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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Paradiso36.
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Abakumov Russian
Means "son of Abakum".
Agathangelou Greek (Cypriot)
Patronymic from the genitive form of Agathangelos. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
Arcangeli Italian
Meaning "archangel" in Italian.
Arrowsmith English
Given to someone who made arrows with the element smith.
Berkeley English
From the elements beorce "birch" and leah "clearing, wood" meaning "birch clearing".
Brinsley English
From a place meaning "brun's clearing" or "brown clearing" with the elements Brun "brown" and leah "meadow, clearing".
Calderone Italian
From the Latin word Caldaria "cauldron". Given to someone who worked as a tinker or tinsmith.
Champagne French
regional name for someone from Champagne, named in Latin as Campania (from campus 'plain', 'flat land'). This is also the name of various villages in France, and in some cases the family name may derive from one of these.
Charlton English
habitational name from any of the numerous places called Charlton, from Old English Ceorlatun meaning ‘settlement of the peasants’. With old English elements tun ‘settlement, yard, town’ and ceorl denoted originally a free peasant of the lowest rank, later (but probably already before the Norman conquest) a tenant in pure villeinage, a serf or bondsman... [more]
Conejo Spanish
Spanish for rabbit from Latin "cuniculus". Given to someone who hunted rabbits.
Coniglio Italian
Means rabbit in Italian from Latin "cuniculus" given to someone who hunted rabbits.
Digby English
Derived from the name of an English town, itself derived from a combination of Old English dic "dyke, ditch" and Old Norse byr "farm, town".
Gucci Italian
From the given name Guccio a nickname from the names Arriguccio and Uguccio... [more]
Guerrier French
Nickname for an aggressive person or occupational name for a soldier, from Old French guerrier ‘warrior’. Making it a cognitive for Guerrero and Guerriero.
Lacour French
topographic or occupational name for someone who lived at or was employed at a manorial court (see also Court).
Leland English
derived from the Old English elements leah (wood, clearing, meadow) or læge (fallow) and land (land, area). The name was indicative of one who lived near a clearing or piece of fallow land.
Lucio Italian
From the given name Lucio.
Mapes English
From the given name Mable
Minervini Italian
Either a variant of or son of Minervino.
Minervino Italian
a habitational name from either of two places, Minervino di Lecce or Minervino Murge, in the provinces of Lecce and Bari, which take their names from ancient temples dedicated to the Roman goddess Minerva.
Molotov Russian
From Russian молот (molot) meaning "hammer", indicating someone who worked with hammers.
Ottaviani Italian
From the given name Ottaviano.
Paradiso Italian
Means "paradise" in Italian.
Pringle Scottish
Scottish surname meaning "pilgrim".
Pucci Italian
Patronymic derived from the medieval given name Puccio.
Romeo Italian
From the given name Romeo.
Rothberg German
From the elements rot "red" and berg "mountain" meaning "red mountain".
Santangelo Italian
Originating someone from Sant' Angelo in Italy.
Stellato Italian
Stellato, which is the modern Italian word for 'starry', as in "starry sky", translates to 'by the stars' from the Latin word Stella. As so many Italians were navigators on ships and navigated "by the stars," and since so many surnames were derived from occupations
Troiani Italian
From the given name Troiano and variant of Troiano.
Troiano Italian
From the given name Troiano
Veneziano Italian
Comes from someone who originated from Venice.
Viceconte Italian
Means viscount in Italian, Originally for served as or worked for a viscount.
Voisin French
English (of Norman origin) and French: from Old French voisin ‘neighbor’ (Anglo-Norman French veisin) . The application is uncertain; it may either be a nickname for a ‘good neighbor’, or for someone who used this word as a frequent term of address, or it might be a topographic name for someone who lived on a neighboring property... [more]