Submitted Surnames of Length 11

This is a list of submitted surnames in which the length is 11.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Martinčević Croatian
Patronymic, means son of Martin.
Martinovich Russian
Means "Son of Martin".
Massingberd English
Perhaps from a medieval nickname for someone with an auburn or reddish beard (from Middle English massing "brass" + berd "beard").
Mastrorilli Italian
Mastrorilli is an Italian surname.
Matthíasson Icelandic
Means "son of Matthías" in Icelandic.
Mccambridge Scottish
Anglicized from Gaelic Mac Ambróis, "son of Ambrose". This name, influenced in its spelling by the English city name Cambridge, is well-established in Northern Ireland.
Mcconaughey Irish
From actor Matthew McConaughey (1969-)
Mcgillivray Scottish
From Scottish Gaelic Mac Gille Bhràtha from a patronymic from a personal name meaning ‘servant of judgment’.
McLaoidhigh Irish
Means "son of the poet".
Mcquinnelly Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coingheallaigh or Ó Coingheallaigh ‘son (or descendant) of Coingheallach.’
Mecklenburg German, Jewish
Regional name for someone from this province in northern Germany. Derived from Old Saxon mikil "big, great" and burg "castle".
Mèinnearach Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of Menzies.
Michaelides Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Michailidis chiefly used in Cyprus.
Michailidis Greek
From the given name Michail.
Michałowski Polish
Name for someone from a place called Michałowice, derived from the given name Michał.
Mikalauskas Lithuanian
A Lithuanian surname. Lithuanian surnames have a base which would be Mikalausk for this name. If you are a male in the family your name would change to Mikalauskas. If you are female that is married your surname would be Mikalauskiene... [more]
Mikhailenko Russian
Russian spelling of Mykhaylenko.
Mikołajczyk Polish
Derived from the given name Mikołaj.
Milutinović Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Milutin".
Mittermeier German (Austrian)
Literal meaning "middle farmer" its thought to have been given to farmers living between two there farms in the mountains.
Mladenovska Macedonian
Feminine counterpart of Mladenovski.
Modzelewski Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of various places called Modzel or Modzele, both derived from Polish modzel meaning "callus".
Mohammadzai Pashto
Means "son of Muhammad" in Pashto.
Monteblanco French, Spanish
Originally from France "Mont Blanc" but translated when arrived in Spain.
Montes De Oca Spanish
Spanish surname meaning "mounts of goose".
Montesquieu French
From French montagne, meaning "mountain" and possibly also from queue, meaning "line". Charles Montesquieu was a 17th-century French aristocrat, philosopher and politician.
Montevirgen Spanish (Philippines)
From the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Montevirgen, meaning "Our Lady of Mount Virgin," dedicated at the Convento de Montevirgen (Convent of Mount Virgin) in the municipality of Villalba de los Barros, located in Extremadura's Badajoz province in western Spain.
Montgomerie Scottish, English
Variation of Montgomery. A famous bearer was Margaret Montgomerie Boswell (1738 to 1789), wife of author James Boswell.
Moraczewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Greater Polish villages named Moraczewo.
Moriancumer Mormon (Archaic)
In the Book of Ether, Jared's brother's name remains untold. Joseph Smith revealed that his name was Mahonri Moriancumer.
Morningstar English, Jewish
English transcription of Morgenstern.
Mountstuart English
Possibly derived from the mountain in the Cascade Range, in the state of Washington, United States.
Mroczkowski Polish
Name for someone from any of various places called Mroczkowa, Mroczków or Mroczkowice, all derived from Polish mroczek meaning "house bat".
Mulchandani Hindi
Means “descendant of Mulchand”.
Murtazaliev Avar, Chechen
From a combination of the given names Murtaza and Ali 1.
Mushanokoji Japanese
Variant transcription of Mushanokouji.
Nadyozhkina Russian
Feminine counterpart of Nadyozhkin.
Nakabayashi Japanese
From Japanese 中 (naka) meaning "middle" and 林 (hayashi) meaning "forest".
Nazarbayeva Kazakh
Feminine form of Nazarbayev.
Netterville Irish
Of Anglo-Norman origin, probably a habitational name from an unidentified place in France.
Ngurakahayo Fuliru (Modern, Rare)
The name ngurakahayo is an ancenstors fuliru name, the meaning of the name is so powerful if u name your Child ,the meaning is powerful, champion, done , finish, end.
Niedermeier German, German (Austrian)
Occupational name for a farmer who had a farm lower than the neighboring one(s). This surname and its variant spellings are common to Austria and Bavaria, Germany.
Niedermeyer German, Dutch
Distinguishing name for a farmer (see Meyer) who had a farm lower (Middle High German nider(e)) than the neighboring one(s).
Nieuwenhuis Dutch
Means "new house" in Dutch. Indicated that the bearer lived in a new house or lived in a village of the same name
Nightingale English
Nickname for someone with a good voice, from Middle English nighti(n)gale, Old English nihtegal, from niht "night" and galan "sing" (cf. Nachtigall).
Nigmatullin Tatar, Bashkir
From the given name Nigmatullah.
Nijibayashi Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 虹 (Niji) meaning "Rainbow" and 林 (Bayashi) meaning "Forest". A notable bearer of this surname was academic author Kei Nijibayashi.
Nishinohara Japanese
From Kanji "西" (Nishi) meaning "West" and "野原" (Nohara) meaning "Grass Field".
Nostradamus Medieval Dutch (?)
This surname was beared by the famous writer Michael de Nostradamus, also famous for predicting the apocalypse and the danger from the arab world.
Oakenshield English (British), Literature
In J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit", the surname of Thorin Oakenshield, the leader of the Company of Dwarves and the King of Durin's Folk.
Ó Comhaltáin Irish
It means "descendant of Comhaltán".
Ó Connachaín Irish
Means "Descendant of Connachaín."
Ódinsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Óðinn" in Icelandic.
Ó Duibhidhir Irish
Means "descendant of Duibhuidhir". Duibhuidhir is a personal name composed of the elements dubh "dark, black" and odhar "sallow, tawny".
Oesterreich German (Austrian)
Variant transcription of Österreich.
Ó Fógartaigh Irish
Means "descendant of Fógartach"
Ó Gormghaile Irish
Means "descendant of Gormghal"
Ogorodnikov Russian
From Russian огородник (ogorodnik) meaning "truck farmer, market gardener".
Ó hAinbhthín Irish
Means "descendant of Ainbhthín"
Ó hAodhagáin Irish
Means "descendant of Aodhagán"
Ó Hartghaile Irish
It literally means "Artghal’s descendant".
Ó Hearghaill Irish
Variation of Gaelic Ó Fearghail ‘descendant of Fearghal’, a personal name composed of the elements fear ‘man’ + gal ‘valor’.
Ólafsdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Ólafur" in Icelandic.
Olavarrieta Basque
Ola: hut, forge. Varri: new. -eta:abundance of.
Ó Maoilearca Irish
It means "descendant of devotee of Earca".
Ó Maolacháin Irish
It means "descendant of Maolachán".
Ó Marcacháin Irish
Means "descendant of Marcachán"
Omerbegović Bosnian
Derived from Omer and beg, a title of Turko-Mongol origin meaning ''chief'' or ''commander''.
Ó Ruadhagáin Irish
Meaning, 'son of Ruadhagáin."
Orzechowski Polish
Polish from Orzech meaning "hazelnut", someone who is living by a hazelnut tree or a nickname for someone with light brown hair.
Ó Seanachain Irish
Means "grandson of Seanachan". Alternatively, may be derived from Gaelic seanachaidh, meaning "skilled storyteller".
Otarashvili Georgian
Means "son of Otar".
Ottósdóttir Icelandic
Means "daughter of Ottó" in Icelandic.
O' Tuathalain Irish
May translate as "The male descendant of the follower of the lord".
Oxenstierna Swedish (Rare)
A notable surname used by an ancient Swedish noble family from Småland dating back to the 13th century. The name means "the ox's forehead". It is a combination of Swedish oxen, a cognate to the English plural of 'ox', and stierna, which is likely derived from German Stirn "forehead", though it is often mistaken for Swedish stjärna "star"... [more]
Ozarovskaya Russian
Feminine form of Ozarovsky (Озаровский)
Pahlevanyan Armenian
Means "son of the wrestler" or "son of the champion", ultimately from Persian پهلوان (pahlevân) meaning "strong man, champion, wrestler".
Paikashvili Georgian
Likely means "child of Paik", derived from the archaic masculine given name Paik (ultimately of Arabic origin) combined with Georgian შვილი (shvili) meaning "child".
Paluchowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Paluchów.
Pannebakker Dutch
A Dutch name that literally means “producer of tiles.” the earliest trace of the name in the Netherlands is in the year 1568, associated with Herr Jan de Pannebakker and his wife Nancy who were accused of heresy and killed by the Spaniards at Utrecht.... [more]
Papamichael Greek, English (Rare)
Means "Son of priest Michael".
Patalinghug Filipino, Cebuano
From Cebuano patalinghog meaning "listen".
Paustenbach German
Thomas Paustenbach, family name associated with the town Paustenbach, Germany
Pavlopoulos Greek
Means "son of Pavlos" in Greek.
Pavlovskaya Russian
Feminine counterpart of Pavlovsky.
Peñaflorida Spanish (Philippines)
"flowery cliff" in Spanish
Persopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Persian" in Greek.
Pessegueiro Portuguese
Means "peach tree" in Portuguese, ultimately from Latin persicum. It indicated a person who lived near or worked with peach trees.
Petropoulos Greek
Means "son of Petros" in Greek.
Phanthavong Lao
From Lao ພັນທະ (phantha) meaning "connect, join, tie" or "obligation" and ວົງ (vong) meaning "lineage, family".
Philliskirk English (Rare)
From a 'lost' medieval parish in England or Scotland, named with the Old Norse element kirk meaning 'church' or 'place of worship'.... [more]
Phommachanh Lao
From Lao ພົມມະ (phomma) referring to the Hindu god Brahma combined with ຈັນ (chanh) meaning "moon".
Pickersgill English
This famous Yorkshire name is of early medieval English origin, and is a locational surname deriving from the place in West Yorkshire called Pickersgill, or "Robber's Ravine". The placename is derived from the Middle English "pyker", thief, robber, and "gill", gully, ravine, deep glen.
Pietrangelo Italian
Derived from the given name Pietrangelo, a variant of Pierangelo, formed from Pietro and Angelo... [more]
Pininfarina Italian
A combination of "pinin", Piedmontese for youngest/smallest brother, and Farina, the Italian variant of Miller. This is the name of the Italian coachbuilder, founded by Battista "Pinin" Farina, later Battista Pininfarina.
Plantagenet Medieval English, Medieval French
Borne by the House of Plantagenet, a royal house which originated from the lands of Anjou in France. It also originated as a nickname for Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (1113-1151), father of King Henry II of England (1133-1189), who ascended the English throne in 1154... [more]
Ponce De Leon Spanish
Compound name composed of the family name Ponce + the habitational name León.
Poniatowski Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish town of Poniatowa.
Ponomarenko Ukrainian
Occupational name for a church bell-ringer from Ukrainian парамонар (paramonar) meaning "sexton".
Prakapienka Belarusian
Belarusian form of Prokopenko.
Pramantellu Sardinian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous commune.
Prendergast Irish
means "good priest's glen" in Irish
Provodnikov Russian
From Russian проводник (provodnik) meaning "conductor". Means "son of a conductor".
Punongbayan Filipino, Tagalog
Means "chief of a city" or "chief of a town" in Tagalog.
Quackenbush Dutch (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of Dutch Quackenbosch, a topographic name from Dutch quaak ‘swamp’ (cognate with the English word quagmire) + bosch ‘woodland’, ‘wilderness’.
Quartermain English
From a medieval nickname for a very dextrous person, or for someone who habitually wore gloves (from Old French quatremains, literally "four hands"). A fictional bearer of the surname is Allan Quartermain, the hero of 'King Solomon's Mines' (1886) and other adventure novels by H. Rider Haggard... [more]
Raatikainen Finnish
A family name first registered in the form Radikain in the 16th or 17th century. Derives from the German man's name Konrad which in Finland was shortened to Radi.
Rabinovitch Yiddish
Variant transcription of Rabinovich.
Rabsztyński Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Lesser Polish village of Rabsztyn.
Radovanović Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Radovan".
Rakhmaninov Russian
From a nickname derived from Russian рахманный (rakhmannyy) meaning "lazy". A notable bearer was Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rakhmaninov (1873-1943).
Rameka-waapu Maori
A maori Mythological creature
Ranganathan Hinduism
Means ‘lord of mirth’. It is an epithet of Lord Krishna.
Raskolnikov Literature
The surname of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, protagonist of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It derives from the Russian word raskolnik, meaning "schismatic" or a member of the Old Believer sect.
Ráðúlfsson Icelandic
Means "son of Ráðúlfr" in Icelandic.
Recktenwald German
habitational name from Recktenwald, near Saarbrücken.
Reichenberg German, Jewish
Habitational name from various places named Reichenberg in several different areas of Germany. As an ornamental name, it is composed of German reich(en) meaning "rich" and berg meaning "mountain, hill".
Riba De Neira Galician
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous parish of the municipality of Baralla, Comarca of Os Ancares.
Richardsson Swedish
Means "son of Rikard".
Rickardsson Swedish
Means "son of Rickard". A notable bearer of the surname is the Swedish cross country skier, Daniel Rickardsson.
Rittenhouse German
Means "Knight House."
Rockefeller German
Means "from Rockenfeld." Some famous bearers include founder of the Standard Oil Company and philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller (1839-1937), and 41st Vice President of the U.S.A. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (1908-1979).
Rosencrantz German
Means "rose wreath" in German.
Rostamzadeh Persian
From the given name Rostam combined with the Persian suffix زاده (-zâde) meaning "offspring".
Rousopoulos Greek
Meaning "of Russian descent".
Rozwadowski Polish
Habitational name for someone from Rozwady or Rozwadów in Biała Podlaska voivodeship.
Ruutikainen Finnish
A rare Finnish surname combining the word for gunpowder, "ruuti", and the common surname ending -nen. The 2017 Finnish population register indicates there are 106 Ruutikainens alive in Finland, and some sites estimate there are another ten abroad... [more]
Saengsawang Thai
From Thai แสง (saeng) meaning "light, ray, beam" and สว่าง (sawang) meaning "bright, shining, brilliant".
Sainte-Marie French, Occitan
French and Occitan cognate of Santamaría.
Sakabayashi Japanese (Rare)
Saka means "Slope, Hill", "Promontory", "Steep", or in rarer cases "Alcohol, Liquor" ( similar to the word sake ).
Sakalauskas Lithuanian
Ultimately derived from Sokol. Varient forms are Sakalauskienė (married woman or widow) and Sakalauskaitė (unmarried woman).
Sakellarios Greek
Feminine form is Sakellariou
San Giovanni Italian
Means Saint John in Italian
Sankt Johann German
Means Saint John in German.
Santistevan Spanish
Status of nobility
Sapperstein Jewish
Ornamental name, a compound of Hebrew sapir 'sapphire' + German Stein 'stone'.
Scarborough English
Habitational name from Scarborough on the coast of North Yorkshire, so named from the Old Norse byname Skarði + Old Norse borg "fortress", "fortified town".
Schauwecker German
habitational name for someone from Schaubeck near Marbach (Württemberg).
Scheidegger German, German (Swiss)
Topographic name for someone who lived near a boundary or watershed. The name was derived from the Old German word SCHEIDE, meaning 'to part, to divide'. It may also have been a habitation name from any of the numerous places named with this word.
Schellekens Dutch
A Dutch patronymic surname of Germanic names like Schalk and Godschalk, meaning "God's Servant".
Scheunemann German
It literally means someone who either lives near (or in, if poor &/or homeless) a barn or works within its general vicinity.
Schildhauer German
First appeared during the Middle Ages in Central Europe/Germany. The name means "Shield-Maker" and suggests correlation to Blacksmiths or or other forms of metalwork in the time period.
Schincariol Italian, Portuguese
Unknown meaning.
Schlossberg German
Ornamental name composed of German Schloss ‘castle’ + Berg ‘mountain’, ‘hill’.
Schoenmaker Dutch
Dutch word for "shoemaker."
Schrödinger German
Denoted a person from Schröding, a old placename in Bavaria.
Schwartzman Jewish
Nickname for a dark-skinned or dark-haired person, from German schwarz meaning "black" and man meaning "man, person".
Schwarzberg German
Variant of Schwartzberg, which means "black mountain" in German.
Schwarzkopf German
Means "black head", from German Schwarz "black", and Kopf "head".
Sendaydiego Filipino
Possibly from Japanese 仙台 (Sendai), the name of a city in Japan, combined with the given name Diego.
Serrallonga Catalan
Taken from the name of a town in the Vallespir district, in Northern Catalonia.
Servopoulos Greek
Means "descendant of a Serb" in Greek.
Shackleford English, Medieval English
Locational surname deriving from the place called Shackleford in Surrey, near the town of Farnham. The origin of "shackle" is uncertain. It could be derived from Old English sceacan "to shake"... [more]
Sharafkandi Kurdish
Denoted a person from Sharafkand, a village in the Central District of Bukan County, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran.
Shchyotkina Russian
Feminine transcription of Shchyotkin.
Sheepshanks Scottish
From a medieval Scottish and northern English nickname for someone with a strange or awkward way of walking (literally "sheeplegs").
Sheptitskiy Ukrainian
This indicates familial origin with the village of Sheptychi in Ukraine, which, as of February 2017, is located within Sambir Raion in the Lviv Oblast.
Sheremeteva Russian
Feminine equivalent of Sheremetev.
Sherkhanzai Afghani
Meaning "son of Sherkhan" in Pashto. Sherkhan itself means "lion king" in Persian. This surname is found among Afghans belonging to the Barech, one of the Durrani Pashto tribes.
Shnayderman Yiddish
It literally means "snitherman".
Shotashvili Georgian
Means "son of Shota".
Shovkhalova Chechen
Feminine transcription of Shovkhalov.
Shrivastava Indian, Nepali, Marathi, Hindi
Variant transcription of Shrivastav.
Sibunrueang Thai
From Thai ศรี (si) meaning "glory, honour, fame" combined with บุญ (bun) meaning "merit" and เรือง (rueang) meaning "bright, glowing, brilliant".
Sigfridsson Swedish
Means "son of Sigfrid 1" in Swedish.
Silberstein German, Jewish
From Middle High German silber "silver" and stein "stone"; a habitational name from a place so named in Bavaria, or a topographic name.... [more]
Silfwergård Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Swedish silver "silver" and gård "farm, estate, yard".
Silvergrass English
From English "Silver" and "Grass". Probably given from the plant called "Silvergrass", a Miscanthus type growing in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, or a field shining with the sun.
Silverstone English
Obviously means "silver stone." In addition to people, this is the name of a racetrack in the village of the same name in England.
Silvestrini Italian
Means "Little Tree" or "Little Woods." Derived from the given name SILVESTER.
Simasathien Thai
Alternate transcription of Simasathian.
Skibniewski Polish
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Podlachian villages: Skibniew-Kurcze or Skibniew-Podawce.
Søndergaard Danish
Habitational name from sønder "southern" and gård "enclosure", "farm".
Sonnenblume German
Means "sunflower" in German.
Spiridovich Russian
Possibly from the Greek given name Spiridon.
Springfield English
Dusty Springfield 1939-1999
Starczewski Polish (Rare)
It indicates origin in either a place named Starczewo or Starczewice.
Steelworker English (Rare)
Modern version of Smith, meaning "someone who works with steel". Comes from the occupation Steel Worker .
Stefanowicz Polish
Derived from the given name Stefan.
Stepanovich Ukrainian
Patronymic from the personal name Stepan.
Stojkanović Vlach
Means "son of Stojkan".
Stoltenberg German, Norwegian
Habitational name from places so called in Pomerania and Rhineland. A famous bearer is Jens Stoltenberg (b. 1959), Prime Minister of Norway 2000-2001 and 2005-2013.