All Surnames

Zsoldos Hungarian
Means "mercenary" in Hungarian.
Zubizarreta Basque
Means "old bridge", from Basque zubia "bridge" and zahar "old". A famous bearer is the Spanish soccer player Andoni Zubizarreta (1961-).
Zuiderduin Dutch
Means "southern dune" in Dutch.
Žukauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Żukowski.
Żukowski Polish
From various Polish towns named Żukowo or Żuków, which are derived from żuk "beetle".
Zuñiga Basque
From the name of a Spanish town, formerly named Estuniga in Basque, possibly derived from Basque istuin "channel, strait".
Zunino Italian
Derived from the given name Giovanni.
Župan Croatian
Croatian cognate of Zupan.
Zupan Slovene
From Slavic župan meaning "head of the district, community leader".
Zupančič Slovene
Patronymic form of Zupan.
Żuraw Polish
Means "crane" in Polish, a nickname for a tall person.
Zyma Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Zima.