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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Sofia.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Nagai Japanese
From Japanese 長 (naga) meaning "long" or 永 (naga) meaning "eternity" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
Nascimento Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "birth, nativity" in Portuguese, from Late Latin nascimentum, a derivative of Latin nasci "to be born". This was originally a religious byname. It was also an epithet of the Virgin Mary (Maria do Nascimento), and was used as a given name for children born on Christmas.
Nikitović Serbian
Means "son of Nikita 1".
Nordahl Norwegian, Swedish
The surname derives from a place name in Sunnmøre, Norway. Meaning from Old Norse norðr ''north'' and dalr ''dale'', ''valley''. In Sweden, this name is mostly ornamental, rather than habitaional.
Obuća Bosnian
Derived from obuća meaning ''footwear'', denoting someone who made or sold footwear.
Omerbašić Bosnian
Derived from Omer.
Omerbegović Bosnian
Derived from Omer and beg, a title of Turko-Mongol origin meaning ''chief'' or ''commander''.
Omerović Bosnian
Means "son of Omer".
Oruç Turkish
From Turkish oruç meaning ''fast, to abstain from food''.
Oruč Bosnian
Derived from the Turkish Oruç.
Osmanagić Bosnian
Derived from Osman.
Osmanović Bosnian
Means ''son of Osman''.
Pavlić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pavle".
Pejić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Pejo".
Petek Slovene, Croatian
Derived from petek "Friday".
Petříček Czech
From given name Petr.
Petriček Croatian
From given name Petar.
Petričević Croatian, Serbian
A patronymic derived from Petrič, a diminutive of Petar.
Pevec Croatian
From pevec meaning ''rooster''
Popović Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of a priest''.
Posavec Croatian
Denotes a person living in Posavina, an area that is adjacent or near the Sava river in Croatia.
Prodanović Serbian
Means "son of Prodan".
Pták Czech
Czech surname meaning "bird".
Puž Croatian
Means ''snail''.
Pužek Croatian (Rare)
From puž meaning ''snail''.
Pužić Croatian (Rare)
From puž meaning ''snail''.
Quintero Spanish
Habitational name from a location in Galicia named Quintero, from Galician quinteiro meaning "farmstead, square, plaza". Alternately, it may be derived from Spanish quinto meaning "fifth", possibly used as a name for a renter of quintas (a type of wine-growing estate).
Raabe German
Cognate of Rabe.
Rabe German
German surname meaning "raven, crow".
Radinović Serbian
Means "son of Radin".
Rajković Serbian
Means "son of Rajko".
Ramamurthy Indian, Tamil
Derived from Sanskrit राम (rāma) meaning "pleasing, pleasant, charming" or "dark, black" (see Rama) combined with मूर्ति (mūrti) meaning "idol, icon".
Remenar Croatian
Means ''saddler''.
Ristevski Macedonian
Means "son of Risto".
Rizvanović Bosnian
Means "son of Rizvan".
Robey English
From a medieval diminutive form of the given name Robert.
Rolle English
Variant of Roll.
Rustemović Bosnian
Means "son of Rustem".
Ružić Croatian, Serbian
Derived from ruža meaning ''rose''.
Sadiković Bosnian
Means "son of Sadik".
Šafran Croatian
Means "crocus, saffron".
Şaşmaz Turkish
Means "infallible" in Turkish.
Savić Serbian
Means "son of Sava".
Selimović Bosnian
Means "son of Selim".
Setiawan Indonesian, Javanese
From the given name Setiawan.
Sever Croatian, Slovene
From Proto-Slavic sěverъ meaning ''north''.
Shanavazov Dargin, Dagestani
Means "son of Shakhnavaz"; the name itself is of Persian origin meaning "shah (king) of grace".
Sheard English
English surname which was originally from a place name meaning "gap between hills" in Old English.
Šimenc Croatian
Derived from the forename Šime.
Šimić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Šimo".
Şimşek Turkish
Means "lightning, flash" in Turkish.
Šimun Croatian
Derived from the forename Šimun.
Šimundić Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunec Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunić Croatian
Means "son of Šimun".
Šimunković Croatian
Derived from the forename Šimun.
Smokvina Croatian
Derived from smokva meaning ''fig''.
Šojka Croatian
Derived from šojka meaning ''jay'' (the bird).
Sokolova Bulgarian, Russian
Means "daughter of Sokol".
Sokolović Bosnian
From sokol meaning "falcon", a nickname or an occupational name for a falconer.
Spiteri Maltese
The surname Spiteri is derived from the Latin word "hospitalieri" meaning hospitaliers. It was initially given to babies born to mothers who worked as nurses at the Knights' hospital during the 16th century where the babies' fathers were usually knights who had been treated at said hospital.
Srna Croatian
Means ''doe''.
Stanić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Stanko".
Starčević Croatian
Means "son of an old man" from star "old".
Stepanov Russian
Means "son of Stepan".
Stipić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Stipe".
Suljagić Bosnian
Means "son of Suljo".
Suljić Bosnian
Means "son of Suljo".
Tadejević Croatian
Means "son of Tadej".
Ţaga Romanian
Țaga is a commune and village in Cluj County, Romania.
Tahir Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Tahir.
Tanev Bulgarian
Derived from the forename Tane.
Todorović Serbian
Means "son of Todor".
Tomkin English
Derived from the forename Thomas.
Tompkins English
Patronymic formed from a diminutive of Tom 1.
Tufek Bosnian
From Turkish tüfek ''rifle''.
Tuncer Turkish
Derived from Turkish tunç meaning ''bronze''.
Turk Slovene, Croatian
Means ''Turk''.
Ulak Bosnian
From Turkish ulak, "a messenger".
Vidaković Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Vidak or Vid''.
Vide Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
Videc Croatian, Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
Vidic Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
Vidić Serbian, Croatian
Derived from the given name Vid.
Vidič Slovene
Cognate of Vidić.
Vidkovič Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
Vladić Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Vlad''.
Vrabac Croatian
Means ''sparrow''.
Vrabec Croatian, Czech
Means "sparrow".
Vrána Czech
Means "crow".
Vrana Croatian
Means ''crow''.
Vrban Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
Vrbančić Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
Vrbanić Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
Vrhovnik Slovene
From vrh meaning ''top, peak, summit''.
Vrioni Albanian
From the place name Vrion.
Vučević Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vučić Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vučković Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vujačić Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vujanić Serbian
Means "son of Vujan".
Vujčić Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vujić Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vujičić Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Vuk Croatian, Serbian
Derived from vuk meaning ''wolf''.