Submitted Surnames of Length 11

This is a list of submitted surnames in which the length is 11.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Mac Ardghail Irish
It is derived from the word ardghal, which means "high valour."
Mac Con Uladh Northern Irish
It literally means "hound of Ulster" in Irish Gaelic.
Mac Cruimein Scottish Gaelic
Means "son of Cruimean" in Gaelic, a personal name meaning "little stooped one".
Mac Cuindlis Scottish, Irish
Means "son of Cuindleas", an early given name of uncertain origin.
Mac Cumhaill Scottish Gaelic
Means "descendant of Cumhall"
MacEachainn Scottish Gaelic
It means "son of Eachann".
Mac Gafraidh Irish
The origin of the name is from the Gaelic "Mac Gafraidh" which translates as the "Son of Godfrey", and it is presumed that the first name holders were followers of the 6th century, Saint Godfrey.
Mac Gaoithín Scottish Gaelic
Meaning ‘son of Gaoithín’, a personal name derived from the diminutive of gaoth ‘clever’, ‘wise’.
Macgobhainn Scottish Gaelic
It literally means "smith’s son", thus making it a Scottish Gaelic form of Mac Gabhann.
MacGoldrick Irish
Anglicized form of Mac Ualghairg
Maciejewski Polish
Name for someone from any of various places called Maciejowa, Maciejów or Maciejowice, all derived from the given name Maciej.
MacMhìcheil Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of MacMichael.
Mac Raonuill Irish
Means "son of Raonull"
MacThoryngt Manx
alternate form of MacTorin
Mac Uighilín Irish, Scottish
Means "son of Hugelin". the surname was allegedly adopted by the de Mandevilles, a Cambro-Norman family that had conquered an area of north Antrim, a county in Northern Ireland... [more]
Madhushanka Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala මධුෂංක (see Madushanka).
Maffessanti Italian
Meaning is overall unknown, but might come from Saint of Matthew. In Italian the name “Maffeo” is an Italian spelling of Matthew and “Santi” means saints, so combined it would be Maffessanti... [more]
Mag Céadaigh Irish
It means "son of Céadach".
Maisonneuve French
Means "new house" in French.
Majstorović Serbo-Croatian (Rare)
Comes from word majstor meaning master.
Makriyannis Greek
Notable bearer of this name is General Yannis Makriyannis (1797-1864), was a Greek merchant, military officer, politician and author.
Maksimowicz Polish
Means "son of Maksim".
Maksymowicz Polish
Means "son of Maksym".
Małachowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from places called Małachowo, Małachów, or Małachowice.
Malgiaritta Romansh
Derived from the given name Malgiaritta.
Malinconico Italian
Means "gloomy, melancholy" in Italian.
Malinovskyi Russian
Variant transcription of Malinovsky.
Malsagnaqan Ingush
Original Ingush form of Malsagov.
Mangiarotti Italian
From an Italian nickname, possibly meaning "rat eater".
Mangudadatu Filipino, Maguindanao
From Maguindanao manguda meaning "young" and the Philippine title datu meaning "chief, leader".
Manouchehri Persian
From the given name Manuchehr.
Manouilidis Greek
Means "son of Manouil" in Greek.
Marcantonio Italian
Ancient family, called Marcantonio or Di Marcantonio, of clear and ancestral virtue, flourished in Abruzzo.
Markopoulos Greek
Means "son of Markos".
Markovnikov Russian (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Markov.
Marlborough English
From the name of the market town and civil parish of Marlborough in Wiltshire, England, derived from the Old English given name Mǣrla and beorg meaning "hill, mound".
Marquillero Filipino
Possibly from Spanish marquillero meaning "materialistic".
Martignetti Italian
Patronymic derived from Martignetto, itself a pet form of Martino.
Martinčević Croatian
Patronymic, means son of Martin.
Martinovich Russian
Means "Son of Martin".
Mascarenhas Portuguese
Possibly from the place Mascarenhas in the city Mirandela. Originated by Estêvão Rodrigues, Lord of Mascarenhas.
Masharipova Uzbek
Feminine transcription of Masharipov.
Massingberd English
Perhaps from a medieval nickname for someone with an auburn or reddish beard (from Middle English massing "brass" + berd "beard").
Mastrangelo Italian
From Italian mastro "master, expert craftsman" combined with the given name Angelo.
Mastrorilli Italian
Mastrorilli is an Italian surname.
Matthíasson Icelandic
Means "son of Matthías" in Icelandic.
Mazandarani Mazanderani
Likely originated to denote someone from the modern-day Mazandaran Province in Iran or someone of Mazandarani descent. It is transliterated in many different ways. One notable bearer is Mírzá Asadu'lláh Fádil Mázandarání (1881–1957), who was an important scholar for the Baháʼí Faith.
Mccambridge Scottish
Anglicized from Gaelic Mac Ambróis, "son of Ambrose". This name, influenced in its spelling by the English city name Cambridge, is well-established in Northern Ireland.
Mcconaughey Irish
From actor Matthew McConaughey (1969-)
Mcgillivray Scottish
From Scottish Gaelic Mac Gille Bhràtha from a patronymic from a personal name meaning ‘servant of judgment’.
McLaoidhigh Irish
Means "son of the poet".
Mcquinnelly Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coingheallaigh or Ó Coingheallaigh ‘son (or descendant) of Coingheallach.’
Mecklenburg German, Jewish
Regional name for someone from this province in northern Germany. Derived from Old Saxon mikil "big, great" and burg "castle".
Meikäläinen Finnish
Meaning "our" in Finnish.
Mèinnearach Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Menzies.
Melanchthon History
Means "black earth", derived from Greek μελανός (melanos), the genitive of the adjective μέλας (melas) meaning "black, dark", and χθών (chthon) meaning "land, earth, soil"... [more]
Mertesacker German
Means "Merten's field" in German, derived from the given name Merten and Middle High German acker meaning "field". A famous bearer is the retired German soccer player Per Mertesacker (1984-).
Michaelides Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Michailidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Michaelsson Swedish
Means "son of Michael".
Michailidis Greek
From the given name Michail.
Michałowski Polish
Name for someone from a place called Michałowice, derived from the given name Michał.
Mikalauskas Lithuanian
A Lithuanian surname. Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be Mikalausk for this name. If you are a male in the family your name would change to Mikalauskas. If you are female that is married your surname would be Mikalauskiene... [more]
Mikhailenko Russian
Russian transcription of Ukrainian Михайленко (see Mykhaylenko).
Mikhaylenko Russian
Alternate transcription of Russian Михайленко (see Mikhailenko).
Mikołajczyk Polish
Derived from the given name Mikołaj.
Milutinović Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Milutin".
Mitropoulos Greek
Means "son of Mitros".
Mittermeier German (Austrian)
Literal meaning "middle farmer" its thought to have been given to farmers living between two there farms in the mountains.
Miyagishima Japanese
From Japanese 宮 (miya) meaning "temple, shrine, palace", 城 (ki) meaning "castle" and 島 (shima) meaning "island".
Mladenovska Macedonian
Feminine transcription of Macedonian Младеновски (see Mladenovski).
Modzelewski Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Modzel or Modzele, both derived from Polish modzel meaning "callus".
Mohammadian Persian
From the given name Mohammad.
Mohammadzai Pashto
Means "son of Muhammad" in Pashto.
Monteblanco French, Spanish
Originally from France "Mont Blanc" but translated when arrived in Spain.
Monterrubio Spanish
Habitational name from any of the places called Monterrubio ‘red mountain’.
Montes De Oca Spanish
Spanish surname meaning "mounts of goose".
Montesquieu French
From French montagne, meaning "mountain" and possibly also from queue, meaning "line". Charles Montesquieu was a 17th-century French aristocrat, philosopher and politician.
Montevirgen Spanish (Philippines)
From the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Montevirgen, meaning "Our Lady of Mount Virgin," dedicated at the Convento de Montevirgen (Convent of Mount Virgin) in the municipality of Villalba de los Barros, located in Extremadura's Badajoz province in western Spain.
Montgomerie Scottish, English
Variation of Montgomery. A famous bearer was Margaret Montgomerie Boswell (1738 to 1789), wife of author James Boswell.
Montpellier French
Means "woad mountain", derived from French mont (itself from Latin mōns) meaning "mountain" and pastel (Latin pastellus, pestellus) meaning "woad, dye", referring to someone who lived near a mountain that was covered with woad (a plant that produces a blue dye)... [more]
Moonasinghe Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala මුණසිංහ (see Munasinghe).
Moonesinghe Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala මුණසිංහ (see Munasinghe).
Moraczewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Greater Polish villages named Moraczewo.
Moriancumer Mormon (Archaic)
In the Book of Ether, Jared's brother's name remains untold. Joseph Smith revealed that his name was Mahonri Moriancumer.
Morningstar English, Jewish
English transcription of Morgenstern.
Mountstuart English
Possibly derived from the mountain in the Cascade Range, in the state of Washington, United States.
Mroczkowski Polish
Name for someone from any of various places called Mroczkowa, Mroczków or Mroczkowice, all derived from Polish mroczek meaning "house bat".
Mulchandani Hindi
Means “descendant of Mulchand”.
Müllerleile German
Derived from Middle High German mülnære, müller meaning "miller" (see Müller), and the German given names Lawlin, Lauwelin and Lawelin, medieval diminutives of Nikolaus.
Murahayashi Japanese
Mura means "village, hamlet" and hayashi means "forest, grove".
Murtazaliev Avar, Chechen
From a combination of the given names Murtaza and Ali 1.
Mushanokoji Japanese
Variant transcription of Mushanokouji.
Mykhailenko Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ukrainian Михайленко (see Mykhaylenko).
Nadyozhkina Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Надёжкин (see Nadyozhkin).
Nakahayashi Japanese
Naka means "middle" and hayashi means "forest, grove".
Nazarbayeva Kazakh
Feminine form of Nazarbayev.
Netterville Irish
Of Anglo-Norman origin, probably a habitational name from an unidentified place in France.
Ngurakahayo Fuliru (Modern, Rare)
An ancenstor's Fuliru name, the meaning of the name is powerful, champion, done , finish, end.
Niedermeier German, German (Austrian)
Occupational name for a farmer who had a farm lower than the neighboring one(s). This surname and its variant spellings are common to Austria and the state of Bavaria in Germany.
Niedermeyer German, Dutch
Distinguishing name for a farmer (see Meyer) who had a farm lower (Middle High German nider(e)) than the neighboring one(s).
Nieuwenhuis Dutch
Means "new house" in Dutch. Indicated that the bearer lived in a new house or lived in a village of the same name
Nightingale English
Nickname for someone with a good voice from Middle English nightegale "nightingale" (Old English nihtegale, ultimately from niht "night" and galan "to sing").
Nigmatullin Tatar, Bashkir
From the given name Nigmatullah.
Nihon'yanagi Japanese
Means "2 salix trees", from Japanese 二本 (nihon) meaning "2 (cylindrical objects)" and 柳 (yanagi) meaning "salix".
Nihon'yanagi Japanese
From Japanese 二本柳 (Nihon'yanagi) meaning "Nihon'yanagi", the former name of the area of Karakasayanagi in the city of Goshogawara in the prefecture of Aomori in Japan.
Nihon'yanagi Japanese
From Japanese 二本柳 (Nihon'yanagi) meaning "Nihon'yanagi", an area in the city of Gonohe in the district of Sannohe in the prefecture of Aomori in Japan.
Nihonyanagi Japanese
Variant transcription of Japanese Kanji 二本柳 (see Nihon'yanagi 1, Nihon'yanagi 2, or Nihon'yanagi 3).
Nijibayashi Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 虹 (Niji) meaning "Rainbow" and 林 (Bayashi) meaning "Forest". A notable bearer of this surname was academic author Kei Nijibayashi.
Nikolaychuk Russian
From the given name Nikolay.
Nishinohara Japanese
From Japanese 西 (nishi) meaning "west" and 野原 (nohara) meaning "grass field".
Nostradamus History, French (Latinized)
Latinized form of de Nostredame. This surname was borne by the French physician and writer Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566), famous for his collection of prophecies Les Prophéties (1555) allegedly predicting the apocalypse and danger from the Arab world.
Novgorodsky Russian, Belarusian
Refers to the region named "Novgorod" in Russia.
Nykolaichuk Ukrainian
From the given name Nykolai.
Oakenshield English (British), Literature
In J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit", the surname of Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the Company of Dwarves and the King of Durin's Folk.
Occhibianco Italian
Means "white eye" in Italian, most often given to foundlings.
Ó Comhaltáin Irish
It means "descendant of Comhaltán".
Ó Connachaín Irish
Means "Descendant of Connachaín."
Ódinsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Óðinn" in Icelandic.
Ó Duibhidhir Irish
Means "descendant of Duibhuidhir". Duibhuidhir is a personal name composed of the elements dubh "dark, black" and odhar "sallow, tawny".
Oesterreich German (Austrian)
Variant transcription of Österreich.
Ó Fógartaigh Irish
Means "descendant of Fógartach"
Ó Gibealláin Irish
An Irish-Gaelic surname derived from a given name meaning "descendant of Gibealláin".
Ó Gormghaile Irish
Means "descendant of Gormghal"
Ogorodnikov Russian
From Russian огородник (ogorodnik) meaning "truck farmer, market gardener".
Ó hAinbhthín Irish
Means "descendant of Ainbhthín"
Ó hAodhagáin Irish
Means "descendant of Aodhagán"
Ó Hartghaile Irish
It literally means "Artghal’s descendant".
Ó Hearghaill Irish
Variation of Gaelic Ó Fearghail ‘descendant of Fearghal’, a personal name composed of the elements fear ‘man’ + gal ‘valor’.
Ólafsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Ólafur" in Icelandic.
Olavarrieta Basque
Ola: hut, forge. Varri: new. -eta:abundance of.
Olorosisimo Spanish (Philippines, Rare)
Derived from Spanish olorosísimo meaning "most fragrant".
Ó Maoilearca Irish
It means "descendant of devotee of Earca".
Ó Maolacháin Irish
It means "descendant of Maolachán".
Ó Marcacháin Irish
Means "descendant of Marcachán"
Omerbegović Bosnian
Derived from Omer and beg, a title of Turko-Mongol origin meaning ''chief'' or ''commander''.
O Naradhaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Neary.
Onufriyenko Ukrainian, Russian
From the rare given name Onufriy.
Ó Ruadhagáin Irish
Meaning, 'son of Ruadhagáin."
Orzechowski Polish
Polish from Orzech meaning "hazelnut", someone who is living by a hazelnut tree or a nickname for someone with light brown hair.
Osbaldeston English
From a town from England called Osbaldeston derived from the name of a king named Osbald and tun "town".
Ó Seanachain Irish
Means "grandson of Seanachan". Alternatively, may be derived from Gaelic seanachaidh, meaning "skilled storyteller".
Otarashvili Georgian
Means "son of Otar".
Ottósdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Ottó" in Icelandic.
O' Tuathalain Irish
May translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
Oxenstierna Swedish (Rare)
A notable surname used by an ancient Swedish noble family from Småland dating back to the 13th century. The name means "the ox's forehead". It is a combination of Swedish oxen, a cognate to the English plural of 'ox', and stierna, which is likely derived from German Stirn "forehead", though it is often mistaken for Swedish stjärna "star"... [more]
Ozarovskaya Russian
Feminine form of Ozarovsky (Озаровский)
Pahlevanyan Armenian
Means "son of the wrestler" or "son of the champion", ultimately from Persian پهلوان (pahlevân) meaning "strong man, champion, wrestler".
Paikashvili Georgian
Likely means "child of Paik", derived from the archaic masculine given name Paik (ultimately of Arabic origin) combined with Georgian შვილი (shvili) meaning "child".
Palaiologos Greek
From the Greek words palaios logos, lit. "old word", most likely signifying an "antique collector".The surname of the last ruling Byzantine family.
Paluchowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Paluchów.
Pandimiglio Italian
Probably means "millet bread" in Italian, from pane "bread" and miglio "millet".
Pannebakker Dutch
A Dutch name that literally means “producer of tiles.” the earliest trace of the name in the Netherlands is in the year 1568, associated with Herr Jan de Pannebakker and his wife Nancy who were accused of heresy and killed by the Spaniards at Utrecht.... [more]
Papamichael Greek, English (Rare)
Means "son of priest Michael".
Parsadanian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Փարսադանյան (see Parsadanyan).
Pasqualetti Italian
Derived from the given name Pasquale.
Patalinghug Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano patalinghog meaning "listen".
Paustenbach German
Thomas Paustenbach, family name associated with the town Paustenbach, Germany
Pavlopoulos Greek
Means "son of Pavlos".
Pavlovskaya Russian
Feminine transcription of Russian Павловский (see Pavlovsky).
Peñaflorida Spanish (Philippines)
"flowery cliff" in Spanish
Pennybacker Low German
Pennybacker is an anglicized German surname for someone who worked making roof tiles or as a tiler.
Perevozchik Russian, Belarusian
Means "carrier". It is a Russian last name, but it also present in Belarus.
Persopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Persian" in Greek.
Pessegueiro Portuguese
Means "peach tree" in Portuguese, ultimately from Latin persicum. It indicated a person who lived near or worked with peach trees.
Petraliphas Greek
The surname is composed of the name Petros and the city Alifa in Campania, Italy. The surname was held by a Byzantine-Italian family in Epirus.
Petropoulos Greek
Means "son of Petros" in Greek.
Pfotenhauer German
High German, carpenter's and woodworker's main occupation. Actual old German translation is "paw slapper" or "large paw" as in an animal (bear).
Phanthavong Lao
From Lao ພັນທະ (phantha) meaning "connect, join, tie" or "obligation" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Phantomhive Popular Culture
Created by Yana Toboso for her popular manga series "Black Butler".
Philliskirk English (Rare)
From a 'lost' medieval parish in England or Scotland, named with the Old Norse element kirk meaning 'church' or 'place of worship'.... [more]
Phommachack Lao
From Lao ພົມມະ (phomma) referring to the Hindu god Brahma and ຈັກ (chack) meaning "disk, circle, wheel".
Phommachanh Lao
From Lao ພົມມະ (phomma) referring to the Hindu god Brahma combined with ຈັນ (chanh) meaning "moon".
Phonesavanh Lao
From Lao ພອນ (phone) meaning "blessing" and ສະຫວັນ (savanh) meaning "heaven".
Phongsavanh Lao
From Lao ພົງ (phong) meaning "family, lineage" and ສະຫວັນ (savanh) meaning "heaven".
Phouthavong Lao
Alternate transcription of Lao ພຸດທະວົງ (see Phoutthavong).
Pickersgill English
This famous Yorkshire name is of early medieval English origin, and is a locational surname deriving from the place in West Yorkshire called Pickersgill, or "Robber's Ravine". The placename is derived from the Middle English "pyker", thief, robber, and "gill", gully, ravine, deep glen.
Pietrangelo Italian
Derived from the given name Pietrangelo, a variant of Pierangelo, formed from Pietro and Angelo.
Pininfarina Italian
A combination of "pinin", Piedmontese for youngest/smallest brother, and Farina, the Italian variant of Miller. This is the name of the Italian coachbuilder, founded by Battista "Pinin" Farina, later Battista Pininfarina.
Plantagenet Medieval English, Medieval French
Borne by the House of Plantagenet, a royal house which originated from the lands of Anjou in France. It also originated as a nickname for Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (1113-1151), father of King Henry II of England (1133-1189), who ascended the English throne in 1154... [more]
Ponce De León Spanish
Compound name composed of the family name Ponce + the habitational name León.
Poniatowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish town of Poniatowa.
Ponomarenko Ukrainian
Occupational name for a church bell-ringer from Ukrainian парамонар (paramonar) meaning "sexton".
Prakapienka Belarusian
Belarusian form of Prokopenko.
Pramantellu Sardinian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous commune.
Premakumara Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit प्रेम (prema) meaning "love, affection" and कुमार (kumara) meaning "boy, prince".
Premarathna Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ප්‍රේමරත්න (see Premaratne).
Premarathne Sinhalese
Alternate transcription of Sinhala ප්‍රේමරත්න (see Premaratne).
Premasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sanskrit प्रेम (prema) meaning "love, affection" and सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Prendergast Irish
means "good priest's glen" in Irish