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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword peace.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Acquistapace Italian
Means "buy peace" in Italian, from acquista "to buy, to purchase" and pace "peace".
Adachi Japanese
From Japanese 安 (a) meaning "peace" or 足 (a) meaning "leg, foot" and 達 (tachi), a plural marker, or 立 (tachi) meaning "stand".
Ampo Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "calm, peaceful" and 保 (ho) meaning "protect, maintain".
An Chinese, Korean
From Chinese 安 (ān) meaning "peace, quiet".
Anjo Japanese
An means "peace, relax, cheap" and jo means "castle".
Anpo Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "calm, peaceful" and 保 (ho) meaning "protect, maintain".
Anzai Japanese
From Japanese 安 (an) meaning "peace" and 西 (sai) meaning "west", 斎 (sai) meaning "purification, worship", or 済 (sai) meaning "settle, finish".
Ben Shalom Hebrew
Means "son of peace" in Hebrew.
Bolkonsky Russian
Bolkonsky is the last name of Princess Marya Bolkonskaya from "War and Peace" by Lev Tolstoy.
Calinao Filipino, Cebuano, Hiligaynon
Derived from Cebuano and Hiligaynon kalinaw meaning "calmness, peace, tranquility".
Calinawan Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano kalinawan meaning "peace".
Chilvers English
Means "son of Chilver" (probably from the Old English male personal name Cēolfrith, literally "ship-peace").
Da Paz Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "of Peace" in Portuguese.
De Paz Spanish (Latin American)
Means "of Peace" in Spanish.
Forsythe Scottish, Northern Irish
This surname has two possible origins. The more accepted explanation is that it comes from the Gaelic given name Fearsithe, which means "man of peace" from the elements fear "man" and sithe "peace"... [more]
Fredman Swedish
Combination of Swedish fred "peace" and man "man".
Fridman Jewish, Yiddish
derived from the Yiddish Frid (see fridu) meaning "peace" combined with man meaning "man, person"... [more]
Friedberg German, Jewish
Combination of either German vride "security, protection" or Friede "peace", with berg "hill, mountain". The name is most often locational, but may in some cases be ornamental.
Friedgant Ukrainian
“Hand of peace”
Gmelin German
German nickname for an unhurried person from Middle High German gmēle, based on the adjective gemach meaning "comfortable calm".
Hiraizumi Japanese
Hira means "peace, even, level" and izumi means "spring, fountain".
Hiraki Japanese
Hira means "peace, even, level" and ki means "tree, wood".
Hiramoto Japanese
Hira means "peace" and moto means "origin".
Hiranaka Japanese
Hira means "peace, even, level" and naka means "middle".
Hirasaka Japanese
Hira means "peace" and saka means "hill, slope".
Hirashima Japanese
From the Japanese 平 (hira) "peace" and 島, 嶋 or 嶌 (shima) "island."
Hiratani Japanese
Hira means "level, peace" and tani means "valley".
Hiroyasu Japanese
Hiro means "broad, wide, spacious" and yasu means "cheap, peace, relax".
Ichiyasu Japanese
Ichi can mean "one" or "market" and yasu means "peace, relax, cheap".
Ish Shalom Hebrew (Modern)
Means "man of peace" in Hebrew. Combination of the word ish, meaning "man" and the name Shalom, meaning "peace".
Kadohira Japanese
Kado means "gate" and hira means "peace, level, even".
Kilvert English
Probably from an Old Norse personal name Ketilfrith, literally "cauldron peace". The surname was borne by British clergyman and diarist Francis Kilvert (1840-1879).
Kodaira Japanese
Ko means "small" and daira is a form of taira meaning "peace, level". ... [more]
Kotaira Japanese
Ko means "small" and taira means "peace, level".
Lugn Swedish (Rare)
Means "calm" in Swedish.
Malinao Filipino, Cebuano
Derived from Cebuano malinaw meaning "calm, peaceful, serene".
Matsudaira Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree" and 平 (daira) meaning "flat, calm".
Mitsuyasu Japanese
Mitsu can mean "light" or "three" and yasu means "cheap, relax, peace".
Morihei Japanese
This surname combines 森 (shin, mori) meaning "forest, woods" with 平 (hyou, byou, hei, tai.ra, -daira, hira, hira-) meaning "even, flat, peace."... [more]
Nawa Japanese
From Japanese 名 (na) meaning "name, reputation" and 和 (wa) meaning "harmony, peace".
Nobira Japanese
From the Japanese 野 (no) "field," "area" and 平 (hira) "peace."
Okayasu Japanese
From Japanese 岡 (oka) meaning "hill, ridge" and 安 (yasu) meaning "peace, quiet".
Rahu Estonian
Rahu is an Estonian surname meaning both "peace" and "reef".
Rauhanen Finnish
Finnish rauha "peace" combined with the common surname suffix -nen. ... [more]
Rayford American
From a Germanic personal name with the elements ric- meaning "powerful" and -frid meaning "peace".
Rostov Russian, Literature
Either derived from Rostov Oblast, a Russian federal subject, the town of Rostov in Yaroslavl Oblast, or Rostov-on-Don, a Russian city in the Rostov Oblast. This is also the surname of multiple characters from Leo Tolstoy's 1869 novel "War and Peace".
Salameh Arabic
Derived from Arabic سلامة (salama) meaning "safety, good health" or سلام (salam) meaning "peace".
Salamov Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Chechen
Derived from Arabic سَلَام (salām) meaning "peace, greeting".
Santiprabhob Thai
From Thai สันติ (santi) meaning "peace" and ประภพ (praphop), a transcription of Sanskrit प्रभव (prabhava) meaning "production; source; origin".
Selander Swedish
Combination of Swedish sel "stretch of calm water in a river or stream" and the common surname suffix -ander (originally from Greek aner "man"). The first element, sel, is also a common place name element in Northern Sweden and it's possible that this name is both ornamental and locational in origin.
Shalom Hebrew
Means "peace" in Hebrew.
Siegfried German
From a Germanic personal name composed of the elements sigi "victory" and fridu "peace". The German surname has also occasionally been adopted by Ashkenazic Jews.
Sitompul Batak
From the Batak prefix si used for place names and tompul meaning "peace".
Stillman English
From German still "quiet" and Mann "man", hence, "calm man".
Suzuhira Japanese
Suzu means "bell, chime" and hira means "peace, level, even".
Taira Japanese
Meaning "peace". Together with the Fujiwara and Minamoto, this is one of the most prominent clans in Japanese history... [more]
Tuule Estonian
Tuule is an Estonian surname (and feminine given name) meaning "calm".
Værnes Norwegian
Værnes is a village in the municipality of Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag county in Mid-Norway. The original spelling of the village's name was Vannes and it is a combination of var "calm, quiet" and nes "headland"... [more]
Waki Japanese
Wa means "harmony" and ki means "tree, wood".
Wakuni Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 和国 with 和 (o, ka, wa,, nago.yaka, yawa.ragu, yawa.rageru) meaning "harmony, Japan, Japanese style, peace, soften" and 国 (koku, kuni) meaning "country."... [more]
Wakuri Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 和久利, 和久理, 和久里 or 和栗 with 和 (o, ka, wa,, nago.yaka, yawa.ragu, yawa.rageru) meaning "harmony, Japan, Japanese style, peace, soften", 久 (kyuu, ku, hisa.shii) meaning "long time, old story", 利 (ri, ki.ku) meaning "advantage, benefit, profit", 理 (ri, kotowari) meaning "arrangement, justice, logic, reason, truth", 里 (ri, sato) meaning "league, parent's home, ri (unit of distance - equal to 3.927 km), village" and 栗 (ritsu, ri, kuri, ononoku) meaning "chestnut."... [more]
Winfrey English
From the Old English personal name Winfrith, literally "friend-peace". A famous bearer of this surname is Oprah Winfrey (1954-), a US television talk-show presenter.
Yasue Japanese
From Japanese 安 (yasu) meaning "peace, quiet" and 江 (e) meaning "bay, inlet".
Yasuhiko Japanese
Yasu means "peace, even, level, cheap, inexpensive, relax" and hiko means "prince".
Yasuhiro Japanese
From Japanese 安 (yasu) meaning "peace, quiet" combined with 央 (hiro) meaning "centre, middle". Other Kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
Yasui Japanese
From Japanese 安 (yasu) meaning "calm, peaceful, tranquil" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
Yasunami Japanese
Means "calm wave" in Japanese.
Yasura Japanese
Yasu means "cheap, relax, peace" and ra means "good".
Yasutomi Japanese
Yasu means "relax, cheap, peace" and tomi means "wealth, abundance".
Yavaş Turkish
Means "slow, calm, soft" in Turkish.
Yokohira Japanese
Yoko means "beside, next to" and hira means "peace, level, even".
Yukiyasu Japanese
Yuki can mean "snow" or "luck" and yasu means "peace, relax, cheap".