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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
VIL     ?
VILA     Celtic
It means village or small town. In the Gaelic languaje is pentref or bentref.
Means "daughter of Vilhjálmur". Its masculine counterpart is Vilhjálmsson.
VILKAS     Lithuanian
Means "wolf" in Lithuanian.
VILLADSEN     Danish
Villadsen means "son of Villads".
VILLALBA     Spanish, Spanish (Latin American)
Habitual surname for someone from any of the various locations named Villalba, itself derived from villa "farmstead, settlement, small town" and alba "white" or "dawn, sunrise"... [more]
It first came from a Spanish village town.
VILLAMIL     Asturian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the parish of Serantes in the municipality of Tapia.
VILLARD     Galician, Portuguese
A Galician and Portuguese surname in the north of Iberian Peninsula. It's a last name belonging to ancient Celtic tribes.
VILLARD     German
Altered form of German Hilgard, from the female personal name Hildegard, composed of the Germanic elements hild "strife, battle" and gard "fortress, stronghold".
VILLASANTE     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous neighborhood of the Castilian municipality of Merindad de Montija.
Villasurda is a Germanic name dating back to the time of the Vikings. It, roughly translated from a Norse word, means, "the one who is fat."
VILLATORO     Spanish
Presumably a name given to someone from Villatoro, Spain
VILLEGAS     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Castilian municipality.
VILLEIN     French
"Used in medieval England and France. Villein is another term used for the serfs in the lowest classes of the feudal system."
Villerius is a name of Dutch origin similar to the French DeVilliers
VILLWOCK     German
Of uncertain and much debated origin.... [more]
VIMBAI     Shona
Vimbai means "Have hope, trust". It is a call to have hope or to trust in
VINCE     English
From a short form of the personal name Vincent.
VINCE     Hungarian
Variant of Vincze.
VINCETIĆ     Croatian
Derived from Vinko, Croatian form of Vincent.
VINDA     Hindi
Taken from Mitravinda, one of the eight principal queen-consorts of the Hindu god Krishna.
VINH     Vietnamese
A royal Vietnamese surname created by the NGUYEN Dynasty.
VINIEGRA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Riojan municipalities in the Comarca of Anguiano: Viniegra de Arriba or Viniegra de Abajo.
VINING     English (British)
Habitational name for someone from a place called Fyning in Rogate in Sussex.
VINSON     English
This surname means "son of Vincent."
VINT     English, Scottish
Either an English habitational name from places so named, or a Scottish variant of Wint.
VINT     Estonian
Vint is an Estonian surname meaning "finch".
VINTHER     Danish
Danish variant of Winter.
VIOLET     English
Derived from the given name Violet
VIOLETTE     French
Perhaps a topographic name from a diminutive of viol "path", itself a derivative of vie "way". It is more likely, however, that this name is from the secondary surname Laviolette "the violet (flower)", which was common among soldiers in French Canada.
VIRAY     Occitan, French, Catalan
Southern French (Occitan) and Catalan variant of Occitan Verai and Veray, nickname from Occitan verai ‘honest’. From southern France this name spread to northern Catalonia.
VIRCO     Greek
VIRGIN     English
Form of Virgo.
VIRILE     Italian
It comes fron the Italian adjective virile that means 'manly, masculine' ultimately from Latin vir
VIROLAINEN     Finnish
From the Finnish word, meaning "an Estonian".
VIRSIK     Czech
May mean "peach"
VIRTUE     English
Used as a name for someone who had played the part of Virtue in a medieval mystery play, or as a nickname for someone noted for their virtuousness or (sarcastically) for someone who parades their supposed moral superiority.
VIRTUOSO     English (American), Spanish, Italian
This Italian surname could possibly be connected to those whose ancestors were involved in playing a musical instrument or somehow connected to the musical instrument industry.
VISCARRAT     Basque (Latinized, Modern)
It means back of the mounts or loin of the mountain.
VISCONTI     Italian
From visconte, a title of rank (medieval Latin vicecomes "deputy of a count").
VISE     English
Topographic name for someone who lived by a boundary, Old French devise.
VIŠNEVIŠKAS     Lithuanian
This indicates familial origin within the Belarusian agrotown of Víšneva, which was originally Lithuanian & under the name of ''Višnevas''.
VISSER     Dutch
Means "fisherman" in Dutch.
VISSERS     Flemish, Dutch, German
Variation of Fischer.
VITALE     Italian
Like the given name Vitale, the surname Vitale comes from the Late Latin name Vitalis, which was derived from Latin vitalis "of life, vital".... [more]
VÍTEK     Czech
Vítek comes from Latin name Vitus.
VITKAUSKAS     Lithuanian
Lithuanian variant of the surname Witkowski.
VITKUS     Lithuanian
From a pet form of the personal name Výtautas (a compound of vyti ‘to guide’ + tauta ‘the people’).
VĪTOLS     Latvian
Meaning "willow".
VIVANCO     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the Castilian locality of Vivanco de Mena.
VIVEASH     English
English surname of uncertain origin. May be Anglo-Norman from French vivace meaning "lively, vigorous", however its pronunciation has led to its connection to various places in southern England called Five Ash Trees.
VIVIER     French
Derived from Latin vivarium, ultimately from Latin vivus "alive". This name is locational relating to living near a fish pond.
VIVIS     English (Rare)
Found in the 1891, 1901 & 1911 British census, other records & FreeBMD. Could derive from Vivas from Spanish Catalan
VLAD     Romanian
Derived from the given name Vlad.
VLADIMIROV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of Vladimir".
VLADU     Romanian
Derived from given name Vlad.
VLAINIĆ     Croatian, Bosnian
Variant of Vlajnić or Vlajinić
VLASCO     Spanish
Variant of VELASCO
VLČEK     Czech, Slovak
Means "little wolf".
VLK     Czech, Slovak
Means "Wolf".
Means "military" or "warlike", from the Sino-Vietnamese character .
VOBORNÍK     Czech, Slovak
Příjmení Voborník vzniklo dle svého bydliště, tedy z obory. Oborníky mívali naši předkové, byli to správcové nebo strážcové obor, lesní a hajní v oborách (slovo toto žije v příjmení Oborník, Voborník)... [more]
VOELKER     German
My maiden name Surname.
VOGELSANG     German
Means "bird song" in German. From the German words vogel (bird) and sang (song).
VOGL     German (Austrian)
Southern German variant of Vogel.
VOGLER     German
Occupational name for a birdcatcher.
VOIT     English
A famous bearer of This surname is Angelina Jolie 's father and actor John Voit.
From the Czech word dvojèata meaning twins.
VOLKMUTH     German
Volk: People... [more]
VOLKONSKY     Russian
This indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the Volkona river south of Moscow. This was the name of a Russian family of nobility.
A German surname meaning "folk tale".
From a German personal name composed of the elements folk ‘people’ + berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’. In the U.S. this name is often Americanized as Fulbright and Fullbright.
VONAI     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Onai.
VON BOCK     Popular Culture (?)
Used by Hetalia character Eduard Von Bock AKA Estonia
VONGAI     Shona
Vongai means "be thankful, or appreciative".
VON HAMMERSMARK     Popular Culture, German (?)
Means "from Hammersmark" in German. Bridget von Hammersmark is a fictional character in Quentin Tarantino's film 'Inglourious Basterds' from 2009.
VON SYDOW     Swedish, German
von Sydow is a German and Swedish noble family from Pomerania, an area in modern day Poland and Germany. Some members of the family immigrated to Sweden in 1724. The name literary means "from Sydow"... [more]
Germanian... [more]
VOOGD     Dutch
Name for a bailiff, farm manager, or other personal with supervisory authority, Middle High German voget, Late Latin vocatus, from Latin advocatus, past participle of advocare ‘to call up (to help)’... [more]
VOOGLAID     Estonian
Voogliad is an Estonian surname meaning "billowing islet".
VOORHEES     Dutch
Habitational name from a place in Drenthe called Voorhees.
VOORHIES     Dutch
Variant of VOORHEES.
VÕRK     Estonian
Võrk is an Estonian surname meaning "net" or "web".
VOROBEY     Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname taken from the word воробе́й (vorobey) meaning "sparrow".
VORONA     Russian
A name derived by the Russian word for "crow."
VORONKOV     Russian
Derived from the Russian word voron, meaning "raven". Possibly refers to a dark haired, or harsh voiced individual.
VOS     Dutch
From the word vos meaning "fox", it may have been a nickname for someone with fox-like characteristics.
VOSBERG     Dutch, German
Topographic name for someone who lived by a hill frequented by foxes, from Middle Low German vos "fox" and berg "hill", "mountain".
VOSBURG     Dutch, German
Variant of VOSBERG.
VÕSU     Estonian
Võsu is an Estonian surname meaning "sapling".
Means "descendant of a Bulgarian" in Greek.
VOVK     Ukrainian, Slovene
Derived from Ukrainian вовк (vovk) meaning "wolf", also used in Slovenia.
VOX     English
Variant of Fox
VOYTEK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian
Americanized spelling of the given names VOJTEK, VOJTECH, WOJTEK, all pet forms of the Polish given name WOJCIECH, or other Slavic cognates.
VRABAC     Croatian
Means ''sparrow''.
VRABEC     Croatian, Czech
Means "sparrow".
VRÁNA     Czech
Means "crow".
VRANA     Croatian
Means ''crow''.
VRÁTIL     Czech
Derived from the past participle of the verb vrátit "to return". The name was perhaps used to denote a person who came back to his home following a long absence.
VRBA     Czech
Derived from the word "willow".
VRBAN     Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
VRBANČIĆ     Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
VRBANIĆ     Croatian
Derived from vrba meaning ''willow''.
Possibly a habitational name from a former village and municipality in the province Utrecht, Netherlands. A notable bearer was Dutch-Swedish singer-songwriter and poet Cornelis Vreeswijk (1937-1987).
VRIEZE     Dutch
Ethnic name for a Frisian.
VRIONI     Albanian
From the place name Vrion.
Varient of .
VUČEVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUČIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUČKOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUJAČIĆ     Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
Means "son of Vujadin".
VUJANIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Vujan".
VUJANOVIĆ     Serbian, Montenegrin
Means "son of Vujan".
VUJČIĆ     Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUJIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUJIČIĆ     Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKADIN     Serbian, Croatian
From forename Vukadin.
Derived from the given name Vukadin.
VUKAN     Serbian
Derived from vuk meaning ''wolf''.
VUKAŠIN     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vukašin.
VUKČEVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKELIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKIĆEVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Vuk".
VUKOV     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKSAN     Croatian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VUKSANOVIĆ     Serbian
Derived from the given name Vuk.
VULPE     Romanian
Means "fox" in Romanian.
VƯƠNG     Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 王 (vương) meaning "king"; cognate of Wang (1).
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