend".
Unwin English
From the Old English male personal name Hūnwine, literally "bearcub-friend" (later confused with Old English unwine "enemy"). Bearers include British publisher Sir Stanley Unwin (1885-1968) and "Professor" Stanley Unwin (1911-2002), South African-born British purveyor of comical nonsense language.
Vali Spanish, Italian (Swiss), Arabic
This Spanish and Italian surname of VALI was a locational name for someone OR A family who lived in a valley. In valle quiescit ( In the valley of our home, we find peace.)... [more]
Wali Urdu, Pashto, Bengali, Arabic
Derived from Arabic وَلِيّ (waliyy) meaning "helper, friend, protector", used in Islam to describe a saint.
Walling Anglo-Norman
From the Anglo-Norman personal name Walweyn, the Old German forename Waldwin, or the Old English personal name Wealdwine, which means "power-friend".
Walwyn English
Either (i) from the Old English personal name Wealdwine, literally "power-friend"; or (ii) perhaps from the medieval personal name Walwain, the Anglo-Norman form of Old French Gauvain (cf... [more]
Wein German, Yiddish, Hungarian
Means "grape, vine, wine" in German and Yiddish (װײַנ). According to Nelly Weiss, Wein-style family names originated from signboards (house sign, house shield) in Jewish communities. Wein may also be related the German verb weinen meaning "to cry"... [more]
Winfrey English
From the Old English personal name Winfrith, literally "friend-peace". A famous bearer of this surname is Oprah Winfrey (1954-), a US television talk-show presenter.
Yoldaş Turkish
Means "traveling companion" in Turkish.
Yukitomo Japanese
Yuki means "snow" and tomo means "friend".