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MCGEE     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of MAC AODHA.
MCGILL     Irish, Scottish
Means "son of the foreigner" in Gaelic, derived from gall "foreigner".
MCGINNIS     Irish
Variant of MCGUINNESS.
MCGOVERN     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mag Shamhradháin meaning "son of Samhradháin", a given name meaning "summer".
MCGOWAN     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC GHABHANN.
MCGREGOR     Scottish
Variant of MACGREGOR.
Anglicized form of Irish Mag Aonghuis meaning "son of AONGHUS".
MCGUIRE     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mag Uidhir meaning "son of Odhar", a given name meaning "pale-coloured".
MCINNES     Scottish
Scottish form of MCGUINNESS.
MCINTYRE     Scottish
From Scottish Gaelic Mac an tSaoir meaning "son of the carpenter".
MCIVER     Irish, Scottish
Means "son of IVOR" in Irish.
MCKAY     Scottish, Irish
Anglicized form of MAC AODHA.
MCKELLAR     Scottish
From Gaelic Mac Ealair meaning "son of EALAIR".
MCKENDRICK     Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Eanraig meaning "son of HENRY".
MCKENNA     Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cionaodha meaning "son of CIONAODH".
MCKENZIE     Scottish
Variant of MACKENZIE.
MCKINLEY     Scottish
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Fhionnlaigh meaning "son of FIONNLAGH".
MCKINNEY     Scottish
Variant of MCKENNA.
MCKOWEN     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC EOGHAIN.
MCLAIN     Scottish, Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Giolla Eoin meaning "son of the servant of EOIN".
MCLEAN     Scottish, Irish
Variant of MCLAIN.
MCLEOD     Scottish
From Gaelic Mac Leòid meaning "son of Leod", a given name derived from Old Norse ljótr "ugly".
MCMAHON     Irish
Anglicized form of Mac Mathghamhna meaning "son of MATHGHAMHAIN".
MCMANUS     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Maghnuis meaning "son of MÁGHNUS".
MCNAB     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac an Aba meaning "son of the abbot".
MCNABB     Irish, Scottish
Variant of MCNAB.
MCNAMARA     Irish
From Irish Mac Conmara meaning "son of Conmara". The given name Conmara is composed of "hound" and muir "sea".
MCNAUGHTON     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of MAC NEACHTAIN.
MCNEAL     Irish, Scottish
Variant of MCNEIL.
MCNEE     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC NIADH.
MCNEIL     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Néill meaning "son of NIALL".
MCNEILL     Irish, Scottish
Variant of MCNEIL.
MCNIALL     Irish
Variant of MCNEIL.
MCNIEL     Irish, Scottish
Variant of MCNEIL.
MCNIVEN     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC CNÁIMHÍN.
MCPHEE     Scottish, Irish
Anglicized form of MAC DUIBHSHÍTHE.
MCQUEEN     Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of MACSHUIBHNE.
MCRAE     Irish, Scottish
Variant of MCCRAE.
MCREYNOLDS     Scottish, Irish
Means "son of REYNOLD" in Gaelic.
MCSHEEHY     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Síthigh, meaning "son of SÍTHEACH".
MCTAGGART     Irish, Scottish
Variant of TAGGART.
MCWILLIAM     Scottish
Means "son of WILLIAM" in Gaelic.
MEADOWS     English
Referred to one who lived in a meadow.
MEANEY     Irish
Variant of O'MOONEY.
MEDEIROS     Portuguese
From a place name derived from the Latin word meda meaning "stack".
MEDINA     Spanish
From the name of a Spanish city, whose name is derived from the Arabic word for "city".
MEDVED     Slovene, Slovak, Croatian, Russian
Means "bear" in several Slavic languages.
MEEUWE     Dutch
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
MEEUWES     Dutch
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
MEEUWIS     Dutch
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
Variant of MEEUWSEN.
MEEUWSEN     Dutch
Derived from the Dutch given name Meeuw, which comes from Bartholomeus (see BARTHOLOMEW).
MEGALOS     Greek
From Greek μεγαλος (megalos) meaning "great".
MEGGYESFALVI     Hungarian
Derived from the Hungarian village named Meggyesfalva, literally meaning "cherry village" from meggy "cherry" and falu "village".
MEHMEDOVIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of MEHMED".
MEIER (1)     German
Variant of MEYER (1).
MEIER (2)     Jewish
Variant of MAYER (2).
MEIN     German
Derived from the given name MEINO.
MEINDL     German
Diminutive form of MEIN.
MEINHARDT     German
Derived from the given name MEINHARD.
MEIR     Jewish
Variant of MAYER (2).
MEISNER     German, Dutch
Variant of MEISSNER.
MEISSNER     German
Originally denoted a person from Meissen, Germany.
MELENDEZ     Spanish
Variant of MENENDEZ.
MELO     Portuguese
Portuguese form of MERLO.
MELSBACH     German
Means "mill stream" in German.
MELVILLE     Scottish
From the place name Malleville meaning "bad town" in Norman French.
MELVIN     Scottish
Variant of MELVILLE.
MENCHER     Polish, Jewish
Occupational surname for a miller or flour dealer (derived from Polish maczarz).
MENDEL     Jewish, German
Derived from the given name MENDEL. A famous bearer was Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), a Czech monk and scientist who did experiments in genetics.
MENDELSOHN     Jewish, German
Means "son of MENDEL".
MENDELSSOHN     Jewish, German
Means "son of MENDEL".
MENDES     Portuguese
Portuguese form of MENENDEZ.
MÉNDEZ     Spanish
Variant of MENENDEZ.
MENDOZA     Spanish, Basque
From a Basque place name derived from mendi "mountain" and (h)otz "cold".
MENENDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Menendo" in Spanish. Menendo is derived from HERMENEGILDO.
MERCER     English
Occupational name for a trader, from Old French mercier.
MERCHANT     English
Variant of MARCHAND.
MERCIER     French
Means "trader" in French.
MERCKX     Flemish, Dutch
From the given name MARK.
MERLE     French
French form of MERLO.
MERLO     Italian, Spanish
Means "blackbird", ultimately from Latin merula. The blackbird is a symbol of a naive person.
MERRICK     Welsh
Derived from the given name MEURIG.
MERRICKS     Welsh
Variant of MERRICK.
MERRILL     English
Derived from the given name MURIEL.
MERRITT     English
From an English place name meaning "boundary gate".
MERTENS     Dutch, Low German, Flemish
From the given name MERTEN.
MESSANA     Italian
From the name of the Sicilian city Messina. The city was named for the original Greek settlers' homeland Messene.
MESSER     German
Occupational surname for one who made knives, from German messer "knife".
MESSERLI     German (Swiss)
Swiss diminutive form of MESSER.
MESSMANN     German
Variant of MESSER.
MESSNER     German
Occupational surname for a churchwarden.
MÉSZÁROS     Hungarian
Means "butcher" in Hungarian.
METAXAS     Greek
Derived from Greek μεταξι (metaxi) meaning "silk", and most likely referred to a silk merchant or another occupation that dealt with silk.
Refers to a place or institute of learning or where knowledge is provided.
METZ (1)     German
Occupational name for a cutler derived from Middle High German metze "knife".
METZ (2)     German
Derived from Mätz, a diminutive form of the given name MATTHIAS.
METZGER     German
Means "butcher" in German, given to people who practiced that profession.
MEYER (1)     German
From the Middle High German word meier meaning "higher, superior". It was used for landholder's stewards or great farmers or leaseholders (nowadays a Meier is a dairy farmer). Meier and Meyer are used more often in northern Germany while Maier and Mayer are used in southern Germany.
MEYER (2)     Jewish
Variant of MAYER (2).
MEYRICK     Scottish
Variant of MERRICK.
MHASALKAR     Indian, Marathi (Rare)
Derived from the name of the town of Mhasla in Maharashtra, India.
MIAZGA     Polish
Derived from Polish miazga "pulp".
MICHAEL     English
From the given name MICHAEL.
MICHAELS     English
Derived from the given name MICHAEL.
MICHAELSON     English
Means "son of MICHAEL".
MICHAUD     French
Derived from the given name MICHEL.
MICHEL (1)     French, German, Dutch, Basque, Polish
Derived from the given name MICHEL, MITXEL or MICHAŁ.
MICHEL (2)     Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of MICHAEL".
Patronymic meaning "son of MICHAEL".
Patronymic meaning "son of MICHAEL".
MICHELI     Italian
From the given name MICHELE (1).
MICHIELS     Dutch, Flemish
Means "son of MICHIEL".
MIDGLEY     English
From a village in England called Midgley which meant "midge (insect) wood" in Old English.
MIHAILOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of MIHAILO".
MIHAJLOVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of MIHAJLO".
MIHAYLOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of MIHAIL".
MIHOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Miho", the given name Miho being a diminutive of MIHAIL.
MIKAELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of MIKAEL".
MIKHAILOV     Russian
Means "son of MIKHAIL".
MIKKELSEN     Danish
Means "son of MIKKEL".
From the Polish given name MIKOŁAJ.
MILANI     Italian
Variant of MILANO.
MILANO     Italian
Originally indicated someone who came from MILAN.
MILBURN     English
Derived from a place name meaning "mill stream" in Old English.
MILES     English
From the given name MILES.
MILFORD     English
Originally derived from various place names all meaning "ford by a mill" in Old English.
MILIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of MILE".
MILLARD     English
Variant of MILLWARD.
MILLER     English
Occupational surname referring to a person who owned or worked in a grain mill, from Middle English mille "mill".
MILLHOUSE     English
Name for someone whose house was in a mill or who worked in a mill.
MILLIGAN     Irish, Scottish
From the Gaelic given name Maolagán, a derivative of maol meaning "bald" or "tonsured".
MILLS     English
Originally given to one who lived near a mill or who worked in a mill, from Middle English mille.
MILLWARD     English
Means "guardian of the mill" in Old English.
MILNE     Scottish
From Scots and Middle English milne (a variant of mille) meaning "mill".
MILOJEVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of MILOJE".
MILOŠEVIĆ     Serbian
Means "son of MILOŠ".
Means "son of MILOVAN".
MILTON     English
Derived from an English place name meaning "mill town" in Old English. A famous bearer was John Milton (1608-1674), the poet who wrote "Paradise Lost".
MINAMI     Japanese
From Japanese (minami) meaning "south".
MINETT     English
From the medieval given name Minne, derived from the Germanic element minna "love".
MINGO     Spanish
From the given name DOMINGO.
MINKOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Minko", Minko being a Bulgarian diminutive of MIKHAIL.
MISHRA     Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Means "mixed, mingled, honourable" in Sanskrit.
MISRA     Indian, Hindi
Variant transcription of MISHRA.
MITCHELL     English, Irish, Scottish
Derived from the given name MICHAEL.
MIYAMOTO     Japanese
From Japanese (miya) meaning "temple, shrine, palace" and (moto) meaning "base, root, origin". A notable bearer is video game pioneer Shigeru Miyamoto (1952-).
MIZUSHIMA     Japanese
From Japanese (mizu) meaning "water" and (shima) meaning "island".
MLADENOVSKI     Macedonian
Means "son of MLADEN".
MLAKAR     Slovene, Croatian
Derived from mlaka "pool". The name referred to someone who lived close to a pool.
MLYNARIK     Czech
Means "a miller" in Czech.
MODUGNO     Italian
From the town Modugno, in Apulia in southern Italy. It is the surname of the Italian actor and singer Domenico Modugno (1928-1994), the songwriter of 'Volare'.
MOFFETT     Scottish, Irish
From a place name in Scotland meaning "long field".
MOHAMMED     Arabic, Urdu, Bengali
Derived from the given name MUHAMMAD.
MOHAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Mocháin meaning "descendant of MOCHÁN".
MOHREN     Dutch, German
Dutch and German form of MOORE (2).
MOLES     Catalan, Spanish
Means "millstone" in Catalan.
MOLINA     Spanish
Means "mill" in Spanish.
MÖLLER     Low German
Low German form of MÜLLER.
MØLLER     Danish
Danish form of MÜLLER.
MOLLOWN     Irish
Variant of MALONE.
MOLLOY     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó MAOLMHUAIDH or Ó MAOL AODHA.
MOLNÁR     Hungarian
Occupational name meaning "miller" in Hungarian.
MOLONEY     Irish
From Irish Ó Maol Dhomhnaigh meaning "descendant of a church servant".
MONAGHAN     Irish
Variant of MONAHAN.
MONAHAN     Irish
From Irish Ó Manacháin meaning "descendant of Manacháin". The given name Manacháin meant "little monk", from manach "monk" and a diminutive suffix.
MONDADORI     Italian
Means "fleece selector" from Old Italian emendatore. This was an occupational name for someone who chose the best fleeces to be made into wool.
MONDAY (1)     English
Derived from the Old Norse given name Mundi which was a diminutive of names beginning with the element mundr meaning "protection".
MONDAY (2)     English
Denoted a person for whom this was a significant day, often the day they would pay their feudal service.
MONDAY (3)     Irish
Anglicized form of MAC GIOLLA EOIN. The last part of the surname was mistakenly taken as the Gaelic word for "Monday", Luain.
MONDO     Italian
From the given name EDMONDO.
MONDY     English
Variant of MONDAY (1) or MONDAY (2).
MONET     French
Derived from either of the given names HAMON or EDMOND. A famous bearer was the French impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926).
MONETTE     French
Variant of MONET.
MONROE     Scottish
Designated a person who had originally lived near the mouth of the Roe River in Derry, Ireland.
MONTAGNA     Italian
Means "mountain" in Italian.
MONTAGNE     French
French cognate of MONTAGNA.
MONTANA     Italian
Variant of MONTAGNA.
MONTANARI     Italian
Means "from the mountain" in Italian.
MONTE     Italian
Variant of MONTI.
MONTERO     Spanish
Derived from Spanish monte "mountain".
MONTGOMERY     English, Scottish
From a place name in Calvados, France meaning "GUMARICH's mountain". A notable bearer was Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976), a British army commander during World War II.
MONTI     Italian
Means "mountain, hill" in Italian.
MOON (1)     Korean
Korean form of WEN, from Sino-Korean (mun).
MOON (2)     English
Originally indicated a person from the town of Moyon in Normandy.
MOON (3)     Irish
Variant of MOHAN.
MOONEY     Irish
Variant of O'MOONEY.
MOORE (1)     English
From Middle English mor meaning "open land, bog".
MOORE (2)     English
Derived from the given name MAURUS.
MOORE (3)     English
Nickname for a person of dark complexion, from Old French more meaning "Moor".
MOOREN     Dutch
Dutch variant of MOORE (2).
MOORES     English
Variant of MOORE (1).
MOORS     English
Variant of MOORE (1).
MOOSHIAN     Armenian
Variant of MOUSHIAN.
MORALES     Spanish
Derived from Spanish moral "mulberry tree".
MORALEZ     Spanish
Variant of MORALES.
MORANDI     Italian
From the Italian medieval given name Morando meaning "steadfast".
MORAVEC     Czech
Originally indicated a person from Moravia.
MORAY     Scottish
Variant of MURRAY (1).
MORCE     English
Variant of MORRISS.
MOREAU     French
From an old given name Morellus, a derivative of MAURUS.
MOREL     French
Derived from a diminutive of MAURUS.
MORELLO     Italian
Derived from a diminutive of MAURO.
MORENO     Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname meaning "dark" in Spanish and Portuguese.
MORETTI     Italian
Derived from a diminutive of the Italian given name MAURO.
MORGAN     Welsh
Derived from the given name MORGAN (1).
MORGENSTERN     German, Jewish
Ornamental surname meaning "morning star" in German.
MORI     Japanese
From Japanese (mori) meaning "forest".
MORIARTY     Irish
From Irish Ó Muircheartach meaning "descendant of MUIRCHERTACH". This was the surname given by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the antagonist in the Sherlock Holmes series.
MORIN     English
Variant of MOORE (2) and MOORE (3).
MORISON     English
Variant of MORRISON.
MORRA     Italian
Locative surname derived from Morra De Sanctis, a place near Naples, Italy.
MORRIS     English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
Derived from the given name MAURICE.
MORRISH     English
Variant of MORRISS.
MORRISON     English
Means "son of MORRIS".
MORRISS     English
Derived from the given name MORRIS.
MORSE     English
Variant of MORRISS.
MORTENSEN     Danish
Means "son of MORTEN".
MOSCHELLA     Italian
Means "housefly" in Italian, perhaps originally a nickname for an annoying person.
MOSCONI     Italian
From a nickname, a variant of mosca "fly".
MOSER     German
Name for someone who lived near a peat bog, from the Middle High German word mos.
MOSES     Jewish, English
Derived from the given name MOSES.
MOTO     Japanese
From Japanese (moto) meaning "base, root, origin". More commonly it is the final character in Japanese surnames.
MOTTA     Italian
From various names of places around Italy. It is derived from a Gaulish word meaning "hill".
Derived from the name of a lost place in Cheshire, from the Old English byname Motere which meant "speaker" and Middle English heved meaning "headland".
MOULD     English
From the given name Mauld, a medieval form of MATILDA.
MOULIN     French
Means "mill" in French.
MOUNCE     English
Possibly an Americanized form of the German given name Manz.
MOUSHIAN     Armenian
Originally denoted someone who came from the Armenian town of Moush.
MOZDZIERZ     Polish
Means "mortar" in Polish. It probably referred to someone who worked with or sold mortar.
MUELLER     German
Variant of MÜLLER.
MUGGIA     Italian
Locative surname from the area of Trieste, the capital city of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. Muggia is a town near the Croatian border.
MUHAMMAD     Arabic, Urdu, Bengali
Derived from the given name MUHAMMAD.
MUHLFELD     German
Means "mill field" German.
MULDER     Dutch
Dutch equivalent of MILLER.
MULLANE     Irish
Variant of MULLEN.
MULLEN     Irish
From the Irish Ó Maoláin meaning "descendant of Maolán". The given name Maolán meant "devotee".
MÜLLER     German
German equivalent of MILLER, derived from Middle High German mülnære or müller.
MULLIGAN     Irish
Variant of MILLIGAN.
MULLINS (1)     French
Means "from the mill", an occupational name for a miller.
MULLINS (2)     Irish
Variant of MULLEN.
MULLOY     Irish
Variant of MOLLOY.
From the Irish Maol Bhréanáin meaning "devotee of Saint BRENDAN". The name originated in the North West of Ireland, in Roscommon.
MULRYAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó MAOIL RIAIN.
MUN     Korean
Variant romanization of MOON (1).
MUNRO     Scottish
Variant of MONROE.
MUNROE     Scottish
Variant of MONROE.
MUNSON     English
Patronymic formed from the Norman French nickname moun meaning "monk".
MURARO     Italian
Occupational name meaning "mason" in Italian.
MURATOVIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of MURAT".
MURDOCH     Scottish
Scottish form of MURDOCK.
MURDOCK     Irish
Derived from the given name MURCHADH.
MURGATROYD     English
From a place name meaning "MARGARET's road".
MURGIA     Italian
From the Sardinian word for "brine" or "pickle".
MURPHY     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Murchadha meaning "descendant of MURCHADH".
MURRAY (1)     Scottish
Derived from the region in Scotland called Moray meaning "seaboard settlement". A notable bearer of this surname was General James Murray (1721-1794), who was the first British Governor-General of Canada.
MURRAY (2)     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Muireadhaigh meaning "descendant of MUIREADHACH".
MURTAS     Italian
From the Sardinian word murta meaning "myrtle". This surname has a locative origin.
MUSIAŁ     Czech
Polish form of MUSIL.
MUSIL     Czech
Means "the one who had to", from the past participle of the verb must.
MUSTONEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish musta meaning "black".
MUTTON     English
Referred to someone who took care of sheep (a shepherd), or else someone who in some way resembled a sheep.
MUYSKENS     Dutch
Means "little mouse" in Dutch.
MWANGI     Eastern African, Kikuyu
Derived from the given name MWANGI.
MYERS     English
Patronymic form of MAYER (3).
MYLES     English
Variant of MILES.
MYNATT     English
Variant of MINETT.
MYSKA     Czech
Means "a mouse" in Czech.
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