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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
THOM     German
THOMA     German, German (Swiss)
German and Swiss German: variant of Thomas. Greek: genitive patronymic from Thomas. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
THOMAN     German
Derived from the personal name Thoman.
THOMASON     Welsh, English, Swedish (Rare)
Means "son of Thomas".
THOMASSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of THOMAS".
THOMASSON     English
Son of Thomas.
THOMPKINS     English
Derived from the forename Thomas.
THOREAU     English
Last name of famous American author, naturalist, transcendentalist, tax resister, development critic, sage writer and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau.
Means "daughter of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
ÞÓRHALLSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
THORN     Low German, German, German (Silesian), Polish, Luxembourgish
In North German, Danish, and Luxembourgish, it is a habitational name for someone who lived near a tower, from Middle Low German torn "tower".... [more]
THORNBURG     English
The name Thornburg comes from the Old English thorn broc, because the original bearers lived near a "stream by the thorns" in Buckinghamshire and North Yorkshire.
THORNHILL     English
Habitational name from any of various places named Thornhill, for example in Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire, from Old English þorn "thorn bush" + hyll "hill".
THORNLEY     English
Derived from Thornley, which is the name of three villages in England (two are located in the county of Durham, the third in Lancashire). All three villages derive their name from Old English þorn "thorn" and Old English leah "clearing (in a wood), glade", which gives their name the meaning of "the thorny glade"... [more]
THOROGOOD     English
Variant form of Thurgood.
ÞÓRSDÓTTIR     Icelandic
Means "daughter of ÞÓR" in Icelandic.
ÞÓRSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of ÞÓR" in Icelandic.
THRALL     English
English status name from Old English þr?l ‘thrall’, ‘serf’ (from Old Norse þræll).
THREADGOLD     English
Means "person who embroiders cloth with gold thread".
THREEPWOOD     English
The last name of the main pirate character in Lucaart's Monkey Island.
THREET     American (Anglicized), German
Americanization of German Tritt.
THRESTON     Medieval English (Rare)
The surname of Threston is English in origin, and, means "to twist"** and, can be traced as far back as the 11th century where the name is found in the "Domesday Book." The name Threston is a variation of the name of the town of Threxton, Norfolk, UK, and, there are several variations of the name Threxton including:... [more]
THULIS     Irish
The meaning of the name is unclear, but it seems to derive from the pre 13th century Gaelic O' Tuathalain suggesting that it was probably religious and may translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
THURGOOD     English
From the Old English given name Thurgod (see Þórgautr).
THURMAN     English (Rare)
Composed of the elements þórr (see Thor) and mundr "protection".
THURSTON     English
Derived from the Old Norse personal name þórsteinn (see Torsten).
TIAZ     ?
TICHÁ     Czech, Slovak
Means "silent".
TICHÝ     Czech
Means "silent".
TIDD     English
This Old English Surname was derived from a hill named after its resemblance to a teat or tead (mammary gland) of which Tidd is a variant. That name became a name for the locale and further by extension for its people... [more]
TIÊN     Vietnamese
From the given name Tiên.
TIESCH     Jewish, German
Variant of Tisch.
TIESEMA     Frisian
It's a patronym and it means "son of Ties".
TIFFANY     English
From the medieval female personal name Tiffania (Old French Tiphaine, from Greek Theophania, a compound of theos "God" and phainein "to appear"). This name was often given to girls born around the feast of Epiphany.
TILEA     Romanian
Meaning unknown.
TILNEY     English
Used in farming familys back in the 18th century but its still living true! but this very rare and uniqe name is only used in three family in australia.
TIMBERLEY     American
Means "timber clearing" in English. From the Middle English words tymber, meaning wood trees, and leah, meaning clearing. The name's origin be related to tree farming.
TIMBERLY     American
Variant of Timberley
TIMM     German, Dutch, English
English: probably from an otherwise unrecorded Old English personal name, cognate with the attested Continental Germanic form Timmo. This is of uncertain origin, perhaps a short form of Dietmar... [more]
TIMOSHENKO     Ukrainian, Russian
From the names "Timothy, Tymofiy and Tymish". Means "son of Tymish". Also used in Russia.
TIMPSON     English (British)
Means son of Tim
TINDLE     English
Variant of Tindall.
Tinetariro means "We have hope". Usually given to declare that we have our hope in God.
TINSLEY     English
From a place name in England composed of the unattested name Tynni and Old English hlaw "hill, mound, barrow".
TIPPETTS     English (American)
Tippetts Recorded as Tipp, Tippe, diminutives Tippell, Tippets, Tipping, patronymics Tippett, Tipples, Tippins, and possibly others, this is a medieval English surname. ... [more]
TISCH     Jewish, German
Metonymic occupational name for a joiner, from German "Tisch", Yiddish "tish" meaning table.
TISSERAND     French
French for "weaver."
TKHAKUSHINOV     Circassian, Russian
Russified form of a Circassian family name. A notable bearer is Aslan Tkhakushinov (1947-), the former Head of the Republic of Adygea, Russia.
TLATILPA     Aztec
It means where fire is born.
TLEMSANI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Tlemcen, the name of a city in north-western Algeria.
TOAL     Irish
TOBE     Japanese
To ("Door") + Be ("Section, Part"). It's similar to Abe, kanji wise. Sunaho Tobe is a freelance illustrator and character designer.
TODA     Japanese
Japanese: there are multiple meanings with this surname depending on the kanji used. ... [more]
TODHUNTER     English
From the Old English word todde, meaning "fox", with "hunter",
TODOROVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of Todor".
TOKUGAWA     Japanese (Rare)
The kanji in this surname : Toku ("Virtue") + Gawa ("River"). Ieyasu Tokugawa was the first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate.
TOKUI     Japanese
Meaning : Toku "Virtue" and I "Well, Mineshaft, Pit".
TOLAN     Irish
Recorded as O' Tolan, O' Twolan, Toland, Toolan, Toolin, apparently Thulis, possibly on some occasions O' Toole, and probably others, this is an ancient Irish surname of very confusing origins... [more]
TOLAND     Irish
The meaning of the name is unclear, but it seems to derive from the pre 13th century Gaelic O' Tuathalain suggesting that it was probably religious and may translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
TOLENTINO     Spanish
A town and commune of about 19,000 inhabitants, in the province of Macerata in the Marche region of central Italy.
TOLER     English
Variant of Toller.
TOLLEFSEN     Norwegian
From a patronymic from Tollef, a variant of Torleiv, from Old Norse þorleifr (see TORLEIF).
TOLLEFSON     Norwegian
Variant of TOLLEFSEN.
TOLSTOY     Russian
Means "the fat" from Russian толстый (tolstyy) meaning "thick, stout, fat". This was the name of a Russian family of nobility; a notable member was Count Lev "Leo" Tolstoy (1828-1910), a Russian writer.
TOŁWIŃSKI     Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Podlachian village of Tołwin.
TOMAHAWK     Sioux
The name comes from Powhatan tamahaac, derived from the Proto-Algonquian root *temah- 'to cut off by tool'. Algonquian cognates include Lenape təmahikan, Malecite-Passamaquoddy tomhikon, Abenaki demahigan, all of which mean "axe".
TOMAN     Czech
Toman is nickname of name Tomas.
TOMASIK     Polish
Means "son of Tomas".
Habitational name for someone from any of the many places in Poland called Tomaszew or Tomaszewo, formed with the personal name Tomasz.
TOMASŻY     Polish
Comes from the personal name Tomasz and any other name that relates to that name.
TOMATSU     Japanese
From the Japanese 戸 (to or do) "door," "shutter" and 松 (matsu) "pine tree."
TOMCZAK     Polish
Patronymic from Tomek, a pet form of the personal name Tomasz, or Thomas.
TOMCZYK     Polish
Variant of Tomczak, also comes from the given name Tomasz (see Thomas)
TOMEK     Czech
Comes from a pet form of the personal name Tomáš.
TOMIČIĆ     Croatian
Variant of Tomčić. Derived from Toma.
TOMKIN     English
Derived from the forename Thomas.
TOMKINS     English
Derived from the forename Thomas.
TOMLINSON     English
Patronymic from the personal name Tomlin.
TOMOSAKA     Japanese
The kanji is: Tomo ("Friend") + Saka ("Peninsula").
TOMPKINS     English
Derived from the forename Thomas.
TÔN     Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Sun.
TONDERAI     Shona
Tonderai means "Remember". This name is given as a call to remember a particular event or to remember one's origins.
TONER     Irish (Anglicized, Modern)
An anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname, O'Tomhrair. Still used in the modern day Republic of Ireland, and relatively common in Atlantic Canada.
TONNELIER     French
French for "cooper."
TONNESEN     Norwegian
Means "son of Tonnes", Tonnes or Tønne(s) being a Norwegian short form of Antonius.
TÔN THẤT     Vietnamese
A royal Vietnamese surname created by the NGUYEN Dynasty.
TOOK     Literature
In J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", the surname of Peregrin "Pippin" Took, a cousin of Meriadoc Brandybuck and second cousin of Frodo Baggins. Bandobras Took, also known as the Old Took, is somewhat a famous name in Hobbit-lore, as he was not only adventurous but a friend of Gandalf's and tall enough to ride a horse... [more]
TOOKE     English (Rare)
This unusual English surname is of pre 7th century Old Scandinavian origin.
TOOLAN     Irish
The meaning of the name is unclear, but it seems to derive from the pre 13th century Gaelic O' Tuathalain suggesting that it was probably religious and may translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
TOOLIN     Irish
The meaning of the name is unclear, but it seems to derive from the pre 13th century Gaelic O' Tuathalain suggesting that it was probably religious and may translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
TOOMEY     Irish
from ancient Gaelic personal name 'Tuama', probably derived from 'tuaim', meaning a hill or a small mountain
TOPELIUS     Finnish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Latinized form of the Finnish place name Toppila in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Zachris Topelius (1818-1898) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author, journalist, and historian.
TÖPFER     German
It literally means "potter".
TOPRAK     Turkish
Toprak means "earth" in Turkish.
TORAN     Galician, Irish
Galician (Torán): habitational name from the village of Santa María de Torán in Ourense province.... [more]
TORKINGTON     English
Means "of Torkington". Torkington is an area in Greater Manchester, England.
TORN     German
Derived from Old High German dorn / torn "thorn". As a surname, it was usually given to someone who lived near a thorn hedge.
TORNATORE     Italian
Derived from Italian tornatore meaning "turner", which refers to a craftsman who turns and shapes various materials (such as wood and metal) on a lathe. In other words: this surname is the Italian cognate of the English surname Turner... [more]
TÖRNBLAD     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of Swedish törn "thorn" and blad "leaf".
TORP     Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Scandinavian form of THORPE.
TORRALBA     Spanish, Catalan, Aragonese
Habitational name from any of several places called Torralba, named with torre meaning "tower" + alba meaning "white".
TORRAS     Spanish (?)
Means 'towers' in Spanish. Similar to name TORRES.
TORRENCE     Scottish, Irish
Scottish and northern Irish habitational name from either of two places called Torrance (one near East Kilbride, the other north of Glasgow under the Campsie Fells), named with Gaelic torran ‘hillock’, ‘mound’, with the later addition of the English plural -s.... [more]
TORRENT     Spanish
A topographical name for someone who lived by a flood stream, deriving from the Spanish torrente. Topographical surnames were among the earliest created, since both natural and man-made features in the landscape provided easily recognisable distinguish names in the small communities of the Middle Ages... [more]
TORREZ     Spanish
Variant of Torres.
TORRIENTE     Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Cuban name likely meaning "river".
TORROELLA     Catalan
This indicates familial origin within any of various eponymous localities.
It literally means a place where there’s a tower.
TORRÓNTEGUI     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Torrontegi.
Swedish patronymic meaning "son of Torvald". ... [more]
TOSTA     Italian
Tosta literally means "hard" in italian.
TOTH     Hungarian, Jewish
A Hungarian surname that is used by the Jewish population.
TOUATI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Habitual family name denoting someone who originated from Touat, the name of a group of oases in the Sahara in Algeria.
TOUGH     Scottish, English
Scottish variant of Tulloch. In Scotland it is pronounced tyookh. ... [more]
TOUILBINI     Arabic (Maghrebi, Rare)
Meaning unknown. A bearer is Abdelaziz Touilbini (1978-), an Algerian boxer.
TOUNSI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic تُونِسِيّ (tūnisiyy) meaning “Tunisian”, ultimately from تُونِس (tūnis) meaning "Tunisia, Tunis". It can refer to a native of the country of Tunisia, someone from the city of Tunis (in Tunisia), or the Tunisian Tounsi dialect of Arabic.
TOURVILLE     French
The name Tourville is a very old, and in one case, very famous name. One of the Marshall's of France was named Anne Hilarion de Cotentin de Tourville. This reads: Anne Hilarion of/from Cotentin, Comte (Count) of Tourville... [more]
TOUSSAINT     French
Derived from the given name Toussaint, which in turn is derived from Toussaint, the French name for the Christian feast day All Saints' Day (celebrated on November 1st every year). The French name for the feast day is a contraction of French tous les saints meaning "all (of) the saints".... [more]
TOUZANI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown; this surname is predominantly used in Morocco.
TOVEY     English
From the Old Norse male personal name Tófi, a shortened form of various compound names beginning with Thorf- or Thorv- (e.g. Thorvaldr), based on the name of the thunder god Thórr... [more]
TOW     Scottish
Scottish: Variation of Tulloch.... [more]
TOWE     English
English variant of Tow.
TOWERS     French
1. Variant of Tower, with later -s. ... [more]
TOYA     Japanese
From Japanese 斗 (to) “constellation” and 矢 (ya) “arrow”
TOYODA     Japanese
Means "Abundant rice field"
TOYOGUCHI     Japanese (Rare)
Toyo ("Abundant") + ("Mouth,Opening"). Megumi Toyoguchi is a well-known radio personality and voice actress.
TRABELSI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic طرابلس‎‎ (Ṭarābulus) or Tamazight ⵟⵔⵉⵒⵓⵍⵉ (Ṭrables), the Arabic and Berber names for the capital city of Tripoli, Libya. The name is ultimately derived from Greek Τρίπολις (Trípolis) meaning "three cities", from τρι- (tri-) meaning "three" combined with πόλις (pólis) meaning "city"... [more]
TRAIN     English (British), English (Devon)
English (Devon): 1. metonymic occupational name for a trapper or hunter, from Middle English trayne, Old French traine ‘guile’, ‘snare’, ‘trap’. ... [more]
TRAINOR     Irish
Reduced form of McTraynor, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Thréinfhir "son of Tréinfhear", a byname meaning "champion, strong man" (from tréan "strong" and fear "man").
TRAJANOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Trajan".
TRAJČEVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Trajče".
TRAJKOVSKA     Macedonian
Feminine form of Trajkovski.
TRAJKOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of Trajko".
TRAORÉ     Western African, Manding
Manding surname of unknown meaning and etymology. It is a common surname in Western Africa.
TRAUSCH     German, Slavic, Low German, Luxembourgish
A nickname either derived from Trauschke, a nickname from Old Slavic drugu "companion", or from Middle Low German druus "sullen", "dour".
TRAUTWIG     German (Modern)
From an Ancient German given name made of the name elements TRUD "strength" and WIG "fight"
TRAYLOR     French
Assumed to mean "by the trail". May have originally been "Trouillart". Variations may include: Trail Traill Treil Trelly Teign Pentrail
TREACHER     English
From a medieval nickname for a tricky or deceptive person (from Old French tricheor "trickster, cheat").
TREBILCOCK     Cornish
Means "person from Trebilcock", Cornwall (apparently "dear one's farmstead"). The final -ck is standardly silent.
TREGORY     Cornish (Anglicized, Rare), English (Rare)
This obscure British surname is a variant form of Tregury, which is an anglicization of the rare Cornish surname Tregurtha.... [more]
TREGURTHA     Cornish
A rare Cornish surname that derives its name from either the manor of Tregurtha in the parish of St. Hilary (located in west Cornwall) or from the hamlet of Tregurtha Barton in the parish of St. Wenn (located in central Cornwall)... [more]
TREICHEL     German (Swiss)
Swiss German: from a word meaning ‘cow bell’, presumably a nickname for a cowherd or farmer, or a metonymic occupational name for someone who made cow bells.
TRELLES     Asturian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous parish of the municipality of Cuaña.
TREMAINE     Cornish
Comes from the Cornish words "tre", meaning settlement and "men", meaning stone.
TRENDAFILOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Trendafil".
TRENFIELD     English (Rare)
Relatives from Gloucestershire
TRENTADUE     Italian
Trentadue, Joseph, Trentadue Irene, Trentadue Leo, Trentadue Evelyn, Trentadue Victor, Trentadue Cindy, Trentadue Steven, Trentadue Tyler, Trentadue Winery... [more]
TRESBY     ?
Derived from a Cornish place name meaning "Sulyen's farmstead" (see Sulien).
TREU     German, Jewish
From a nickname for a trustworthy person, from late Middle High German triuwe ‘loyal’. As a Jewish surname it is mainly ornamental.
TREVIÑO     Spanish
Habitational name from either of the places so named in the provinces of Burgos and Santander.
TREVITHICK     Cornish
Means "person from Trevithick", the name of various places in Cornwall ("farmstead" with a range of personal names). It was borne by British engineer Richard Trevithick (1771-1833), developer of the steam engine.
TREWIN     Cornish
Habitational name from Trewin in Cornwall.
TREXLER     German
It is derived from the Middle High German "Drehseler," meaning "turner," and was most likely initially borne by a turner or lathe worker.
TREZISE     Cornish
Means "person from Trezise or Tresayes", Cornwall ("Englishman's farmstead").
TRI     Vietnamese
An unexplained Vietnamese surname.
TRIANO     Spanish
Possibly a habitational name from Triano, the Castilianized name of the Basque towns called Abanto and Urtuella, in Biscay province, Basque Country.
TRIỆU     Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 兆 (triệu) meaning "million". This was the name of a dynasty that ruled parts of China and Vietnam in 207 BC.
TRIFILETTI     Sicilian
Topographic name from a diminutive of Greek triphyllon "trefoil".
TRIGGA     English (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Triggs or Trigg.
TRIGUEROS     Spanish
Habitational name from places in Huelva and Valladolid named Trigueros, from a derivative of trigo ‘wheat’, or possibly triguero ‘corn merchant’. Nickname from triguero ‘dark blond’, ‘corn colored’.
TRILLO     Spanish
It literally means "threshing board".
TRIMBOLI     Medieval Italian
Trimboli: Means: "prince of three valleys." Land or (spoils) were given to worthy soldiers for there efforts after conquest. Three valleys in Calabria were given to a soldier who will become known as Francesco Guytano Trimboli, the new perprieitor in an area near Plati, Italy, Calabria.
TRỊNH     Vietnamese
Vietnamese cognate of Zheng, often used by Vietnamese people of Chinese origin.
TRINIDAD     Filipino, Spanish
Means "trinity" in Spanish, referring to the Holy Trinity.
TRINKET     English, Popular Culture
Effie Trinket's surname: one of "The Hunger Games"'s trilogy character.
TRISKA     Czech
Meaning "splinter" in Czech. Nathan Triska is a teenage celebrity born in 1999.
TRISKOVA     Czech
Feminine form of Triska.
TRISTÁN     Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
From the personal name TRISTÁN.
TROEDSSON     Swedish
Means "son of TROED".
TROFTGRUBEN     Norwegian
This last name is common in North Dakota.
TROI     Popular Culture
Possibly a variant or corruption of Troy. A notable fictional bearer was the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Deanna Troi, who was the counselor aboard the USS Enterprise.
TROISE     Italian
Possibly a regional name from Turgisius, Latin name of a Norman province of Sicily
TROISI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Troise.
TROLLE     Swedish, Old Swedish
Swedish noble family. According to legend, an early ancestor killed a troll and that's how the family got its name. The family's coat of arms depicts a headless troll. The earliest known ancestor is Birger Knutsson Trulle (died approx... [more]
TROLLOPE     English, Medieval English
Derived from the place name Troughburn in Northumberland, England, originally Trolhop, meaning "troll valley". Derived from Old Norse troll "troll, supernatural being" and hop "enclosed valley, enclosed land"
TROPOV     Russian
From russian word tropa - "trail".
TROTT     English
"Trott" is an early recorded surname of the 17th century in America. It is five hundred years older when linked to Medieval Britain.
TROTTER     English, Scottish, German
Northern English and Scottish: occupational name for a messenger, from an agent derivative of Middle English trot(en) 'to walk fast' (Old French troter, of Germanic origin). ... [more]
TROY     Irish, English, German, Jewish, French, Dutch
As an Irish surname, it is a reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Troighthigh, meaning ‘descendant of Troightheach’.... [more]
TROY     Irish
Reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Troighthigh "descendant of Troightheach", a byname meaning "foot soldier".
TRUAN     Spanish
Means "Knave" or "Joker"
TRUDEAU     French
From a pet form of the personal name Thouroude or perhaps Gertrude.
TRUE     English
This surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and has three distinct possible sources, each with its own history and derivation. ... [more]
TRUEBA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the vicinity of the eponymous Castilian river.
TRUEDSSON     Swedish
Means "son of TRUED".
TRUETT     English
English habitational name from Trewhitt in Northumbria, named from Old Norse tyri ‘dry resinous wood’ + possibly an Old English wiht ‘river bend’.
TRUIN     Dutch
TRUMBO     French, German
French (Alsatian) form of German Trumbauer.
TRUMP     English, German
English (Devon): metonymic occupational name for a trumpeter, from Middle English trumpe ‘trumpet’.German (Bavaria): metonymic occupational name for a drummer, from Middle High German trumpe ‘drum’... [more]
TRƯƠNG     Vietnamese
Vietnamese cognate of Zhang.
TRUONG     Vietnamese
Simplified version of Trương used outside of Vietnam.
TRUSTY     English
This is a late medieval occupation descriptive name given to a professional witness, in effect an early Solicitor, the name deriving from the Olde French "Attester" - one who testifies or vouches for a contract or agreement.
Habitational name for someone from Truszków in Lublin voivodeship.
TRUX     German
Variant of Drux.
TRYBUS     Polish
Meaning: "corpulent man" "tripod"
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Trzonów.
From Mongolian цагаан "white" and баатар "hero".
TSAI     Chinese, Taiwanese
Variant transcription of Cai also used in Taiwan.
TSANG     Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese variation of the surname Zeng. Shao Kang was the king of the Xia Dynasty, and he delegated one of his sons to rule the State of Zeng. Zeng was originally the name of a place during the Shao Kang's reign.
TSAOUSSIS     Greek (Anglicized, Modern, Rare)
From the Greek meaning "peacock"
TSARITSYN     Russian
Derived from the former city of Tsaritsyn, once known as Stalingrad and currently Volgograd.
TSARNAEV     Chechen
Either derived from the Ingush nickname Царнай (Tsarnay) meaning "king" or from Chechen царна (tsarna) meaning "fire" or "them"; the first meaning is unlikely given that the title is not actually present in the Ingush language... [more]
TSARYOVA     Russian
Someone who is a descendent of a person who worked for the Tsar or Emperor.
TSCHIDA     German
Derived from the Czech word "třída," which means class, kind, category, grade, or avenue and place.
TSCHIDA     German
The Germanic spelling of the Hungarian name Çsida. Derived from the Turkish word for rider, or man on horseback.
TSENG     Taiwanese, Chinese
Taiwanese transcription of Zeng.
TSHERING     Bhutanese
From Tibetan ཚེ (tshe) "life" and རིང (ring) "long".
TSITAK     Greek
TSUBO     Japanese
See similar surname Tsuboi, for definition.
TSUBOI     Japanese
Tsubo means "pot,vase" and "a Japanese unit of areal measurement". I means "well,pit,mine shaft". Bearers of this name are Tomohiro Tsuboi,a voice actor, and Ryoutaro Tsuboi from Sword Art Online, they each have different "tsubo" kanji from the other.
TSUCHIDA     Japanese
From the Japanese 土 (tsuchi) "earth," "soil," 槌 (tsuchi) "mallet" or 津 (tsu) "harbour" and 知 (chi) "wisdom," "intellect" and 田 (da or ta) "rice paddy" or 多 (da or ta) "many."
TSUCHII     Japanese
This is the same as Doi, it's just a different pronunciation.
TSUDA     Japanese
Tsu ("Harbor") + Da ("Rice Feild"). Kentaro Tsuda is a voice actor and live actor.
TSUDZUMI     Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as either 鼓 or 都積 with 鼓 (ko, tsudzumi) meaning "beat, drum, muster, rouse", 都 (tsu, to, miyako) meaning "capital, metropolis" and 積 (seki,, tsu.mori, tsu.moru, -dzu.mi) meaning "acreage, amass, contents, load, pile, up, stack, volume."... [more]
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