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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is flutter.
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Shamailov Russian, Hebrew, Georgian, Jewish
Georgian Variant of Shmuel.
Sihombing Batak
From si, indicating location, and hombing.
Simarmata Batak
From si, indicating location, and mata,
Sinuraya Batak
From si, indicating a location, and raya, meaning “flow” in Sanskrit.
Sondermajer German (Rare)
Rare German surname from Bukovina.
Sullubawa Hausa
The Hausa transliteration of a noted Fulani Clan coming from the Bilād as-Sūdān region of West Africa.
Šumuru Manchu
One of the eight clans of Manchu nobility.
Suruma Kiga
Suruma is a Kiga surname. Ezra Suruma is a notable person with that surname.
Tati Popular Culture, French, Russian
A well known diminutive of both Tatiana and Tatischeff.
Tatischeff French, Russian, English
Best known as the actual full surname of Jacques Tati.
Tetseo Naga, Chakhesang
Best known as the surname of a certain music group from Nagaland in Northeastern India.
Toziya Turkish
From Rumelian.
Trubetskoy Russian
Meaning ‘From Trubetsk’.
Valaitis Lithuanian, German (East Prussian)
Best known as the surname of a certain Lena.
Vayayana Indigenous Taiwanese
Meaning unavailable.
Verhulst Dutch, Flemish
Best known as the surname of a certain Gert.
Vizcaino Basque
Meaning ‘From the Bay of Biscay’.
Vorokhta Ukrainian
From Hutsul.
Wonka Popular Culture, Literature
Possibly a diminutive of Wonskolaser.
Wonskolaser Yiddish, Polish
An uncommon Yiddish surname currently known mostly as the basis for Wonka.
Zændžiaty Ossetian
From the Persian word zangi meaning "Dark Skinned". Zangiev and Zangief are variants.
Zangiev Ossetian, Soviet, Russian, Popular Culture
The Russified Soviet and Modern Russian form of the Ossetian surname Зæнджиаты Zændžiaty A famous user of it is wrestler Victor Zangiev, himself the inspiration for Zangief of Street Fighter fame.