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TURU Estonian
Turu is an Estonian surname meaning "market".
From 'turku', an archaic word for a marketplace (tori in modern Finnish), and the common surname suffix 'nen'.
TUTT Estonian
Tutt is an Estonian surname meaning "wisp" or "tuft".
TUTTLE English, English (American), Irish
Derived from the Old Norse given name Þorkell, derived from the elements þórr (see THOR) and ketill "cauldron". The name evolved into Thurkill and Thirkill in England and came into use as a given name in the Middle Ages... [more]
TUUDE Estonian
Tuude is an Estonian surname possibly derived from the masculine given name "Tuudor".
TUUL Estonian
Tuul is an Estonian name meaning "wind".
TUULE Estonian
Tuule is an Estonian surname (and feminine given name) meaning "calm".
TUULIK Estonian
Tuulik is an Estonian surname meaning "windmill".
TUUM Estonian
Tuum is an Estonian surname meaning "essence", "crux" and "point (gist)"
TÜÜR Estonian
Tüür is an Estonian surname meaning "(boat) rudder".
TUUST Estonian
Tuust is an Estonian surname meaning "wisp".
TUVI Estonian
Tuvi is an Estonian surname meaning "pigeon/dove".
TVEIT Norwegian
Norwegian habitational name derived from Old Norse þveit "clearing".
TVILLING Swedish (Rare)
Means "twin" in Swedish.
TWAIN American
Most famously borne in the pen name of American author and one time Mississippi riverboat pilot Mark Twain (1835-1910), whose real name is Samuel Langhorne CLEMENS... [more]
This indicates familial origin within any of 3 Greater Polish villages: 2 named Twardowo or 1 named Twardów.
TWEAK Popular Culture
Tweek Tweak is one of the reoccurring characters on the animated TV series South Park.
Tweedel is Scottish for "the dell on the tweed river"
Meaning unknown.
Russian surname derived from Tver Oblast (known as Kalinin from 1931-1990, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
TWIDDY English
Possibly derived from TWEEDY perhaps originating from the area around the River Tweed... [more]
English habitational name from any of the numerous places named Twyford, for example in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, and Norfolk, from Old English twi- ‘double’ + ford ‘ford’.
It literally means a store or bar that sells everything.
TYLSON English, German (Anglicized)
English: variant of DYSON (see surname DYE). ... [more]
TYREE Scottish, English
A name that evolved among the descendants of the people of the kingdom of Dalriada in ancient Scotland.
TYSK Swedish
Means "German" in Swedish. It probably started out as a nickname for someone who had immigrated from Germany or for someone who had German ancestry. It could also be a 'soldier name' and refer to the military unit someone belonged to... [more]
TZUR Hebrew
Means "cliff, rock" in Hebrew.
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