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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
MANABE     Japanese
Manabe has 3 different kanji combinations each consisted of 2 kanji. One means "Truth Pot/ Saucepan",another "Truth Section/ Part","Truth Multiple Times" are possible meanings.
MANAHANE     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all morning/day"
MANAKA     Japanese
This surname combines 真 (shin, ma, ma-, makoto) meaning "Buddhist sect, reality, true" or 間 (kan, ken, ai, aida, ma) meaning "interval, space" with 中 (chuu,, uchi, naka) meaning "centre, in(side), mean, middle" or 仲 (chuu, naka) meaning "go-between, relationship."... [more]
MANAN     Indian
Manans come from Lahore . They belong to Punjabi Brahmin caste of Hinduism.
MANASIEVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Manas".
MÄND     Estonian
Mänd is an Estonian surname meaning "pine".
MANDAL     Indian (Rare)
"head of the district, community leader"
MANDATO     Italian
mandato is the past tense of send in italian-such as "i sent a letter or message"
MANDIA     Italian
Southern Italian (Campania): unexplained.
MANDIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Manda''.
MÄNDLA     Estonian
Mändla is an Estonian surname meaning "pine area".
This surname is found in Sparta, Greece.... [more]
MANDŽUKIĆ     Serbian (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
Famous bearer of this last name is Mario Mandžukić who is a Croatian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Italian club Juventus and the Croatia national team.
MANEELY     Welsh
A Welsh surname derived from 'map Neely' or 'son of Neely'
MÁNES     Czech
Derived from MÁNEK, a pet form of EMANUEL.
MANES     Dutch
Variant of MAGNUS, MENNEN or a short form of GERMANUS.
MANESS     English (American)
Probably a variant of MANES.
MANFORD     English
Place name for "Munda's ford" from an Old English personal name Munda, the same element in the second syllable of Edmund and ford meaning a waterway crossing.
MANGAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Mongáin ‘descendant of Mongán’, originally a byname for someone with a luxuriant head of hair (from mong ‘hair’, ‘mane’), borne by families from Connacht, County Limerick, and Tyrone... [more]
MANGANI     Italian
Possibly an Italian variant of Mangan.
MANGLOÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "their breath"
MANGOLD     English
Meaning uncertain, perhaps (i) "operator of a mangonel (a medieval siege catapult)"; or (ii) from the Germanic personal name Managwald, literally "much rule".
MANHART     German (Modern)
From the Germanic personal name Manhard, composed of the Germanic elements man "man", "human" + hard "hardy", "brave", "strong". Americanized spelling of German Manhardt.
MANIKAS     Greek
Occupational name for a maker of handles (e.g. of knives), from medieval Greek manikion "sleeve", "handle", from Latin manicae "sleeve, manacle".
MANISCALCO     Italian
It means 'blacksmith' in Italian. The variant Maniscalchi is the plural.
MANJARRÉS     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Riojan municipality.
MANLANGET     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all the heavens". Man- is a pluralization and Langet means "sky/heaven".
MANLEY     English
Habitational name from places in Devon and Cheshire, named in Old English as "common wood or clearing", from (ge)mǣne "common, shared" and lēah "woodland clearing". The surname is still chiefly found in the regions around these villages.
MANN     Sanskrit (Anglicized)
Originally Sanskrit, now in Punjabi and Hindi - used by Jats predominantly in Punjab area of NW India. Well represented in Sikhs. Also spelled as {!Maan} when anglicized. Belonged to landholding nobility of warrior caste (knights) that at one time held a strong and established kingdom.... [more]
MANNAZZU     Sardinian (Archaic), Sicilian (Rare, Archaic), Corsican (Modern, Rare), Italian (Rare)
It came from the Ancient Nuraghi people. the Nuraghi people inhabited southern Corsica and northern and central Sardinia.
MÄNNIK     Estonian
Männik is an Estonian surname meaning "pine stand" or "pine forest".
MANNING     English, Irish (Anglicized)
English patronymic from Mann. ... [more]
MANNION     Irish (Anglicized, Rare)
Anglicized form of Ó Mainnín. Mainnín is derived from Irish manach "monk".
MANOR     Hebrew
Means "loom" or "weaving" in Hebrew.
MANRESA     Catalan
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous localities: the municipality or the neighborhood in the municipality of Badalona.
MANSELL     English (Canadian), Norman
Of Norman origin, a habitational or regional name from Old French mansel ‘inhabitant of Le Mans or the surrounding area of Maine’. The place was originally named in Latin (ad) Ceromannos, from the name of the Gaulish tribe living there, the Ceromanni... [more]
MANSELL     Anglo-Norman, French
A status name for a particular type of feudal tenant, Anglo-Norman French mansel, one who occupied a manse (Late Latin mansa ‘dwelling’), a measure of land sufficient to support one family... [more]
MANSON     English, Scottish
Manson is a surname of Scottish origin. It is an anglicised version of the Scandinavian name Magnusson, meaning son of Magnus. It is derived from the latin word magnus, which means "great."
MANSOOR     Urdu, Arabic
From the given name Mansoor.
MANSOUR     Arabic
From the given name Mansur.
MANSOUR     Arabic (Egyptian)
Habitational name for someone from Mansoura, the name of a city in Egypt.
MANSOURI     Persian, Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mansur.
MÅNSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MÅNS".
MANTANOÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all of their land"
MANTEY     German, Polish
Habitational name for someone from a place called Manthei in Schwerin province. This name is also established in Poland.
MANTIA     English (?)
This is my last name. I honestly don't know where it came from. But it's a last name because it's mine lol
MANTON     English
Locational surname, derived from old English "the dweller near the chalky or sandy earth."
MANTON     Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Manntáin "descendant of Manntán", a personal name derived from a diminutive of manntach "toothless". Famous bearers include Thomas J. Manton, an American congressman, and Joseph Manton, a British gunsmith (b.1766, d.1835).
MANTOS     American
MANUEL     Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
Derived from the given name Manuel.
MANUEL     Catalan, Spanish
Possibly also a habitational name from Manuel in Valencia province.
MANUKIAN     Armenian
Variant transcription of Manukyan used by Armenians living outside of Armenia.
MANUKYAN     Armenian
Means "son of Manuk".
MANZ     German (Austrian), German
In Austria it means manager, one who is in charge of men. In Germany it is a given name.
MAOULOUD     Western African
Derived from Arabic مولود‎‎ (mawlud) meaning "born, newborn", used to refer to the مولد (Mawlid) observance of the birth of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (chiefly Mauritanian).
MAPLE     English
Name for a person who lived near a maple tree, from Middle English mapel, and Old English mapul.
MAPLES     English
Variant of Maple, probably a name for plural Maple, a famous bearer of this name is Marla Maples (1963-).
MAPP     English
From a variant of the medieval female personal name Mabbe, a shortened form of Amabel. A fictional bearer is Elizabeth Mapp, busybodyish spinster in the 'Mapp and Lucia' novels of E.F. Benson.
MAQUEDA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous localities: the Manchego municipality or the neighborhood of the Andalusian municipality of Málaga.
MARAGH     Indian
Means "king" in Hindu. Due to the vast amount of Indian emigrates in Jamaica, this is a common name there and also refers to a teacher of Rastafarianism.
MARAJ     Trinidadian Creole, Indian
Shortened form of Maharaj.
MARANDICI     Romanian, Moldovan
Meaning unknown.
MARANO     Italian
Habitational name from any of various places named with the Latin personal name Marius and the suffix -anu.
MARC     French
Derived from the French given name Marc.
MARCEAU     French
From the given name Marcellus.
MARCELIN     Haitian Creole, French
From the given name Marcelin.
MARCET     Catalan
Marcet is a name that roughly translates to "Seven Seas" or "The Sea and the Sky" in the Catalan language. The name is unusual in the United States but very common in areas of Spain such as Barcelona, and in neighboring France.
MARCH     English
From the English word meaning, "to walk stiffly and proudly" or possibly from the month.
MARCHANT     French, English, Spanish
Variant of Marchand, from French marchand meaning "merchant, mercantile". Though it is of French origin, it was transferred into the Spanish-speaking world, especially Chile, by French invasion of the Iberian Peninsula.
MARCHENA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within either of 4 Andalusian localities or 1 Murcian locality.
MARCHI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Marco.
MARCHIONE     Italian
Nickname from marchione ‘marquis’, from medieval Latin marchio, genitive marchionis, from Germanic marka ‘borderland’
MARCINIAK     Polish
from the personal name Marcin
Habitational name for someone from a place called Marcisze or Marciszów.
MARCO     Spanish, Italian
From the personal name Marco, from Latin Marcus (see Mark).
MARCOVICI     Romanian
Cognate of Marković.
MARGARYAN     Armenian
Means "son of Margar" from a given name derived from Old Armenian մարգարէ (margarē) "prophet".
MARGOLIES     Jewish
variant of Margolis
MARGOLIS     Jewish
From the Jewish female personal name Margolis, literally (in Hebrew) "pearls".
MARGOSIAN     Armenian
patronymic from the personal name Margos, Armenian form of Mark.
MARGULIS     Hebrew
Margulis is a surname that is derived from the Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the Hebrew word מרגלית (Israeli Hebrew /maʁɡaˈlit/), meaning 'pearl,'
A bearer is Giorgi Margvelashvili, the current president of Georgia.
MARI     Estonian
Mari is an Estonian surname (and feminine given name), meaning "berry".
MARIETTA     English
MARIGAN     Irish
MARIGLIANO     Italian
From the town of Marigliano (near naples)
MARINOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Marin''.
MARIPUU     Estonian
Maripuu is an Estonian surname meaning "berry tree".
MARJANOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Marjan (2)".
Reputedly from the name of a Scottish estate (Ratho-Marjoribankis) bestowed on Robert the Bruce's daughter Marjorie on her marriage in 1316. A fictional bearer is Lucilla Marjoribanks, the heroine of Margaret Oliphant's novel 'Miss Marjoribanks' (1866).
MARK     English, German, Dutch
Topographic name for someone who lived on a boundary between two districts, from Middle English merke, Middle High German marc, Middle Dutch marke, merke, all meaning "borderland"... [more]
MARKARIAN     Armenian (Expatriate)
Variant transcription of Margaryan used by Armenians living outside of Armenia.
MARKELL     Dutch, German, Slovene (Anglicized)
Dutch and German: from a pet form of the Germanic personal name Markolf, composed of the elements marc, merc ‘boundary’ + wolf ‘wolf’. Americanized form of Slovenian Markelj, a derivative of the personal name Marko, Latin Marcus, + the suffix -elj.
MARKER     German
Status name for someone who lived on an area of land that was marked off from the village land or woodland, Middle High German merkære.
MARKES     English
Variant spelling of Marks.
MARKLEY     English
This surname means "border clearing" from Old English elements mearc meaning "border, mark" and leah meaning "clearing, grove."
MARKLUND     Swedish
Combination of Swedish mark "ground, field" and lund "grove".
MARKOFF     Russian, Bulgarian
Variant of Markov.
Means "son of Mark".
MARKOVICH     Ukrainian
Cognate of Marković.
MARKOVINA     Croatian
Derived from the forename Marko.
MARKOVNIKOV     Russian, Tatar
Markovnikov is Marcani variant
MARKS     English
This surname is derived either from the name Mark or from Old English mearc meaning "border, mark."
MARKSON     English
This surname means "son of Mark."
MARKŪNAS     Lithuanian
patronymic from the personal name Markus, a pet form of Mark.
MARLING     English
Variant of Merlin.
MARMOLEJO     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Andalusian municipality.
MARNO     Birth certificate
My great grandmother's maiden name, born in Belfast, Ireland and lived in Ayr, Scotland
MAROTZKE     German
Germanized form of Polish Marocki, itself derived from the personal given name Marcin, the Polish form of Martin.
MARQUES     Portuguese
Means "Son of Marcos" in Portuguese
MARRERO     Italian, Spanish
Maker of spades or hoes. Marra spade
MARRIOTT     English, French
Derived from Mary.
MARROQUIN     Spanish
Spanish or Portuguese
MARSCHALL     Ancient Germanic
Meanting Horse Servant
MARSH     English
English: topographic name for someone who lived by or in a marsh or fen, Middle English mershe (Old English mersc), or a habitational name from any of various minor places named with this word, for example in Shropshire and Sussex.
MARSMAN     Dutch
Dutch surname meaning "man from the marsh". Created in combination with the Dutch words "mars", (meaning marsh), and "man", (meaning man). Rare.
Occupational name for a stable boy in or for the supervisor of the stables on a noble estate, from Middle High German mar(c) 'noble horse' stall 'stable' + the agent suffix -er.
MARTA     Ancient Celtic (Latinized, Archaic)
It is a small animal from the variety of mammals living in Spain and is prized for its skin has great finesse. Also known like Beech Marten (Stone Marten or White Breasted Marten).
MARTAIN     German (Rare)
Possibly a Germanized form of Dutch Martijn.
MARTELLE     English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
English and German: from a medieval personal name, a pet form of Martin or Marta.... [more]
MARTELLO     Italian
Southern Italian: nickname for someone with a forceful personality, from Italian martèllo ‘hammer’ (Late Latin martellus), or a metonymic occupational name for someone who used a hammer in their work.
MÅRTENSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MÅRTEN".
Martikainen is one of the most common surnames in Finland.
MARTINEAU     French
Used in Western France. From a pet form of Martin.
MARTINES     Portuguese
Means "Son of Martin." Portuguese form of Martínez.
MARTINET     French
From a pet form of the personal name Martin.
MARTINI     Italian
Patronymic form of Martino.
MARTINO     Italian
From the personal name Martino (see Martin).
MARTINOS     Greek
Derived from the given name Martinos which is Martin in English.
MARTINOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
It is formed by adding the patronymic suffix -ić and the possessive infix -ov- to the given name Martin.
Means "Son of Martin".
MARTINSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Norwegian and Danish patronymic of Martin.
MARTOWICZ     Polish
Derived from the given name Marta
MARTTINEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name Martti and the name suffix -nen, which is sometimes patronymic. John Morton (1725-1777), Pennsylvania/American politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was descended from a Marttinen family whose name had been anglicized as Morton.
MARTYNIUK     Polish
Polish patronymic from the name Martyn
MARUŠIČ     Slovene
Slovene form of Marušić.
MARVEL     English
Either (i) from a medieval nickname (often ironic) for someone regarded as a prodigy; or (ii) "person from Merville", the name of two places in northern France ("smaller settlement" and "settlement belonging to a man with a Germanic name beginning with Meri-, literally 'famous'")... [more]
MARX     German
Derived from the name of the Roman god of war Mars; means "of Mars". A notable bearer is Karl Marx, a German philosopher and "The Father of Communism".
MARY     French
Habitational name from places in Saône-et-Loire, Seine-et-Marne, and Nièvre, named in Latin as Mariacum meaning "estate of Marius".
MARYOTT     English
Form of Marriott
MARZOUKI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Marzouq (chiefly Tunisian and Moroccan). A notable bearer is Moncef Marzouki (1945-), who was the fourth President of Tunisia from 2011 to 2014.
MASALIS     Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot surname, often used in rural parts of Cyprus. Died out in Greece, there are no more living people with it anymore.
MASCH     Polish
Possibly a rough translation of marsh, given to people who lived near marshes.
MASEL     German
German from a pet form of a short form of Thomas.
MASEY     English, Scottish, French, Norman
English and Scottish (of Norman origin) and French: habitational name from any of various places in northern France which get their names from the Gallo-Roman personal name Maccius + the locative suffix -acum.... [more]
MÅSGA     Chamorro (Modern)
Chamorro for "Had enough off or satiated".
MASHIMO     Japanese
From the Japanese 真 (ma) "real" and 下 (shimo or shita) "down," "bottom."
MASHREQUE     Muslim
Name for someone who came from the Mashreq region in the Middle East (modern Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq).
MASIH     Arabic, Indian
مسيح Arabic name meaning "Christian". a common surname among Christians in Pakistan.
MASINE     ?
MASKHADAN     Chechen
Variant of Maskhadov.
MASKHADOV     Chechen
Chechen surname of unknown meaning; possibly from Arabic مَقْصُود (maqṣūd) meaning "aim, intention, goal".
MASNICK     Ukrainian
I believe it is Ukranian. I have been told it was spelled a little different and could be of Russian Jewish origin
MASSE     English, French, Dutch
English: variant of Mace ... [more]
MASSETER     English
Perhaps means "brewery worker" (from Middle English mash "fermentable mixture of hot water and grain" + rudder "rudder-shaped stirrer").
Perhaps from a medieval nickname for someone with an auburn or reddish beard (from Middle English massing "brass" + berd "beard").
MAST     Dutch
Nickname for a tall, lanky man, from Middle Dutch mast "(ship's) mast".
MAST     German
Nickname from Middle High German mast "fat", "stout".
MAST     Dutch
Occupational name for a swineherd, from Middle Dutch mast "swine fodder", or a topographic name for someone from a place rich in animal fodder, for example acorns.
The meaning is Mastro-"master" of the- monico"-monastery."
Mastrorilli is an Italian surname.
MASUYAMA     Japanese
From the Japanese 増 (masu) "increase," 益 (masu) "benefit," 桝 (masu) "box seat," "measure" or 升 (masu) "box" and 山 (yama) "mountain."
MATAMALA     Catalan
Town of the Capcir district, in the Northern Catalonia, now part of the Pyrénées-Orientales department in France.
MATASSA     Italian
Occupational name for a producer of silk, from Sicilian matassa "hank", "skein", also the name of a type of silk (cf. METAXAS).
MATEI     Romanian
Came from the Romanian given name Matei.
MATEJKA     Slovak, Czech
Derived from the given name Matej.
MATERA     Italian
Habitational name from Matera in Basilicata region.
MATHARU     Indian (Sikh, Modern)
Matharus were fierce warriors especially during, the time when the Matharu tribe, had converted to Sikhism; they fought numbers of wars for Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur and Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.... [more]
MATHEMA     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MATHENY     French (Anglicized)
Of French origin. According to Matheny family tradition, this surname comes from the name of a village in France named Mathenay. This may also have been a French Huguenot surname.
MATHIAS     French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese
French, Dutch: from the personal name Mathias (see Matthew).... [more]
MATHISEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of MATHIES".
MATHISON     English
Variant of Matheson.
MATIAS     Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech
Spanish (Matías), Portuguese, and Dutch: from the personal name (see Matthew).... [more]
MATIJEVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Matija''.
MATKO     Croatian
From the given name Matko.
MATKOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Means ''son of Matko''.
MATLOCK     English
Derived from a place name (Matlock in Derbyshire) meaning ‘meeting-place oak’ from Old English mæthel ‘meeting’, ‘gathering’, ‘council’ and ac ‘oak’.
MATONTI     English
My grandfathers last name from Italy . He grew up in Naples but the name is from a small country village by Tuscany named Matonti. That's all we know so far.
MATOŠ     Croatian
Means "son of Mato".
MATOVIC     Montenegrin, Serbian
Patronymic last name - descendants of Mato. Originally from Kotor, Montenegro.
MATOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Mato".
MATSKEVICH     Belarusian
From the given name Maciek, a variant of Maciej, which is the Polish variant of Matthias.
MATSON     English
Means "son of Matthew".
MATSOUKA     Greek (Cypriot)
Means "Bat" from Latin maxuca.
MATSU     Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree".
MATSUBARA     Japanese
From the Japanese 松 (matsu) "pine tree" and 原 (hara, bara or wara) "field," "plain," "original."
Matsu means "Pine Tree" and "Bayashi" is a variant pronunciation of "Hayashi" meaning "Forest". This surname means "Pine Tree Forest". Matsubayashi-ryu is a kind of martial arts.
MATSUDA     Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and 田 (da) meaning "field, rice paddy".
MATSUDAIRA     Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree" and 平 (daira) meaning "flat, calm".
MATSUHASHI     Japanese
Matsu means "Pine (tree)" and Hashi means "Bridge".
MATSUI     Japanese
This was considered one of the top 100 used family names in Japan. Matsu ("Pine {tree}") + I ("Well, Mineshaft, Pit")
MATSUKI     Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and 木 (ki) meaning "tree, wood".
MATSUMAE     Japanese
Matsu ("Pine") + ("Front").
MATSUMURA     Japanese
From the Japanese 松 (matsu) "pine tree" and 村, 邑 or 邨 (mura) "village."
MATSUNAGA     Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine" and 永 (naga) meaning "long".
MATSUPA     Ukrainian (Anglicized, ?)
Ukrainian; although may also have found in other forms in other countries such as Galicia (Western Ukraine), Poland and Hungary; due to the changing borders and occupation of land at various points in history.
MATSUSHIMA     Japanese
"Pine tree island"
MATSUURA     Japanese
Matsu ("Pine") + Ura ("Seacoast").
MATSUYAMA     Japanese
Japanese surname meaning "pine tree mountain". It is written as 松山.
MATSUYUKI     Japanese
Matsu (松)"Pine" and Yuki (雪) "Snow". Yasuko Matsuyuki is a Japanese voice actress and singer.
MATSUZAKI     Japanese
Japanese: ‘pine tree cape’. This name is found mostly in both the Tōkyō area and on the island of Kyūshū, where it is pronounced Matsusaki.
MATTA     Spanish, Portuguese
Variant of MATA.
MATTA     Italian
From a feminine form of MATTO.
MATTA     Slovak
Derived from the personal name MATÚŠ.
MATTEI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form MATTEO. The Mattei family was a powerful noble family in Rome during the Middle Ages.
MATTES     German
Variant of Matthias
MATTHEW     English, Scottish
Derived from the given name Matthew.
MATTHIAS     German, Dutch, English, Welsh, Greek
German and Dutch: from the personal name Matthias (see Matthew).... [more]
MATTHIOU     Greek
Means "son of Matthias".
MATTILA     Finnish
Means "Matti's farm". A combination of MATTI and the suffix -la "farm, place".
MATTINGLY     English (British)
This name dates all the way back to the 1200s and research shows that Mattingly families began immigrating to the United States in the 1600s and continued until the 1900s. However, the place name (Mattingley, England) dates back to the year 1086, but spelled as Matingelege... [more]
MATTSON     Swedish
Variant of Mattsson.
MATURIN     French
From the French male personal name Maturin, from Latin Mātūrīnus, a derivative of Mātūrus, literally "timely". It was borne by the Irish "Gothic" novelist Charles Maturin (1782-1824).
MATUSIAK     Polish
Derived from "Son of Matus (Matthew)."
MATVEYEV     Russian
Variant transcription of MATVEEV.
MAUDLING     English
From the medieval female personal name Maudeleyn, the English form of Greek Magdalēnē, the sobriquet in the New Testament of the woman Mary who was cured of evil spirits by Jesus... [more]
MAUER     German
Variant of MAURER.
MAUER     German, Jewish
Topographic name for someone who lived near a wall, Middle High German mure "wall".
MAUGHAN     Irish, English
Anglicized from the original Irish Gaelic form Ò Mocháin meaning 'descendant of Mochain'. This name was one of the earliest known Irish surnames brought to England and remains a fairly common surname in the North East of the country.
MAUK     Czech, Russian
The word Mauk is the Eastern European meaning for night. In the early ages a small group of people in the area now known to be in or around Russia and the czech republic founded this word and made it their name... [more]
MAULEON     Spanish (Archaic)
All I know is that there is a place in spain "Basque Country" that their town, apartments, holtes are named Mauleon. The language spoken is Basque a form of "Spanish and French"
MAURI     Italian, Catalan
Patronymic or plural form of Mauro and patronymic name from the personal name Mauri, from Latin Maurus.
MAURICE     English, French
This surname is taken from a given name which is derived from the Roman name Mauritius, a derivative of Maurus.
MAURIS     English
This surname may be a variant of Maurice.
MAUST     German
Possibly an altered form MAST.
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