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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Beautiful Victory.
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Rohr German, Jewish
Topographic name for someone who lived in an area thickly grown with reeds, from Middle High German ror. Also a habitational name from one of the several places named with this word.
Rolfsen Norwegian
Means "son of Rolf".
Rolloos Dutch
Possibly derived from the given name Rollo.
Romp English, German
Likely a variant of Rump.
Ron Spanish, Galician
Habitational name from a town called Ron in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.
Rönn Swedish
Means "rowan" in Swedish.
Rønning Norwegian
From Old Norse Ryðningr, from ruð "clearing".
Rönnlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish rönn "rowan" and lund "grove".
Röntgen German
Meaning uncertain. This was the name of German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) who discovered and studied x-rays. Röntgen called the radiation "X" because it was an unknown type of radiation.
Roome English
Variant of Rome.
Roos Estonian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German (Swiss), Low German
Means "rose" in Estonian and Dutch. Swedish and Danish variant of Ros, also meaning "rose". This could be a locational name for someone living near roses, an occupational name for someone who grew roses, or a nickname for someone with reddish skin.
Ros Swedish
Means "rose" in Swedish.
Rosell Swedish
Combination of ros "rose" and the common surname suffix -ell.
Rosén Swedish
Combination of Swedish ros "rose" and the common Swedish surname suffix -én.
Rossetti Italian
Patronymic derived from the given name Rossetto (see Rosetto).
Rovnák Czech
Habitational name from places named Rovné and/or Rovný.
Rudeen Swedish (Archaic)
Variant or possibly an anglicized form of Rudén. Rudeen is currently not used in Sweden. One known bearer, bishop Torsten Rudeen (1661-1729), got his name from his father's surname Rudenius (also related to Rudén).
Rudén Swedish (Rare)
Swedish rud "clearing" (compare Ruud) combined with the common surname suffix -én.
Rudström Swedish
Combination of Swedish rud "deforested land, clearing" and ström "stream".
Ruisard French (Rare, ?)
Originated as a result of trade between France and the Persian Empires before the Iranian Revolution, probably during the Safavid Dynasty. The surname has its roots in the Persian Riahi surname and the Arabic word رِيح (rīḥ) meaning "wind" and the Persian word “sered” before it was altered to fit French spelling rules.... [more]
Rule Scottish, English
Scottish name from the lands of Rule in the parish of Hobkirk, Roxburghshire. The derivation is from the River Rule which flows through the area, and is so called from the ancient Welsh word "rhull" meaning "hasty or rushing".... [more]
Rundgren Swedish
Swedish surname with somewhat unclear etymology. The first element is possibly taken from a place named with either of the elements rund and/or run. Rund coincides with the Swedish word for "round", but it is not clear if the element used in this name is derived from that word... [more]
Rundqvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish rund "round" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
Rybak Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Jewish
Means "fisherman" in some Slavic languages. Derived from the word ryba "fish". A famous bearer is Byelarusian-Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak (b. 1986) who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.
Rybalka Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname meaning "fisherman". Derived from ryba "fish".
Rydberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and berg "mountain". Notable bearers are author and poet Viktor Rydberg (1828-1895) and physicist Johannes Rydberg (1854-1919).
Rydell Swedish
Combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and the common surname suffix -ell.
Rydell English (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Riddell.
Rydén Swedish
Combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and the common surname suffix -én.
Rydinger Swedish (Rare)
Either a combination of Swedish ryd "woodland clearing" and the common surname suffix -ing "belonging to, coming from" (compare Norling), a variant of Ryding, or a Swedish form of German Rüdinger.
Sæther Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse sætr "farm".
Sahlin Swedish
Swedish sal "hall, large room" (possibly from a place name containing this element) combined with the common surname suffix -in.
Salamandyk Ukrainian (Rare, Expatriate)
Rare Ukrainian surname of uncertain origin, perhaps Moldovan.
Salander Swedish
Meaning uncertain. Possibly a variant of Selander or a combination of an unexplained first element and the common surname suffix -ander.
Salas Spanish, Galician, Aragonese, Portuguese, Catalan, Asturian
Habitational name from places named with salas, plural form of sala, meaning "room, hall" in Spanish and Asturian. Also an anglicized form of the Hungarian name SZÁLAS "tall".
Saliba Arabic, Maltese
Means "crucifix, cross" in Arabic, a reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Christianity... [more]
Salming Swedish (Rare)
Derived from Salmi, the name of a small village in Northern Sweden (see also Salmi).
Sancho Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Sancho.
Sand English, Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Jewish
From the vocabulary word sand. As a Swedish and Jewish name, often ornamental. Otherwise topographic.
Sand English, Scottish
Derived from a short form of Alexander.
Sand French
Derived from the given name Sando.
Sandahl Swedish, Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Swedish and Norwegian sand "sand" and dal "valley".
Sandblom Swedish
Combination of Swedish sand "sand" and blomma "flower".
Sandvall Swedish
Combination of Swedish sand "sand" and vall "wall, pasture, field of grass".
Sandvik Norwegian, Swedish
A combination of sand "sand" and vik "bay, inlet".
Santesson Swedish
Means "son of Sante". Sante is a medieval Swedish form of Alexander.
Sanzio Italian
Meaning: Holy or Blessed.
Sard English, French, Spanish, Italian
In the book "Surnames of the United Kingdom: A Concise Etymological Dictionary by Henry Harrison and Gyda (Pulling) Harrison 1912 - Reprinted 1996.... The Sard surname (which has been in England, Italy and Europe for a long time) is defined thus on page 136...... [more]
Satterthwaite English
From a place in England named with Old English sætr "shielding" and Old Norse þveit "pasture".
Savela Finnish
Derived from Finnish savi "clay". Savela is also a place in Helsinki and Jyväskylä.
Savinainen Finnish
Literally translates as Woman Made Out Of Clay. Real meaning and origin remain unknown
Savolainen Finnish
Means "Savonian, person from Savonia". Savonia is a historical province in eastern Finland.
Sawashiro Japanese
From Japanese 沢 (sawa) meaning "marsh" and 城 (shiro) meaning "castle".
Schau Norwegian
Variant of Skau.
Schelin Swedish
Combination of an unknown element (probably derived from a place name) and the common surname suffix -in.
Scheving Icelandic, Danish (Rare)
From the name of the Danish town Skævinge whose name might be derived from Old Danish skap "something excavated".
Schön German, Swedish
Derived from Middle High German schoene "beautiful, friendly".
Schoug Swedish
Variant of Skog.
Schough Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Swedish Skog or of German Schug.
Schutz German
Occupational surname for an archer or a watchman (from Middle High German schützen "to guard or protect"). Also a habitational name from Schutz, a place near Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
Schwarzkopf German
Means "black head", from German Schwarz "black", and Kopf "head".
Sciortino Italian
Occupational name from a diminutive of sciorta, sciurta "city guard, watchman, policeman" (Arabic ̣shuṛtī).
Sedin Swedish
Two famous bearers are the Swedish ice hockey players, and twins, Henrik and Daniel Sedin (b. 1980).
Seger Swedish, English, Dutch
Means "victory" in Swedish. It is also a variant of the English surname Seager or derived from the Germanic given name Sigiheri "victory army".
Segura Spanish, Catalan, American (Hispanic)
Derived from Spanish segura "safe, secure".
Seib German
Short form of SEIBOLD. Ultimately derived from names composed of the Germanic name element sigi "victory".
Seinfeld German, Jewish
From the German word sein "to be" and the word of German Jewish origin feld which means "field". It was a name given to areas of land that had been cleared of forest.
Seivert Dutch
Derived from the given name Sivert.
Selander Swedish
Combination of Swedish sel "stretch of calm water in a river or stream" and the common surname suffix -ander (originally from Greek aner "man"). The first element, sel, is also a common place name element in Northern Sweden and it's possible that this name is both ornamental and locational in origin.
Selmerlyov Russian (?)
Russian translation of Zelmerlöw.
Sewell English
English from the Middle English personal names Siwal(d) and Sewal(d), Old English Sigeweald and Seweald, composed of the elements sige ‘victory’ and se ‘sea’ + weald ‘rule’... [more]
Shackleford English, Medieval English
Locational surname deriving from the place called Shackleford in Surrey, near the town of Farnham. The origin of "shackle" is uncertain. It could be derived from Old English sceacan "to shake"... [more]
Shaheen Arabic, Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Shahin.
Shaikh Urdu, Bengali
Alternate transcription of Sheikh.
Sheeran English, Irish
Shortened form of O'Sheeran.
Shinden Japanese
See Arata,this is simply the formal pronunciation.
Shuster English
Variant of German Schuster or Slovenian Šuster, both meaning "shoemaker".
Sibelius Finland Swedish
Latinization of Swedish Sibbe, the name of an estate in Eastern Uusimaa, Finland. A notable bearer was Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957).
Siemens German
Derived from the given name Siem.
Sievert Low German, Dutch, Swedish
Derived from the given name Sievert. A Sievert (Sv) is a unit measuring the effect of ionizing radiation on the human body (called equivalent absorbed radiation dose)... [more]
Sigfridsson Swedish
Means "son of Sigfrid 1" in Swedish.
Sigurðardóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Sigurður" in Icelandic. This surname is used as a patronymic. Its masculine counterpart is Sigurðsson.
Silfwergård Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Swedish silver "silver" and gård "farm, estate, yard".
Simensen Norwegian
Means "son of Simen".
Sirtori Italian
Perhaps a habitational name from a comune (municipality) in Northern Italy.
Sis Czech
Derived from German süss "sweet".
Sjöblom Swedish
Combination of Swediah sjö "lake, sea" and blom "bloom".
Sjölander Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and the common surname suffix -ander (a combination of land and the habitational suffix -er). The second element is sometimes said to be derived from Greek aner "man".
Sjöman Swedish
Means "seaman, sailor" in Swedish, although this name is more likely to be an ornamental name composed of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and man "man". A notable bearer is film director Vilgot Sjöman (1924-2006).
Sjöö Swedish
Derived from Swedish sjö "lake, sea".
Sjöqvist Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and qvist, an archaic spelling of kvist, "twig".
Sjöstrand Swedish
Combination of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and strand "beach, shore".
Sjöström Swedish
Ornamental name composed of Swedish sjö "lake, sea" and ström "stream, small river".
Sjunnesson Swedish
Means "son of Sjunne".
Skarsgård Swedish (Rare)
Allegedly a habitational name derived from Skärlöv, a village located on the island of Öland, Kalmar County, Sweden. The name of the village is, according to very uncertain sources, said to mean Skares gård "Skare's farm"... [more]
Skau Norwegian, Danish
Ultimately derived from Old Norse skógr "forest".
Skeie Norwegian
From Old Norse skeið "race, horse race".
Skelton English, German, Norwegian (Rare)
Habitational name from places in Cumbria and Yorkshire, England, originally named with the same elements as Shelton, but with a later change of ‘s’ to ‘sk’ under Scandinavian influence.
Skog Norwegian, Swedish
Means "forest" in Norwegian and Swedish.
Skoglund Swedish, Norwegian
Combination of Swedish and Norwegian skog "forest" and lund "grove".
Sköld Swedish
Means "shield" in Swedish.
Skoog Swedish
Variant of Skog.
Slughorn Popular Culture
Combination of English words "slug" and "horn". It is widely known as a name in the Harry Potter series.
Slyvestre Italian
Derived from the given name Sylvester.
Smeaton English
From Old English Smiðatun meaning "settlement of the smiths".
Smed Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (Rare)
Scandinavian cognate of Smith.
Smee English
Variant of Smead, derived from either Middle English smethe "smooth" or Old English smiððe "smithy".
Smither English
Occupational surname Smith with the suffix -er.
Smithers English
Patronymic from Smither.
Snäll Swedish
Possibly taken from English Snell or its German cognate Schnell, meaning "quick, fast", and having its spelling influenced by Swedish snäll "nice, kind"... [more]
Snape English (British), Scottish
An old, now rare surname, with various origins in Suffolk and Yorkshire in England and Lanarkshire in Scotland. This is also the name of Severus Snape, a character from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series.
Snowdon English
Variant spelling of Snowden, a surname initially used by the Border Reivers. Comes from the mountain in Wales.
Snygg Swedish
Means "handsome, good looking" in Swedish.
Söder Swedish
Swedish surname meaning "south".
Soderberg English (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Swedish Söderberg
Söderblom Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and blom "bloom, flower".
Söderholm Swedish, Finnish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and holm "islet, small island".
Söderlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish söder "south" and lund "grove".
Söderman Swedish
From Swedish söder "south" and man "man".
Söderström Swedish
Combination of Swedish Söder "south" and ström "stream".
Solemark Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Swedish sol "sun" and mark "ground, earth".
Solheim Norwegian
Means "home of the sun" in Norwegian. A combination of sol "sun" and heim "home".... [more]
Sonesson Swedish
Means "son of Sone".
Sonley English
Possibly derived from the Old Norse name Sunnulfr.
Sontheimer German
Derived from any of the places named Sontheim in Germany.
Sørensdatter Danish, Norwegian
Strictly feminine patronymic of Søren.
Southard English, Dutch
Possibly derived from the English surname Southworth.
Southworth English
Means "southern enclosure".
Späth German
Derived from Middle High German spæte "late".
Spielberg Jewish, German
From Old High German spiegel "lookout point" or German Spiel "game, play" and berg "mountain". Locational surname after a town in Austria. A famous bearer is American director Steven Spielberg (1946-present).
Spinazzola Italian
From a place named Spinazzola in Italy.
Spjut Swedish
Taken directly from Swedish spjut "spear".
Spjuth Swedish
Variant of Spjut.
Sprague English
English from northern Middle English Spragge, either a personal name or a byname meaning "lively", a metathesized and voiced form of "spark."
Ståhl Swedish
Variant of Stål.
Stahl German
Metonymic occupational name for a smith or armorer, from Middle High German stahel "steel, armor".
Ståhlberg Swedish, Finnish
Variant of Stålberg. A notable bearer was Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg (1865-1952), the first President of Finland.
Stål Swedish
Means "steel" in Swedish.
Stålberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish stål "steel" and berg "mountain".
Stålhammar Swedish
Means "steel hammer" (from Swedish stål "steel" and hammare "hammer"). Was originally a name common among blacksmiths.
Stansfield English (British)
Habitational name from a place in West Yorkshire, probably named with the genitive case of the Old English personal name Stan "stone" and Old English feld "pasture, open country"... [more]
Stantz German
Possibly an altered spelling of German Stanz, a habitation name from places called Stans or Stanz in Austria and Switzerland (see also Stentz).
Stavig Norwegian
Combination of Old Norse stafr "pole" and vik "bay". This was the name of a farmstead in Norway.
Steel English
Variant of Steele.
Steger German
From a derivative of Middle High German stec "steep path or track, narrow bridge". The name was likely given to someone living close to a path or small bridge.
Stenlund Swedish
Combination of Swedish sten "stone, rock" and lund "grove".
Stenmark Swedish
Combination of Swedish sten "stone, rock" and mark "ground, land, field".
Stenson English
Means "son of Stephen".
Stenson English
From the name of a hamlet (now called Twyford and Stenson) in Derbyshire, England. The name is a combination of the Old Norse name Steinn and Old English tun "settlement, enclosure".
Stensson Swedish
Means "son of Sten" in Swedish.
Stenvall Swedish
Composed of the elements sten "stone" and vall "mound".
Stockdale English
Habitational name from a place in Cumbria and North Yorkshire, England. Derived from Old English stocc "tree trunk" and dæl "valley".
Stockholm Danish (Rare), English (American)
Danish variant of Stokholm. English usage could be a habitational name for someone from Stockholm, Sweden (see Stockholm), but this etymology does not apply to Scandinavian usage of the name.
Stogdill English
Possibly a variant of Stockdale.
Stoke English
Derived from Old English stoc "place".
Stokes Irish, Scottish
Variant of Stoke and Stohoke... [more]
Stokholm Danish, Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Norwegian skyta "to shoot" (indicating a protruding piece of land like a cape or headland) and holme "islet".
Stolt Swedish
Swedish soldier name meaning "proud". ... [more]
Stoltenberg German, Norwegian
Habitational name from places so called in Pomerania and Rhineland. A famous bearer is Jens Stoltenberg (b. 1959), Prime Minister of Norway 2000-2001 and 2005-2013.
Storgaard Danish
Combination of Danish stor "large, great" and gård "farm, estate".
Storgård Finland Swedish
From Swedish stor "large, big, great" and gård "farm, estate".
Storm English, Low German, Dutch, Scandinavian
Nickname for a man of blustery temperament, from Middle English, Middle Low German, storm, Old Norse stormr "storm".
Strahm German (Swiss)
Derived from Middle Hugh German strām "strip of land".
Strandberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish strand "beach, sea shore" and berg "mountain".
Sträng Swedish
Probably taken directly from Swedish sträng "strict, stern, harsh, grim". although it could also be derived from the name of the city Strängnäs.
Strawberry English (American, Rare)
Possibly from the name of the fruit, or from any of the various places named Strawberry in the US.
Strid Swedish
From the Swedish word stid meaning either "swift, rapid" or "battle, combat, fight".
Strindberg Swedish
Likely a combination of Strinne, the name of a village in Multrå parish, Ångermanland, Sweden, and berg "mountain". A well known bearer of this name was Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg (1849-1912).
Stroh English, German
Means "straw" when translated from German, indicating a thin man, a person with straw-colored hair, or a dealer of straw.
Strohm Upper German
From the noble name Strohmeier. Great river and electricity.
Strom Norwegian (Anglicized), Danish (Anglicized), Swedish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Danish and Norwegian Strøm and Swedish Ström, all meaning "stream, current".
Strom German
Variant of Strahm.
Strömberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish ström "stream" and berg "mountain".
Strömgren Swedish
Combination of Swedish ström "stream" and gren "branch".
Sture Old Swedish, Swedish (Rare)
Derived from Old Norse stura "to be contrary". This was the surname of two important families in the 15th and 16th century Sweden. Members of these families served as regents of Sweden during this time... [more]
Sugawara Japanese
From Japanese 菅 (suga) meaning "sedge" and 原 (wara) meaning "field".
Sundin Swedish
Combination of Swedish sund "strait" and the common surname suffix -in.
Sundqvist Swedish
From Swedish sund meaning "sound, strait", and kvist meaning "twig, branch".
Sunesson Swedish
Means "son of Sune".
Suomalainen Finnish
Means "Finn, person from Finland" in Finnish. A combination of Soumi "Finland" and the suffix -lainen that combined with a place name, forms the noun for the inhabitant of a place.
Sur Indian, Bengali (Hindu), Sanskrit
From Sanskrit šūra "brave".
Sur Korean (Rare)
A variant of (see So).
Surrey English
Regional name for someone from the county of Surrey.
Susiluoto Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Finnish susi "wolf" and luoto "islet".
Suzuya Japanese (Rare)
This is the more commonly heard variation of Suzutani.
Svahn Swedish
From Swedish Svan "swan".
Svan Swedish
Means "swan" in Swedish.
Svanberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish svan ”swan” and berg ”mountain”.
Svanström Swedish
Combination of Swedish svan "swan" and ström "stream".
Svärd Swedish
Means "sword" in Swedish.
Svedberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish svedja "to burn off, to swidden" (referring to slash-and-burn agriculture (in Swedish: svedjebruk)) and berg "mountain". This name can be both locational (surname derived from a place named with Sved-... [more]
Svedin Swedish
Combination of Swedish svedja "to burn off, to swidden" (referring to slash-and-burn agriculture (in Swedish: svedjebruk)) and the common surname suffix -in.
Svensk Swedish
Means "Swede, Swedish" in Swedish.
Swan English, Scottish
Originally given as a nickname to a person who was noted for purity or excellence, which were taken to be attributes of the swan, or who resembled a swan in some other way. In some cases it may have been given to a person who lived at a house with the sign of a swan... [more]
Swenson English, Swedish
Variant or Americanized form of Svensson or Svensen. As an English name it may also mean "son of Swain".
Swinton English, Scottish
From various place names composed of Old English swin "pig, wild boar" and tun "settlement, enclosure".
Sydow Low German
Habitational name from any of several places so named in Germany.
Syrén Swedish
Meaning uncertain. Perhaps a combination of an unknown first element and the common surname suffix -én, or taken directly from Swedish syren "lilac".
Takahide Japanese (Rare)
Taka means "eagle" such as in surname "Takasu" but more commonly means "tall,high" instead. Hide means "fine,excellence". This must be one of the very few Japanese surnames that has "Hide" in it. It is mostly just a first name element... [more]
Takehara Japanese (Rare)
Take means "Bamboo" while Hara means "Plain". This surname means " Plain of the Bamboo". Takehara is also a city in Hiroshima and a railway station.
Takemiya Japanese
From Japanese 竹 (take) meaning "bamboo" and 宮 (miya) meaning "temple, shrine, palace".
Taki Japanese (Rare)
Tami means "Waterfall". This is occasionally a first name too,as a matter of a fact,neither of them are common.
Tangen Norwegian
Tangen is a village in south-east Norway.
Tannenbaum Jewish, German
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) topographic name or Jewish ornamental name from German Tannenbaum ‘fir tree’, ‘pine tree’.
Tapper Swedish
Swedish soldier name meaning "brave". ... [more]
Tatelman Russian, Yiddish
Man who tats or sew
Tegnér Swedish
Derived from the name of Tegnaby parish in Småland, Sweden. The name was originally spelled Tegnérus, but was later shortened to Tegnér. Notable bearers include Alice Tegnér (1864-1943), composer of many Swedish hymns and children's songs, and Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846), bishop and writer.
Teodorsson Swedish
Means "son of Teodor".
Tersoo Tiv
Means, "father's love". Has its history from Tiv origin. Its a common name amongst the Tiv people of Nigeria.
Tetreault French
Ultimately derived from French tistre "to weave".
Thal Jewish, German
Ornamental and topographic name derived from German Tal "valley".
Themptander Swedish (Rare)
Derived from the name of Tämta parish in Västergötland, Sweden.
Thiessen German, Danish
Reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies.
Thomason Welsh, English
Means "son of Thomas".
Thorén Swedish
Combination of the name Thor (possibly derived from a place named with this element) and the common surname suffix -én.
Thörn Swedish
Either a cognate of English Thorn or German Torn, or a soldier name derived from Swedish törn "thorn".
Thorn Low German, German, German (Silesian), Polish, Luxembourgish
In North German, Danish, and Luxembourgish, it is a habitational name for someone who lived near a tower, from Middle Low German torn "tower".... [more]
Thorogood English
Variant form of Thurgood.
Thulin Swedish
Meaning uncertain. Possibly derived from thule, an ancient Greek and Roman term for an area in northern Europe which some believe to be the Nordic countries.
Thunberg Swedish
Combination of Swedish tun (from Old Norse tún) "enclosure, courtyard, plot, fence" and berg "mountain".
Thurgood English
From the Old English given name Thurgod (see Þórgautr).
Thurston English
Derived from the Old Norse personal name þórsteinn (see Torsten).
Tiger Swedish
Perhaps taken from Swedish tiga "to keep quiet, to say nothing". Tiger is one of the names adopted by Swedish soldiers in the 17th century.
Tinsley English
From a place name in England composed of the unattested name Tynni and Old English hlaw "hill, mound, barrow".
Tippetts English (American)
Tippetts Recorded as Tipp, Tippe, diminutives Tippell, Tippets, Tipping, patronymics Tippett, Tipples, Tippins, and possibly others, this is a medieval English surname. ... [more]
Tjernström Swedish
Combination of Swedish tjärn "tarn" and ström "stream".
Tolivar Asturian (Modern, Rare), English (Rare)
Variant of Tolliver. Apparently, this name may have originated in Candamo, Asturias, in the 18th (or earlier) century. The "var" last syllable may be related to "fer," and the meaning may be related to iron, e.g. iron miner, iron refiner, etc... [more]
Topelius Finnish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Latinized form of the Finnish place name Toppila in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Zachris Topelius (1818-1898) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author, journalist, and historian.
Törnblad Swedish
Combination of Swedish törne "thorn" and blad "leaf".
Torp Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Scandinavian form of Thorpe.