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Abravanel Hebrew, Jewish
From Ab, meaning ‘father’, Rabban, meaning ‘priest’, and El, meaning ‘of God’.
Adefope Nigerian, Western African, Yoruba
Derived from Adéfọpẹ́, meaning “the crown grants thanksgivings”.
Adhia Konkani
A famous example is Richa Adhia, a Tanzanian model of Konkani descent.
Āěrdān Mongolian
A Daur family name.
Agyeman Akan
Derived from an Akan male personal name denoting a fourteenth-born boy but also interpreted as ‘savior of the nation’.
Aixin Chinese, Manchu
A Sinicised variant of Aisin.
Akiiki Tooro, Nyoro, Alur, Acholi
The pet name of Elizabeth of Toro.
Áolāshì Mongolian
A Daur surname.
Apa Samoan
Best known as the surname of KJ Apa.
Appiah Akan
Appiah is derived from an Akan male personal name of unexplained etymology.
Arkın Turkish
Best known as the stage surname of a certain Cüneyt.
Askia Songhai, Western African
Meaning unknown.
Atamaint Shuar, Indigenous American, South American
The surname of a certain indigenous Ecuadorian politician.
Baboli Mazanderani
Means “from Babol”.
Baeta Ewe
Best known as the maiden surname of a certain Annie.
Bakkum Dutch
Bakkum is a habitational name from the village so named near Castricum in North Holland province. Its meaning may be 'the homestead of someone with the personal name Bak', or refer to the location on a back of a hillside.
Barreiro Galician, Portuguese
Barreiro is a habitational name from any of numerous places in Galicia (Spain) and Portugal named with a derivative of barro 'clay loam'.
Bashirov Tatar
Derived From a diminutive of the Arabic given name Bashir.
Belimace Romanian
From the Aromanian language.
Böðvarsson Icelandic
Means "son of Böðvar" in Icelandic.
Bouchemlal Kabyle, Berber
Kabyle surname of unknown meaning.
Broccoli Italian, Sicilian
From the Italian plural for “The flowering crest of a cabbage”. Best known as the surname of the (Calabrian-originated) Sicilian American family who made James Bond internationally famous, by making movies (loosely) based on the books where the titular antihero himself appeared.
Buzek Silesian, Polish
A nickname derived from buza 'rebuke' or buzować 'to scold to be cross with somebody'.
Cabrel Occitan, Friulian, French, Venetian
From the Latin Capralis, meaning ‘a place full of goats’.
Cawas Indian (Parsi), Persian, Indian, Arabic
Cawas is an Indian (Parsi) surname which means “Arch” in Persian and ultimately Arabic. John Cawas of Toofani Tarzan fame was a notable person with that surname.
Chakri Mon, Thai
The clan name of Thailand’s Royals.
Chhangte Mizo
Chhangte has an unknown meaning.
Ciotti Romanian
From Meglenite, a closely related language.
Cziffra Banat Swabian, Hungarian, Romani
Means “digit” in Hungarian.
Danioko Manding
Meaning unknown.
Deschene Navajo
From deeshchiiʼnii (clan designation, “red-streak people”).
Dessler German, Yiddish
Meaning Unknown. Known primarily in pop culture as the surname of a certain Michelle in the Fox tv hit 24 and of a certain villain called Albert in Space Battleship Yamato.
Dianich Romanian
From Istrian Romanian.
Dishel Russian, Yiddish, Jewish, Hebrew
Meaning Unknown, likely Yiddish.
Domrane Kabyle, Berber
Not available.
Duckadam Banat Swabian
Best known as the surname of a certain Helmuth.
Dux German (Rare), Hungarian (Rare)
From Latin dux, meaning “duke”.
Dytko Polish, Silesian, Czech, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
Meaning unknown. Likely a variant of Ditko.
Endrigo Venetian, Istriot, Italian
Derived from Endrigo, an Italian and Istriot variant of the given name Henry.
Farmiga Ukrainian
The surname of a certainly recent Hollywood dynasty.
Favri French (Huguenot), Medieval French
The medieval French word for Blacksmith.
Gajah Indonesian, Batak
From Sanskrit Gaju, meaning “Elephant”.
Garbai Nigerian, Kanuri, Hungarian
Meaning unknown.
Gerstenmájer Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian
Magyarised and Cyrillic version of Gerstenmayer.
Ghermezian Iranian, Jewish, Persian
The surname’s most notable bearers are the Ghermezian Family, Iranian Canadians of Jewish descent.
Gozzi Italian, Venetian
Meaning unknown.
Groenewoud Dutch
Derived from a place name meaning “green wood”.
Guaporá Popular Culture
The surname of a fictional Amerindian family in the telenovela Bicho do Mato.
Guapurú Popular Culture
The surname of a fictitious Amerindian family in the Brazilian telenovela Uga Uga.
Gulea Romanian
Gunawan Indonesian
Indonesianized version of various Chinese surnames (including 陳 Chen, 郭 Guo, etc.), under the social and political pressure during the New Order era (1966–1998) in Indonesia toward Chinese Indonesians.
Gurusinga Batak
From Sanskrit guru, meaning “Mentor”, and singha, meaning “Lion”.
Handique Assamese
The surname of a certain Aideu.
Hantel German (Rare)
Rare Bukovina German variant of Händel.
Hmingthanga Mizo
Hmingthanga means ‘famous’ in Mizo.
Homuta Czech
Ilunga Luba, Central African
Means ‘To Unite’.
Iwerks East Frisian
Meaning Unknown.
Jellema West Frisian, Frisian
Means “Son of Jelle”, the suffix -(s)ma indicating that it is of Frisian origin.
Jenatsch Romansh
Derived from a diminutive form of the given name Johannes.
Jongok Gayonese, Acehnese
Meaning unavailable.
Jueluo Chinese, Manchu
A Sinicised version of Gioro.
Kaffka Hungarian, Romanian, Low German, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian
The Germanised Czech surname of a certain Margit. Means ‘Little Jackdaw’ in Czech. Its internationally better known diminutive is Kafka.
Kametz Polish (Germanized), German
From the Polish kmiec, meaning ‘small tenant farmer’.
Kanazoé Mossi
Not available.
Kansiime Kiga
The surname of a certain Anne.
Karabastos Greek
Uncommon Greek surname.
Kauka Low German, Sorbian
Best known as the surname of a certain Rolf. It is perhaps a Sorbian and Northeast Low German variant of Kafka and Kawa, both of which mean ‘Jackdaw’ in Czech and Polish.... [more]
Kavka Slovak, Ukrainian, Czech
Yet another variant of Kafka and its pop culture equivalents Kefka and Cefca. Also like Kaffka, it simply means ‘Jackdaw’ in Slovak.
Khalji Afghan, Iranian
Meaning ‘From the city of Khalaj’, in Khalaj, a Common Turkic Language.
Kilonzo Eastern African
Meaning unknown.
Kimba Luba
Best known as the international given name of a certain Tezuka character.
Kindiki Meru, Eastern African
Kindiki has no known meaning.
Kingibe Kanuri, Nigerian
Meaning unavailable.
Kīnkamäg Livonian
Probably coming from the Livonian coast.
Kisku Santali, Indian
Known as the surname of Rathin Kisku.
Kitsusu Kongo
The surname of a notable Congolese musician whose real first name was Philemon.
Knefac Slovak (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
Uncommon surname from Burgenland, easternmost Austria.
Kögltin Kalmyk
Kögltin has no known meaning.
Kollodzieyski Polish (Rare)
Best known as the surname of a certain composer called Walter Kollo.
Komboïgo Mossi
Not available.
Kuban Northern African
Unknown Nubian surname.
Kurisingal Malayalam
Malayalam surname used by the St Thomas Christians of Kerala.
Latk Sorbian
Meaning unknown.
Lattke Sorbian, Low German
Sorbian and Northeast Low German variant of Latk.
Lecocq French
Means ‘the rooster’.
Lecomte French
Nickname for someone in the service of a count or for someone who behaved pretentiously from Old French elements conte cunte "count" with fused masculine definite article le. Variant of Lecompte and Comte.
Le Gall French
From a nickname which means “the Gaul”.
Leialoha Hawaiian
Best known as the surname of a certain Steve.
Lishoy Malayalam, Indian (Christian)
Uncommon Malayalam surname, used mostly by St Thomas Christians. The surname of a certain Malayalam actress.
Mazari Balochi
Means “From Mazar”.
Mbarek Berber
Moroccan Tachelhit variant of Mubarak.
Merage Persian
Likely from Arabic Miraj, meaning ‘ascension’. A famous bearer of the surname is the co-founder of Hot Pockets, Paul Merage.
Minda Romanian
From the Meglenite language.
Mohilary Bodo, Assamese
Associated with tax collections from the Mahallas.
Moosajee Indian (Muslim)
From the Arabic given name Musa. A variant of Musaji.
Moriba Manding
Etymology Unknown.
Moustaki Greek
Moustaki is Derived from the Greek word for ‘moustache’, μουστάκι.
Mpungu Kongo
Means ‘gorilla’ in Yombe and ‘creator’ in its relative Ntandu.
Musaji Gujarati, Indian (Muslim)
Derived from the Arabic name Musa.
Mutia Eastern African, Maasai
A Kenyan Maasai surname known mostly in the West as the name of a certain fictitious escarpment, which appears infrequently in old Tarzan Films.
Ngeoncharoen Thai
Thaification of the Chinese surname Wu.
Niohuru Manchu, Chinese
Means ‘wolf’ in Manchu.
Niwano Japanese
From niwa and no.
Nogo Mossi
Not available.
Nyong’o Luo
Best known as the surname of a certain Lupita.
Oleniuc Romanian, Ukrainian
From the Hutsul language.
Orkan Polish
From Goral, a topolect/language closely related to mainline Polish.
Pantazzi Romanian
Best known as the surname of a certain Sybille.
Pezarkar Marathi, Hebrew, Jewish
A Bene Israel surname.
Pilgaonkar Konkani, Indian
Pilgaonkar is a Konkani surname used mostly in Goa by Konkani Hindus. Sachin Pilgaonkar of Bollywood fame is a famous person with that surname... [more]
Planta Romansh
Derived from Romansh planta "tree; plant".
Ramogi Luo
Meaning unknown.