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ABLE English
Possibly from the English word able.
From the given name Agustin.
ALLGOOD Literature
Combination of the English words "all" and "good". It is used to denote a virtuous or heroic character in works of fiction.
AUGUST English
From the given name August.
BABBS English (Rare)
A matronymic of Barbara.
BAKR Arabic
From the given name Bakr. A famous bearer was Abu Bakr (573-634), the first Islamic caliphate.
Variation of Buford. It is derived from the French word "beau", meaning "beautiful", and "ford", an Old English word meaning "river crossing".
BELRIO Spanish
From the Spanish word meaning "beautiful river".
BISCORNET Literature
Derived from the Latin words bis, meaning "two" and cornet, meaning "horn". According to French urban legend, this was the last name of the architect who built the doorways in the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral... [more]
BOB French
From the given name Bob.
CAB Spanish
Diminutive of Cabello, Cabrera, or Cabral.
CABALLO Spanish, Spanish (Latin American)
Derived from the Spanish word cabello, ultimately derived from the Latin word caballus, meaning "horse". This denoted someone who worked in a farm that took care of horses, or someone who had personality traits attributed to a horse, such as energetic behaviour.
CAESAR Ancient Roman, English
An Ancient Roman political title that indicated a military leader. A famous bearer was Julius Caesar, Roman general, dictator, and politician. In modern times, the surname is used to refer to an individual with a tyrannical attitude, which references the connotative meaning of the word "caesar", meaning "a dictator".
CAMINO Spanish
Derived from the Spanish word for "path", or "walkway". This could have been used to denote a person who lived near a path, or one who built paths for a living.
CAMPUS Spanish
Derived from the Latin word campus, meaning "field". It denoted someone who either lived in a field or worked in one.
CEPHAS English
Transferred use of the given name Cephas.
CEPHUS English
Possibly a variation of Cephas
CHOO Korean
Alternative spelling of Chu, a Korean surname meaning "autumn". A famous bearer is Malaysian-American fashion designer Jimmy Choo (1948-).
A diminutive of Francesco. A famous bearer is American singer Madonna Ciccone (1958-), better known as simply Madonna.
Means "hunchback" in Spanish. It would denote a person with a curved spine.
COWELL English (British)
Means "son of Nicholas. A famous bearer is British talent manager Simon Cowell (1959-).
DA VINCI Italian
Means, "son of Vinci(1)". A famous bearer was Italian inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519).
DE Chinese
From the Chinese element de, meaning "ethics, moral, virtue".
Likely from the Spanish word Belén, which refers to the nativity scene.
Alternative spelling of Deforest.
DE LA LUNA Spanish, Filipino
Means "of the moon" in Spanish.
Means "of the mountain" in French.
DELLA Italian, Spanish
Likely derived from the Italian and Spanish word della, meaning "of the".
Means "son of Francesca". A famous bearer was Piero della Francesca (1415-1492), an Italian fresco painter.
Anglicized form of Diefenbach.
EARLBAUM Ancient Germanic
Derived from Germanic eorl, meaning "earl('s)" and baum, meaning "tree".
Derived from German fahren, meaning, "to ride", and Heit, which is the equivalent to the suffix "-ness". A famous bearer was Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686- 1736), a Polish physicist who invented the Fahrenheit temperature measuring system.
GAI Jewish
From the given name Gai.
GAYE English
Possibly a nickname for a cheerful person, derived from the archaic word "gay" meaning "happy". A famous bearer was the American singer Marvin Gaye (1939-1984).
GEAR English
Derived from the Germanic name element ger, meaning "spear".
Possibly from Ancient Germanic wil, meaning "will, power", and Latin bellus, meaning "beautiful".
HERVE French
From the given name Hervé.
HIKO Japanese
Means "prince" in Japanese. It would denote a person who acted like one.
HIROTO Japanese
From the given name Hiroto.
HIYAMA Japanese
From the Japanese hi, meaning "red, scarlet", and mura, meaning "town, village".
JACKSO English (Rare)
Rare English variant of Jackson.
From the given name Jeannot, a French diminutive of (1)Jean.
JUAN Spanish
From the given name Juan.
JUMP English
Perhaps from the English word jump. A notable namesake was American scientist Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941).
KOBE Japanese
From the Japanese city of Kobe.
KOHEN Jewish, Hebrew, English
Hebrew form of Cohen.
KRIS Danish
From the given name Kris.
German cognate of Culpeper.
Means "the lover" in French. It would be the nickname of an amorous person.
LEES English
Possibly a variation of the surname Lee.
LENG Chinese
Chinese variation of Lānh.
Means "the happy one" in French.
Means "soft man" in German, from the elements lind, meaning "soft, flexible", and mann, meaning "man".
LIST Hungarian
Variant of Liszt.
An occupational surname indicating a person who was a hunter, especially a skilled one.
MCMATH Scottish, English
Means "son of Math".
MEGSON Scottish
Means "son of Meg", a diminutive of Margaret.
From French montagne, meaning "mountain" and possibly also from queue, meaning "line". Charles Montesquieu was a 17th-century French aristocrat, philosopher and politician.
MORGANS English, Irish
Variation of Morgan.
NATA Russian
From the given name Nata.
NUA African
Means "second daughter" in African.
OCASIO Spanish
Possibly from the Spanish word ocaso, meaning "sunset, dusk".
Likely derived from Greek papas, meaning "pope".
QIAO Chinese
Named after a Chinese mountain, Qiao Shan, where Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was supposedly buried. This is the 96th most common surname in China.
RICHIE English (Rare), Italian
Diminutive form of Richard. It could also have been a nickname for one who was rich or wealthy, or, in Italy, a variant of Ricci. Famous bearers include American musician Lionel Richie (1949-).
Means "son of Rick". A famous bearer was American Alan Rickman (1946-2016).
RIGHT English
Variant spelling of Wright.
From French roche, meaning "rock'. It indicates a person who worked at a quarry.
ROLLS English
Possibly derived from the Latin word rotus, meaning "wheel". It would indicate one who built wheels as a living. A famous bearer was American inventor and entrepreneur Charles Rolls (1877-1910), founder of the Rolls-Royce Ltd along with Henry Royce (1863-1933).
Means "wheel" in Italian. This meant that a bearer of this surname was a wheel maker.
SABBA Russian (Anglicized)
From the given name Sabba.
Means "Saint Mary or "Holy Mary in Spanish, referring to someone living in a place named after the Virgin Mary.
SFORZA Italian
From the Italian word forza, meaning "strength". It was the surname of a noble family in Italy during the 14th century. A notable member of that family was Caterina Sforza (1463-1509), a Countess of Forli.
SOFIA Spanish
From the given name Sofia.
TAKA Japanese
From Japanese taka, meaning "high, tall". Other kanji combinations are also possible.
Means "at the tree" in Dutch. A notable bearer of this surname was Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983), a German woman who helped Jewish people take refuge into her home during the Second World War.
TH English
Possibly a diminutive of other surnames starting with the letters th, such as Thatcher or Thomas.
Derived from the Japanese to, meaning "dipper", do, meaning "size", ko, meaning "child", and ri, meaning "white jasmine". Other combinations are also possible.
Means "thundering sound" or "equal power" in Japanese. A famous bearer is Shoto Todoroki, a character in the anime series 'My Hero Academia'.
UNIVERSE Popular Culture
From the English word universe. It is borne by the titular protagonist in the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe".
From Soleur, one of the areas or regions of Switzerland.
VELOSO Spanish
From the Brazilian Spanish word for fast.
From the given name Vittorio.
From the Anglo-Saxon words ham, meaning "house".
YA Japanese
From Japanese ya, meaning "night". Note that other kanji interpretations and meanings could be possible.
YAM Hebrew
From the given name Yam.