Surnames Starting with S

Stumpf German
Nickname for a short person or a topographic name someone who lived near a prominent stump, from Middle High German stumpf.
Sturm German
Means "storm" in German, originally a nickname for a volatile person.
Styles English
Locational name for one who lived near a steep hill, from Old English stigol "stile, set of steps".
Suárez Spanish
Means "son of Suero".
Suchý Czech
Means "dry" in Czech. This was a nickname for a thin person.
Sudworth English
From an English place name composed of Old English suþ "south" and worþ "enclosure".
Suen Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese romanization of Sun.
Suero Spanish
Derived from the given name Suero.
Suess German
Variant of Süß. A famous bearer was the American children's author Dr. Seuss (1904-1991), who was born Theodor Seuss Geisel.
Sugiura Japanese
From Japanese (sugi) meaning "cedar" and (ura) meaning "bay, inlet".
Sugiyama Japanese
From Japanese (sugi) meaning "cedar" and (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Sullivan Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish name Ó Súileabháin meaning "descendant of Súileabhán". The name Súileabhán means "little dark eye".
Sultan Arabic
From a nickname meaning "sultan, ruler" in Arabic.
Sultana Bengali, Urdu, Maltese
Bengali, Urdu and Maltese form of Sultan.
Sulzbach German
Toponymic name from German places named Sulzbach meaning "salty stream", derived from Old High German sulza "salty water" and bah "stream".
Summerfield English
Originally indicated the bearer was from a town of this name, derived from Old English sumor "summer" and feld "field".
Sumner English
Occupational name for a summoner, an official who was responsible for ensuring the appearance of witnesses in court, from Middle English sumner, ultimately from Latin submonere "to advise".
Sun Chinese
From Chinese (sūn) meaning "grandchild, descendant". A famous bearer of the surname was Sun Tzu, the 6th-century BC author of The Art of War.
Sundberg Swedish
From Swedish sund meaning "strait" and berg meaning "mountain".
Sundén Swedish
From Swedish sund meaning "sound, strait".
Sundström Swedish
From Swedish sund meaning "strait" and ström (Old Norse straumr) meaning "stream".
Sung Chinese
Alternate transcription of Chinese (see Song).
Süss German
Variant of Süß.
Süß German
From Old High German suozi meaning "sweet".
Sutherland Scottish
Regional name for a person who came from the former county by this name in Scotland. It is derived from Old Norse suðr "south" and land "land", because it was south of the Norse colony of Orkney.
Sutton English
From various English place names meaning "south town".
Suzuki Japanese
From Japanese (suzu) meaning "bell" and (ki) meaning "tree, wood". This is the second most common surname in Japan.
Svéd Hungarian
Means "Swedish" in Hungarian.
Svendsen Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of Svend".
Svensen Norwegian
Means "son of Svend".
Svensson Swedish
Means "son of Sven".
Svoboda Czech
Means "freedom" in Czech. This was a medieval name for a freeman, someone who was not a serf.
Swallow English
From the name of the bird, from Old English swealwe, a nickname for someone who resembled or acted like a swallow.
Swango German (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Schwangau.
Swanson English
Patronymic form of Middle English swein meaning "servant" (of Old Norse origin). This word was also used as a byname, and this surname could be a patronymic form of that.
Sweeney Irish
Anglicized form of MacShuibhne.
Sweet English
From a nickname meaning "sweet, pleasant", from Old English swete.
Swift English
Nickname for a quick person, from Old English swift.
Swindlehurst English
From the place name Swinglehurst in the Forest of Bowland in central Lancashire, derived from Old English swin "swine, pig", hyll "hill" and hyrst "wood, grove".
Sydney English
Variant of Sidney.
Sýkora Czech, Slovak
Means "tit (bird)" in Czech and Slovak.
Symonds English
Derived from the given name Simon 1.
Symons English
Derived from the given name Simon 1.
Szabó Hungarian
Means "tailor" in Hungarian.
Szabolcsi Hungarian
From the name of the Szabolcs region in Hungary, derived from the given name Szabolcs.
Szántó Hungarian
Occupational name for a ploughman or tiller, derived from Hungarian szánt meaning "to plow".
Szarka Hungarian
From Hungarian szarka meaning "magpie", often used as a euphemistic term for a thief.
Szarvas Hungarian
Means "deer" in Hungarian.
Szczepański Polish
Derived from the given name Szczepan.
Székely Hungarian
Denoted a person of Székely ancestry. The Székelys are a population of Hungarians who live in central Romania.
Szekeres Hungarian
Occupational name for a cartman, derived from Hungarian szekér meaning "cart, wagon".
Szép Hungarian
Means "beautiful, lovely" in Hungarian.
Szewc Polish
Means "shoemaker" in Polish.
Szilágyi Hungarian
Denoted one from the region of Szilágy in Hungary, derived from Hungarian szil meaning "elm" and ágy meaning "bed".
Szőke Hungarian
Means "blond, fair haired" in Hungarian.
Szombathy Hungarian
From Hungarian szombat meaning "Saturday".
Szűcs Hungarian
Occupational name meaning "furrier" in Hungarian.
Szwarc Polish
Polish phonetic spelling of German Schwarz.
Szwed Polish
Variant of Szweda.
Szweda Polish
Derived from Polish Szwed meaning "Swede, person from Sweden".
Szwedko Polish
Variant of Szweda.
Szymański Polish
From the given name Szymon.