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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Evil.
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Abbot English
Variant of Abbott.
Abell English
Variant of Abel.
Abree English
Variant of Aubrey.
Abrey English
Variant of Aubrey.
Achampomaa African
Allegedly a feminine form of Achampong used in Ghana.
Achampong Western African
Variant of the Ashanti surname Acheamphong, meaning "destined for greatness".
Addington English
Habitational name from any of various places named in Old English as Eaddingtun 'settlement associated with Eadda' or Æddingtun 'settlement associated with Æddi'.
Adkyn English
Variant of Adkin.
Agathangelou Greek (Cypriot)
Patronymic from the genitive form of Agathangelos. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
Akamori Japanese (Rare)
From 赤 (aka) meaning "red" combined with 森 (mori) meaning "forest."... [more]
Akyeampong African
Akan name from Ghana. It means the one who gives birth to princes. Mostly spelt Acheampong mainly to make life easy for Europeans, however that spelling is wrong because there is no "c" in the Akan or Twi alphabet... [more]
Annson English
Variant of Anson.
Archibong Efik, Ibibio
of Efik Origin, originally pronounced asibong but changed by the british to Archibong, meaning Kings Father, Kings Friend, (amasi Obong)
Ashbe English
Derived from one of the several places in England called Ashby.
Axe English
Locational surname which describes one who lived by the Axe Rivers in Somerset or Dorset.
Bubien Polish
The name came originally from France. An officer of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Russian war, in 1812 stayed in Poland and married. One of his sons, became a regional Judge and large land owner in the Belarus area of Poland... [more]
Cadan Irish
Anglicized form of Mac Cadain.
Cécire Norman
Derived from the feminine name Cécile.
Chasen Jewish
From the Hebrew חזן "cantor".
Crowe English
Variant of Crow.
Cyle English
Variant of Kille.
Dacy English
Variant of Dacey.
Devoy English
Anglicized form of Gaelic surname Ó Dubhuidhe ‘descendant of Dubhuidhe’, a name probably derived from dubh "dark, black" and buidhe "sallow".
Dobie Scottish
Variant of Doby.
Dotson English
Patronymic of the Middle English name Dodde. Originally derived from the Germanic root dodd meaning "something rounded", used to denote a short, rotund man.
Fialka Czech
Means ''violet'' (the flower) in Czech.
Fulga Romanian (Rare)
Means "snowflake" in Romanian.
Giorgaina Greek (Archaic)
Andronymic meaning "wife of Georgios". This was used in early modern Greece, at which time a married woman's surname was formed from her husband's given name and the suffix -αινα (-aina)... [more]
Grieg Norwegian
Derived from the Scottish surname of Greig.
Gulian Armenian
From Armenian word gul meaning "rose", as well as "laughter", combined with the common suffix of ian meaning "son of".
Hayne English
Variant of Hain.
Hintgen Luxembourgish
Appeared in Luxembourg in 1698 in an area around Bertrange and Strassen. there are Hentgens there yet today.
Hussaini Persian, Afghani, Urdu, Arabic
From the given name Hussain.
Jumārs Latvian (Rare)
Derived from Livonian jumerški "round".
Kąkol Polish
Means "corncockle".
Lāce Latvian
Derived from Latvian lācis “bear”.
Leu Moldovan
Derived from Romanian leu "lion".
Mašek Czech
Derived from the given names Matěj, Matúš and Mattiáš.
Maughan Irish, English
Anglicized from the original Irish Gaelic form Ò Mocháin meaning 'descendant of Mochain'. This name was one of the earliest known Irish surnames brought to England and remains a fairly common surname in the North East of the country.
Neu German (Modern)
The name Neu is a common German last name.
Oblak Slovene, Croatian
Derived from oblak "cloud".
Padgett English
Diminutive form of Page, which is of Old French origin, and an occupational name for a young servant, a personal attendant in a noble's house, from the Old French, Middle English "page", ultimately deriving from the Greek "paidion", a boy, child... [more]
Petríček Czech
Derived from a diminutive of Petr.
Phóil Irish
Possibly a short form of Mac Phóil or Mac Giolla Phóil.
Quian Scottish
Anglicized form of MacShuibhne.